How do i hit huge bravery attack?

  1. My character lv.100,but whenever i fight agaisnt the enemy at the same level as my character,the enemy hit me with a lot's of bravery attack,just by 1 ot 2 kick then break.

    How do i hit a lot of bravery attack?Anyway how come the enemy's bravery attacks are HUGE and coloured red?

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    lineup17 - 7 years ago
  2. Additional Details:
    But even thought i wear many acc
    when the enemy hit me ,they hit about 1500 bravery if critical,while mine only about 50 when critical??

    User Info: lineup17

    lineup17 - 7 years ago

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  1. Your enemy, in addition to maybe having superior equipment, is getting critical hits. They have Extra category skills equipped which allow them to have much higher critical hit chances than normal when in certain situations, rather than the standard 50% right after blocking or in EX Mode, 100% during an EX Burst, and 1/64 otherwise. Like, they might have Counterattack, which causes them to have a 50% critical rate on their next combo if they hit you while you're attacking. Enemy criticals are red, while yours are yellow, by the way.

    In order to deal damage like them, you'll need to (maybe) get better equipment and (almost definitely) equip skills like them. They might have more of those skills equipped than should be possible, like how they violate level requirements and ignore the level cap, but just having one or two of them can significantly increase your damage output and even out the fight.

    Be aware that your opponent might have a disable skill equipped though. The whole series of critical hit boosting skills has an opposed series which will disable them if the opponent has it equipped. For example, if you have EX Critical Boost and they have Disable EX Critical Boost, you won't gain the effect of EX Critical Boost.

    Finally, if you still feel like you need a few points of extra damage and need to take a few points of damage less, learning the equip skills for your weapon and hand item, mastering them, and equipping their adept versions will give +2 atk and +2 def, respectively. Unless your weapon and hand item happen to machines (Machine Adept gives BRV).

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  1. An easy way i hit high bravery is to strike your opponent right after they land a hp atk. since their bravery will be close to zero one bravery atk should bring them to break scoring you the stage bravery

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    Genesis_787 - 7 years ago 0 0
  2. If the difference between your critical damages is that huge, then either there's a major issue with out of date equipment, or the opponent you're fighting is significantly higher level than with you. If you've been fighting in the Blackjack course, you might run into level 150 opponents, even though max player level is 100. In that case, there isn't really any way to regularly deal large amounts of bravery damage or avoid taking large amounts of bravery damage per hit.

    Another possibility is that your character just isn't one who tends to deal a lot of BRV damage per strike. Onion Knight's attacks divide his damage among a large number of hits, so even if you're dealing a decent amount of damage, each individual strike will be unimpressive. Also, since it's so easy for him to land repeated HP attacks, I think he might overall deal less than other characters, preferring to whittle down an opponent's HP rather than breaking their BRV.

    A strategy worth mentioning is going for an EXP -> BRV build. They're described in the Build FAQ (among other great builds for max level characters). The general idea is that rather than dealing BRV damage, they use HP attacks and have EXP to BRV equipped, along with some EXP boosting equipment (with a Super Ribbon so the accessories don't break). That way, they can reach high amounts of BRV by gaining EXP from hitting the opponent for HP damage. Boosting initial BRV is also important.

    If this doesn't help, perhaps you could provide a few details about which characters are involved and what you're wearing?

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