Review by Aeon320

Reviewed: 06/17/08

Traxxpad, your anytime Mp3 creator!

From lowly deaf-tones trying to learn a bit about music, to those you tube-ians posting there custom beats to show of to the world, to small or big time music makers in the industry, Traxxpad is for you all. Sample thousand's of sounds, or create your own. From this, create sequences; little tidbits of musical beats to whet your pallete. Combine this sequences to make a rhythmical high, awesome song. Even save it in MP3 format to listen to on your PSP, or MP3 player; even burn CD's of your newly created songs. I'm here to break each aspect of the game down for you, giving you the awesome information.

Game Play: N/A / 10
Err... This isn't applicable??? This game is definitely not 'a game'. This is one giant recording studio packed into one tiny, small disc. This allows you to skip the fee's, the hassle, and the inconvenience of trying to find out how to do it through a recording studio / record label company. And the best part... pop in your headphones and take it anywhere! It's on the go!

Sound: 10/10
So. Many. Sounds. This game is chock full of them, and if you can't find the one you want, you can buy a microphone, and record your own! You can then implement these sounds into the game to further your endless capabilities. And you don't need to purchase a game soundtrack CD. The game is the soundtrack! Mix and match, and add them in to create the perfect song... Or a horrid one, depending on who you are.

Graphics: 7/10
Pretty good for a sound studio. Their looks range from realistic, to science fiction, to gangster, to junkyard... Yeah, theres a lot of skins. SO! Just customize it to suit your likings. That's the name of the game... customization... of sound, graphics, and anything else. Actually, the name of the game is Traxxpad.

Controls: 8/10
This game is great, but for first timers, the controls are pretty hard to grasp. You can fiddle around with them and go to the 'help' section under the menu to figure them out, it won't take long. Especially if you are a little computer savvy.

Replay Ability: 10/10
Come on! You can go on, and on, and on with this one. Creating your own songs needs to know no bounds. This is only limited by your imagination.

Overall: 9/10
This is a great recording studio worth getting. Notice how I didn't say 'game'?

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Traxxpad (US, 06/26/07)

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