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"Konami's Major Mistake"


Konami released this on 2007. It is currently 2008. I had no idea a game like this even existed until I saw a Youtube video about it the previous months. Since then I've been watching Youtube videos about this ever since. As you can probably tell, I really had the desire to own this game and play it. Then one day, a friend actually told me that he had the real version of Yu Gi Oh GX Tag Force 2. I was immediately taken by surprise and asked him to rent it. He would agree for 10 bucks a month. I had high expectations for this game, but that was my big mistake.

The moment I got home, I took out my PSP and started the game. "Wasn't too bad," I thought too myself, looking at the introduction. Then I started the story. As I progessed the game, I noticed that I could choose the second page on the character selection. I was immediately taken aback. I actually saw before me, Sartourius. Now I've watched all the Yu Gi Oh GX episodes, and I know that it's divided between season 1,2, 3, and 4. Now I was starting to get pissed and curious at the same time. Jesse doesn't appear until season THREE. Sartourius appears in season TWO. So as you can probably guess, Konami decided to make this game a mush of the two combined. This is the first major flaw in the game. What also fits in this category is that you can join the Society of Light. I thought back to the episodes. "I thought the Society of Light was gone?" Those who have played this game will equally feel curious. Also, as I chose different characters, I realized that the story changes! Instead of having a stable story, the story changes and remains like a liquid, changing shape all the time. Now this is me, but I feel really pissed when this happens.

Now we arrive at the AI (the computer players). The AI isn't that bad, but what really gets on my nerves is the fact that when you are facing the opponent, they make good choices and know what to do. When they switch to your side, they're just sitting there like a sitting duck in the middle of a war. I remember one time when I had Hassleberry as my partner. He had the following hand: Big Evolution Pill, Gillasauras (spelled wrong I know), Ultimate Tyranno. He also had Call of the Haunted set. The oppponent was Jesse and Jaden. Jaden had fusion summoned his Wildedge and attacked my monster, thus destroying it. Then it was Hassleberry's turn. I THOUGHT I knew what he was going to do. He would use Call of the Haunted, bring back a Dinosaur type, use Big Evolution Pill, and summon Ultimate Tyranno. INSTEAD, he set Gillasaurus, used Call of the Haunted and brought back yet ANOTHER Gillasaurus. I sat doing nothing thinking about how stupid the AI was and how I was going to mention it in this review. Another thing is, the only fusion monster that Jaden likes is Wildedge, which really pisses me off. Every time, he uses King of the Swamp's effect and gets Polymerization. Then he uses Reinforcement of the Army and gets Wildheart. Then he uses E-Emergancy call and gets Bladedge. I don't know about you, but he always uses the same strategy. It's especially annoying if he's your teammate.

Now we've said something about the bad points of the game, let's move on to a brighter side. What I REALLY love about this game is that you can customize your own deck. I've never played the previous version of this game, so I was amazed. I had plenty of cards to choose from, and in a few moments, I had created a deck that I didn't have in my real trunk of cards! Not only that, you can enable something called "Destiny Draw". When you're in a duel, and you have around 3000 life points left, you can pop up Destiny Draw, and you will be able to draw the card you set as a Destiny Draw. However, you are only allowed to have 10 destiny draws and if you have more than 1, your game decides which card you choose to get. I remember one time I got Crystal Beacon when I wanted Crystal Abundance. I also like the feature where the game auto draws for you. It really saves my time in my opinion. However, since this is a 2007 version of the game, I did not see Dark Armed Dragon or Caius the Shadow Monarch. I really wanted both of them, but reality hit me in the face and I had to face up to the fact that I could not get them.

This game definitely didn't arise to my expectations, but it didn't disappoint me that much. So my review is coming to an end and I have three things to say if you want to buy this game or not, or just rent it. You can buy it if you have a lack of cards or there's nobody to duel in you neighborhood. Then you can experience what's it like to have a lot of cards in this game. If you've got a decent amount of cards, and there's plenty of peeps you can duel with, you might not want to buy this game. You can also rent the game if you just want to try out the game and see if you like it. All in all, in my opinion, I think this game is worth buying for, just don't put your expectations too high if you do though.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 12/02/08

Game Release: Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Tag Force 2 (US, 09/18/07)

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