Review by 50centrulezz

Reviewed: 04/09/08

The God of PlayStation Portable!

Well what can we say about a game of the series of God of War? It used to be the best on PlayStation 2 and it is still the best on the Portable.

One of the core part of any game and here as before God of War does not fall back in any manner. It pushes the mighty Portable to its limits. In fact it directly competes with its console bretherens and closes up on beating the God of War. As always not me but all those who have played this game will say that its graphics are flawless. There persists a problem that because of this heavy duty graphics there is some lag during the gameplay but it will almost look non persistent.I rate it full in the graphics part.

One important aspect of any game. This game's story is mind blowing. It tells the story about Kratos's past,before the first God of War on the PlayStation 2. The story is quite deep and will hold you till the end. It may not be as well done as the PlayStation 2 games but its still better than most of the PlayStation Portable games out there.Almost the best!

Game Play--
The most important aspect of a game. Well put it that way,this game has got the game play which will help this game to stay in the top three position for a long time to come. Veteran God of War players will say that it is difficult to find anything new but you dont need to. If the model is already crafted in a perfect manner than why change it? It is in,little words, the good old hack and slash with blood and limbs flying here and there.Blades of Chaos are back and there is some magic also. Boss fights are less but what is there is highly enjoyable content. Combat remains the same but if I recall correctly it was perfect. With innumerable combos and gravity defying stunts,the combat is matched by none other. One flaw with the game play is that there are very less puzzles but still it falls into the action genre so who wants puzzles?The game play is very satisfying and almost divine!

Play Time and Replayability --
This is one major flaw of this beautiful and almost perfect game that it is very short. And by very short I mean only 5 to 6 hours with no multiplayer.I finished it in two days but the option is always to play the game in higher difficulty and feel rewarding when you complete it at the highest difficulty! Good but could have been longer.

This game is a must buy! For veterans and new comers alike will have a blast playing this master piece. So,what are you waiting for? Stuff some cash in your pocket and run to your nearest store and buy this Godly game!

A Must Own Game!

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: God of War: Chains of Olympus (US, 03/04/08)

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