Help getting 200%+ on SOTN Sub-Game. How?

  1. Hello. I played the PS version of SOTN and the PSP version looks diferent (and it looks like its not like saturn version). How do I reveal the underground caverns area, and what is that gear inside the wall?
    If there are other areas which are tricky to reveal, then please, can you help me with it?

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    zegueze - 8 years ago

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  1. SotN is simply too convoluted a game for me to provide proper answers to all your questions here. However, a few clarifications are in order:

    1.) This game is essentially the PSX Japanese version mixed with the PSX North American version. This means you get two new Familiars exclusive to the SEGA Saturn and PSX Japanese versions.
    2.) You can play as either Richter Belmont or Maria Renard in this version; however, Maria does not play the same way she does in the Saturn version. Instead, she plays more faithfully to her Rondo of Blood days. In either game, your only goal is to reach the center of the Black Marble Gallery and defeat Shaft. You do not need to beat all the bosses as Richter or Maria.
    3.) The only part of the Saturn version that exists in the PSP Original Game is the boss fight with Maria for the Holy Glasses. Neither of the Saturn exclusive areas of Castlevania nor the Inverted Castle are on the map.
    4.) Sword Brothers glitching no longer works in this version.

    For an excellent SotN guide that takes you through both the PSX and Saturn versions (and almost all of the PSX data can be applied to the Original Game), check out ZKeene's walkthrough in the PSX section for Symphony of the Night. IF you've played the PSX version of the game, then only a few things will be different when you play the PSP version.

    I hope this helps you out!

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  1. If you thuroughly go through the whole game hitting each wall and floor looking to fill the whole map (in both castles). It should take about 8 hours.

    This is assuming you figure out the few puzzle rooms such as the clock tower gears (hit them till they make a special click sound and stop, additional hits reset the gear) and the near castle entrance secret room (where you have to walk through the very large rock you break with both the wolf and bat forms, to open a hidden room in the lower left corner).

    Other easy to miss rooms are the over head hidden room above the battle arena and hidden over head room on the bridge near Orlox. (other hidden rooms are easier to find)

    There are a total of 1890 rooms but the last room has Dracula, so a save file on this version of SOTN will only have 1889 rooms at 200.5% map completion

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