Whats the best route to get high scores? while unlocking secrets.

  1. Can you guys provide me a best route, 1 route for getting ROB, 1 route for SOTN, and both must provide good score results while getting the best ending

    User Info: Gamefreelancer

    Gamefreelancer - 8 years ago


  1. Don't do them on the same playthrough. Unlock RoB and SotN first, then go back for the speed run. You can find guides for both games under the FAQs section.

    For speed runs, generally it's best to build up some hearts in previous levels and get a really powerful item like a dragon, then rush through the level. As far as alternate routes go, just time yourself. The faster route is usually obvious (for instance, in Stage 4' the surfing part will speed things up by a huge amount).

    User Info: Kwingster

    Kwingster - 4 years ago 0 0

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