Where can I find the Twist Headband?

  1. A headband favored by martial artists.

    I know that it's in Hellfire Chasm and it's on the 7th floor but I don't know which specific dungeon does it appear (if it's in the maze, sunken shrine-esque floor, etc.) so I really need help for this

    User Info: VG_Girl

    VG_Girl - 5 years ago


  1. Like you said, the Twist Headband can be found in the Hellfire Chasm on B7. There are 4 maps that, if you are really lucky, will grant the coveted Headband. These 4 maps are the 3 world map areas and the Lava area that is like a maze.

    You see, the Headband is the 5th possible chest that can appear in that particular floor, therefore only areas (those 4 areas I mentioned) that can have 5 chests are the only areas that can grant the Headband.

    The only way to get it is to get to get to B7, getting 1 of those 4 areas and being lucky enough to get the 5th treasure to appear. Its random so it might take a while.

    There is also another head armor piece that is favored by martial artists and I think it is superior to the Twist Headband. Its called the Tiger Mask and it can be found on B3 of the Lifespring Grotto, the 5th treasure, and B1 of the Whisperwind Cove, the 3rd chest.

    User Info: Immature_Sage

    Immature_Sage - 5 years ago 0 0

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