Where can I find Heike's armor set?

  1. I originally found the helm and chest piece in Distant Glory. I went back there and it was no longer a DP bonus. All there was were Rosetta Stones.
    I have fought the offline battle with Gilgamesh(Bartz lvl100). I haven't had the greatest luck against him.
    Any other ways I could obtain the rest of the set?

    User Info: thunder7777777

    thunder7777777 - 6 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Do you mean Heike or Genji?

    The Heike equipment can only be gotten once as DP awards from chapter XI and XII. You may be to get it from arcade mode. There are equipment guides for explaination on this. Basically, all equipment has a rank, the rank of the equipment of an opponent in arcade has is determined from the lv and personality of your opponent you chose to face in arcade mode. So you can fix the battle against any character you want, put them at the lowest possible level to give the rank of item you want and then create the match, if they don't have it, go back and create it again until they do then you can fight them over and over until they drop it. You should select Rematch at the conclusion of the battle, else when you create the match again they may not have the equipment.

    The Genji equipment can be traded using the Heike equipment and other high level synthesis items at the shop. You must have purchased the Genji Item from the PP Catalog first though. This becomes available after clearing Inward Chaos. You can also use Arcade mode as described earlier or fight the Gilgamesh Ghost.

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