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    Game Script by infoman80

    Version: 1.00 | Updated: 04/21/08 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

      +                                                                      |\
     ***                God of War : Chains of Olympus Script                ||}
     |:|                                                                     ||}
    -----                                                                   -----
     {||    (c) 2008 Edward Kang                                             |:|
     {||    GameFAQs:  infoman80, AuFox80, AuFox                             ***
     |/  ___________________________________________________________________  +
                             xXXXXXXXX   XXXXXXXXx   
      gGGGg   oOo  DDDD     xXXXXXXx       xXXXXXXx   WW   Ww   W  A     RRRr
     gG  gg  oO Oo DD  d    xXXXXx           xXXXXx   wW  www  W  AAA    RR  Rr
     gG      oO Oo DD   d   xXXXx    O  FFF   xXXXx   wW  w ww W a  aA   RR  Rr
     gG gGGG oO Oo DD   d   xXXXx   O O F     xXXXx   ww w  www  A  AA   RR Rr
     gG   G  oO Oo DD   d   xXXXx   O O FF    xXXXx   WwW   WWw AAaaaAA  RRr
     GG   G  oO Oo DD   d   xXXXx   O O F     xXXXx   Ww    wW  A    AA  RRrR
     Gg  gG  oO Oo DD  d    xXXXx    O  F     xXXXx   Ww    ww Aa    aAA RR rR
      GGGGG   oOo  DDDD     xXXXXx           xXXXXx   W     W AAa    aAA RR  rR
         gg                  xXXXXx         xXXXXx                            rR
          g                   xXXXXx       xXXXXx                             rrR
                               xXXXXXx   xXXXXXx       
                                 xXXXX   XXXXx        
                            x     xXXX   XXXx     x  
                             XXXXXXXXX   XXXXXXXXX
        ~ CHAINS  OF ~       XXXXXXXXX   XXXXXXXXX         ~ OLYMPUS ~
                                                      ASCII (c) 2008  Edward Kang
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    personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site (except GAMEFAQs)
    or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of
    this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is
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                           !!!! MASSIVE SPOILERS AHOY !!!!!
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    -----              T A B L E      O F     C O N T E N T S               -----
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     |                                                                        |
     | Introduction . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (INTRO) |
     |                                                                        |
     | The Shores of Attica . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (SHRS-ATCA) |
     |                                                                        |
     | The Gates of Attica  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (GATE-ATCA) |
     |                                                                        |
     | Fallen Stronghold  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (FLLN-STHD) |
     |                                                                        |
     | The City of Marathon . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (CITY-MTHN) |
     |                                                                        |
     | The Temple of Helios . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (TMPL-HLOS) |
     |                                                                        |
     | Grand Hallway  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (GRND-HLWY) |
     |                                                                        |
     | The Throne Room  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (THRN-ROOM) |
     |                                                                        |
     | The Caves of Olympus . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (CAVE-OLMS) |
     |                                                                        |
     | Temple Courtyard . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (TMPL-CTYD) |
     |                                                                        |
     | The Falls of Oceanum . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (FLLS-OCNM) |
     |                                                                        |
     | Ruins of Asphodel  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (RUNS-APDL) |
     |                                                                        |
     | The Depths of Tartarus . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (DPTS-TRUS) |
     |                                                                        |
     | Temple of Zeus . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (TMPL-ZEUS) |
     |                                                                        |
     | Jails of Tartarus  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (JALS-TRUS) |
     |                                                                        |
     | Shackles of Hyperion . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (SHKL-HYPN) |
     |                                                                        |
     | The Dock of Charon . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (DOCK-CHRN) |
     |                                                                        |
     | The Temple of Persephone . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (TMPL-PSNE) |
     |                                                                        |
     | The Groves of Persephone . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (GRVS-PSNE) |
     |                                                                        |
     | Fields of Elysium  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (FLDS-ELSM) |
     |                                                                        |
     | Within the Tower . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (WTHN-TOWR) |
     |                                                                        |
     | After the Credits  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (AFTR-CRDT) |
     |                                                                        |
     |                                                                        |
     | Version History  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (VERSION)   |
     |                                                                        |
     | Contact Info . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (CONT-INFO) |
     |                                                                        |
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    +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++// NOTE \\++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
    +                                                                           +
    + I made this Script by watching the cutscenes and gameplay on Youtube.     +
    + I know that the narrator is Gaia; however, since her identity isn't made  +
    + known in this game, I only refer to her as "narrator" throughout the      +
    + document.                                                                 +
    +                                                                           +
    +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++\\      //++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
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     ***                                                                     ||}
     |:|                                                                     ||}
    -----                      I N T R O D U C T I O N                      -----
     {||                                                                     |:|
     {||                                                                     ***
     |/  ___________________________________________________________________  +
    [ A close up of Kratos’s face is shown, zooms in on his eye.
      In the background, a montage of flashbacks of God of War 1 and 2 are shown
      with the following narration ]
    Narrator :  Suffering for years, Kratos, the once great general, now known
                as the Ghost of Sparta, had pledged himself as a champion of the
                gods of Olympus.  In return, he hoped only to rid himself of the
                nightmares that haunted him for far too long.  But for now, his
                only respite, his only relief from the sins of his past,
    [ The flashbacks stop and focus on Kratos, standing among a group of
      Kratos has white skin and a red thin swirling tattoo ranging across the
      left side of his chest and arm, up to his left eye.  Both of his forearms
      are chained, terminating into the Blades of Chaos, wielded on his back ]
                was found in the heat of battle.
    [ The camera pans out showing the soldiers and Kratos standing on top of a
      building.  A large armada is shown launching an attack upon the city ]
    Narrator :  And on this day, Kratos had been called upon by the gods to
                confront an unthinkable evil, unleashed on the city of Attica by
                the invading Persian Army.
    [ A large fireball is shown falling toward Kratos and the Attican soldiers.
      Kratos nimbly rolls out of the way.  The screen blacks out and fades in on
      Kratos kneeling, as he recovers from his roll.  Kratos wields his Blades of
      Chaos ]
      +                                                                      |\
     ***                                                                     ||}
     |:|                  T H E                 S H O R E S                  ||}
    -----                                                                   -----
     {||                         O F        A T T I C A                      |:|
     {||                                                                     ***
     |/  ___________________________________________________________________  +
    [ A few Persian soldiers climb ladders and prepare to engage battle with
      Kratos.  After Kratos deals with a couple of waves, the camera zooms in on
      a Persian ship preparing to fire a ballista upon Kratos’s position ]
    Persian soldier :  On my mark!  Fire!
    [ The Persian ballista bolt falls short of the building.  A dying Attican
      crawls toward a ballista on the rooftop ]
    Attican :  I -- I must return fire.  [ He dies ]
    [ Another wave of Persians attacks.  Kratos kills them all, then fires a
      ballista bolt at the Persian ship.  It sinks.  The camera pans out to
      show another sea-to-land attack hitting the building.  The impact kills a
      couple Persians and creates a hole in the roof.
      Kratos makes his way below to find Atticans and Persians fighting.  He
      joins the fray and dispatches the Persian soldiers easily.  An Attican
      outside the building hollers orders ]
    Attican :  Get him!!  We cannot control it!
    [ Kratos makes his way toward a door, leading outside ]
    Attican :  It will kill us all!
    [ A gigantic Cyclops breaks through the door, knocking Kratos backwards.
      The Cyclops tries to slam a large cylindrical mace down upon Kratos.
      Kratos grabs hold of the mace, resists the attack, pushing the mace above
      the head of the Cyclops.  The Cyclops rears back, attempting to attack
      Kratos again, only to be eaten by an enormous four-legged saurian Basilisk.
      After enjoying the Cyclops snack, the Basilisk sees Kratos and occludes the
      Kratos attacks the large dinosaur-like monster.  After numerous slashes
      from the Blades of Chaos, the Basilisk gets stunned and lays its head on
      the ground.  Kratos sees the mace that the Cyclops left behind and uses it
      to his advantage.  Raising the mace above his head, Kratos does an overhead
      slam into the Basilisk’s left eye.
      The saurian monstrosity retreats.   Kratos gives chase.
      The camera pans out showing the Persian armada; across a beach under siege;
      and the Basilisk climbing a wall leading into Attica.  A Persian ballista
      bolt hits near the Basilisk’s foot, making it lose its foothold.  The
      Basilisk turns its head, roars, and enters the city.  The camera pans back
      across the beach, showing some friendly fire as a ballista bolt hits a crew
      of Persians manning a battering ram.  The siege continues on the beach.
      Finally, the camera pans back to Kratos.
      Kratos deftly avoids the incoming fire and makes his way toward the
      battering ram.  He rolls the battering ram, by himself, along the beach
      and up a ramp, towards the wall ]
      +                                                                      |\
     ***                                                                     ||}
     |:|                  T H E                   G A T E S                  ||}
    -----                                                                   -----
     {||                         O F        A T T I C A                      |:|
     {||                                                                     ***
     |/  ___________________________________________________________________  +
    Attican :  We cannot hold them off!
    [ Screams and grunts fill the air as Kratos uses the battering ram to break
      through the wall.  He finds more Persians and Atticans in battle.  After
      eliminating the enemies, Kratos makes his way up a set of steps.
      Arrows whiz from right to left.  The camera pans to the right to show a
      pair of Persian archers.  Kratos makes his way across a moat and quickly
      dispatches the archers.
      He then turns a large crank to open a door.  Just in the nick of time,
      Kratos rolls under the door and makes his way into a large depression with
      more Persian soldiers.  After taking out the Persians, Kratos breaks down a
      face of a wooden tower to find a ladder.  He climbs the ladder and knocks
      down a bridge.
      The camera pans out to show the Basilisk in the background, wreaking
      havoc. ]
      +                                                                      |\
     ***                                                                     ||}
     |:|                             F A L L E N                             ||}
    -----                                                                   -----
     {||                         S T R O N G H O L D                         |:|
     {||                                                                     ***
     |/  ___________________________________________________________________  +
    [ Kratos navigates his way into a large building.
      The camera pans onto a rotund Persian King, wearing a blue tunic and a
      bronze helmet, laughing at a group of screaming Greek women ]
    Kratos       :  What evil have you wrought on this city, Persian?
    Persian King :  Evil?  It is not evil that I bring, Spartan.  I bring the
                    might of Persia, and the sacrament of purification.  As we
                    speak, my Basilisk cleanses this land so that it may embrace
                    the glory of the Persian Empire.
    Kratos       :  Olympus has sent a message, and I am here to deliver it.
    Persian King :  [ laughs ]  Then, you are just a messenger.  [ he grabs some
                    gold coins from a nearby chest ]  So take this message back
                    to your little gods:  It will take more than a pathetic
                    Spartan to stop the power of the Empire!
    [ Kratos takes on the large Persian King and a trio of Persian soldiers.
      Despite a fiery magic (Efreet), the Persian King gets pummeled by the
      Blades of Chaos.  Kratos flings the Persian into the chest of gold and
      makes his approach towards the fallen King ]
    Persian King :  Please ... Please, spare my life and I will give you all that
                    you ask!
    Kratos       :  You have nothing I want, Persian.  [ he puts away the Blades
                    of Chaos ]
    Persian King :  Take my kingdom, my women, my gold.
    Kratos       :  I won’t take your riches, but I will take your life!
    [ Kratos mercilessly grabs hold of another chest of gold and repeatedly slams
      it on the Persian King’s head, killing him.  Kratos acquires the magic of
      the Efreet.
      Several Persian soldiers appear, only to fall to the fiery fists of Efreet.
      Kratos goes through a gate to find a pair of Greek women ]
    Greek woman :  Is there anything we can do to repay you?  [ moans ]  My lord.
    [ Kratos fulfills every man’s dream ]
    Greek woman :  Thank you, my lord.
    [ Kratos makes his way through the Fallen Stronghold, killing Persians along
      the way.  Kratos uses another ballista on the battlements to wound the
      Basilisk in the neck.  The Basilisk retreats.  Kratos makes his way to a
      lower level.  The camera zooms ahead to show a large Cyclops climbing up a
      wall and approaching a pair of soldiers ]
    Attican Soldier :  Flank him!  Flank him!!
    [ The Cyclops flattens a soldier by doing a two handed overhead slam ]
    Attican Soldier :  Flee!  Flee for your life!!
    [ Kratos slays the Cyclops, makes his way to higher ground, and kills more
      Persians.  After reaching the end of the battlements, Kratos makes his way
      to a market district.  Kratos opens a gate and the camera zooms to the
      Basilisk, which is perched on a rooftop.  The Basilisk opens its mouth to
      roar, and a soldier’s body falls to the ground.
      After killing some Persians, Kratos approaches the soldier’s body and uses
      it as a weight to keep a gate open into a series of hallways.  Kratos
      emerges onto a long palisade.  The Basilisk appears from the battlement
      behind Kratos and makes his way onto the palisade.
      An arduous battle occurs between the ghost of Sparta and the large Persian
      reptile.  The Basilisk retreats back to the battlements, turns around and
      continues battle from the higher position.  Kratos drives his Blades of
      Chaos into the Basilisk’s right paw, jumps up and stabs the Basilisk above
      the eye.  Kratos gets some leverage and pulls the Basilisk back to the
      palisade.  Taking advantage of the weakened state of the Basilisk, Kratos
      topples a parapet onto the monster’s head.  The battle continues, and the
      Basilisk returns to higher ground.  Kratos again drives his Blades of Chaos
      into the Basilisk’s right forelimb, jumps up and stabs the Basilisk above
      the eye.  Once again, Kratos gets some leverage and pulls the Basilisk back
      onto the palisade.  Another parapet is toppled onto the reptile’s head.
      After some more punishment from the Blades of Chaos, the Basilisk gets
      stunned.  Kratos makes his way atop the Basilisk and hooks his Blades into
      the Basilisk’s lower jaw.  With all his might, Kratos pulls the Blades and
      dislocates the Basilisk’s jaw, killing the large saurian.
      The camera pans out to show the body of the Basilisk as it lays on the
      palisade ]
    Narrator :  Fulfilling his commitment to the gods, Kratos defeated the
                Basilisk brought forth by the Persians.
    [ Kratos makes his way up a cliff and puts away his Blades of Chaos, looking
      pained and annoyed ]
                But this small victory would not satisfy the man who had come to
                be known as the Ghost of Sparta.
    Kratos   :  [ yelling at the heavens ] Is this all you would have me do?  Is
                there nothing else?
    [ The sun bulges and a globe of light drifts toward the ground.  A bright
      flash of white light fills the screen ]
    Narrator :  Seeing the sun plummet through the sky, and the world plunge
                into darkness, Kratos knew this was not a sign from the gods.
    Kratos   :  What treachery is this?  [ runs toward where the globe of light
                landed ]
    Narrator :  Setting his sights on the glowing horizon, Kratos made his way
                toward the mysterious light, but there was more afoot than
                Kratos could possibly know.
    [ Kratos is shown reaching the lip of a gigantic precipice and looks upon a
      large temple ]
    Narrator :  In the darkness, Morpheus, the god of dreams awakened to a
                world where he and only he wielded the power.  The land was
                slowly overrun by a black fog that engulfed everything it
    [ Kratos makes his way down cliff walls and enters ]
      +                                                                      |\
     ***                                                                     ||}
     |:|          T H E                C I T Y               O F             ||}
    -----                                                                   -----
     {||                           M A R A T H O N                           |:|
     {||                                                                     ***
     |/  ___________________________________________________________________  +
    Man   :  Run for your lives!
    Woman :  Help us!
    [ Kratos makes his way into a building only to witness a dark figure impale
      a woman.  After Kratos kills the enemy, he makes his way to the street,
      only to be accosted by more of these fog fighters and archers.  Kratos
      hears a resident of Marathon yelling ]
    Marathon resident : The fog is alive!
    [ The camera pans to show a dark fog permeating the air, except around a
      large wooden block ]
    Narrator : The power of Morpheus affected even Kratos, as he was haunted
               by a strange melody.
    [ A strange lilting melody is heard.
      As Kratos pushes the wooden block along a street toward a gate, someone
      yells ]
    Marathon resident : Stay out of the fog!
    [ After going through the gate, Kratos fights more fog archers and a trio
      of ear-piercing fog banshees.  Kratos turns a crank to stop the fog
      banshees from appearing.  Kratos eyes a torch, held by a statue.  Using the
      torch, Kratos ignites some hay on a wagon.  Kratos pushes the wagon along
      the street, blazing a path through the fog.  At the end of the road, a
      large fog feline sabretooth Beast jumps in front of Kratos.  Kratos guts
      the sabretooth and continues past a rocky obstruction.  More fog archers
      appear on the Steed Shrine, only to be dealt with swiftly by Kratos’s
      Blades of Chaos ]
      +                                                                      |\
     ***                                                                     ||}
     |:|          T H E              T E M P L E               O F           ||}
    -----                                                                   -----
     {||                             H E L I O S                             |:|
     {||                                                                     ***
     |/  ___________________________________________________________________  +
    Narrator :  And as Kratos approached the temple, it became clear that the
                task ahead was more than he would have ever imagined.
    [ Kratos makes his way past a couple of pillars on the outskirts of the
      temple, when the strange melody from earlier is heard again ]
    Narrator :  Once again, the strange lingering melody could be heard through
                the black fog of Morpheus, haunting Kratos.
    [ Kratos makes short work of the fog fighters and banshees that ambush him.
      He continues on toward the Temple of Helios, scaling walls.
      The camera pans upward to show a large temple ]
    Narrator :  The Temple on which Kratos stood, was the sun chariot of Helios.
                The very chariot that the Fire Steeds pulled across the sky every
                day, allowing the brilliance of Helios to shine down upon all
    [ Kratos heads toward the temple when he hears a feminine voice from a
      luminous statue ]
    Voice    :  Kratos.
    Kratos   :  [ approaches the statue ] Athena.  What madness has befallen us?
    Athena   :  Kratos, there is not much time.  Olympus needs you.
    Kratos   :  I grow tired of the gods’ requests, Athena.  I have given enough.
                Now take these nightmares from my head.
    Athena   :  It is not for you to say when your servitude ends.  You will earn
                your freedom, in time.  But for now, Olympus needs your
                unquestioning obedience.  The god of the sun has been torn from
                the sky.
    [ A bright flash engulfs the screen.  The whole temple is shown ]
    Athena   :  This temple on which you stand is the chariot of Helios.
    [ The camera zooms out showing a large fireball dwarfing the temple ]
    Athena   :  Without their master to rein them, the Fire Steeds have driven
                the sun chariot into the earth.  
    [ The fireball comes into focus showing fiery horses pulling a chariot into
      the temple.  Like a meteor, the chariot is shown crashing into the earth,
      causing debris to fly into the air ]
    Athena  :  And without Helios, there is no one to keep Morpheus from seizing
               permanent power.
    [ The temple is shown against a dark landscape, with clouds swirling below.
      Lightning flashes and thunder booms ]
    Athena  :  Many of the gods have fallen into a deep slumber.
    [ The landscape around the temple is shown being surrounded by a dark fog ]
    Athena  :  Soon, all will succumb to the black grip of Morpheus.
    [ Kratos is shown at the base of Athena’s statue ]
    Kratos  :  What would you have me do?
    Athena  :  You must find Helios and return him to the sky, lest the world of
               gods and man be lost forever.  Only his light can release the
               grasp of Morpheus.
    [ Athena’s statue loses its luminescence ]
    Kratos  :  Athena.  Athena!
    [ Kratos makes his way onto the temple grounds and rides an elevator up to a
      higher level.  He is accosted by some goat-like satyr soldiers.  Some wield
      blades while others launch fiery projectiles.  Kratos takes care of the
      enemies and pulls a lever to open a gate, leading into the temple itself.
      After riding the elevator back down to the temple grounds, Kratos makes his
      way into the temple, killing several satyrs on the way.
      Within the temple, Kratos dispatches a flock of harpies, and pulls a lever
      opening a door leading further into the temple.  Kratos finds and fights a
      few helmeted fire guards, pulls a lever and makes his way into the
      Grand Hallway ]
      +                                                                      |\
     ***                                                                     ||}
     |:|                              G R A N D                              ||}
    -----                                                                   -----
     {||                            H A L L W A Y                            |:|
     {||                                                                     ***
     |/  ___________________________________________________________________  +
    [ Kratos makes his way along the Grand Hallway into the center of the temple.
      After breaking a couple gears, Kratos descends on a circular elevator,
      battling a few more helmeted fire guards.
      After the elevator reaches the ground floor, an enormous armored Hyperion
      Guard appears in the middle of the elevator.  It wields a large mace
      and attacks Kratos.  Kratos takes care of the Guard and beheads him.
      Kratos heads deeper into the temple, and upon reaching a large chamber, a
      door closes behind Kratos.  On the wall, the chamber has a statue holding
      a glowing blue sphere.  Kratos knocks over a pillar to access the middle of
      the large chamber.  A female voice issues from the statue ]
    Voice  :  I am grateful you have come, Ghost of Sparta.  The titan Atlas has
              been freed from the pits of Tartarus, and has taken my brother,
              Helios from his rightful place in the sky.
    Kratos :  What does Atlas want with the sun god?
    Voice  :  Helios holds within him the power of the sun, a power so great, it
              can destroy the world.  It cannot be trusted in the hands of a
              titan.  Please, take the Sun Shield from his throne, walk through
              the Gates of Olympus and you will find me.  Hurry Kratos, even now
              my brother suffers at the hand of Atlas.
    [ Kratos uses his Blades of Chaos to force down a pillar, creating a bridge
      to the periphery of the chamber.  He backtracks and goes through a doorway
      leading to Helios’s throne.  After passing the door, it closes ]
      +                                                                      |\
     ***                                                                     ||}
     |:|                     T H E               T H R O N E                 ||}
    -----                                                                   -----
     {||                               R O O M                               |:|
     {||                                                                     ***
     |/  ___________________________________________________________________  +
    [ Kratos destroys the throne and acquires the Sun Shield.
      A few helmeted fire guards provide a chance for Kratos to make use of the
      shield.  After dispatching them, Kratos uses the shield to open a large
      door.  Kratos makes his way across the room and up a long spiral staircase.
      Kratos emerges in front of the temple amidst the fog ]
    Narrator :  As Kratos stepped out into the eternal night, much had changed
                outside the temple.  Morpheus grew ever stronger, as his
                harbingers of darkness continued their relentless march.
    [ A pair of fog archers are shown on a circular area, up a flight of stairs.
      Kratos engages them, and a fog feline sabretooth Beast joins the fray.
      After defeating the first wave, more archers and another sabretooth appear,
      only to fall to Kratos’s Blades of Chaos.  Kratos puts the Sun Shield into
      the middle of the circular area, causing the periphery to sink, creating a
      spiral staircase downward.  At the end of the staircase, Kratos uses the
      Sun Shield to open a door.
      After entering the large rectangular room, the door closes behind Kratos.
      There are two large statues holding lances on opposite sides of the room.
      Kratos moves the pair of statues onto square pressure plates, with their
      weapons fitting into holes in the wall, like keys in a lock.  After each
      statue is on a square pressure plate, beams of light course upward from the
      base, and along the lance.  This unlocks enormous blocks in the wall.
      Embossed on the wall is a seal of Helios.  Kratos pulls the blocks away
      from the wall, creating a pair of gigantic steps.
      Kratos makes his way around the left side of the bottom step and walks
      along an indentation in the step, into another rectangular room.
      There are two more statues, this time holding lenses.  Kratos repositions
      the statues, using the lenses to refract beams of light.  Each beam of
      light is focused on its own circle in the wall.
      Kratos stands between the two light beams and uses the Sun Shield to
      reflect the light onto another circle, located on the top block/step.
      On the other side of the steps, in the first large rectangular room, it
      is shown that the steps lead up to a pentagonal room with three statues.
      The base of the middle statue glows with an orange light.
      Kratos makes his way back around the bottom step, and jumps up both to
      reach the pentagonal room.
      He places the Sun Shield into the orange light at the base of the
      statue.  The statue becomes bathed in yellow light, and a wide beacon
      of light shines up into the heavens, over the temple grounds.  A smaller
      beam of light illuminates the first cylinder behind a statue of a horse
      on the Steed Shrine.
      The rectangular slats of the rectangular room floor recede and form steps
      Kratos goes down the steps and along a hallway back to the large circular
      chamber with the sphere-holding statue ]
    Voice :  You must hurry, Kratos.
    [ Kratos makes his way along the periphery of the chamber and approaches a
      large rectangular liquid-like bronze portal.  Fearlessly, Kratos steps
      through the portal and emerges in a torch-lit circular area ]
      +                                                                      |\
     ***                                                                     ||}
     |:|              T H E           C A V E S         O F                  ||}
    -----                                                                   -----
     {||                            O L Y M P U S                            |:|
     {||                                                                     ***
     |/  ___________________________________________________________________  +
    [ The camera pans away from Kratos to show two gigantic helmed warriors
      holding up their arms, hewn in stone.  The two warriors are across a wide
      river.  On the left hand of one of the warriors is a smaller statue of a
      figure holding a lance.
      Kratos crosses the river to the base of the wall, between the two warriors.
      He climbs up the wall and makes his way behind the warrior on the right,
      emerging on its left hand.  Kratos approaches the statue and acquires
      Triton’s lance.
      Kratos daringly dives into the river and goes upstream.  While underwater,
      Kratos breaks through a gate and navigates the route among some ruins,
      breaking more gates in the process.  Pulling a lever underwater causes the
      warrior on the left to raise his hands higher, creating a passage along the
      Kratos again climbs up the wall and makes his way behind and above the
      warrior on the left.  A small antechamber is hewn in the rock, with a heavy
      door in the middle, flanked by two statues.  Kratos lifts the heavy door
      and proceeds into a hexagonal chamber, where a large blade-wielding
      minotaur spawns.
      After evading the minotaur’s charges, Kratos pins the minotaur’s hands into
      the ground with his Blades of Chaos, and decapitates the monster with its
      own weapon.
      Kratos continues on, turning a crank to create a bridge across a deep
      chasm.  He lifts another heavy door to find himself at a bend of a
      shallow stream.
      Kratos stops midstream]
    Narrator :  As Kratos entered the cave, Eos, goddess of dawn and sister of
                Helios, sat above him visibly weakened by the absence of the sun.
    [ A topless brunette, wearing a shawl around her hair and a white skirt, is
      shown kneeling ]
    Eos      :  All glory be to Lord Zeus for granting you safe passage to me.
    Kratos   :  The king of the gods does not aid me, Eos.  I am but a slave to
                Zeus and Olympus.
    Eos      :  Save my brother Kratos, and he will convince Zeus to release you
                and rid you of the horrors of your past.  I give you my word.
    Kratos   :  The gods have broken their word to me many times.  Forgive me if
                I find it hard to believe your promises.
    Eos      :  Be that as it may, Kratos.  The Primordial Fire is almost out.
                Without Helios, the life giving light of the world cannot be
                sustained.  If you do not find him, only darkness and death await
                all of us.
    Kratos   :  [ sighs ]  Where has Atlas taken him?
    Eos      :  I do not know, Kratos.  Follow the passage out of the cave,
                retrieve the fire and it will light your path to the remaining
                steeds.  They will guide you to their master.  They will take you
                to my brother.  May you go with the speed of Hermes, Ghost of
    [ Kratos goes downstream, and emerges on a sandy embankment.  Making his way
      along the sandy passageway, Kratos encounters and defeats more light
      warriors.  Eventually, Kratos makes his way into a circular arena.  Along
      the circular wall are three enormous armored guardians of the fire.  Each
      guardian has a circular shield with a hole in the middle.
      In the middle of the arena, Kratos acquires the Primordial Fire.  This
      triggers a ring of the arena to fall away and the guardians of the fire to
      animate.  Each guardian sends a fireball at Kratos through a hole in its
      shield.  Each fireball is deflected by Kratos and used against the
      guardian.  After all three are taken care of, Kratos acquires the Light of
      Light shines where the middle guardian stood, and Kratos reflects the light
      into the alcoves the guardians occupied.  Upon breaking the wall of the
      right alcove, a bridge appears and Kratos makes his way through the
      passageway.  Using the Sun Shield, Kratos opens another door ]
    Eos      :  You must find him, Kratos.
    [ Kratos fights a couple of fire guards and jumps into the river below.  
      Kratos crosses the river and goes back through the portal.
      Kratos uses the Sun Shield to unlock a bridge of light to the center of the
      circular chamber with Eos’s statue.  Kratos crosses another bridge of light
      to a door.  Kratos opens the door with the Sun Shield and makes his way
      down to a circular elevator.
      Kratos uses the Sun Shield in the middle of the elevator to activate it.
      Harpies spawn, but Kratos eliminates them quickly.
      He makes his way up a flight of stairs to the door of the temple courtyard.
      Once again, Kratos uses the Sun Shield to unlock the door ]
      +                                                                      |\
     ***                                                                     ||}
     |:|                             T E M P L E                             ||}
    -----                                                                   -----
     {||                          C O U R T Y A R D                          |:|
     {||                                                                     ***
     |/  ___________________________________________________________________  +
    Narrator :  And again the melody returned, and it almost seemed familiar.
    [ Kratos looks from right to left, trying to find the source of the piping
      Four Fire Sentinels appear with a fiery shielded legless specter.  Kratos
      dispatches them all.
      The camera shows a statue of a horse bucking on the opposite side of the
      courtyard, as well as a large seal in the middle of the courtyard.  Its
      center glows with an orange light.  Two short silos are shown, nestled
      within a wall.  Kratos uses the Sun Shield in the middle of the large seal
      to bring up a crank.  Kratos turns the crank, causing a thin beam of light
      to be emitted onto a short silo.  The silo opens up to expose a
      sword-wielding statue with a shield.  Kratos turns the crank, refracting
      the light to shine on the silo across the courtyard.  This exposes another
      sword-wielding statue with a shield.  Each statue, with light shined on its
      base, causes light to be refracted up through the base and directed out of
      the shield.
      Kratos uses the two statues to open two other silos, exposing two more
      statues.  He then moves the four statues onto circular pressure plate
      buttons, which causes the area between the large seal and the bucking horse
      statue to elevate.  Kratos shines the beam of light onto the elevated
      platform, which splits and refracts the light onto the four statues.
      Standing on the elevated platform, Kratos refracts and directs the beam of
      light onto the statue of the bucking horse.  The bucking horse’s base
      elevates, revealing a glowing orange light.  Kratos places the Sun Shield
      into the orange light of the statue’s base.  The statue is bathed in a
      yellow light, and a wide beacon of light shines up into the heavens, over
      the temple grounds.  A smaller beam of light illuminates the second
      cylinder behind a statue of a horse on the Steed Shrine.
      The crank in the middle of the large seal recedes, and an orange light
      takes its stead.  Kratos puts the Sun Shield into the middle of the seal.
      This causes the seal platform to descend along a shaft of yellow light,
      back into the large circular chamber with Eos’s statue.
      Kratos crosses another bridge of light and opens another door with the
      Sun Shield.  Kratos goes down a hallway and up the stairs of the
      rectangular room.
      The enormous steps have been reduced to rubble, and one of the
      statues/keys have been displaced.  Kratos pushes the statue back onto
      the square pressure plate, breaks the top of the statue, and reflects the
      light into the keyhole using his shield.  This causes the light to turn
      off, while a statue of a bucking horse becomes elevated.  Kratos makes his
      way up the wall where the enormous steps were, and uses the Sun Shield at
      the base of the statue.
      The statue of the bucking horse is bathed in a yellow light, and a wide
      beacon of light shines up into the heavens, over the temple grounds.  A
      smaller beam of light illuminates the third and final cylinder behind a
      statue of a horse on the Steed Shrine.
      A door behind the statue opens and Kratos proceeds down a passageway, down
      a flight of stairs, and down the face of a wall to the base of the temple ]
    Narrator :  As Kratos left the temple, he was assaulted by the army of
                Morpheus.  And again, he heard the haunting melody.  But this
                time he recognized it as the song of his daughter, Calliope.
    Kratos   :  [ looking around ] Calliope?  My daughter!  Where are you?
    [ Numerous fog fighters, archers, and banshees spawn, all felled by Kratos’s
      Blades of Chaos.
      Kratos makes his way away from the temple, to the Steed Shrine.  At the
      Shrine, Kratos turn the cylinders to light their respective horses.
      Kratos then uses his Sun Shield in the middle of a seal behind the
      The Fire Steeds emerge from their statue prisons and fly into the sky.
      The Shrine starts to shake with the turbulence of being pulled by the Fire
      Steeds, above the fog of Morpheus ]
    Narrator :  With the release of the Fire Steeds, Kratos was now in the hands
                of the beasts,
    [ The Fire Steeds trace a majestic arc over the fog, then they descend
      through the fog ]
    Narrator :  and where they would take him, he did not know.
    [ Kratos is shown holding onto the chains of his Blades of Chaos, being
      buffeted by the winds.  His head bows as he remembers his past, with
      Calliope’s melody playing throughout.
      General Kratos, riding a horse, approaches his daughter, Calliope.
      Kratos, with his daughter by his side, approaches his wife.
      Kratos starts to put a blue stone necklace onto his wife’s neck.
      Calliope smiles up at Kratos, with a bag of riches on his shoulder.
      Kratos leans against a tree, with a young Calliope stands, looking at her
      father who is carving a flute for her.
      An adolescent Calliope plays her flute.  The image reverts to a young
      Calliope, with the burning oracle temple behind her.
      Rapid flashbacks of Kratos’s brutality and bloodlust are shown, including
      the fateful murder of his wife and daughter.  The Ghost of Sparta is born
      as the old hag oracle cackles.
      The Fire Steeds continue their descent and Kratos awakens ]
    Narrator :  As the steeds pulled Kratos away from the grip of Morpheus, they
                crossed into the Underworld.  But in the land of the dead, they
                could go no further.  For these beings of light, were not welcome
                in Hades.
    [ The Fire Steeds revert back to their statue forms, and the seal of the
      Steeds Shrine plummets, as does Kratos.  Kratos uses his Blades of Chaos to
      latch onto a wall of a large rock which he climbs ]
    Narrator :  Kratos found himself on the very edge of Hades.  The land where
                no mortal had set foot.
      +                                                                      |\
     ***                                                                     ||}
     |:|             T H E            F A L L S             O F              ||}
    -----                                                                   -----
     {||                            O C E A N U M                            |:|
     {||                                                                     ***
     |/  ___________________________________________________________________  +
    [ The camera pans around Kratos, showing harpies flying about, and mountains
      and buildings off in the distance ]
    Narrator :  Here where the souls of the dead walk their fated path, Kratos
                knew that for him, this was merely the beginning.
    [ Kratos climbs up the wall and traverses along an overhang, breaking
      stalactites along the way.  He drops onto an island with a couple of
      petrified figures, jumps across a river of blood, and makes his way along a
      ledge.  Kratos then jumps onto a wall, eliminates a few Hades legionnaires
      and watches harpies fly out of crevices in the wall.
      Kratos climbs up to level ground, only to be greeted by a few gorgons.
      Kratos makes his way through a door and up a flight of crumbling stairs.
      He passes a couple more petrified figures as he makes his way up a ledge,
      to emerge in a circular arena.
      A couple Hades legionnaires feebly attempt to attack Kratos, but barely put
      up a fight.  To even things up, some Cyclops brutes make an appearance,
      only to meet the same fate as the legionnaires:  death.
      Kratos jumps onto a higher platform and finds harpies flocking around some
      ruins ]
      +                                                                      |\
     ***                                                                     ||}
     |:|                     R U I N S              O F                      ||}
    -----                                                                   -----
     {||                           A S P H O D E L                           |:|
     {||                                                                     ***
     |/  ___________________________________________________________________  +
    [ After killing the harpies, Kratos uses a pedestal to jump onto a higher
      platform.  He makes his way along a wall, behind a couple of blood
      waterfalls.  Kratos drops onto a circular area and does battle with a few
      Hades legionnaires.  Doing some renovation, Kratos knocks over a large
      pillar, which crashes into a wall of the ruins.
      Kratos follows the fallen pillar into the ruins, and jumps onto the
      second floor.  From there, he climbs up a wall and follows a path toward a
      gated entrance.
      The camera pans up to a robed statue atop the entrance and back down to
      Kratos, as numerous harpies and two axe-wielding phantom warriors spawn.
      After ridding the annoying harpies, Kratos chops the phantom warriors,
      causing green gas to erupt under their armor.  After each warrior sustains
      enough damage, it reduces to a jet of green gas, and become spheres within
      a door.    After both spheres take their place within the door, it opens.
      Kratos backtracks along the path toward the opened door, and follows the
      pathway beyond.  Kratos passes archways with red balls of fire at their
      bases.  He reaches the heart of the Ruins, and ascends a long flight of
      At the top of the stairs, there is a large statue in the middle of a square
      area.  Upon reaching the statue, a doorway closes behind Kratos.  Kratos
      heads through the opposite door into a circular arena where he makes quick
      work of more harpies and axe-wielding phantom warriors, while avoiding the
      circular saws crisscrossing the area.
      Kratos exits the circular arena through an archway and makes his way down a
      long bridge, which terminates into a circular area.  There is a gate that
      blocks Kratos’s way.  Ignoring the gate, Kratos rings a large bell.
      The camera zooms out, showing the Ruins where Kratos is standing.  The
      circular area is near the edge of an enormous blood waterfall.
      Kratos is shown walking away from the bell, putting away his Blades of
      Chaos.  The camera zooms out once again, showing the expanse of the blood
      river.  Kratos sees a gigantic row boat with many oars paddling towards
      Kratos.  Kratos looks on, with an expression of boredom.
      The row boat docks on the opposite side of the gate, and a drawbridge-like
      gang plank drops from the dock onto the boat while the gate is raised.
      Kratos nonchalantly walks aboard the boat.
      At the bow of the boat is a large statue of a winged devil.  A growling
      voice, from a robed figure with disembodied heads for a belt, is heard as
      Kratos steps on the boat ]
    Voice    :  Who calls for the Ferryman? [ it clenches a fist ]
    [ Kratos is shown walking on the deck of the boat, while the Ferryman quickly
      moves behind Kratos.  The Ferryman is wearing a golden mask, and has long
      white hair and beard ]
    Ferryman :  Ghost of Sparta?  [ he moves from Kratos’s right to left, places
                his right hand on Kratos’s left shoulder, holding a scythe ]
                Slave to the Olympians?  
    Kratos   :  I am a slave to no one, Charon.
    [ Charon walks forward, using his scythe as a cane ]
    Charon   :  We share a common fate, Kratos.  The gods will release neither of
                us from our torture. [ he waves his right hand, as if swatting a
                fly ]  Be gone.
    [ The camera zooms in on Charon’s golden mask ]
    Charon   :  It is not yet your time, mortal. 
    [ Charon swings his massive scythe at Kratos, who is no match for the
      The camera pans out, showing the large ferry.
      Charon drags Kratos to the port side of the ferry ]
    Charon   :  You chose your path ... [ he drops Kratos’s body over the bloody
                waterfall into the abyss below ] Ghost of Sparta!
    [ The screen fades to black and the haunting melody of Calliope’s flute is
      heard ]
    Kratos   :  Calliope!
      +                                                                      |\
     ***                                                                     ||}
     |:|              T H E          D E P T H S           O F               ||}
    -----                                                                   -----
     {||                           T A R T A R U S                           |:|
     {||                                                                     ***
     |/  ___________________________________________________________________  +
    [ The screen fades into a large gorge, with prisoners bound by chains into
      the walls.
      Kratos grunts and manages to break free from his manacles.
      As Kratos makes his way along the gorge, he decides to end the suffering of
      those still bound by chains.  Kratos eventually finds himself in a circular
      area, overlooking a giant chasm with colossal links of chains hanging from
      the ceiling.  Each chain terminates with a spike ]
    Narrator :  Here where the souls of the wicked are tortured in the pits of
                Tartarus, the wailing and agony of the damned, resonated deep
                throughout the bowels of the underworld.
    [ Numerous harpies appear, only to get their wings clipped and be shredded by
      the Blades of Chaos.  Kratos continues on, freeing people of their misery,
      and making his way to the chasm.  After opening the door into the middle of
      the chasm, Kratos climbs up a wall, handling numerous Hades legionnaires
      that spawn.
      Eventually, Kratos lifts himself up to a circular area where he makes short
      work of more harpies and a gorgon.  Within alcoves in the wall rest statues
      of Hades and Ares.  Kratos pulls the statues onto square pressure plates
      which bring up a crank in the middle of the area.  Kratos turns the crank
      to rotate the entrance to an adjoining circular shaft.
      Kratos proceeds down a torch-lit hallway and finds himself in a large
      rectangular room.  A couple minotaurs and some archers appear, proving to
      be no match to Kratos.
      Kratos makes his way up a spiral staircase to be greeted by a Hades
      legionnaire.  Kratos eliminates his enemy quickly and goes through a
      blocked passageway above the large rectangular room.  Pulling a lever
      raises the gate within the room.  Kratos passes through the gateway and up
      another spiral staircase.  This time, a pair of Hades legionnaires and a
      pair of archers attempt to engage Kratos, only to get completely destroyed.
      Pulling another lever in the room raises a pair of gates.  Kratos ascends a
      flight of stairs.
      The camera shows the profile of a corpse on a throne.
      Kratos crosses the room and acquires the Cryptkeeper’s Key then pushes the
      throne over the balcony, onto the large rectangular room below.
      Kratos drops down, picks up the corpse and places it on a circular button.
      This causes a rectangular lock to rise from the ground.  Kratos places the
      Cryptkeeper’s Key into the lock and turns it.  As a result, a bridge is
      extended towards the Temple of Zeus ]
      +                                                                      |\
     ***                                                                     ||}
     |:|                T E M P L E              O F                         ||}
    -----                                                                   -----
     {||                               Z E U S                               |:|
     {||                                                                     ***
     |/  ___________________________________________________________________  +
    [ Kratos heads into the Temple of Zeus, and finds a statue of the king of the
      gods.  In Zeus’s right hand is a golden gauntlet.  Two axe-wielding phantom
      warriors spawn.  They are dealt with promptly by Kratos.
      Kratos approaches the center of the temple and slings his Blades of Chaos
      onto the statue of Zeus.  He pulls on the statue, causing it to shatter.
      Kratos picks up the Gauntlet of Zeus.
      Several Hades Legionnaires appear, as if on cue to try out the new
      Gauntlet.  They all die swiftly.
      Kratos crosses the bridge back to the depths of Tartarus.  Using the
      Gauntlet, Kratos breaks down a door and makes his way down the hallway.
      Suddenly, a spiked gate drops from the ceiling and moves along a track
      toward Kratos.  Kratos hurries along the hallway, obliterating obstacles in
      his way and makes his way back to the circular shaft.  He heads back to the
      circular area with the statues of Ares and Hades.  With the Gauntlet,
      Kratos pounds the two statues into dust.
      Upon destroying the statue of Hades, a pathway is revealed.  Kratos goes
      down this pathway and opens a door, leading to a circular area.  Kratos
      climbs up the wall to find gorgons and a few Hades legionnaires.  Kratos
      kills them all.  A crank comes up from the floor; turning it causes a
      colossal chain to drop from the ceiling.
      Kratos makes his way back down to the circular area and uses a chain as a
      bridge to a wall.  Kratos scales the wall, heading to the jails of
      Tartarus ]
      +                                                                      |\
     ***                                                                     ||}
     |:|               J A I L S                           O F               ||}
    -----                                                                   -----
     {||                           T A R T A R U S                           |:|
     {||                                                                     ***
     |/  ___________________________________________________________________  +
    [ Kratos heads down a pathway and drops onto a platform.  Harpies and Cyclops
      brutes appear but are swiftly destroyed by Kratos.  Another crank comes up
      from the floor; turning it causes another colossal chain to drop from the
      ceiling.  The colossal chains each have spikes at the ends.  Yet another
      crank comes up from the floor; turning it causes a colossal chain to bridge
      the platform to the previous circular area.
      Kratos jumps from the circular area onto the top of a spike.  Kratos jumps
      from spike to spike, crossing the chasm.  He makes his way onto a ledge and
      follows a pathway, blocked by a door.  Kratos lifts the door and continues
      down the pathway, providing solace to the people chained to the wall.  He
      lifts another door, and looks upon a rock outcropping ]
    Narrator :  Kratos saw before him the remnants of the old rulers of Earth,
                the mighty Titans.
    [ Beyond the rock outcropping, a face is shown within the rock wall, with
      chains situated beneath its chin ]
    Narrator :  Defeated by the gods and enchained in the depths of Tartarus,
                they suffered their unjust penance.  And for their torment, it
                was well known that these immortal beings hated the Olympians
                with immeasurable fury.
    [ Kratos climbs up the outcropping and lays waste to a minotaur.  A few Hades
      archers try sniping at Kratos from a spike, only to have their arrows
      blocked by the Sun Shield.  Kratos sends projectiles of his own and
      eliminates them.
      With the turn of another crank, a colossal chain creates a bridge to the
      titan’s face within the wall.  Kratos crosses the chain bridge, passing the
      bound titan ]
      +                                                                      |\
     ***                                                                     ||}
     |:|                     S H A C K L E S        O F                      ||}
    -----                                                                   -----
     {||                           H Y P E R I O N                           |:|
     {||                                                                     ***
     |/  ___________________________________________________________________  +
    [ Kratos follows a passageway between towering stone walls.  He lifts a heavy
      door and emerges into a large trapezoidal area.  Some Hades legionnaires
      and archers greet Kratos but they fall to his Blades of Chaos.  Kratos
      pulls a pair of levers; after each is pulled, some colossal chains slacken.
      Kratos then climbs up a wall, slings his way along the ceiling above the
      slackened chains, and drops onto a balcony.  Kratos follows the pathway to
      another lever.  Pulling this lever causes a rock to fall away from the
      bound titan, freeing its head.
      Kratos makes his way back down into the large trapezoidal area and emerges
      next to the titan’s head ]
    Narrator :  By the hands of Zeus, the titans had been bound and shackled in
                their torment, for a thousand years, with no hope of escape.
    [ The camera pans away from Kratos’s position, showing the expanse of the
      chasm with a lone harpy flying by.  The camera zooms in on a vacated area
      where another titan had been bound ]
    Narrator :  Now the chains that once held the titan Atlas lay broken, and
                only one question plagued the thoughts of Kratos.
    [ The camera zooms in on Kratos’s face ]
    Kratos   :  Who would release such evil?
    [ Kratos makes his way along the rock wall, eliminating some Hades
      legionnaires along the way.  Kratos descends upon a wide ledge and jumps
      upon a large gear, connected to a colossal chain in a pulley system.
      Kratos spins the gear, while intermittently fighting harpies and Hades
      legionnaires.  Once the gear stops spinning, Kratos jumps down onto
      another gear connected to a pulley system.  Again, Kratos spins the gear,
      while intermittently fighting harpies and shielded Hades legionnaires.
      At the end of the pulley system, the gear stops, and Kratos jumps onto a
      rock ledge.  Kratos jumps onto a higher ledge and finds a spike lying
      horizontally on the platform.  Kratos charges up for an enormous punch
      with Zeus’s Gauntlet.  The resulting punch launches the spike into the
      wall across the abyss.  The colossal chain trails the spike and stretches
      Kratos uses the colossal chain as a bridge and begins his arduous ascent
      out of Tartarus.  The camera changes angles, showing Kratos from the side;
      a wide shot showing a harpy flying by him; a shot from above Kratos;
      another wide shot, this time zooming out.
      Kratos finds himself by the Hades blood waterfall from earlier.  He
      ascends the rock face and follows the ledge leading back to the Ruins of
      Asphodel.  Kratos breaks a stone wall of the ruins and finds himself in the
      circular arena with the circular saws crisscrossing the area.  Once again,
      Kratos does battle with axe-wielding phantom warriors and harpies.
      Kratos exits the circular arena through a familiar archway and makes his
      way down a long bridge, which terminates into a circular area.  Instead of
      ringing the large bell, Kratos uses Zeus’s Gauntlet to break down the gate
      leading to the dock ]
      +                                                                      |\
     ***                                                                     ||}
     |:|             T H E             D O C K             O F               ||}
    -----                                                                   -----
     {||                             C H A R O N                             |:|
     {||                                                                     ***
     |/  ___________________________________________________________________  +
    [ Kratos goes down the gang plank onto Charon’s ferry.
      Charon turns around as Kratos makes his way on deck ]
    Charon :  You again.
    Kratos :  The walls of Tartarus would not hold Atlas, and they would not hold
              me either.
    Charon :  [ appears behind Kratos and walks to the bow of the boat ]  The
              gods have obviously taken pity on their slave.
    Kratos :  [ turns around to face Charon ] You underestimate me, Charon.  This
              time I will not be so merciful.
    [ Kratos engages Charon in battle.  While Charon uses his scythe, Kratos uses
      Zeus’s Gauntlet to assail Charon with powerful punches.  After enduring
      several melee hits, Charon melts into a black ooze and traverses the deck
      of his ship.  He reappears and resumes battle with Kratos.  This time, he
      tries sending green energy spheres at Kratos, but Kratos uses the Sun
      Shield to deflect them back at Charon.
      After taking several blows to the gut, Charon transports himself onto the
      upper deck and tries to recuperate.  While on the upper deck, Charon tries
      to snipe Kratos from afar while drawing green energy from the ship.
      Showing no fear, Kratos uses the Gauntlet to break a pillar supporting the
      upper deck.
      Charon goes back to Kratos’s level and resumes the fight.  After taking
      more punches, Charon flees back to the upper deck to recuperate; only to
      have Kratos use the Gauntlet again to break a pillar.  The cycle continues
      until all three pillars are broken.  Charon’s attempt to draw energy from
      the ship backfires on him, and the resulting energy blast demolishes the
      upper deck and stuns Charon.  Charon loses his mask.
      Kratos takes the massive scythe, slashes away at Charon’s midsection, then
      hurls the scythe at Charon, impaling and pinning him below the winged devil
      at the bow of the ship.
      Kratos makes his way along the deck of the ship to retrieve Charon’s mask.
      As Kratos tries to pick up the mask, a hoarse yet taunting laugh emanates
      from Charon.  Kratos spins around and glares at Charon.
      Charon grips his scythe, attempting to push it out of his body, but to no
      avail.  Resigned, Charon dissociates and becomes a being of green energy.
      Only his upper body is reconstituted.
      Charon sends green energy spheres at Kratos, only to have them deflected
      back.  After getting his attacks delivered to his face, Charon plops to the
      Kratos picks up Charon and punches him with Zeus’s Gauntlet.  Using the
      same hand, Kratos grips Charon by the face and slams him bodily to the deck
      of the ship.  Without mercy, Kratos repeatedly punches Charon’s face with
      Zeus’s Gauntlet.
      The camera pans out showing Charon’s ferry as paddles row the boat along
      the river of blood, amidst pointy rocks ]
    Narrator :  Having defeated Charon, Kratos journeyed deeper into Hades and
                closer to his goal.
    [ Kratos is shown on the ferry, facing the winged devil at the bow of the
      boat.  The camera zooms in on Kratos’s face ]
    Narrator :  For in the distance, the bright light of Helios illuminated all
                of the underworld.
    [ Architecture is shown, with tall towers beyond the ferry.  It is a
      castle-like temple ]
    Narrator :  But something on the shore caught his attention.
    [ Calliope’s flute melody is heard, while a circular dock is shown from
      above ]
    Narrator :  And to Kratos, it almost seemed an apparition.
    [ Feet and the lower part of a dress is shown standing on the dock as the
      ferry approaches a dock.  Kratos, from the deck of the ship, looks on,
      showing recognition ]
    Kratos   :  Calliope!
    [ The camera starts from behind Kratos, looking over his shoulder, zooming in
      on the figure near a pillar on the dock ]
    Narrator :  Upon seeing his daughter,
    [ A shot of Calliope playing her flute is shown ]
    Narrator :  Kratos realized that all that he had been working for, all that
                he had wanted, was within reach.
    [ A montage of flashbacks of God of War 1, showing his assault on the oracle
      and the people within, are shown with the following narration ]
    Narrator :  Years of service to the gods had not delivered him from his pain.
                Never had it eased the burden of his past,
    [ The view shows an overhead shot of the dock, with Calliope standing in the
      middle of a top step ]
    Narrator :  and now, Calliope was found.
    [ Calliope turns around.  Kratos reaches out with his right hand ]
    Kratos   :  Calliope!
    [ Calliope starts to walk toward the temple.
      The screen fades to show the ferry docking.
      Kratos picks up Charon’s mask and acquires Charon’s Wrath.
      Hades legionnaires appear on the deck of the boat, only to be punished by
      Charon’s Wrath.
      Kratos hastily goes down the gang plank and quickly makes his way down a
      promenade leading to the steps where Calliope was standing.  Kratos enters
      the temple ]
      +                                                                      |\
     ***                                                                     ||}
     |:|             T H E           T E M P L E           O F               ||}
    -----                                                                   -----
     {||                         P E R S E P H O N E                         |:|
     {||                                                                     ***
     |/  ___________________________________________________________________  +
    [ After Kratos crosses the threshold, the door closes behind him.  The camera
      pans across a hexagonal room to the opposite door.  Calliope is seen
      running away, up a flight of steps, humming her melody.  A door closes
      behind her.
      Kratos gives chase, going up the stairs and kicks open the door.  After
      Kratos makes his way into a large foyer, gargantuan sabretooth Beasts
      appear along with a group of a new type of satyrs.  Kratos defeats all of
      his foes quickly.
      Kratos makes his way up a long flight of stairs to a closed door.  He kicks
      it open, enters a small chamber with another door.  He kicks that one open,
      The camera pans showing Calliope running around a large shrine.  She runs
      through door on the opposite wall.
      The shrine has torches above numerous mounted canine heads.  Kratos breaks
      all of the canine heads while dealing with satyrs and harpies.
      He kicks open the door that Calliope had ran through earlier.  Kratos
      quickly traverses the next room, kicking open yet another door.  Kratos
      begins to ascend another flight of stairs, when midway up, he sees Calliope
      running away another set of stairs, giggling.  A door closes behind her.
      After Kratos makes his way into another large foyer, Cyclops brutes and
      harpies try to hinder Kratos’s progress.  They fail.  Miserably.  Kratos
      kicks open the door that Calliope ran through, up the steps and kicks open
      another door.
      Kratos comes across another shrine with torches mounted over canine heads.
      Kratos breaks the canine heads, again facing satyrs and harpies.
      Kratos kicks open another door, goes through the next room, and kicks open
      another door.
      Calliope giggles as she continues running away from her father.  She
      disappears through a doorway, with the door closing behind her.  Kratos
      engages battle with two minotaurs, then three satyrs, then one last
      minotaur within the large room.  After Kratos deals with them, he kicks
      open the door and resumes his chase down a long hallway.  At the end of
      the hallway is another door, which opens at the behest of Kratos’s right
      Kratos turns a crank, which causes the circular elevator to ascend.
      The elevator comes to a stop in an octagonal room where numerous harpies,
      a pair of gorgons and a Cyclops brute meet their death at the hands of
      Kratos kicks open another door, goes up some more steps, and kicks open
      another door.  Calliope is seen running away, with a door closing behind
      her.  Kratos gives chase, kicking open the door.  He goes up a flight of
      stairs and follows a walkway leading to a portico nestled within a ring
      of columns ]
      +                                                                      |\
     ***                                                                     ||}
     |:|             T H E           G R O V E S           O F               ||}
    -----                                                                   -----
     {||                         P E R S E P H O N E                         |:|
     {||                                                                     ***
     |/  ___________________________________________________________________  +
    [ Kratos runs up the steps of the portico ]
    Kratos     :  Calliope!  Calliope, where are you?
    [ Kratos stands in the middle of the portico ]
    Narrator   :  Kratos looked, but his daughter was nowhere to be seen.
    [ A bird’s eye view of the portico is shown, with an enormous tree root
      anchored beneath a pillar ]
    Narrator   :  In the middle of the room sat a graceful figure, a figure he
                  recognized all too well.  Persephone, wife of Hades and queen
                  of the undead.
    [ Kratos approaches the brunette in a brown dress, sitting on a bench,
      looking away from Kratos ]
    Kratos     :  Where is my daughter, witch?
    Persephone :  Choose your words carefully, Ghost of Sparta.
    [ The camera shows her face, with her hair caressing her cheeks ]
    Persephone :  You address the goddess of the underworld.  [ sighs ]  Your
                  daughter is well.  [ turns to face Kratos ]  She lives among
                  the pure souls in the Elysian Fields.
    [ The camera pans around the pair ]
    Kratos     :  Lead me to her.
    Persephone :  [ stands up ]  Have you forgotten, Kratos?  [ reaches up at a
                  branch above the tree root ]  The Olympians need you.  [ picks
                  and inspects a pomegranate ]  They slumber at the hand of
    [ The camera pans in front of Persephone, with Kratos standing a few paces
      back ]
    Kratos     :  I have faithfully served the gods, yet they do not give me what
                  I ask.
    [ Kratos is shown close up, hands at an angle away from his body, showing his
      disgust ]
    Kratos     :  I grow weary of their demands.
    Persephone :  The gods on Olympus failed me too, Kratos. [ she sends a purple
                  pulse through the pomegranate, making it fall to pieces ]  I
                  was betrayed by Zeus and tricked by my husband Hades.  Now I am
                  to stay in the underworld as queen of the dead.  [ she walks
                  past Kratos ]  To serve the fallen, and care for them as my own
                  children.  [ she stops walking ]
    Kratos     :  Persephone!  [ turns to face Persephone ]  I demand to see my
    Persephone :  [ turns to face Kratos, and walks behind him ]  As you wish.
                  If Calliope is your true desire, I can help you.  [ Close up of
                  her face ]  But be warned, Ghost of Sparta.
    [ The camera shows Kratos’s face, with Persephone’s looking above his left
      shoulder.  She places her left hand on his left shoulder ]
    Persephone :  The world of man will suffer because of your choice.
    [ Kratos shakes off Persephone’s hand ]
    Kratos     :  I care little for the world and its suffering.  [ turns ]
                  Where is she?
    Persephone :  [ turns away and begins to walk ]  If you are to see your
                  daughter again, you must become worthy of Elysium.
    [ Kratos turns to face Persephone, but she continues walking toward the tree.
      The camera pans and zooms in on the tree ]
    Persephone :  Cast your weapons at the Forsaken Tree, and let it release the
                  evils of your past.  Only then will you be free of your sins
                  and be granted passage through the divine gates.
    [ The camera pans away from the tree toward the divine gates.  Persephone
      goes through the gates, and they pulse with a brilliant white light
      Kratos hooks his Blades of Chaos into the forsaken tree’s trunk and
      relinquishes his Blades and magics.  He kneels after the exertion each
      time.  Finally, he gives up his Blades of Chaos.  The chains around his
      forearms go up in flame.  His skin loses its white and red pigmentation.
      Kratos stands up and makes his way toward the divine gates ]
    Persephone :  You have done well, Kratos.  Walk through the gates.
      +                                                                      |\
     ***                                                                     ||}
     |:|               F I E L D S                    O F                    ||}
    -----                                                                   -----
     {||                            E L Y S I U M                            |:|
     {||                                                                     ***
     |/  ___________________________________________________________________  +
    [ Kratos emerges in the Elysian Fields, his skin no longer white and red ]
    Kratos     :  Calliope.  [ runs toward his daughter ]
    Calliope   :  Father?
    Kratos     :  [ picks up Calliope ]  My child.  [ embraces his daughter ]
    Calliope   :  [ frees herself from the hug ]  Why did you go?
    Kratos     :  [ strokes Calliope’s hair ]  I am here now child, and I will
                  not leave you again.
    Persephone :  I have watched over you pathetic mortals for a thousand years,
                  and it is always the same.  Serving yourself before the needs
                  of others has always been your flaw.  [ approaches Kratos and
                  Calliope]  But no matter, for now you serve my purpose.
    [ Kratos stands up, and holds Calliope close, with his left hand.  Calliope
      hides her face in fear ]
    Persephone :  It is time for all that came before to end.  The titan will
                  fulfill his role and finish what I have started. [ turns
                  around and starts to walk away ]  I released Atlas.
    Kratos     :  You?
    Persephone :  [ turns around ]  As you were pathetically disarming yourself,
                  Atlas completed the task I set him out to do.
    [ The camera focuses on the tower of the temple in front of Persephone,
      behind Kratos ]
    Persephone :  [ raises her hands ] With the power of the sun in his hands, it
                  is only a matter of time before he destroys the pillar that
                  holds the world, [ points her left hand at the tower ] and
                  Olympus with it.
    [ The camera pans from Persephone to Kratos ]
    Kratos     :  But why?  
    Persephone :  Do you think it was my choice to wed a man I did not love?
                  Live a life I did not choose?  [ turns away, disgusted ]  I was
                  betrayed by the very gods that once saw me as their own.
                  [ tilts her head, slyly ]  But no more.  Once the pillar is
                  destroyed, the world will revert into chaos!  [ lifts her right
                  arm, bends her elbow and clenches her fist ]
    Kratos     :  And what is to become of you?
    [ Calliope squeaks in a panic ]
    Persephone :  I will have my peace and be free from this miserable existence.
                  I will perish, [ turns her head defiantly ] but it is my
    Calliope   :  [ looks up at Kratos ]  Father!  What’s happening?  I’m scared.
                  [ hides her face ]
    [ Debris starts to fall all around ]
    Persephone :  [ walks past Kratos ]  In your selfish choice to be with your
                  daughter, you have caused her ruin.
    [ The camera zooms in on Kratos’s face ]
    Kratos     :  No.
    Persephone :  [ stops walking ]  Elysium falls too, Kratos.  She will perish.
    Kratos     :  No!  [ assumes a protective stance ]  I will not let the gods
                  take her from me again.  
    [ Kratos rushes at Persephone, only to be repelled by a blast of white energy
      from Persephone’s left hand.  Kratos is flung back while Calliope sobs ]
    Calliope   :  Father!  [ runs toward a kneeling Kratos; grabs his left arm ]
    Narrator   :  The choice was clear to him, yet impossible to make.
    [ Kratos looks upon Calliope’s face ]
    Narrator   :  To stay with his daughter meant the end of the world and the
                  end of her.
    [ Kratos grimaces and looks at his daughter ]
    Narrator   :  To stop Persephone and Atlas would mean forsaking his daughter,
                  forever.  While his hatred and anger for the gods grew ever
    [ Kratos stands up ]
    Narrator   :  he knew there was but one thing to do.
    [ Kratos is shown standing, consoling Calliope who is standing next to his
      left hip, holding his leg.  With much pain in his face, Kratos pushes his
      beloved daughter away from him.  Calliope resists as much as she can, but
      is pushed to the ground.
      Kratos rushes around the field sapping innocent spirits of their energy.
      Each innocent spirit resembles Calliope and gives off a white light ]
    Narrator   :  Kratos soon realized that what he gained in humanity, he lost
                  in power.  He would need to become the monster he once was,
    [ Kratos feels his Blades of Chaos take fiery form in his hands ]
    Narrator   :  if he was to defeat Persephone.
    [ Kratos rushes around the field slicing more innocent spirits with his
      Blades of Chaos.  He is pursued by Hades legionnaires.  By slicing the
      spirits, Kratos regains his lost fighting techniques and Sun Shield.
      Kratos’s red skin coloring returns ]
    Narrator   :  He would need to become the Ghost of Sparta once again, if he
                  was to save his child.
    [ Kratos continues slicing more innocent spirits.  Kratos’s white skin
      coloring returns ]
    Narrator   :  He would need to sacrifice his life with her, so that she may
    [ Kratos grunts and pants ]
    Calliope   :  [ kneeling in the field behind Kratos ] No!  Father, no!
                  [ weeps ]
    [ Kratos turns around to face Calliope ]
    Narrator   :  At that moment Kratos knew his destiny was not with Calliope.
    [ The camera zooms in on Kratos’s right hand, as he grips his Blade harder.
      Then, the camera zooms in on Kratos’s face, with Calliope kneeling in the
      background, over Kratos’s right shoulder ]
    Narrator   :  The Fates were never that kind.
    [ Kratos bows his head and walks away from Calliope.
      He makes his way across the Elysian field toward the temple.  He stops in
      a circular arena to dispatch some Hades archers and shielded Hades
      legionnaires.  A sabretooth Beast tries to ambush Kratos but is
      unsuccessful.  It dies quickly.  More Hades archers appear, along with an
      axe-wielding phantom warrior.  Kratos dispatches all of them.
      Kratos ascends a long flight of stairs toward the temple.
      Near the top of the stairs, there is a flash of green energy flash.
      Persephone appears and walks up stairs, her back to Kratos ]
    Persephone :  [ turns around to face Kratos ]  Spartan...  Witness the end!
    [ Debris continues to fall, increasing in frequency.
      Green energy flashes behind Persephone who sprouts four wings comprised of
      black feathers.  The wings fold over in front of Persephone then flap
      open.  Persephone screams as she reappears with armor.
      Kratos rushes up the stairs, as Persephone turns around and starts to fly
      upward.  Kratos slings his right Blade of Chaos around Persephone’s right
      ankle.  Persephone continues her flight, as shown from below, then from
      The camera pans up the tower of the temple.  From a bird’s eye view,
      Persephone is shown flying toward the camera, dodging falling debris.
      Kratos holds on while Persephone flies upward to a gigantic titan.  The
      titan roars while punching the tower.  The impact of the punch makes
      Kratos’s Blade to come loose, and Kratos starts to fall.  He yells.
      Like a bird of prey, Persephone swoops and knocks Kratos into a circular
      platform in the tower.
      +                                                                      |\
     ***                                                                     ||}
     |:|           W I T H I N                       T H E                   ||}
    -----                                                                   -----
     {||                              T O W E R                              |:|
     {||                                                                     ***
     |/  ___________________________________________________________________  +
    [ The platform has columns along the circumference.  Kratos grunts as he
      Persephone flies above his body, and is shown floating in midair.
      Kratos and Persephone begin to fight.  She swoops and rushes with her
      shoulder.  Occasionally, she stomps her left foot, causes slabs of rock to
      rise from the platform, and move laterally toward Kratos.  Kratos deftly
      dodges them and launches an assault on Persephone.
      Persephone swoops toward Kratos and grabs his neck with her right hand.
      Both of them are bathed in a green light ]
    Persephone :  Call to her.  Be with her.  [ embraces Kratos ]  Leave this
                  world behind.  [ places Kratos on the ground ]  Atlas!
    [ Atlas’s fist slams downward from the ceiling, into the center of the
      arena.  Kratos dodges the attack and stabs Atlas’s knuckle with both of his
      Blades.  Atlas withdraws his fist and opens his hand.  Kratos repositions
      his Blades and makes his way onto Atlas’s palm.  Leaving his left Blade of
      Chaos hooked in Atlas’s finger, Kratos jumps off of the hand as Atlas
      raises his hand upward.  Kratos takes a colossal chain and drives the spike
      into the earth above.
      Kratos starts to freefall.  Atlas tries to grab him out of the air with
      another hand.  Kratos slings both Blades into Atlas’s palm and pulls
      himself to the palm.  Once his feet touch the base of Atlas’s palm, Kratos
      pushes off and falls toward another colossal chain.  As he’s falling,
      Kratos drives the spike into the earth above.
      Kratos starts to freefall again.  Screeching, Persephone swoops toward
      Kratos and hurls him back into the circular arena.  A circle in the center
      of the arena pulses with an orange glow.
      Persephone flies above his body, and floats in midair ]
    Persephone :  You will not stop me!
    [ Kratos and Persephone resume their battle.  She hurls a large green and
      black energy sphere at Kratos.  He deflects it back at her using his Sun
      Shield.  Kratos inflicts damage to Persephone as hangs onto a broken
      pillar ]
    Persephone :  Petulant mortal!
    [ Again, she hurls an energy sphere at him.  Again, he deflects it back at
      her.  Again, she falls onto a broken pillar.  Again, he clobbers her. ]
    Persephone :  Foolish human!
    [ She tries to injure Kratos with a black and green energy beam.  He avoids
      the attack.  Frustrated, she resumes hurling an energy sphere at him, only
      to get a taste of her own medicine.  Kratos attacks a stunned Persephone
      who is holding onto a broken pillar.
      Persephone taunts Kratos again and calls up columns of black and green
      energy.  Kratos maneuvers past these columns.  Trying to catch him off
      guard, she slings an energy sphere at him.  Kratos parries and slings it
      back at her and resumes his assault as she hangs onto a broken pillar.
      Persephone falls to the ground at Kratos’s feet.  Her wings envelop her
      and a black fog enshrouds her.  Green energy surrounds her.
      Kratos makes his way into the center of the orange circle.  Using the Sun
      Shield, Kratos concentrates an orange energy cluster then shines a large
      beam of light at Persephone.
      She wails in pain and surprise.  She stands up and begins to walk toward
      Kratos, wings still folded across her front, while resisting the orange
      energy beam ]
    Persephone :  You will never stop me!
    [ Kratos concentrates more of the energy onto the shield and sends a pulse
      at Persephone.  She grunts at the sudden surge of energy while attempting
      to approach Kratos ]
    Persephone :  You are weak!
    [ Once more, Kratos concentrates energy onto the shield and sends another
      pulse at Persephone.  Grunting at the sudden surge of energy, she tries
      walking toward him ]
    Persephone :  You will fail!
    [ Persephone is overwhelmed by the onslaught of orange energy]
    Persephone : No!
    [ Kratos dashes toward Persephone.  As he is running, he draws his right hand
      back, getting ready to punch her with Zeus’s Gauntlet.  He punches her
      midsection as she wails in pain.  A white light illuminates Persephone,
      causing her armor and wings to disappear.
      The camera zooms in on her, as she doubles over in pain ]
    Persephone :  Your suffering will never end.  Ghost of Sparta.
    [ Persephone falls backward, arms outstretched.  She screams as the white
      energy consumes her.  The screen fades to white as the energy flashes
      The camera zooms out, showing a large white energy ball falling from the
      Atlas is shown grunting as he supports the earth with his hands.  The
      white light makes him close his eyes and turn his head upwards.
      The camera shows the tower from a distance.  Green energy focuses where
      Kratos and Persephone battled, then bursts outward in a ring.  The screen
      fades to white.
      The screen fades in to Atlas, as he raises his head.  The camera zooms
      out, showing Atlas supporting the earth, shackled.  Kratos stands on a
      rocky summit looking up at Atlas ]
    Atlas      :  Perhaps you believe the Olympians will help you.
    [ The camera focuses on Atlas ]
    Atlas      :  But I ask... where are your gods now, Kratos?  Why do they not
                  come to your aid?
    [ Kratos is shown from Atlas’s view ]
    Kratos     :  I do not need the aid of the gods.
    [ The camera shows Kratos from the front ]
    Kratos     :  But, my path is now clear to me.
    [ Kratos is in the foreground, looking up at Atlas ]
    Kratos     :  I will serve them, and they will keep their promise to free me
                  from my past.
    Atlas      :  I ask you Spartan, what good is the promise of an Olympian?
    [ Kratos is shown from a bird’s eye view ]
    Kratos     :  It is all I have, Atlas.
    [ The camera pans from below the rocky summit where Kratos is, with Atlas in
      the background ]
    Atlas      :  We will meet again, Spartan.  The Fates have deemed it.
    [ The camera zooms in on Atlas ]
    Atlas      :  One day, you will regret what you have done here.
    [ Atlas is shown from a distance, bowing his head.  The camera pans around
      with the following narration ]
    Narrator   :  The mighty Atlas was left enchained, cursed to forever hold the
                  world on his shoulders.  A greater penance than Zeus himself
                  had placed on the titans.  The fate of Atlas had been sealed,
                  and the goddess Persephone, was no more.  Kratos had saved
                  mankind, but that mattered little to him.
    [ The tower is shown, while zooming out ]
    Narrator   :  By forsaking his daughter, he had abandoned the only person he
                  ever cared for.
    [ Kratos is shown looking pained, with the back of the figure of Calliope
      playing her flute is shown in the background, over his left shoulder ]
    Narrator   :  What he had long sought and finally found, was now, forever
    [ Calliope puts down her flute and turns her head.  Kratos closes his eyes.
      The screen fades to black ]
    Narrator   :  As the sun chariot rose higher in the sky,
    [ Kratos is shown in a yellow hue, driving the Chariot ]
    Narrator   :  and the might of Helios shone once again on the world,
                  Morpheus retreated to the shadows.  Kratos gained little
                  satisfaction from his victory.
    [ The camera zooms out, fading to white.  The camera shows the sun in the
      sky ]
    Narrator   :  With years of servitude in front of him, he would need to
                  confront his past and fight to reclaim the humanity he lost, on
                  the day his dark legend was born.
      +                                                                      |\
     ***                                                                     ||}
     |:|                A F T E R                    T H E                   ||}
    -----                                                                   -----
     {||                            C R E D I T S                            |:|
     {||                                                                     ***
     |/  ___________________________________________________________________  +
    [ The sun shines brightly ]
    Narrator :  The dire toll of his relentless battles finally caught up with
    [ Kratos is seen freefalling; the camera pans around him ]
    Narrator :  as Kratos fell from the Chariot to the earth.  Was this sacrifice
                too much for one to bear?  Even for the man who was known as the
                Ghost of Sparta?
    [ As Kratos is about to fall onto a rock slab, his descent is halted, a few
      feet above the ground.  Gently, his body drifts toward the ground.  Kratos
      leans his head back.
      Two sandaled figures approach Kratos’s body.  A male voice is heard ]
    Male     :  He has again served us well, Athena.
    [ Athena bends down to take Zeus’s Gauntlet ]
    Athena   :  He is a remarkable mortal.
    [ The male bends down to take the Sun Shield ]
    Male     :  He is weak.  Shall we help him?
    [ The two walk away, while the camera shows him lying on the ground ]
    Athena   :  He’ll live...  They must.
    [ The camera pans around and zooms away from the rock ledge.  The background
      reveals a large gate to Olympus closing and zooms out from the suicide
      bluffs where God of War 1 begins ]
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      +                                                                      |\
     ***                                                                     ||}
     |:|                            V E R S I O N                            ||}
    -----                                                                   -----
     {||                            H I S T O R Y                            |:|
     {||                                                                     ***
     |/  ___________________________________________________________________  +
    Version 1.0 (Submitted April 21, 2008)
      +                                                                      |\
     ***                                                                     ||}
     |:|                            C O N T A C T                            ||}
    -----                                                                   -----
     {||                               I N F O                               |:|
     {||                                                                     ***
     |/  ___________________________________________________________________  +
           a u f o x 8 0 (dot) i n f o m a n 8 0 (at) g m a i l (dot) c o m
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      TTTTTTTTT    H     H         A         Nn     N     K   K      sSSs     !!!
          T        H     H        A A        N N    N     K  K      S         !!!
          T        H     H       A   A       N  N   N     K K       S         !!!
          T        HHHHHHH      AAAAAAA      N   N  N     KK         SSS      !!!
          T        H     H     A       A     N    N N     K K           S
          T        H     H    A         A    N     NN     K  K          S
          T        H     H   A           A   N      N     K   K     sSSs      !!!
                               FOR READING THIS SCRIPT!
    Also, thanks to shinobier for uploading his playthrough onto Youtube.  I
    wouldn't have been able to make this Script without it.
    And, thanks to SBAllen for accepting this Script.
    I hope that it was helpful, and you enjoyed this game as much as I did.

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