Review by Skaar6

"A solid Final Fantasy game that deserves to be in ev eryone's PSP collection."

This is the first Final Fantasy game I've ever played. I must say I thoroughly enjoyed it. I always heard people talking about Final Fantasy and now I know why.

Gameplay- You mostly walk around on missions and errand that the Queen sends you on. Like most RPGs this one contains random battles. As the game progresses you get various vehicles to help you travel around faster and much more easily. The leveling up system is weird because instead of having levels you enhance through your actions in battle. The more magic you use, the stronger your magic becomes. This adds a whole new level of character customization I've never seen before. Great idea. The game can be annoying at times because of the sheer level of difficulty it presents. One moment the game will be way easy and the next you find yourself overwhelmed.

Controls-Simple, fluid and responsive. This game takes a matter of minutes to learn how to play. The various menus are easy to access at the touch of a single button. The battle controls are straight-forward and simple. Not much difficulty there.

Graphics- The graphics are very clean and sharp. Everything looks clear and colorful. The detail is excellent and the enemies are easy to identify. There are a lot of different species the enemies come in and when you meet two different enemies of the same species the color is different. For example, an ogre would be green while an ogre mage, although it is identical to the ogre, would be blue. This makes enemies easy to remember and identify for exploiting weaknesses. The graphics are a definite improvement over the screen-shots I've seen from the older Final Fantasy games.

Storyline- Great, easy to follow and as in-depth as it is simple. A few great plot twists and some predictable ones are thrown into the mix. The dialogue is interesting and never gets boring. There is some comedy in some conversations and it is always witty and unique.

Should you buy it?- Of course. Whether you are a long time fan or if you are new to the series you will enjoy this game without a doubt. This version comes with a bunch of extra dungeons to explore and a lot of equipment and items to find. I got it for a cheap $20 and it was definitely worth more than what I got it for. A wonderful addition to any PSP collection.

+Clean and sharp graphics
+Simple controls
+Creative storyline
+ A unique leveling unique leveling up system
+Beautifully designed maps
+Hours of exploring the land

-Can be a bit annoying at times
-Is incredibly hard
-Can be a bit repetitive

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 10/25/07

Game Release: Final Fantasy II (US, 07/24/07)

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