What is the best strategy for (Skeleton Golem in alternate version of stage 2)?

  1. I have tried to defeat the Skeleton golem in the alternate version of stage 2 about 8 times now but i cant seem to kill him anyone have any ideas on how i ccould possibly defeat him???

    User Info: TurboGackt16

    TurboGackt16 - 8 years ago


  1. Don't get angry and let him scare you just relax ...

    His first form should not be a problem just sit under him when he throws his flames or stretches his hand and attack his head (weak point) afterwards. The real problem is the second form when he flies across the room, use the holy water item crash if you have it, the axe should do the job and the Grimoire (the book) is fine. You should learn to walk under him at the right moment and that is up to you.

    For the third form attack him as soon as he emerges to the surface and when he comes closs jump on him and off keep attacking but be patient and everything should be fine and you can watch the Boss Demo for this Boss and good luck.

    User Info: redmarkx

    redmarkx - 8 years ago 0 0
  2. Some bosses are a lot easier when you use Stage Select to begin earlier in the game than if you tackle their stage directly. Dullahan is an excellent example of this tactic -- when you can use the Holy Water's crash four times in a row and still have enough Hearts to lob more of the stuff at him, it makes fighting easier. Simply start a couple stages earlier, then collect Hearts and conserve them for the boss fight you're having trouble with.

    As for the Bone Golem...yes, the Holy Water's crash can help greatly, but if you don't have it, the Cross' crash can be a lifesaver in the second part of the battle. Don't waste your subweapons on his centaur form; simply crouch just before his front legs and attack after he's finished breathing flames or lunging. For his second form (the dragonfly), use the Cross crash as soon as he turns around and comes back onto the screen. If he's flying low, throw any remaining Crosses you have at him. When he breaks apart, he'll reform into a mass of bones and skulls. Attack normally when he gets near, then jump on top of him and ride him until he heads in the other direction. Jump off, attack again, then hop back on and repeat until he drops. If you time your attacks as Richter, or get close and attack frantically with Maria, the Bone Golem's third form will submit in short order...along with the Bone Golem's fighting spirit.

    User Info: BogoVerde

    BogoVerde - 8 years ago 0 0
  3. It depends who you are playing with. With Maria it's a breeze as you have the double jump feature.and are really able to avoid most attack so as well as the double bird attack which does double damage

    User Info: greatdreamhero

    greatdreamhero - 2 months ago 0 0

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