recommended level for taking on Chaos?

  1. What is the best minimum level for taking on Chaos?? In the PS1 version I was able to beat him around level 35, but I took him on with a team at level 41 in the anniversary edition and got creamed. And where is a good place to grind for levels?

    User Info: rocketshipper

    rocketshipper - 6 years ago


  1. You can beat him at a fairly low level, provided you have good equipment. Having a White Wizard who can cast NullAll is a plus, since it will protect you from Chaos' magic attacks.

    The best way to attack is actually to have a Black/Red Mage/Wizard cast Haste and Temper on your fighters (especially one equipped with Masamune, found in the Temple of Chaos Revisited) and let them go at it. Temper (and Sabre) both stack, so don't be afraid to use it over and over again. Using this strat will allow you to beat him fairly easily.

    User Info: SirVG

    SirVG - 6 years ago 0 0
  2. I'll agree with SirVG on this one. As for grinding, Cavern of Ice a good spot to grind if your levels aren't too high (load up on Ethers and make sure you have Teleport!). And then the Peninsula of Power located on the tip of land North of the ship dock that is East of Melmond.

    User Info: Setzer_VI

    Setzer_VI - 4 months ago 0 0

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