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    Ultimate Weapon FAQ by CptnJustc

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 04/26/08 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Final Fantasy II Anniversary Edition (PSP)
    Ultimate Weapon FAQ v1.0
    by CptnJustc -- questions, comments and suggestions to CptnJustc@gmail.com
    Much of the information in this guide comes from Gamefaqs forum members --
    particularly hardcore rpg gamer, who provided many of the main tables -- with
    some revision and fleshing out from myself.
    Table of Contents
      1.  Introduction
      2.  FAQs
      3.  The Ultimate Weapons
          3.1.  Stats
      4.  The Arcane Labyrinths / Sanctuary
          4.1.  Key words and timing
          4.2.  Key word lists
                4.2a.  Minwu
                4.2b.  Josef
                4.2c.  Gordon
                4.2d.  Leila
                4.2e.  Ricard
                4.2f.  Leon
                4.2g.  Firion
                4.2h.  Maria
                4.2i.  Guy
          4.3.  Other rewards - Revive and Destroy
          4.4.  Finding new key words
      5.  Bonus: Getting the Masamune
      6.  Version History
    1.  Introduction
    Final Fantasy II for the PSP brings a new set of dungeons (the Arcane
    Labyrinths) with fancy new weapon rewards.  You can even get some of these
    rewards (and, through the dungeons, a whole lot of other late-game loot) pretty
    early in the game.  Unfortunately, the game doesn't exactly spell out what the
    heck it expects you to do, so here's a little FAQ to help out.
    Basically, you have to make your way through three dungeons: Arcane Labyrinth
    NW (west of Salamand), Arcane Labyrinth NE (east of Salamand) and Arcane
    Labyrinth S (west of Kashuan).  The northwest dungeon is four levels long, the
    northeast dungeon is seven levels, and the south dungeon is ten.  To progress
    from one level to the next, you use one of the 'key words' you learn throughout
    the game to break a seal.  With one before the dungeon and one at the end, this
    means you need five, eight, and eleven key words for the northwest, northeast,
    and south dungeons respectively.  Most (but not all) levels of the dungeon give
    you the chance to learn a new key word by performing some sort of task.  You
    can only use a particular key word once per run through a dungeon, and there is
    no saving or teleporting out once you're in.
    Further complication:  In order to get the fancy Ultimate Weapons at the end of
    everything, you'll need to use words appropriate for each character.  Luckily,
    they've stuck mages at the entrance of each dungeon that will tell you which
    key words are compatible with which characters, as long as you know the words
    and have the characters in your party at the time.
    Once you're done opening all the seals in each dungeon (with a boss at the end
    of each), you can go to the Arcane Sanctuary, which can be reached by walking
    into the mountain with the white dot just north of Poft.  At the top of a long,
    winding staircase you can find Deumion.
    After the seals are released, you'll be able to talk to him for a test -- a
    boss fight against the monster Phrekyos.  Talk to him after the fight and he'll
    ask if you want something.  Give him the appropriate key word for a particular
    character, and he'll give you that character's "ultimate weapon", something
    only that character can equip, and which provides some nice stat boosts in
    addition to pretty decent attack power.  Now you can run through the dungeons
    again, and repeat.
    Other "ultimate weapons" are obtained in the Soul of Rebirth's Unknown Palace.
    2.  FAQs
    Q:  How ultimate are these "ultimate weapons"?
    A:  It depends on the character.  Some of them are pretty modest (especially
    Josef's), almost all of them will provide less in attack power than, say, a
    Masamune.  But those stat boosts can be substantial, allowing you to max out
    particular stats instantly.  Whether you use them or just go through the toad
    game to get a set of Masamunes is up to you.  And considering that Gordon, for
    example, won't get much use out of it, you may want to consider skipping the
    tedious dungeons for him.  In addition, as your stats naturally rise toward 99,
    the ultimate weapons' stat boosts may become less useful.
    Q:  Can I repeat the dungeons and get multiple copies of each weapon?
    A:  Nope.  You'll probably get an elixir.  Not sure about other prizes yet.
    Q:  How can I get the Light of Hope item from the Guardian stage?
    A:  You have to head off the soldiers coming to Deumion's house.  Confusingly,
    the path you take is actually the super long, winding way around, and if you
    try to get to Deumion's place any more directly, the soldiers will show up
    there ahead of you.  For the actual path, check Mr. Jingles' FAQ, linked from
    section 4.4.
    Q:  Why can't I get any of the prizes you list from the matching game?
    A:  You probably don't have your Toad spell leveled to 16.  Before that, the
    prizes are of much lower quality.
    3.  The Ultimate Weapons
    3.1.  Stats
    As you can see, the Masamune beats most of the weapons for attack power, but
    the stat boosts can be phenomenal.  In addition, the Wild Rose's use effect can
    be a real killer.
    Weapon          Character  Atk  Def  Str  Sta  Spi  Agi  Int  Mag   Use Effect
    Gungnir          Gordon     90    0   50    0    0   50    0    0   --
    Dancing Dagger   Leila      85    0   30    0    0   70    0    0   --
    Longinus         Leon      155    0   50   30   30   30    0    0   --
    Ragnarok         Firion    150    0   50    0   30   99    0    0   --
    Artemis Bow      Maria     117    0   30    0    0    0   50   99   --
    Gigantaxe        Guy       199    0   99   30    0    0    0    0   --
    Staff of Light   Minwu      60    0    0    0   50   50   50   50   --
    Stardust Rod     Minwu      90    0    0    0   99    0   99   99   Fire XVI
    Wild Rose        Scott     149    0   99    0    0    0   99    0   Berserk XVI
    Dragon Claws     Josef      65    0   30    0    0   30    0    0   --
    Bracers          Josef       0   30   65   30    0    0    0    0   --
    Abel's Lance     Ricard    125    0   50   30    0   50    0    0   --
    Wyvern's Lance   Ricard    169    0   99    0    0   99    0    0   --
    Masamune         Any       150    0    0    0    0    0    0    0   Haste XI
    4.  The Arcane Labyrinths / Sanctuary
    4.1.  Key words and timing
    The following table describes when you can acquire each weapon -- that is, when
    you'll have the chance to get enough compatible keywords to get through the
    labyrinths and score enough 'points' with Deumion. 
    Weapon               Character       Earliest chance to obtain
    Staff of Light       Minwu           After getting Minwu
    Dragon Claws         Josef           After getting Minwu
    Gungnir              Gordon          After Dreadnought
    Dancing Dagger       Leila           After Deist
    Abel's Lance         Ricard          After Deist
    Artemis Bow          Maria           After Leviathan
    Longinus             Leon            After cyclone
    Gigantaxe            Guy             After cyclone
    Ragnarok             Firion          After Palamecia
    Stardust Rod         Minwu           Soul of Rebirth, Unknown Palace
    Wild Rose            Scott           Soul of Rebirth, Unknown Palace
    Bracers              Josef           Soul of Rebirth, Unknown Palace
    Wyvern Lance         Ricard          Soul of Rebirth, Unknown Palace
    The following are the key words you can obtain, in the order you can obtain
    them.  The 'root words' are words you obtain in the regular game, while the
    'subordinate terms' are the words you obtain by using those words in the Arcane
    Labyrinths and completing the specific tasks in those levels (more on the tasks
    later).  The last word in each chain leads to a dungeon which does not provide
    an opportunity to learn a new word, so your only task is to get through.
    This table and most of the following key word lists for each character come
    from Gamefaqs forum member hardcore rpg gamer.  For convenience, I've also
    added the teammate you'll have filling your fourth party slot when those words
    become available.  Occasionally you get them just before you get a party
    member, which I've labeled 'pre'.
    Teammate      Root word         Subordinate Terms
    None          Wild Rose         Tracking
    Pre-Minwu     Mythril           Mirror
    Minwu         Dreadnought       Aquifer -> Cave-> Wizard-> Candelabra
    Minwu         Airship           Wind
    Minwu         Sunfire
    Pre-Josef     Goddess's Bell    Dense Fog
    Pre-Leila     Dragoons
    Pre-Leila     Wyverns           Darkness -> Thundercloud
    Leila         Mysidia           Desert -> Oasis
    Leila         Mask              Tundra -> Greed -> Authority
    Leila         Ekmet Teloess     Woodlands -> Fire -> Cauldron
    Leila         Ultimate Tome     Sorcery -> Soul -> Mercy
    Ricard        Cyclone           Giants -> Utopia
    Ricard        Palamecia         Iron Bars -> Chronicles -> Miasma
    Leon          Jade Passage      Oblivion -> Hope -> Destruction -> Guardian
    The last sequence in particular adds to the story, revealing Deumion's
    background.  On the Guardian stage, you can find the 'Light of Hope' key item,
    which is necessary to obtain the Revive tome.
    There are several special combinations.  If you visit the first and then the
    second in each pair, the second will have no random encounters.  The combos
    known so far are:
    Dragoons     Wyverns
    Candelabra   Darkness
    Fire         Sunfire
    Sorcery      Wizard
    Dreadnought  Palamecia
    4.2.  Key word lists
    The following are the key words for each character, with each category
    reflecting how ecstatic the wizard at the labyrinth entrance is about the
    character's affinity for the word.  What prize you get seems to depend on some
    kind of point system -- note that you don't _necessarily_ need to use only
    words from this list to get your prize, as on one I was able to do it with ten
    of the highest-ranked listed words and one 'does not bode well' word.
    4.2a.  Minwu
    Good fortune    Promising       Quite well      Auspicious      Superb
    Candelabra      Tracking        Dreadnought     Wild Rose       Wizard
    Wind            Mythril         Airship         Mirror
    Sunfire                         Aquifer
    4.2b.  Josef
    Good fortune    Promising       Quite well      Auspicious      Superb
    Wild Rose       Mirror          Aquifer         Tracking        Mythril
    Dreadnought     Wizard          Cave            Wind
    Airship                         Candelabra
    4.2c.  Gordon
    Good fortune    Promising       Quite well      Auspicious      Superb
    Aquifer         Tracking        Candelabra      Sunfire         Goddess's Bell
    Cave            Mythril         Wind            Dense Fog
                    Dragoons        Darkness
                    Wyverns         Thundercloud
    4.2d.  Leila
    Good fortune    Promising       Quite well      Auspicious      Superb
    Dragoons        Mysidia         Ultima Tome     Ekmet Teloess   Oasis
    Wyverns         Fire            Tundra          Desert
    Thundercloud    Soul            Woodlands
    Sorcery         Mercy           Cauldron
    4.2e.  Ricard
    Good fortune    Promising       Quite well      Auspicious      Superb
    Candelabra      Goddess's Bell  Darkness        Wyverns         Dragoons
    Wind            Dense Fog       Thunderclouds   Soul
    Sunfire         Desert          Fire
    Ekmet Teloess   Woodlands       Cauldron
    Ultima Tome
    4.2f.  Leon
    Good fortune    Promising       Quite well      Auspicious      Superb
    Tracking        Mirror          Ultima Tome     Dreadnought     Palamecia
    Aquifer         Wizard          Tundra          Authority
    Cave            Cyclone         Woodlands
    Hope            Oblivion        Cauldron
    4.2g.  Firion
    Good fortune    Promising       Quite well      Auspicious      Superb
    Dreadnought     Mask            Cyclone         Destruction     Hope
    Authority       Greed           Utopia          Guardian
    Palamecia       Sorcery         Jade Passage
    Chronicles      Giants          Oblivion
    Miasma          Iron Bars
    4.2h.  Maria
    Good fortune    Promising       Quite well      Auspicious      Superb
    Desert          Ekmet Teloess   Ultima Tome     Mysidia         Mercy
    Woodlands       Oasis           Tundra          Sorcery
    Cauldron        Giants          Chronicles
    Jade Passage    Iron Bars       Miasma
    4.2i.  Guy
    Good fortune    Promising       Quite well      Auspicious      Superb
    Ekmet Teloess   Mysidia         Sorcery         Iron Bars       Giants
    Ultima Tome     Mercy           Utopia          Miasma
    Tundra          Jade Passage    Chronicles
    Oblivion        Destruction
    4.3.  Other rewards - Revive and Destroy
    You can also get either the Destroy or Revive tomes.  Present Deumion with the
    'Light of Hope' item recovered from the Guardian stage to get the Revive tome.
    This gives you a spell which takes all the caster's MP, and completely restores
    HP and MP to your party -- though it completely recovers the enemy as well!
    Might be useful if, for example, you have one character who moves at the
    beginning of a turn, and you need a major boost.  But by the time you get
    Revive, the game should no longer present much of a challenge, unfortunately.
    On the other hand, you can use the Destruction keyword on Deumion, leading him
    to fight you.  Beat him to get the Destroy tome, giving you a spell which takes
    all the caster's MP and all but one of the caster's HP, killing everything else
    (including allies!) on the screen.
    No, you can't get both.  I got the Revive tome before I got Firion's weapon,
    and when I went to claim Firion's reward, he didn't even ask me what I wanted
    -- he just handed me Ragnarok.  And if you kill Deumion to get Destroy, there's
    not much point in asking him for anything else....
    4.4.  Finding new key words
    Many apologies for being slow in adding this oft-requested feature.  Luckily,
    Mr. Jingles has picked up the slack with his excellent Arcane Labyrinth Guide,
    located at: http://www.gamefaqs.com/portable/psp/file/937910/52406
    Keep in mind that, after learning a dungeon's key word once, there's no need to
    complete the task on subsequent trips through.  Just head straight for the exit
    5.  Bonus:  Getting the Masamune
    So you've looked over the ultimate weapons and decided they're not for you.
    Instead, you'd rather have a ton of copies of the Masamune, the Aegis shield,
    and full sets of Genji armor, and you want them way early.  Well, you're in
    luck.  These are all prizes of the memory-matching game you can play on the
    snowfield after you retrieve Josef's snowmobile.
    To access the game, any time you're on the snowfield hold the cancel button (O
    on the PSP) and tap the choice select button (X on the PSP) 22 times.  Now you
    can play a matching game where you get prizes based on the number of errors you
    make.  But the trick is, if one of your characters has leveled his Toad spell
    up to 16, all the cards turn to frogs, and the prizes change to the
    aforementioned craziness.
    To get your Toad to 16, you may want to refer to other FAQs on spell leveling.
    But you can get Toad to drop from captains in Fynn, as soon as you can take
    them down.  After that, you may want to level it on those captains, or by
    getting into random, easy battles, and casting it on your teammates over and
    over and over again.  It can take a few tedious hours.  My technique (probably
    not the fastest) was to get into battles with weak enemies, and cast Toad
    repeatedly on my own characters.  Each character has to cast it an increasing
    number of times _in the same battle_ to gain points toward a level, or cast it
    on harder enemies, which can of course be more difficult.
    Once you're in the memory game, you have to figure out a way to beat it.  The
    best way I could figure (not having referred to the other FAQs on the memory
    game) was to make an index key of the pictures, something like, say:
    1  blue tabard looking down
    2  blue tabard looking up
    3  grim look blue trim
    4  grim look no trim
    5  hand to face
    6  purplish hat
    7  armored hat
    8  red jewel
    And then record a few examples of the layout, for example:
    1 2 7 8
    8 7 2 1
    3 5 6 4
    4 5 3 6
    Now, the trick is that each time you start the minigame (by tapping the button
    22 times), it only runs through 32 layouts in a row before starting over with
    the exact same layout you saw the first time (thanks to many contributors for
    sending me the exact number).  Then it starts the cycle over.  So you're likely
    to keep coming across the same layout again and again.
    One approach would be to record a few layouts in a row, then quickly start new
    games and cancel out of them until you find the same matches -- just be careful
    not to cancel out of the match game entirely, or you'll have to record a new
    set of layouts.
    The prizes are:
    Misses  Money    Prize
     0      40000    Masamune
     1      25000    Aegis Shield
     2      10000    Genji Armor
     3       5000    Genji Gloves
     4       3000    Genji Helm
     5       2500    Hermes Shoes
     6       1500    Sage's Wisdom
     7       1000    Saint's Spirit
     8        500    Bacchus's Win
     9        300    Conch Shell
    10        100    --
    Earning a set of near-total protection armor and Masamunes for your entire
    party, including members not yet joined, can take about 30 minutes, making the
    whole process several hours.  Tedious and maybe a lot to invest in the game,
    but on the whole a lot quicker than going for all the ultimate weapons.  Of
    course, you could always do both....
    6.  Version History
    1.0 - Filled in some stats, touched up a few things, pointed people toward Mr.
    Jingles' keyword FAQ.  Thanks Joe F. for Gungnir's lack of effect.
    0.7 - Added in just about all the weapons' stats -- thanks, CronoDAS!
    0.5 -- Initial version

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