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"I recommend getting this even if you haven't played the other 2"

First off, I should state that I came into this game never playing the other two on PS2, so the main complaints that I saw from other reviewers ("not as good as the other two") don't generally apply. Now, on to the review.

Graphics 10/10 -
Amazing for a PSP game. At times I forgot I was playing a PSP game. There are occasionally minor bouts of slowdown, but those are rare. This game easily approaches (and surpasses early PS2) quality visuals. Arguably the best PSP visuals to date, although Crisis Core comes close.

Sound 8/10 -
The music, while fitting, I found was very generic. The voice acting was also fitting, but again, nothing really outstanding (except for Kratos). The voices can very quickly get on your nerves however, as it is mostly 300 style shouty dialog. Also, my pet peeve in gaming shows up in this: grunting every time the character jumps. Seriously, go out and grunt every time you jump. It gets very annoying very quickly.

Storyline 7/10 -
Without spoiling too much, I will say I enjoyed the storyline. The entire deal with Kratos's fate was very intriguing, but other than that it's nothing very emotionally gripping. Just a typical story that you can see in many other RPGs, with Gods toying around with the fates of man. Although I imagine this story is expanded on in the other 2 God of Wars, this one still makes perfect sense without having played the others, and I commend the developers on that.

Gameplay - 8/10 -
The meat of the game. The combat system is very well thought out, and somehow works despite what they had to cram on the PSP's controls. There's also real-time weapon change. On a PSP game. Take that Genji 2. The puzzles, if you can call them that, consist mostly of typical block pushing. Those became very weary as time went on, as Kratos would always move painfully slow with a box (or a body for that matter). My least favorite part of the game, however, were the timed action sequences. Ever since Resident Evil 4, I've hated them.

Overall -
A good game, and definitely a recommendation from me. It's an all-around great game, with incredible visuals, decent storyline, good soundtrack, and an amazing combat system. The game has its definite flaws, but when you cram what's essentially a PS2 game onto the PSP, it's inevitable.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 07/18/08

Game Release: God of War: Chains of Olympus (Limited Edition PSP Bundle) (US, 06/03/08)

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