How to level up faster?

  1. Where i need to go to level up faster?

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  1. The Ultimate Level Up Strategy (No Cheats)

    First of all you'll need to buy 11 things from the PP Catalog at the main menu

    1. ExDeath (he's in the characters section all characters are numbered from FFI to FFX for example number 1 in the list is Garland so ExDeath is number 5)
    2. Buy the lvl caps in the system section (all of those are at the bottom of the list and there are 10 in total)

    in Total you will need 1500 PP

    now check your calendar (press square while on the main menu) and check which day is your "special day" (it should have an star/sun) my special day is tuesday but i dunno if it's tuesday for all versions anyway let's say your special day is tuesday as well well go to your PSP Home and change the Date so your in the "special day", today is saturday 20 so I had to change my date to tuesday 23, now go to your dissidia again and you should be in your special day if you check the contents of the day you should see:

    EXP x 1.1 <----- This is why you need to be in your special day
    AP + 1
    Gil x 1.1
    PP + 10

    now if you want to obtain even more experience go to the PP catalog and buy the 10 first options on the calendar section (it should say EXP something lvl1, 2, 3 , 4 etc...)

    Note that this calendar things only apply to the special day

    ok now go to quick battle and choose any character and choose ExDeath as the CPU while your in the "choose map" window, change the bottom option to 9 and the middle to 100 I don't know if the upper option also changes the amount of EXP but I always have it in 9, now choose your favorite map and prepare to give ExDeath the biggest **** in his life

    while in battle ONLY use HP attacks (Square Button) ExDeath is the slowest character in the game and he has a very dumb A.I. he will constantly use his teleport circle thing if your not in his attack range, just after he teleports attack him, homing attacks work wonders in this (as you can see in the video), like Squall, Tidus, Jecht etc... for characters that use magic/range attacks like Terra, Firion, Kefka, Zidane etc... you'll have to activate the attack before he teleports (as Firion just charge his arrow and let go as he teleports) you will see that after every hit you'll be gaining Thousands of experience and the best part is that it doesn't matter if you lose, you'll still obtain all the experience (also try to do EX-bursts as much as you can, they give extra EXP)

    Oh yeah ExDeath's biggest weakness is air he only has his teleport thing as an attack while in air so try to use Air abilities more than ground abilities (the teleport is a Brave attack so don't be scared if you don't manage to dodge the attack you will never die from that)

    This method can be done with any character as the opponent BUT like I said ExDeath is Dumb as hell so...yeah you get it right?

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  1. Story mode.

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  2. Well Story mode helps you level up (good) characters,which is cloud, onion knight, etc., But if the BEST way to level up characters is play duel colliseum,which is unlocked after beating shadow impulse.

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  3. Duel colliseum in a special event day, be sure you've bought all Exp and AP LVL UP's on store

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  4. ^
    Thats pretty much it [=

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