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    Glitch FAQ by Akheon

    Version: 0.82 | Updated: 01/29/14 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    God of War: Chains of Olympus glitch & miscellaneous oddity FAQ
    v. 0.82 (29. 1. 2014)
    Written, compiled and partially found out by AKheon
    See the end of the file for more info.
    0. Table of contents:
    0. Table of contents & version info
    1. Abbreviations & glossary
    2. General glitches & tricks
    3. Enemy glitches
    4. Level-by-level glitch walkthrough
    5. Credits, legal information, contact info, etc.
    Version information:
    v. 0.82 (29. 1. 2014)
    + fixed little things here and there
            File size: 77kb.
    v. 0.8 (28. 10. 2012)
    + added things to the walkthrough
    + added to the monsters-section
    + fixed a lot of awful writing
    	File size: 78kb.
    v. 0.5 (24. 12. 2009)
    + almost finished walkthrough
    + wrote the section on freeform moving
    + added and corrected small stuff
           File size: 65kb.
    v. 0.3 (11. 11. 2009)
    + continued walkthrough
    + added a note about Tyrhhjy's vids (the lack thereof)
           File size: 59kb.
    v. 0.2 (25. 10. 2009)
    + corrected grammar mistakes and video links
    + added small stuff.
           File size: 57kb.
    v. 0.1 (23. 9. 2009)
    + first version, basically layout, basic mechanisms and selected info from here
      and there. A good start, though there's still a lot to do.
           File size: 54kb.
    1. Abbreviations & glossary
    GOW = God of War
    GOWII = God of War II (simple enough)
    CoO = Chains of Olympus
    QTE = Quick Time Event, the button-pressing minigames for example.
    IJ = Infinite Jump
    IAJ = Infinite Ascension Jump
    HJ = High Jump
    BoC = Blades of Chaos
    GoZ = Gauntlet of Zeus
    E = The Efreet
    LoD = Light of Dawn
    CW = Charon's Wrath
    TR = Tartarus Rage
    OT = Olympic Thunder
    OS = Olympic Strike
    NP = Normal Play
    BP = Bonus Play
    WALD = Whisk Above Ledge Danger (read more from climbing glitches)
    § = note to self
    Launch =
     An attack capable of (or intended for) launching enemies high up in air.
    Bounce =
     An effect in which an enemy will bounce a bit after a succesful hit. It's not
     nearly as high as a lift-up.
    Lift-up / ascension =
     When Kratos himself can/will rise up in air during some attacks
    Downed =
     An enemy which has fallen on its back/on the ground.
    Collision damage = 
     Damage from f.e. thrown enemies. However, CoO does not feature it.
    Sweet spot =
     A place in the game area to which your enemies are blind or impaired to. These
     change with your enemies and their A.I. limits. Some are listed in the level-
     specifics further down.
    Weapon switch =
     The switch between BoC and GoZ.
    Real-time =
     Time as you know it.
    In-game time =
     How the game clock counts time.
    Kratos' time =
     Time from Kratos' point of view.
    2. General glitches & tricks
    Made by a different developer, God of War: CoO has a wide variety of glitches
    never seen before in the series.
    About jumping and high jumps:
    Compared to other GoWs, jumping works different in this game.
    In CoO you have two jumps available at any time as long as you still haven't
    made a jump, which is pretty neat. So, if you run down from a ledge, you can
    still jump twice afterwards, giving you leeway with platforming. Doing a lift-up
    is a strange exception to this, because the game considers you having used both
    of your jumps after you're in air, likely to avoid any misuse. Yes, "misuse" is
    a relevant term here... after all, it didn't take much more than being able to
    jump close after a lift-up to get over walls in the original GoW.
    One unique thing to CoO is that you can use your default two jumps freely after
    pretty much any air attack. To put things into perspective, in the main
    GoW-games, the rules on being able to jump after air attacks are much stricter.
    This fact alone doesn't help you much here, though, because you run out of your
    two jumps really quick, and most attacks don't even give you extra height...
    But there's one known way to reset your jump count in air in this game: doing
    an air grab to a foe (discoverer: GMG). Simply, launch a foe in the air, lift
    Kratos up as well, then air grab the enemy. Keep pushing the left analog to some
    direction, or else this won't work. After the grab you can use one or both of
    your jumps to get higher and grab ledges, etc. Best of all, you can re-air grab
    the foe and do another round of this. And another... Even foes that Kratos
    punches to ground level after the grab can be re-air grabbed (although it
    doesn't look rational in the least).
    This trick allows you to rise surprisingly high, but there are limits to it.
    Well, as you expect, you can only do this with enemies that can be launched in
    air. Also, you can only keep doing this as long as the enemies survive, so this
    trick loses much of its effectiveness on easier difficulties, where the enemies
    die quicker. Finally, it seems like there's a limit to how high you can take
    this jump with those enemies that Kratos punches to ground level: eventually
    Kratos won't automatically find them anymore as you do the grab motion, forcing
    your jump to end.
    Grabbable ledges were really useful for high jumps in GoW 1 and 2 because they
    gave Kratos that small leeway he needed to get himself to some high platforms.
    Unfortunately CoO is really stingy with grabbable ledges, making things a little
    more difficult for you. Even worse is that the designers made almost all walls
    (and event triggers as well) really friggin' high. So high, that you will have
    trouble getting over them using this high jump alone.
    Video demonstration:
    1, Shinobier's vid of a successful utilization of air grab high jump:
    Fortunately we have other jumps at our disposal too, and powerful ones at that.
    A traditional "infinite jump" (IJ) (discoverer: LAMUERTE83, probably) can let
    us cross the highest of walls, unless there's a ceiling in the way, or Kratos
    runs out of magic. As far as infinite jumps go, it is not too bad to use. At
    least it's better than the GoW II infinite jump...
    The core of the technique is this: you do either Tartarus Rage (BoC lv. 5) or
    Olympic Thunder (GoZ lv. 3) in air, but cancel the move with magic (LoD or CW)
    before Kratos is sent down in a hurry. Then, TR or OT is done again, then it
    is cancelled again, etc.
    The timing is a bit difficult. A small thing I suggest is that after having
    cast the magic, you instantly move fingers in position ready for the next TR/OT
    and keep pressing triangle repeatedly. This is because the magic is cast on
    first press (it cancels TR/OT), but not the L1-move. Also, be quick to cast
    magic after TR/OT, because otherwise you will lose your height very quickly.
    At the apex of the jump, not much can be done. Air attacks generally do not
    move Kratos to any direction, so in order to move and make any use of your
    awesome height, you got to move Kratos manually by pushing the pad in some
    direction. Or, with GoZ you can do Olympic Strike, which throws Kratos down
    and forward (diagonally) for a great length - good for some situations.
    List of goods & bads of the magics (regarding IJ):
    - auto-targets if enemies are nearby (may disorient)
    - requires magic
    - you have to upgrade the magic to get Rapid Fire and best results
    + is acquired a bit before the game's half-way (unless on BP)
    + button position is better, timing is easier
    - auto-targets if enemies are nearby (may disorient)
    - requires magic if enemies are nearby (inconvenient)
    + does not require magic otherwise
    - slower to cast than LoD
    - is acquired way late in the game (unless on BP)
    List of goods & bads of your weapons (regarding IJ):
    BoC (Tartarus Rage / TR):
    - needs lv. 5 Blades, and as such a lot of orbs for upgrading (on NP)
    + rises Kratos a bit higher in air than OT
    GoZ (Olympic Thunder / OT):
    - needs lv. 3 Gauntlet, and as such a decent sum of orbs for upgrading (on NP)
    = a bit slower than TR (easier timing?)
    - does not rise as high as TR
    - you get it after game's half-way point (except on BP)
    + no-frills access to Olympic Strike
    Video demonstration:
    1, LAMUERTE83's vid of infinite jump:
    News: (16. 8. 2009)
    I found a technique with which to do basic ground moves in air. A new jump came
    to be, one I named "Infinite Ascension Jump."
    Here is how to do it:
    1. Switch weapons, but before the animation ends, enter CW stance...
       The stance is glitched, so that you can interrupt any CW cast with normal
       attacks. Basic attacks done in air this way result in ground-versions of
       those attacks for whatever reason (the basis of the IAJ).
    2. You can use either BoC or GoZ ascension, but only GoZ ascension can be done
       quickly enough for you to gain height. Basically, you do the quick version
       of GoZ ascension, then cancel it using CW (which is still glitched; it will
       remain that way as long as your attack string continues), then cancel CW
       using quick GoZ ascension.
    3. Repeat as long as you want.
    For pure jumping efficiency, I believe this jump wins over the traditional IJ.
    In this one Kratos moves both forward and up at the same time, which is great:
    allows you to see instantly where the invisible walls end, not to mention you
    can begin and end the jump earlier. Also, if there is anything Kratos can use
    as a floor while moving in air, he will (negating gravity for a short moment and
    allowing a huge height boost that will never happen in normal IJ)!
    Other notes about the jump and the glitch behind it:
    - if done properly, the jump wastes absolutely no magic.
    - any non-L1 basic attack is possible in air, and different attacks can have
      different results. The glitch still has potential for more uses...
    - casting other magic or blocking will end the glitch.
    - if enemies are nearby, they might get hit by CW and mess up the glitch. At
      least low level CW can't be re-cast if there is one acid cloud on the field
    Video demonstration:
    1, Findestick's (or: "sticklefind's") demonstration:
    2, my original vid:
    More about the underlying mechanism of IAJ and related stuff:
    There is an alternate way to do ground moves while in air using this glitch.
    Almost casting loD (or E?) can result in Kratos doing the ground move as if he
    had cancelled out of glitched CW. With "almost casting" I'm talking about
    flicking the magic on quickly, without the magic actually starting. Very sharp
    timing is in order, and without tool-assistance, luck.
    Doing some basic attacks (and sometimes LoD) in air while the glitch is on can
    result in Kratos plummeting down to ground level insanely quick. I don't know
    why it happens, but it's strange alright.
    Using this glitch, it's possible to activate any circle events while slightly
    in air. I haven't found an use to this yet, since Kratos is always positioned
    properly an instant afterwards.
    Another place where this exact effect appears is during "naked Kratos" bit late
    in the game, when you don't have BoC: your air grab works differently during
    this part, and a simple combination of a block+circle in air can be followed up
    with the normal ground grab. What does it indicate? I'm not certain.
    You can glitch CW even during an air casting of the magic. Simply switch weapons
    before casting the magic in air, and you'll notice that you are able to
    interrupt the magic animation with normal attacks, like in the ground version
    too. But the glitch ends after you hit ground, and the only interesting thing it
    seems to allow is doing air attacks exactly on ground surface. Spoilers: the air
    attack just cuts off immediately.
    About climbing glitches:
    There is a very devastating climbing wall glitch in CoO that does not work in
    the main games or Ghost of Sparta. But it also has an effect at ladders and
    ledges. Basically, at the same time you *jump* into the climbing wall (or a
    ladder or a ledge), begin attacking (with BoC) or switch weapons. The effects
    vary to some extent...
    - At ledges:
    Kratos ends up standing above the ledge he was about to grab. You are stuck on
    the spot, though by doing random moves Kratos may slowly inch to either end of
    the ledge area. Magics are unuseable, but other moves work. Not that they are
    of any genuine use, since Kratos can only do the moves in one direction (away
    from the ledge) and he stays stuck no matter what. Jumping is auto-canceled and
    ascension pushes him inside ground momentarily. You can't make it end, so retry
    is mandatory after this.
    This variation is rare because the timing is very difficult. I've only succeeded
    in it twice, both times at the same place, which was the extendable platform
    puzzle room (before Cave of Olympus.)
    - At ladders:
    Kratos ends up slowly sliding down the ladder in a variation of the normal air
    idle stance. Air attacks are possible, magics unuseable (as usual). Once ground
    is reached, ground moves become possible too. Anything that takes him into air
    will makes him slowly slide down again (like at the start). You can't move to
    anywhere from the base of the ladder, but by pressing towards the ladder the
    state ends (with Kratos getting on the ladder like normal) so at least you won't
    get stuck doing this. No known use.
    Then, the meat of the glitch... the same thing on climbing walls.
    Things start out innocuously enough, with Kratos air attacking towards the wall
    without sliding down. Looks odd, but that's it. If the air attack combo is
    ended, the glitch ends too. Hum... ready to take it to another level?
    By switching weapons during this "air attack combo", or simply beginning the
    glitch by a weapon switch, you get to wield GoZ on the wall, and that's what the
    game never expected to happen. There are no wall attacks for GoZ, so the game
    opts to use its normal ground attack combos instead. Awesome! From this state,
    switching weapons back to BoC allows you to use its basic combos as well, but
    you got be quick and remember that if you go idle with BoC in your hands, the
    glitch ends.
    It's possible for you to escape the climbing wall while climbing using your new
    moves. This works for both horizontal and vertical walls. Outside the known
    borders, extremely many things can happen. It's a complex glitch with a lot of
    stuff dependant on where and how you do it. So pardon me if this FAQ turns messy
    now, because it's a lot of info I got to make some sense to. See a few vids of
    the glitch in action as a forewarning, then proceed if you feel brave enough.
    Video demonstration:
    1, Sticklefind's collection:
    Outside the walls, Kratos has two natural states. The first one is simply that
    he continues climbing. He will do this as long as you are close enough to the
    climbing wall or you continue using the basic climbing moves (combo them).
    Otherwise, Kratos is in a 'freeform' stance. He just hangs in air with arms to
    the sky. Instead of climbing moves, he has his air (or in some cases ground)
    attacks with him, and transportation becomes a lot more difficult. Freeform
    ends if Kratos is attacked (he will go straight into normal mode again), he
    finds his way back to a climbing wall (he will grab it and everything goes to
    normal) or his feet touch the ground (if it's a vertical wall). A complete
    list on how to move around in freeform is included later on in the FAQ...
    An interesting phenomena I will mention at this point is 'vortices'. Invisible
    positions in the level design at which Kratos' angle is forcibly turned (if he
    is climbing outside bounds, at least). I have no idea why it happens, but it
    allows us to reach new places. A good thing they're there. On one reported
    occasion, a vortex turned Kratos upside down while he was swimming!
    Now there is a list of techniques for getting out of climbing walls:
    Vertical wall escape technique #1: "whisk".
    Doing an ascension over the top edge of a given wall. It's the easiest to do
    it right below ledges, but at least one reported case of Kratos being able to
    escape through generic edge has been witnessed.
    Simply put, do an ascension towards the edge until you finally slip past it.
    It can take anywhere from 3 to 99 tries, but fortunately GoZ ascension is quick.
    In best case scenario, you are free to continue climbing outside bounds - if not
    instantly, then after descending a bit closer to the climbing wall by doing f.e.
    weapon switch. Kratos should automatically grab hold of invisible climbing wall.
    (Another alternative is to hope for enemies nearby, because getting hit will
    make Kratos climb invisibly no matter where he is.) However, should he just
    remain in his strange pose, standing straight right above the ledge, be wary:
    you are in danger of crashing the game. Especially if you at some point notice
    that you can't do attacks or switch weapons, do NOT press X or the game will
    definitely crash. Guaranteed.
    From hereafter, this construction which is a certain portent for game crashing
    danger will be referred to as Whisk Above Ledge Danger (WALD).
    Note: WALD corrects any strange angle you may've had, or so I think.
    Vertical wall escape technique #2: "burst" (or "breach")
    A charged GoZ 'square' can at some places let you burst through the wall
    (namesake of the trick.) Kratos ends up behind the grapple wall, usually in
    freeform mode. Your best hopes in this mode are vortexes or enemy attacks
    that might return you to true climbingness.
    You can follow up the initial burst with an ascension to get higher. Overall,
    though, as usually with freeform, your options are not too great.
    However, this one can also be applied to horizontal walls, in which it works
    with almost 100% certainty and is extremely useful.
    Moving in freeform:
    Ok, now we got Kratos floating in air, looking completely silly. There are a few
    things you can do to move around, but getting where you want is really not easy
    in the least.
    Common to both vertical and horizontal freeform:
    - Kratos can switch weapons and do normal and L1+something air moves at will
    - Kratos can't cast magic at all
    - Kratos is mainly stuck on a simple horizontal or vertical plane, which hampers
      your navigation possibilities greatly
    - Leaving freeform is possible by getting attacked, touching a normal climbing
      wall or getting your feet on the ground (in the case of horizontal climbing.)
    More about vertical freeform:
    On default, Kratos moves to where his feet are pointing towards when you do
    attacks. Call it some sort of residual gravity or something. Note that if Kratos
    has changed angle by ramming into a vortex, and his feet are now pointing up,
    that is the default direction (and not 'downwards', like the default mostly is.)
    Attacks for moving short lengths to the default direction are, for example,
    weapon switch, BoC triangle or GoZ square. The charging L1+something special
    moves are ideal for throwing yourself to that direction at a very quick pace
    and very small control over Kratos. Reckless, since below the game areas there
    are vast plains of insta-death surface. Try Tartarus Rage, Olympic Strike or
    Olympic Thunder to see what happens.
    There's an interesting tidbit concerning Olympic Strike. After successfully
    doing one, you have a chance to start comboing normal ground moves. On vertical
    wall it isn't very useful at all, since you seemingly don't really move in any
    way while doing them (except with ascension, in which case you move 'up', e.g.
    against the default direction.)
    Your only way of moving 'up' other than ascension is doing certain L1+something
    moves in quick successions. These moves are Cyclone of Chaos (air), Rampage of
    the Furies (air) and Lightning Thrash. LT is probably the fastest way of doing
    it, though the pace is still insignificant when it comes to moving around the
    place. Alas, this is the best we got (until a better way is found.)
    More about horizontal freeform:
    Kratos is stuck on a horizontal plane, and he can't willingly move up or down.
    Sometimes the level collision drops/lifts Kratos automatically as he moves
    around (but it's completely level/locale-specific.) I've never seen vortices
    affect Kratos while in horizontal freeform...
    Normal attacks do very little to move Kratos to any direction. BoC triangle
    slowly moves him about. Weapon switch as well. Olympic Thunder makes him slide
    a few meters to a fixed (level-specific thing again?) direction in a pretty
    unimpressive way. Rampage of the Furies (air) makes him move half a meter in
    a direction you can actually control! Getting better.
    The funniest and arguably most useful moving tool you got is the Olympic Strike,
    which makes Kratos glide in air a long way, bearing striking resemblance to some
    flashy children's cartoon superhero. As an added bonus, afterwards you can start
    doing normal ground combos, which in this state is extremely useful as well. The
    best way to move around, truth be told.
    If Kratos's feet touch ground while in this state, he partially regains normal
    movement (as if he wasn't climbing any more). However, he is still unable to
    cast magic and remains utterly gravity-challenged. The slightest motion can
    dump him slightly above ground, again in freeform and stuck. Also, he can take
    ground-only moves with him for later use. This is to say, he can finish a long
    GoZ basic square combo by doing a roll in air, or even do Block+something ground
    moves (if your timing is good enough.) It's unknown if some of these moves have
    extra effects when done like this, since testing takes time, and time is money
    (and all that jazz.) However, the ones I tested didn't really do anything new.
    If you're curious about trying this out for yourself, the easiest spot in the
    game is the Falls of Oceanum. Save point right nearby - handy, since you'll be
    dying a lot because of the strange roof collision (which tends Kratos towards
    the searing hot lava if he tries to do anything too strange.) Escape the ceiling
    with a charged GoZ square, then combo your way to the platform that has the save
    point. Olympic Thunder until you hit the ground. Sometimes the game drops you
    off through the whole platform, but eventually you'll hit jackpot and activate
    the fabled "ground idle while horizontally climbing outside wall"-state.
    During the very same "ground idle..."-state, you can save (unlike when normally
    climbing.) But nothing special happened when I tried it. Kratos went back to
    normal once I restarted from checkpoint.
    Other notes about climbing wall glitch:
    - dying while climbing outside the bounds crashes the game (always?)
    - doing angled Olympic Strike which hits the ground may crash the game
    - becoming petrified while climbing out of bounds ends climbing. Kratos falls
      down with an angle, but that angle is corrected once he hits the ground.
    The level-by-level section is riddled with "climb glitch assessment"-sections,
    in which info is divulged about the various climbing walls, their known dangers
    and if anything useful can be done with them. However, since vortices are not
    visible, all the known wall exits are not easy to find or are even random, etc.
    the info is by no means comprehensive. And it may never be... but that's life.
    About water (most stuff found out by me):
    In the new and improved system of GoW: CoO, water comes in boxes. That's right,
    the swimming glitch as we knew and loved it is no more. Exiting the cube of
    water will cause Kratos to stop swimming abruptly, whether on water surface or
    deeper. Well, at least we got that funny climbing glitch to compensate...
    And it's not like there isn't anything interesting about water in this game.
    Sure, emphasis of the game is easily on dry places, with water featured in about
    three rooms... But we got to make the best of what we got, right?
    Off to a humble start: attack momentum and water surface doesn't always mix
    perfectly. If you happen to hit water the exact moment Gauntlet's charge attack
    does that quick thrust forward, Kratos continues to move in water at about the
    same speed for up to 6 seconds time. The same can also happen by doing a roll
    -> rush into water, so that the rush momentum begins while Kratos is in water.
    Just look at him go! Great for speeding up those rare water bits of the game.
    Note: if you have Triton's Lance, you almost certainly dive when doing this
    trick. If you come back up to the surface, the super momentum ends instantly.
    It also ends if you leave water, even if by touching irregular collision while
    Then, there's water combat! There are two known 'levels' for it. First level
    is one in which you can do short stubs of basic attacks which self-cancel almost
    instantly. It can be achieved by switching weapons while touching water. An
    improvement to the normal attack-less swimming state, but not a very impressive
    display as a whole. Fortunately in 'level two' you can actually finish the basic
    square attack for more style points. With GoZ you also get amusing momentum by
    doing this! Level two is achieved by two ways: 1, roll -> weapon switch just as
    you hit water. 2, CW glitch, then combo into the water. Why does it work like
    this? I'm not sure. It's as if the two mechanisms are interrelated somehow, and
    if that's the case, there exists a possibility of a 'third level'.
    Note: water combat also ends if you leave water.
    A rarity I once encountered was 'swimming upside down', a glitch that is most
    likely a brethren of the upsidedown/slanted climbing glitch. Basically, I was
    swimming outside collision at Cave of Olympus, completely minding my own
    business, when all of a sudden a 'current' turned Kratos upside down. The
    controls went reverse and jumping (when at surface-level) caused Kratos to
    jump downwards (always returning to the surface afterwards). This state ended
    as I examined and opened an underwater chest. I would love to try this mode
    again someday, since it is so mysterious as of today...
    Video demonstrations:
    1, water combat (both stages):
    2, water speed boost:
    3, swimming upsidedown:
    About armor:
    In the two PSP God of Wars, there's the concept of armor. Enemies can have
    armor that completely deflects Kratos' attacks, with certain exceptions. In CoO
    you use Plume or magic to break armor and shields.
    About Gorgon Eye/Phoenix Feather glitches:
    The message is programmed differently from other GoWs. The two main differences
    are 1, you can't enter start/select-menu while it is on and 2, correctly timed
    start/select press right as it appears is a gateway to a few cool glitches.
    First, a note about a certain select-menu trick which enables you to do the
    first GE/PF glitch I am going to mention. By pressing 'X' and 'select' at the
    same time while on the restart/quit prompt, you can reset or quit the game
    while the game keeps running in the background. So, if you activate a GE/PF
    message right before game retries from the last checkpoint doing this trick...
    After the retry, game screen is seemingly frozen. You can hear audio and music
    in the background as normal but nothing moves. You can enter menus. After
    exiting a menu, the game continues as normal, no harm done. I haven't found an
    use for this yet... If you quit the game instead of retrying, the main menu
    becomes glitched with all background graphics missing and music absent. Loading
    a new game is possible, but choosing New Game (and going through with it) leads
    to a sort of game freeze.
    Video demonstration:
    1, AKheon's vid
    Next on the menu (yes, a bad pun):
    By entering select/start menu the instant the GE/PF message (indicating you got
    one) appears, Kratos regains the ability to move in the background. The message
    remains overlaid on top of everything, and ends instantly you press X. Entering
    start/select again while the message is on is not possible. If you become
    checkpointed in this state and retry (by dying, for example), the message
    disappears and the eye/feather is completely purged from existence.
    This one actually has an use, since you can take an upgrade with you and use it
    at own discretion, even in the middle of fights. At least one NP sequence break
    becomes possible with a health upgrade (the second Marathon fog). What else...
    ah, for amusement and endless discord, the Big Status Bar Sword becomes reality.
    Big Status Bar means that the fat status bar graphic which replaces the normal
    during upgrades... you guessed it, stays there forever. This is done by dying
    during the upgrade sequence. This version of the status bar remains on top of
    everything (except menus) - it is on even during in-game cutscenes and on GE/PF
    messages you might pick up during this time. A bad part, other than the
    overwhelming visual awkwardness of the whole thing, is that there is no known
    way to get BSB without also getting the Upgrade Audio Loop from Hell to play in
    the background until you shut down the game. It's loud and will get on your
    nerves quite quick. Subsequent deaths during upgrading only add to the amount of
    sound loops in the background, which is as horrible as it is amusing. Just for
    the heck of it, I once did this glitch 71 times during one evening. It sounded
    almost tolerable, since with enough overlapping the volume decreased and the
    sound became almost as if 'muffled'. The game began to lag a bit at the place
    where I did the glitch (Marathon's first fog), but on New Game I didn't notice
    particular effects or errors the barrage of sound might've created.
    (there is an alternate way to do the aforementioned glitch: by upgrading while
    a message indicating the current area appears. Easy to do f.e. at Groves of
    Persephone. The upgrading sword graphic is momentarily replaced with the locale
    message, and entering menus becomes possible. After that it's just a matter of
    "retrying from the last checkpoint"... voila.)
    Note: on the PS3 version, the status bar graphic inflates only a little during
    upgrading, making the Big Status Bar trick a lot less impressive. Also, the
    Audio Loop from Hell ends if you just quit game and reload, so you can't overlap
    them like on the PSP version.
    As you know, after collecting all eyes/feathers, the remaining eye/feather
    chests become red orb (or mix) chests. However, since you can overlap messages
    using the GE/PF trick, it becomes theoretically possible to collect more than 15
    eyes/feathers during the game. First you take one GE/PF message with you, then
    go open another chest of the same type. You will begin normal upgrade sequence,
    but afterwards you have access to one more message: the one that is still in the
    background obediently. I've tried what happens doing this, twice. It seems the
    game might not really do anything with the last message, or at least, the
    additional eye/feather. I visited the start-menu, but saw no signs of anything
    left over. It looked just like it always looked after getting 'em all.
    Video demonstration:
    1, AKheon's vid
    More about the select-menu trick which was mentioned passingly earlier:
    To recap, it was this: X + select on a restart/yes, quit/yes or options-prompt
    allows you to restart or quit the game while it is still running in the back-
    ground (or crash the game in case of the last one.)
    The trick works like it does because of the timed fade-out effect of each of
    the mentioned menu prompts. The game has to wait until the end of the fade-out
    before continuing, and during that time some mayhem can be done which wouldn't
    be possible otherwise. Here's a list of known effects:
    - 'restart' right before a GE/PF message appears on the screen. Screen freeze,
      more info is written at GE/PF message glitches.
    - 'quit' right before a GE/PF message appears on the screen. Main menu is
      graphic-less, new game doesn't work. More info is at GE/PF message glitches.
    - 'restart/quit' right before FMV. The FMV plays out before retry/quit resolves.
      no other known effects...
    - 'quit' right before a narrated cutscene activates. The music & audio of the
      cutscene plays in the main menu (and maybe more, e.g. lag?)
    About the last one. The normal main menu music begins playing once the cutscene
    music ends, except if you've begun a new game and the cutscene of Kratos' eye
    being zoomed in is on, in which case the zoom-in cutscene music begins playing
    instead (lagging). All noticeable effects disappear as intro FMV kicks in.
    And then, the alternatives which don't work:
    - it seems impossible to reach 'you are dead'-message with this glitch. The
      fade-out period is just too short.
    - I haven't noticed any interesting side-effects with doing moves, hitting water
      or climbing wall, etc. while the game is restarted or quit.
    And last but most strange...
    - 'options' at any time: game crashes after fade-out.
    The strangest thing about doing the trick with options-prompt is that in special
    circumstances, there is a way to extend the period of time before game crash.
    Instead of the game crashing at fade-out, it crashes at fade-in (cue for the
    actual options-menu to appear). Also, you have a chance of entering menus before
    the game crashes, which may open up windows to unexpected glitches... too bad
    the testing is really annoying, with the game crashing each time you mess up
    with the timing (and half the time regardless.)
    My current method of testing is this: I load Temple Courtyard, and roll towards
    the cutscene while doing the trick with 'quit'. As expected the cutscene audio
    begins playing in the main menu. Then I re-load the same save, and again roll
    towards the cutscene, but this time doing the trick with 'options'. If things
    went ok, the screen first fade-outs, then fade-ins. If I didn't manage to enter
    a menu before the fade-in ends, game crashes.
    More info is likely to be divulged once there is something worthwhile to tell.
    NOTE: the glitch of crashing the game wherever you want works on PS3 HD CoO
    as well. But it's not possible to do the second variation, in which you get the
    game to crash at fade-in. This is because the cutscene audio stop playing once
    you reload your save, and I guess that's necessary for the second part of the
    trick to work.
    About checkpoints:
    Unlike in the other GoWs, they are loose. They don't capture Kratos' exact
    location, instead opting to return him either "nearby" or to a fixed location.
    Also, some acquired items/objectives carry over a retry in a way that does not
    seem logical...
    This means that checkpoint abuse is possible at places, f.e. where restoring
    from checkpoint takes you *closer* to your next goal or allows you to skip
    Notable instances of this are listed in the level-by-levels, which are some
    pages down from here.
    Random sound loop problems:
    Many, many events and or moves which have a looping sound as their effect can
    resolve so that the loop stays playing in the background. This is pretty
    annoying, and happens relatively often too. Here's a list of all the things
    which I've witnessed to hear leave a loop behind:
    + Gorgon freeze beam
    + climbing downwards
    + one of Gauntlet's charged attacks
    + upgrading (a specialty... read more in GE/PF message glitch)
    Object physics oddities:
    If you set an object on a pushable button somewhat off the center, it's possible
    that the button keeps moving up and down (and so does the thing it manipulates).
    Video demonstration:
    1, BaraDani's vid
           not available at the moment...
    There's an oddity possible at least in the first area with a corpse in the game:
    if you put the corpse right next to a door, lift the door up, then lower the
    door again, the door will be left slightly ajar - even if you pick up the corpse
    afterwards (credits to Sticklefind.)
    Video demonstration:
    1, sticklefind's vid (see #4)
    Corpse glitches:
    See above for the corpse + door glitch.
    If you die while carrying a corpse (quite a specialized condition), the game
    will think that Kratos is carrying that corpse even after you retry. The corpse
    can be seen bopping in air and it can't be interacted with. At least Kratos
    himself functions like normal... (credits to Sticklefind)
    Video demonstration:
    1, stickle's vid
    Petrifying glitches:
    + if you are blocking or switch weapons while Kratos gets stonefrozen, he is
      able to escape his uncomfortable situation by simply pressing circle.
    + Same is true for air petrify, which you normally really can't escape by hook
      or crook. You can do the escaping part of the trick with either circle or by
      doing another weapon switch. Instant results.
    + during air petrify, Kratos' weapons are (strangely) visible and unpetrified.
    + if Kratos breaks out of petrified state the instant he is crashed, the game
      will not consider him dead, although his physical body completely disappears.
      Using this glitch you can truly see how dull place the world of GoW is without
    Video demonstration:
    1, my vid:
    + if Kratos gets petrified while he is charging the ground versions of Olympic
      Strike or Olympic Thunder, the petrified statue will have sparkles flying out
      of it.
    + some more are listed at at enemy-specifics (look for 'gorgon')
    Unsorted items and mysteries:
    If you go to select menu the instant Kratos hits insta-death surface and then
    choose 'restart', the game will restart but with Kratos dying right after
    gameplay begins. Borrowed time, literally. I don't know if quitting in the
    same scenario (or using the menu exit trick) would yield more interesting
    Now, random CoO glitch vids found from Youtube:
    Weapons and magic:
    This section is still somewhat under progress, but at least it's now started!
    Blades of Chaos
    If you switch weapons during air Blades attacks, the Blades graphics act in
    a bit strange way. They don't disappear as quickly as on ground level, and can
    look pretty flashy in the slow motion provided by the weapon switch.
    If you walk into an in-game cutscene during a Plume or Spirit motion, the
    explosion of the attack happens at Kratos' feet instead.
    Gauntlet of Zeus
    Many Gauntlet of Zeus attacks can be charged. This makes them start out slower,
    but increases their damage (and flashiness).
    If you switch weapon during a charged attack, the graphical effect remains
    passive in memory. Then, once you change weapons back to Gauntlet, the effect
    plays out. Looks pretty cool. You can also do this with air Olympic Strike by
    interrupting it at ground level with CW, then quickly doing a weapon switch.
    While charging Olympic Strike, Kratos slowly slides down if he is standing on
    angled collision like stairways.
    If you Lightning Run and activate a prompt with O, at the end of the prompt
    you see a quick flicker of the interrupted Lightning Run graphical effect.
    Same thing with the end of air Olympic Strike or air Lightning Thrash. Just
    small graphical dillies.
    Sun Shield
    Sun Shield is a pretty useful addition to Kratos' gear. Basically, after
    acquiring this item, Kratos' blocking stance changes and he uses the Shield on
    his arm to block stuff instead of the Blades. Now you're allowed to block many
    attacks that were previously unblockable, not to mention deflect projectiles and
    (after upgrading) also counter parried attacks.
    Both weapons have their own counter attacks, so try it out. Each successful
    parry also counts as a hit, stuns everyone nearby and causes a little exp to
    fly out.
    If you jump into in-game cutscenes while blocking with Sun Shield, the graphical
    effect of the shield will get stuck on Kratos indefinitely. The graphical effect
    even carries over save, so you can play through most of it looking silly!
    If you block in air but suddenly let go and use double jump, the graphical
    effect of the Shield will flicker in air with a delay. Another small graphical
    General info about magic:
    Gone is the 4-way magic menu of GoW 1 and 2. Instead of it all, magic is done
    by keeping R1 held down and pressing either square, triangle or circle.
    Unlike in other GoWs, magic's damage is affected by both costume and difficulty
    choice. In other words, it is affected by "power%".
    All magic is useful against armor in this game.
    The Efreet
    Cost: 20 mp.
    Destroys armor. Causes medium-sized or smaller enemies to 'burn' and scream
    upon death - it's basically an unique effect of the spell. You also get bonus
    EXP from doing this.
    During the entire Efreet casting, Kratos is invincible to damage from attacks.
    Area damage like the fog at Marathon will still harm/kill him.
    "Having the 'mash' push foes out of the blast radius was a shitty design
    choice." - GMG
    It's possible for the air Efreet animation to get "stuck" in air a bit before
    resolving. It's likely because of something below Kratos won't let him descend
    Doing Efreet at ceiling-level causes Kratos to slightly sink in the ceiling
    (before coming crashing down). Unfortunately it doesn't seem to be useful in
    getting through ceilings or anything.
    If you retry during a high-level Efreet, the screen black-out effect plays
    for a short while after game continues. The effect can also carry to the main
    menu, if you choose to quit the game instead.
    Light of Dawn
    Cost: 10 mp.
    Has the longest range of all Kratos' attacks in this game. Destroys armor.
    LoD bolts can't be deflected.
    Once upgraded to lvl. 2, the magic gains Rapid Fire. Once upgraded to lvl. 3,
    the magic can be charged for extra damage.
    One bolt can hit multiple enemies, even if uncharged.
    "Apparently holding the spell out will pause the combo meter." - GMG
    An important asset for doing the traditional infinite jump technique.
    Charon's Wrath
    Cost: 33 mp.
    Destroys armor. Hits multiple times. The spell has a decent range.
    When cast, it creates a static effect over targeted enemy. All enemies that
    are inside the static effect's invisible range will get infected with an "acidic
    cloud" that follows them wherever they may move, hitting them repeatedly and
    possibly keeping them stunlocked. The effect lasts about 3-4 seconds total.
    - If an affected enemy dies, the green graphical cloud may remain in air and
      burn away at nothingness until the effect's time runs out.
    - Some grabs can move the affected enemy away from inside the cloud.
    - If the cloud follows an enemy into a grab, it continues getting damaged all
      the same. An enemy never dies during the grab, even if its HP goes negative.
      Instead, the grab is finished, and the enemy dies afterwards.
    Additional casts on a single target have a limited effect. This is because CW
    has a limited amount of hits/damage it can do in a given time. Re-cast only
    resets the length of the effect, but otherwise nothing is gained.
    As implied, enemies can be stunlocked with this magic. Even Persian King and
    possibly some other bosses too.
    If cast with no enemies around, no magic is lost. However, even this kind of
    freebie cast is not possible if you have less than 33 mp.
    The magic has a loophole in it which enables CW glitch in all its forms. There's
    more about it in the section of infinite jumping.
    3. Enemy glitches
    Armored Cyclops
    Armored Minotaur
    Athenian Soldier
    Like with petrifying, switching weapons while Kratos gets hit by the shriek
    enables you to escape it with just normal attacks, which is much quicker than
    Unfortunately air grab high jump is not possible with any gorgon.
    Cursed Harpling
    You can technically do air grab high jump using then, but they're so fragile
    that you can do a few extra jumps at best.
    Cursed Harpy
    Unfortunately air grab high jump can't be done with harpies.
    Dark Satyr
    Can be infinitely air grabbed or Orion's Harpooned to death.
    You can do air grab high jump with these guys!
    Dark Satyr Grenadier
    Can be infinitely air grabbed or Orion's Harpooned to death.
    You can do air grab high jump with these guys.
    If their grenade happens to land between another enemy and the wall (can happen
    with the Sphinx at Temple of Persephone), it will get stuck in air indefinitely.
    Once the enemy moves, the grenade will first move along with the enemy and then
    fall down like normal.
    Death Knight
    Fire Guard
    They can be infinitely air grabbed or Orion's Harpooned to death.
    You can do air grab high jump with these fellas.
    Fire Sentinel
    Lanch -> OH -> Launch mystery:
    "Launch to OH to Launch works well but it makes the game partial to freezing"
        - GMG
    The timing for the above can be difficult. You have to charge ascension before
    Orion's Harpoon ends, for one. Also, in my experience the gorgon could sometimes
    escape this combo (the second ascension didn't lift the enemy up.) I hear this
    is a good strategy against gorgons in other GoWs, but in this one, do it at your
    own risk.
    Unfortunately it's not possible to do air grab high jump with any gorgon.
    Unlike in other games, the freeze beam affects no one but Kratos. Really unfair!
    The freeze beams of two gorgons can overlap, increasing the rate Kratos freezes.
    The sound loop of freeze beam can somehow stay playing even after the attack has
    ended. I'm not sure what causes it, probably grabs at a strange time or similar.
    Read more at "petrify glitches", which are listed somewhere before this section.
    Gorgon Queen
    Unfortunately it's not possible to do air grab high jump with any gorgon.
    One did her grab right as Kratos was jumping. So the grab motion took place
    in air, but in the middle Kratos fell down from the Gorgon's squeeze to ground
    level, completely unharmed but still tied up. Then things went back to normal.
    Looked silly, that's all.
    You can technically do air grab high jump using then, but they're so fragile
    that you can do a few extra jumps at best.
    Unfortunately air grab high jump can't be done with harpies.
    They can be infinitely air grabbed or Orion's Harpooned to death.
    You can do air grab high jump with these fellas.
    Hoplite (wall)
    The variation that appears on climbing walls around the game.
    Hoplite Archer
    You can technically do air grab high jump with these guys, but they're so
    fragile that you won't get far at all.
    Hyperion Guard
    Innocent Souls
    Morpheus Beast
    Persian Archer
    Persian Warrior
    Can be infinitely air grabbed or Orion's Harpooned to death.
    You are able to do Air Grab High Jump using these fellas.
    Satyr Grenadier
    Can be infinitely air grabbed or Orion's Harpooned to death.
    You are able to do Air Grab High Jump using these fellas.
    They can be infinitely air grabbed or Orion's Harpooned to death.
    You can do air grab high jump with these fellas.
    Shade Archer
    You can technically do air grab high jump with these guys, but they're so
    fragile that you won't get far at all.
    Shielded Hoplite
    Once you get rid of the shield, you can do air grab high jump using them.
    ...and as for the bosses, see level-by-levels section instead.
    4. Level-by-level glitch walkthrough
    Start of the game:
    Infinite red orbs (BP): yes, infinite red orbs at the very first scene of the
    game. Unfortunately it's only possible during BP, when you probably don't have
    such a great need for orbs in the first place.
    Basically, start Light of Dawning the enemies all around you the first instant
    you can after the first cutscene of the game. The orbs left in air before you
    are checkpointed are always given to Kratos while retrying, but the orb count
    does not revert back to what it used to be. This means that just by retrying
    over and over again you can get (theoretically) infinite orbs. (you get about
    30-60 orbs per retry, which is not bad)
    Speed strategy: it's possible to activate the crossbow without bothering with
    any of the enemies. May require some luck.
    Wasted glitch potential (BP): this room has a ceiling, so you can't IJ out. The
    next room has a ceiling too. Would be neat to skip the first Basilisk encounter
    somehow, but...
    Loading error?: I've seen vids on Youtube in which the door leading outside
    of the second room (where Basilisk attacks) has a circle floating above it but
    with no Basilisk visible. Don't know much more about this one.
    "The Gates of Attica" - save point
    Sequence break (BP): it's possible to infinite jump over the door you'd normally
    have to tumble down with the battering ram.
    Sequence break (BP): infinite jump over the wall before the cutscene with
    archers. Swim outside walls to the other end, and jump past the door which you
    would normally have to open with the crank. Two skips with one IJ!
    Sequence break (BP): IJ to the upper level instead of using the ladder. It may
    be slightly faster because you skip a cutscene (among other things).
    Other: retrying from the checkpoint before balancing beam, Kratos starts out in
    a strange pose that quickly fixes itself.
    Speed strategy: the balancing beam should be jumped through. This way you get by
    a lot faster in addition to skipping the otherwise mandatory knockdown (which
    is due to a fireball thrown by Basilisk). Also, if you jump a bit to the north
    or south at the very end, it's possible to zip through some strange collision
    (saving an itsy bitsy amount of time).
    Sequence break (BP): start doing IAJ before the door that leads to Persian King.
    Keep at it until you get over the wall, then Olympic Strike yourself in the next
    area. Hopefully the cutscene trigger will stop Kratos from going too far. If you
    land inside collision, it's possible for you to jump inside walls to the next
    area (past the liftable door) quite easily. Tyrhhjy noted that anything below
    the elevator area is difficult (or impossible) to access because of loading
    triggers, but this note came before IAJ was found (so... who knows.)
    Video demonstration:
    1, my vid:
    Fight strategy (BP): The Persian King can be eternally stunlocked using Charon's
    Regen magic (BP):
    I believe that it's possible to gain regen magic at the Efreet tutorial by
    jumping over the exit. Good for other costumes than Spud of War on BP.
    (however, not 100% certain)
    Other: you lose regen magic for this tutorial if you retry during it. Same looks
    to be true for all other regen magic situations in the game too.
    Other: if you lose enough times in the sex mini-game, one of the girls starts
    saying "Hah, at least we have each other." or "The tales of your exploits must
    be untrue."
    "Fallen Stronghold" - save point
    Wasted glitch potential (BP): crossbow & Basilisk room has a ceiling.
    Speed strategy: in the room with crossbow and Basilisk, it's possible to turn
    and shoot the bow without kicking down the ladders. Just defeat the closest
    soldiers and then do it.
    Other: I once had a seemingly random glitch that when quickly turning and
    shooting the bow, the other ladder that was lifted became unkickable.
    Event glitch: according to Stickle, if Kratos is interrupted with an attack
    right as he shoots the bow towards the Basilisk, the cutscene may become skipped
    and the Basilisk, while never leaving, just stops functioning strangely. Enemies
    also cease to spawn, which means you are free to leave to the next place...
    Video demonstration:
    1, stickle's vid (see part #11)
    Wasted glitch potential: the cyclops fight room has a ceiling, and so has the
    corridor before it.
    "Siege of Attica" - save point
    Other (BP): after riding the elevator, if you IJ your way back up, the elevator
    comes with you too. If you retry from checkpoint after this, the elevator starts
    from up top and you can actually roll inside it (for a graphical effect mainly.)
    Video demonstration:
    1, stickle's vid (see part #1):
    "The Basilisk Strikes" - save point
    Wasted potential: this area has a ceiling.
    Infinite orbs: while Basilisk is on the roof breathing fire, its hand/the house
    can be attacked for free, long combos without any danger.
    "Cliffs of Marathon" - save point
    Graphical glitch: upon retry, a strange graphical effect may flash on the
    screen. (§)
    Sequence break (BP): by jumping over the fence behind the save point, the house
    (basically a cutscene and a short fight) becomes skipped.
    Sequence break: Tyrhhjy reports that it's possible to skip the cutscene at the
    first house. Here is exact quote:
    "Now I know how it works. You have to run a bit then roll. Nice easy skip."
    Video demonstration:
    1, his vid (at the very end):
           N/A at the moment
    Other: I once rushed to the cutscene before the first box without killing the
    enemies. Then I backtracked a little, only to notice that one of the enemies had
    become invisible for a reason or another.
    Sequence break: you can skip the second fog trek and any related events with GE
    message glitch. Take the upgrade message with you, and activate it right as
    you enter the fog. Your health will drain to almost zero, but then it will
    replenish again... enough for you to make it to the second safe area, from
    which you can pick up a health chest (and make it the rest of the path).
    Note: might not work as well on harder difficulties, where health chests
    replenish less and less.
    Note 2: on BP it's possible to just roll into the second safe area.
    Video demonstration:
    1, new vid of the trick, made on PS3 Origins Collection
    2, old vid (showing the trick on PSP)
    Wasted potential: the endlessly respawning mist Gorgon-type enemies stop giving
    red orbs quite quickly, so no convenient infinite orb possibility.
    Wasted potential: Kratos is not safe from the mist just by wielding the torch.
    He has to set the carriage on fire to pass without damage.
    Climb glitch assessment: wall before steed shrine
    Can't breach it, but a whisk is possible. The plane you're stuck on won't get
    you anywhere, unfortunately. I don't know if vortices are nearby.
    "The Steed Shrine" - save point
    Other: the O-prompt of the ground text which is at the middle of the room tends
    to stick with you randomly. Basically, the O-prompt stays at the bottom of the
    screen no matter where you go, though you can't do anything with it. Other
    prompts that appear in the same spot of the screen overwrite it, sadly.
    Climb glitch assessment: wall after steed shrine #1
    Haven't been able to burst through it, and whisking brings about variable
    results. Mainly, you just get stuck slightly behind the wall in freeform mode.
    Note: this wall may have different properties during "Release of the Steeds".
    Climb glitch assessment: wall after steed shrine #2
    Bursting is possible after the chasm. Ascension leads you to a nice vortex
    which turns Kratos to a direction which doesn't seem to be useable.
    Whisk? Not sure.
    "Temple of Helios" - save point
    Sequence break (NP):
    Use air grab high jump next to the gate a few times to be able to jump over it.
    This way you avoid the long trip to get to the last Satyr Grenadier and save a
    little bit of time. Credits to BigVEE for mentioning this.
    Video demonstration:
    1, AKheon's vid
    Sequence break (BP): you can defeat the last Satyr with LoD/CW and can thus skip
    running through the area, etc.
    "Grand Hallway" - save point
    Sequence break (BP): you can jump over the door that requires a 'sigil' to open
    in the room from which you get the Sun Shield (gratz Tyrhhjy).
    Video demonstration:
    1, Tyrhhjy's vid (see second part):
           N/A at the moment
    Wasted potential: it's possible to reach the spiral stairway from out of bounds
    by doing infinite jump from the balcony that is above the room from which you
    get the Sun Shield, but the areas beyond are not loaded.
    "The Throne Room" - save point
    You can't backtrack because there is nothing beyond the fog-laden areas.
    Wasted potential: it's possible to skip the exposition cutscene at the top of
    the stairs by jumping over it, but the game never realizes the next fight ends
    because you don't kill the two archers which spawn only during the very same
    cutscene, and thus you can't get to the lower level (except maybe high jumping.)
    Sequence break (BP): speaking of jumping, you can skip the fight at the top
    of the stairs by jumping over the wall and landing inside the stairway below.
    Video demonstration:
    1, Tyrhhjy's vid
           N/A at the moment
    Sequence break (BP): you can skip the long puzzle before Cave of Olympus by
    doing an infinite jump over the door that closes behind you. You fall right
    into the lower area, where you would normally get to only after solving the
    puzzle. (credits to Tyrhhjy)
    "The Caves of Olympus" - save point
    Checkpoint abuse: it's possible to skip the introduction cutscene of the Caves
    by restarting after having entered the portal. (gratz Tyrhhjy)
    Speed strategy: doing a roll -> rush into water will give you a huge speed
    boost for crossing over the water.
    Sequence break (BP): it's possible to just infinite jump to the next place
    without bothering with the water sections. Alternatively, it's possible to
    go through the wall using climbing wall glitch, and get straight inside the
    room that has the switch you need to activate next.
    Video demonstration:
    1, skipping Caves with IAJ (stickle's vid, as is the next)
    2, skipping Caves with climbing glitch
    Checkpoint note: the Triton's Lance is carried over a retry, which means that
    once you pick it up, you can retry for a quick return to the beginning (with the
    Lance staying in your pocket).
    Wasted potential: you can jump out of the minotaur fight, but the needed crank
    won't be there. Also, the next place isn't loaded until you visit the short
    stretch between the fight barrier and the chasm (so, an effective skip would
    require two jumps to work... bleh)
    Wasted potential: that high invisible collision will not disappear until you've
    turned the crank in the required way and seen the cutscene.
    Collision "flaw": you can jump to where Eos rests, but the floor isn't solid and
    you just fall down.
    Wasted potential: the flowing stream does not count as water.
    Speed strategy: roll -> rush into the water, or if on BP, just a charged GoZ
    punch is enough. You will speed through the short water stretch.
    "Guardians of the Fire" - save point
    Wasted potential: you can reach the corridor behind the "Primordial Fire" event
    by doing IJ, but the next area is not loaded until you finish the event.
    If you shoot the statues with magics (on BP), the screen will shake and hits are
    registered. However, nothing seems to happen... Do they have a HP? Can you break
    them this way at all?
    Collision flaw: after returning to the main part of the cave, some of the
    collision has changed. You can very easily reach out of bounds by going to the
    balcony from where you got the Lance, and just do attacks towards the climbing
    wall. I learned of this from a Youtube vid whose owner I'm not sure of.
    "Return to Helios" - save point
    "Sequence break": it's possible to return to Helios' Temple out of bounds by
    (for example) swimming there. You skip using the key thing once, and also, the
    flame graphical effects are not there (though collision is).
    I saw this in a Youtube vid which I haven't been able to re-locate since...
    Sequence break (BP): you can infinite jump the whole of the elevator shaft.
    Speed strategy: at the top of the elevator ride, you can jump to the correct
    floor and continue on your way even before the elevator is fully up.
    "Temple Courtyard" - save point
    Sequence break (BP): it's possible to do a complex infinite jump sequence to
    get straight to the lower area without bothering with the puzzle. Gratz Tyrhhjy.
    Note: you may have to activate the sigil on the ground before the next area is
    accessible (or in other words: loaded.)
    Video demonstration:
    1, Tyrhhjy's vid:
    2, stickle's vid, in which AHJ is used:
    Other (BP): it's probably not possible to backtrack up the cliffs any more
    using infinite jump because things aren't loaded. §
    Fight skip (NP): in the last fight before reaching the Steeds Shrine, you can
    use the Sentry, only enemy suitable for air grab high jumping, to air grab high
    jump your way out of the fight. It takes a pretty high air grab high jump to do
    this, but at least it's possible.
    Video demonstration:
    1, AKheon's vid
    "Release of the Steeds" - save point
    "The Falls of Oceanum" - save point
    Climb glitch assessment: the first climbing wall around
    Jeez, where to start? So many odd things are possible here, including creating
    a ceiling grapple/feet on ground mix state. There's strange air 'collision'
    around, moving Kratos' horizontal height as you move about in horizontal grapple
    mode. It's very easy to just get yourself killed by doing Olympic Strike to a
    wrong direction. A small skip is also possible, by escaping horizontal grapple
    and reaching the next (vertical) grapple at a correct height.
    Video demonstration:
    1, stickle's vid
    Sequence break: it's possible to skip a fight after the collapsing staircase by
    rolling quicky to the next place. Kratos is able to proceed without being
    hindered by the fight and its red barrier.
    It's also possible to air grab high jump over the barrier, but obviously not
    as fast.
    Video demonstration:
    1, stickle's vid of the first method
    Climb glitch assessment: horizontal wall after gorgon fight
    Climbing out of bounds is possible by whisking yourself over the upper edge
    with ascension. Unfortunately the plane you're stuck on doesn't lead to anywhere
    in particular. I don't know if there are vortices nearby anywhere.
    Checkpoint oddity: for some reason, I once got the local gorgon to spawn before
    I had even broken the wall from in front of her.
    Climb glitch assessment: waterfall grapple
    You can breach it easily by doing those sweet charged attacks, but I haven't
    found a way to utilize this yet.
    "Ruins of Asphodel" - save point
    Climb glitch assessment: first wall after save point
    No apparent breaches. Fling is possible, but takes patience. It's actually
    possible to skip past the green double doors with it, allowing a skip!
    Sequence break (BP): it's possible to just infinite jump over the double doors.
    Wasted potential: you can jump over the wall to the area you'd normally only get
    after escaping from Tartarus, but nothing special happens there.
    Sequence break (BP): it's possible to just infinite jump over the fight barrier.
    Wasted potential: it's easy to lure one of the knight enemies to the other side
    of the red barrier and begin a finishing QTE so that Kratos follows the enemy to
    the wrong side, but at the end of the QTE he is thrown back to the side of the
    fighting arena anyway. So no escaping the arena this way, it seems.
    "The Dock of Charon" - save point
    It doesn't matter whether you ring the bell or (on BP) pass through the gate.
    If it's your first time, the same thing always happens: you lose. This is
    because you can't break the necessary pillars even if you have GoZ, and you also
    can't avoid his insta-kill attack since the ship has a low invisible ceiling.
    Speed strategy (BP): Tyrhhjy suggested this speed method for first Charon fight:
    "The trick is to go out of the level's boundary so that while you are in the
    next area you will die instantly. Thus saving time since you can't win anyway."
    Video demonstration:
    1, Tyrhhjy's vid
           N/A at the moment
    "Imprisonment" - save point
    Sequence break (BP): while it's not possible to crash the Hades statue early
    even if you got GoZ, it IS possible to jump over it to reach the next place
    Video demonstration:
    1, stickle's vid
    "Temple of the Gods" - save point
    Wasted potential: during the first time around, you can't break the Hades
    statue (even if you had the Gauntlet already). However...
    Sequence break (BP): you can jump over the Hades statue to skip the whole of
    Temple of Zeus.
    Video demonstration:
    1, stickle's vid
    Sequence break: using air grab high jump, you can skip a part of the
    Cryptkeeper's key ordeal.
    Video demonstration:
    1, shinobier's vid
    "The Crypt" - save point
    Wasted potential: once you create the bridge which leads to Temple of Zeus,
    the corpse can't be picked up any longer. However, see below for a related
    "Temple of Zeus" - save point
    Other: Now, some unique things to do with corpses are possible.
    By using infinite jumping to avoid placing the corpse on the button, you are
    able to pick it up after getting the Gauntlet. This way you can attempt to take
    the corpse to other parts of the map, although you won't get too far before the
    corpse disappears, leaving Kratos looking like he is holding an invisible
    ghetto-blaster on his shoulder. You can only pick up and drop this invisible
    corpse once, then it disappears for good. The game also crashes if you refuse to
    drop the corpse and the previous area unloads (like when the Zeus statue slides
    back in its place).
    You are invulnerable to the deadly spike trap while carrying the corpse, until
    the last moments when Kratos is crushed between wall and the spikes. If Kratos
    dies this way, on retry the corpse is seen bopping in air all by itself and it
    can't be interacted with.
    Video demonstration:
    1, Stickle's vid:
    2. Stickle's second vid:
    "Jails of Tartarus" - save point
    Camera glitch: once, when I proceeded forward after having just loaded the save,
    the camera didn't follow me but instead aimed through the floor to the gray
    depths of empty level design. I had to leave the other way (via climbing wall)
    to get to the large area with camera still focused on Kratos.
    Sequence break (BP): it's possible to skip activities regarding the lowering
    of both of the pendulums by doing AHJ 'til you reach the next place.
    Video demonstration:
    1, Stickle's vid (see section #2):
    Climb glitch assessment: wall on the left side of the area
    No breaching is possible, and whisking seems to lead to danger (WALD). So
    never mind this wall.
    Climb glitch assessment: wall(s) on the right side of the area
    My testing was joyless, with no possible breaches or whisks found. However,
    there is a small suspicion it is possible nonetheless. If things worked out,
    maybe you could do climb glitch to reach the next area?
    Checkpoint abuse: you can skip the cutscene which introduces titans by just
    retrying from the last checkpoint.
    Climb glitch assessment: climbing wall with a chasm and two tops
    The left top is mainly Whisk Above Ledge Danger. However, below the left top you
    can burst through wall with charged square hit and ascension your way up. Below
    this spot there is a nice vortex you can't miss.
    If you burst through the wall too low and try to Ascension, the game crashes
    seemingly quite often, so that might be good to avoid.
    Another spot from where you can reach a vortex is right next to the chasm (left
    side). Burst through wall and ascend a bit, then descend a bit. Some quite
    imaginative angles are possible with this one. (gratz Stickle)
    Video demonstration:
    1, stickle's vid (the technique is shown at 00:40)
    The right top doesn't seem to have WALD - on the contrary, you are able to
    continue climbing like normal. Too bad the plane doesn't lead anywhere.
    Checkpoint abuse: "Once the Minotaur is killed the barrier drops. When it goes
    down, restart and quickly grab the nearest crank and turn it all the way
    (extends the chain). *no Archers need be fought*" - GMG
    Video demonstration:
    1, stickle's vid (see section #3)
    "Shackles of Hyperion" - save point
    Sequence break: you can skip the fight with archers and co. and pulling two
    switches by utilizing the wall climbing glitch. At the ceiling grapple, you
    can get outside collision with just one charged Gauntlet hit, after which you
    are free to get around the chains without problems. You can also R1 drop Kratos
    inside collision this way, but getting to the next area doesn't work because
    most of it is unloaded.
    Video demonstration:
    1, stickle's vid:
    Speed strategy (BP): before the climbing wall that leads to Chains of Atlas,
    attack the climbing foes from far away with CW before hopping onto the wall.
    This is because you can't fight them off very well on the downward slope,
    and every single of them is likely to do that slow grab attack on you.
    "Chains of Atlas" - save point
    Checkpoint abuse: rotate the first wheel about 1.25 times, then jump
    towards the next wheel with a double-jump and follow it up with Olympic
    Strike. If all goes well, you activate the next checkpoint way ahead of
    its time and get to continue from the second wheel (despite not actually
    reaching it and having just died).
    Speed mystery (BP): you can do IAJ to cross the long chasms instead of
    using the wheels, but I'm not sure if it's actually faster or not.
    Other: you can jump over the chain event and walk to the cutscene
    (which leads you out of this place) on invisible floor. Tried out if
    you could save time doing this... you can't. But it looks neat.
    Graphical: you can begin the event in which you punch the chain into
    the wall from too far away (behind collision), causing Kratos to be in a
    completely different spot than the flash effects of his fist are.
    Mystery: it's possible that the fight in the saw room will not end
    properly if you had skipped the respective fight in the same room
    earlier. At least in my save, the red barriers didn't disappear.
    "The Dock of Charon" - save point
    You can only take Charon to a certain amount of HP the each time he appears.
    It can never be a very quick fight...
    Wasted potential: the Charon's Wrath fight can't be jumped out of because the
    ship still has that invisible roof I brought up earlier.
    "The Temple of Persephone" - save point
    Wasted potential: there are low ceilings pretty much everywhere in the Temple,
    disallowing you to skip things so easily.
    "Chasing Calliope" - save point
    Battle exploit: if you carefully approach the fight with minotaur, it's possible
    for Kratos to be left outside the red barrier as the fight starts. This means
    that you can safely win your foes from outside the fight arena! (credits to
    Video demonstration:
    1, stickle's vid (see part #7)
    "Groves of Persephone" - save point
    During this part, Kratos... changes. Not only does his appearance and stances
    change, the properties of the few moves he has left change too.
    He can only do run/walk, roll, grab, block and jump. The buffer from roll to
    grab does not work and the roll can be interrupted at any time with jump (in
    effect making it easy to do "momentum jump"). A grab that is done from block
    is but a short twitch (it auto-cancels?). If you do a quick block+grab in air,
    you can follow it up with a normal ground grab (fun in the next section).
    His health bar is replaced by a new one. How can I tell it's a new one? Simple:
    if you upgrade your health during this time using the GE/PF message glitch, the
    upgrade will not show (until later, when you get your actual health bar back).
    I haven't tested what will happen if you upgrade your magic at this time, but I
    have a feeling that it's the same as with the health bar.
    After winning the next mini-game, Calliope can be seen on the ground as a small
    blot. She has protective collision all over, and can't be interacted with.
    Other: it's possible to get stuck in the green fields because of some strange
    cutscene malfunction. While testing out GE/PF message effects at this area, I
    somehow (for unrelated reasons?) caused one of the "Kratos getting empowered"
    cutscenes to cut short. It managed to only just begin when it cut out, you
    could hear Gaia's respective narration in the background but Kratos was
    completely free to move around. Consequently, no matter what amount of pure
    souls I slaughtered, Kratos never re-lost his innocence. (in other words: the
    game didn't progress, I didn't get most of my magics back.)
    Video demonstration:
    1, my vid:
    You will lose the state of "naked Kratos" as soon as you've killed four of those
    souls and regain BoC.
    Other: skipping getting powers back
    You can air grab high jump your way out of Elysium just after having regained
    Blades. That's right, you can go and attempt to kick Persephone's ass with
    barely your powers with you. This is the equivalent of a so called PAIN+ run,
    in which you do not upgrade gear and don't use magic either. Unfortunately you
    have to regain at least Sun Shield if you wish to actually complete the game,
    because Kratos is unable to deflect the sunbeam towards the weakened Persephone
    without it, causing you to get stuck at the very last moment of the game!
    Fight skip: you can also skip past the last fight before the save point. Either
    air grab high jump or infinite jump over the fight barrier.
    "Fields of Elysium" - save point
    Wasted potential: it's possible to jump over the transition FMV when moving
    towards Persephone, but she is but a cardboard cut-out and can't be interacted
    Video demonstration:
    1, stickle's vid (see part #8)
    Other: if Persephone does her rushing attacks near the edge of the arena, she
    sometimes floats high up in air in a strange way.
    Other: during the second phase of the battle, where the long QTE begins, it's
    possible to delay Persephone from hitting you for a moment by for example doing
    The Efreet in air. It looks strange but doesn't help one bit.
    Other: you are able to deflect Persephone's projectiles back at her even if you
    skipped getting Sun Shield back at Elysium.
    Post-game stuff:
    Wasted potential: you can play the game through with "limited" gear, courtesy of
    skipping getting your powers back at Elysium, but it's of no use! The game
    remembers your old gear before you lost it and uses that data for Bonus Play
    instead. So no potential for new types of challenge runs (or perhaps other
    glitchy mayhem) this way.
    Other: the Challenges will vary in difficulty because the game always uses the
    data from your last completed playthrough for the conditions inside the
    challenge. Didn't upgrade gear? Tough luck, you'll have to play with low level
    gear then. Played the game through on God? Tough luck, the challenges are on
    God-level difficulty too! §
    5. Credits, legal information, contact info, etc.
    Copyright © 2009 Hannu Ratilainen
    All text is available under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by
    their respective trademark and copyright holders.
    Newest version of this guide will always be at GameFAQs, so check there if
    you're not certain.
    For contacting, message my Youtube-account. For E-mail, go check out my GameFAQs
    contribution recognition, it is listed there!
    Additional thanks (and links):
    GMG - some info + being the moral backbone of the GoW fanbase
    Findlestick - read my FAQs too attentively and never looked the same again
                  (note: "Sticklefind" is a clever alias)
    Tyrhhjy - a finder of things
                  (note: many of his vids disappeared at the beginning of Nov. 09)
    Joonas P. - technical assistance

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