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    Onion Knight by solid_eater

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    Version 0.8
    By: solid_eater
    I. The Onion Knight [ITOK]
    II. Why/Why Not Onion Knight? [IIWOK]
    III. Onion Knight's Arsenal [IIIOKA]
           A. Brave Attacks [IIIBV]
           B. HP Attacks [IIIHP]
    IV. EX Mode [IVEX]
    V. The Many Kinds Of Knight (Playing as Onion Knight) [VKOF]
           A. Magic Based [VMB]
           B. Physical Based [VPB]
           c. Hybrid [VHY]
    VI. Defeating The Knight (How to beat Onion Knight) [VIDOK]
           A. Magic Based [VIMB]
           B. Physical Based [VIPB]
           C. Hybrid [VIHY]
    VII. Killing The Other Guys (How to beat the other characters) [VIIKG]
           A) Warrior of Light--------------[VIIA]
           B) Garland-----------------------[VIIB]
           C) Frion-------------------------[VIIC]
           D) Emperor-----------------------[VIID]
           E) Cloud of Darkness-------------[VIIE]
           F) Cecil Harvey------------------[VIIF]
           G) Golbez------------------------[VIIG]
           H) Bartz Klauser-----------------[VIIH]
           I) Exdeath-----------------------[VII1]
           J) Terra Branford----------------[VIIJ]
           K) Kefka-------------------------[VIIK]
           L) Cloud Strife------------------[VIIL] 
           M) Sephiroth---------------------[VIIM]
           N) Squall Leonhart---------------[VIIN]
           O) Ultimecia---------------------[VIIO]
           P) Zidane Tribal-----------------[VIIP]
           Q) Kuja--------------------------[VIIQ]
           R) Tidus-------------------------[VIIR]
           S) Jecht-------------------------[VIIS]
           T) Shantotto---------------------[VIIT]
           U) Judge Gabranth----------------[VIIU]
    VIII. Frequently Asked Questions [VIIIFAQ]
    IX. Credits And Legal Stuff [IXCL]
    -The Onion Knight [ITOK]
    So you wanna be an Onion Knight huh? Well shut your trap and listen up! LOL.
    That sounded like boot camp. Anyway, welcome to solid_eater's guide to the
    Onion Knight. Now, before we get started, you might want to know more of the
    subject of the matter; that is, Onion Knight.
    For those who do not know this already, Onion Knight was not originally a
    character but a job in FF 3. In the NES version, O.K. (as I will be refering to
    Onion Knight from now on) was the default job, much like the freelancer. O.K.
    had no special abilities back then (meaning no magic, jump, etc) and had very
    lackluster stats. However, upon reaching level 90, O.K.'s stats will get a huge
    boost and will inevitably become 99. Also, O.K.'s are the only job class that
    can equip the deadly Onion Equipment. Though, other than that, O.K.'s can only
    equip a limited amount of weapons and armor.
    In the DS version however, the O.K. is regarded as a secret job class. To get
    it you must do the following: 
    1) Send letters to every character in game. 
    2) Send a letter to another person who plays FF 3 using the mognet. 
    3) Send four letters to Topapa. 
    4) After recieving the last letter, go to the Altar Cave to save the children. 
    5) Defeat the Bombs. 
    6) Enjoy your Onion Knight!
    Upon recieving the O.K. job class in the DS version, you'll notice it's pretty
    much like it's NES counterpart. His stats really suck until he gets to level
    90 and he's the only one able to equip the Onion Equipment. However, the DS
    remake can euip EVERY piece of equipment in game, with the ecxeption of the
    job-specific ultimate weapons. Also, the DS O.K has the "All Black and White"
    ability which allows him to use ALL levels of white AND black magic.
    In Dissidia which is our game of focus, Onion Knight is a legendary title
    given to the greatest warrior in the land. A young boy is known by and only by
    this title. He posseses a great deal of cunning and intellect. Though, his
    dependence on his rational mind makes him forget about the more important
    things in life as well as the things worth fighting for. Upon hearing the
    command to search for the crystals, Onion Knight embarks on his journey along
    with Terra. He uses his wits rather than his strength to defeat his foes and
    he never fights someone he's sure he can't beat.
    Well that's all I'm saying about O.K. Now, on to the guide!
    -Why/Why Not Onion Knight? [IIWOK]
    I am often questioned as to why I use O.K. Well, to be honest I use him because
    he's just so fun to use! If that doesn't convince them, I challenge them in a
    6999 or naked fight to show them why. No further questions are asked.
    In complete truth, Onion Knight is not exactly the best character and is often
    placed in the lower tiers but most people forget that skill is the key to any
    character. Though, O.K. does have a few things which set him apart from the
    rest. First of all, he is unmatched in speed. O.K. can zip pass most enemy
    attacks by simply walking. Second, all of his brave attacks chain into either
    another brave attack or a HP attack. This then keeps your opponent guessing as
    to which move you're going to pull off. He is able to effectively switch
    between being a close range attacker to a long range one. Plus, he has an easy
    learning curve.
    I admit though that Onion Knight can be much better. As I said he is not the
    best character and here is why. First, his brave game is close to nothing. He's
    like the complete opposite of Garland. Second, his defence is, shall I say,
    weak. I have observed that he gets broken more easily when compared to the rest
    of the cast. Also, he doesn't have attacks which have a block or dodge element
    in them. (like Tidus' attacks) Lastly, his attacks are very punishable when you 
    miss. Just hope you can dodge fast enough.
    - fast movement and attacks
    - all brave attacks chain to both brave and HP attacks
    - can switch between short range and long range
    - easy to learn
    x bad brave game
    x weak defensive capabitilies
    x punishable attacks
    -Onion Knight's Arsenal [IIIOKA]
    In this section I'll be listing down all of O.K.'s moves. The format goes like
    Move Name - What it's called
    CP cost - Both initial and mastered 
    Description - How the move looks like
    Comments - Some notes on the move 
    Rating - From 1-5. 1 being the lowest
    Okay let's start with the brave attacks.
    -Brave Attacks [IIIBV]
    30/15 CP
    O.K. steps forward while executing a multitude of slashes and ends in an upward
    slash which sends the oppenent flying.
    Your ground punisher. I use it pretty often as it has less start-up time
    compared to Blizzard. Is also chain-able to either Extra Slice or Swordshower.
    4 - Would have been five if its chain moves were better.
    Extra Slice *chained from Multi-Hit*
    30/15 CP
    After sending the opponent flying, O.K. jumps towards the oppenent, slashing 
    him a number of times before smashing him into the ground.
    A nice move to chain to Multi-Hit. Problem is it's a brave attack and as I said
    O.K.'s brave game isn't that good...
    3.5 - If only it were a HP attack...
    20/10 CP
    O.K. spins his sword then sends a shard of ice towards the oppenent.
    Has a long start-up time. Hits up to three times. Can also be chained to either
    Blizzaga or Quake.
    2 - Not really that helpful as the start-up time is slow. Has some long range
    harassment potential but pales in comparison to Multi-Hit.
    Blizzaga *chained from Blizzard*
    30/15 CP
    O.K. summons a huge chunk of ice in the air above the opponent and hurls it
    towards him. O.K. does this three times, the last chunk smashing the opponent
    into the ground.
    It's an okay move.(see what I did there?) Though, you could follow up with
    Quake instead which is way better.
    1 - It's already difficult enough to hit someone with Blizzard. This move is
    not worth the hassle. 
    30/15 CP
    O.K. moves towards the oppenent while executing a multitude of slashes and ends
    in an upward slash which send the opponent flying.
    Basically the air version of Multi-Hit but way better. Your air punisher. You 
    should use it often. Can be chained to either Extra Lunge or Guiding Swipe.
    5 - This is the bread and butter brave attack. You'll get most of your hits
    using this.
    Extra Lunge *chained from Turbo-Hit*
    30/15 CP
    O.K. chases after the opponent in mid-air, stabbing him a number of times. He
    then ends it ine an upwards slash which sends the opponent flying.
    This attack activates the "chase" mini-game. If you are good at chasing, then
    use this. If not, then don't.
    1 or 3 - Depends if you are good at chasing or not. If you are, this will let
    you squeze in a few more braves into the attack before hitting with a HP.
    O.K. sends three blue orbs towards the opponent. After travelling for a few
    seconds, the orbs home into the opponent.
    This attack is love. This gets rid of them pesky blockers. Since this move
    shoots three orbs, when you use it near the enemy and they block, only the 
    middle orb will be blocked, leaving the other to home into him. Can be chained
    to either Thundaga or Flare. (only ONE of the orbs needs to hit in order to
    perform a chain)
    5 - This is your harassment move. Use it a lot. You'll learn to love it.
    Thundaga *chained from Thunder*
    30/15 CP
    O.K. does two somersaults, sending a lightning bolt to your enemy each time
    O.K. flips.
    This move is not really that nice. Damage is unimpressive, even for O.K. Use
    Guiding Swipe instead. Starts the "chase" mini-game.
    2 - Only saving grace is the chase side effect.
    That covers all of O.K.'s brave attacks. Now, on to his better moves, the HP
    -HP Attacks [IIIHP]
    Blade Torrent
    40/20 CP
    O.K. pounces towards your enemy, performing a number of slashes. If this hits,
    O.K. will then start dashing then stabbing through the enemy from different
    I only like using this because it's better than Firaga. The the animation is
    fun to look at.
    3 - COULD be usefull. But if you miss, prepare to be punished.
    40/20 CP
    O.K. charges his sword (yes his sword) then sends a ball of fire towards the
    opponent. If, the ball hits any surface, it will explode in the same manner
    Ultima does.
    The ball travels mid-air in an arc which lets it clear obstacles. If performed
    in front of a wall, the fire ball will NOT come out. Very hard to aim with this
    1 - Slow start-up and quirky aiming. Avoid this.
    Swordshower *chained from Multi-Hit*
    40/20 CP
    While the opponent is mid-air, O.K. will send a LOT of swords into him. After,
    a series of swords piercing the enemy, O.K. will lunge towards him then hit
    him with an upward slash.
    This would be a good move IF it didn't miss. Yes this move misses. Your enemy
    can simply dodge and all the swords will miss. Good thing is the lunge will
    follow the enemy, no matter how far he is.
    3 - Use this if you use Multi-Hit. Also, it's fun to see your opponents dodge
    the initial sword attacks then just get hit by the lunge attack.
    Quake *chained from Blizzard*
    40/20 CP
    O.K. balances on his sword then starts spinning like a top. Jagged crags then
    start to burst from the ground under your opponent. After a while, O.K. will
    jump on his sword causing a giant spike to gush out of the ground.
    This move has a nice animation and decent damage to boot. Too bad you have to
    hit using Blizzard to do it.
    3 - If only it were chained to another move instead of Blizzard...
    Wind Shear
    40/20 CP
    O.K. will start sinning rapidly which causes a tornado to form around him.
    This is a physical move, not magical. Reflects projectiles.(If said projctiles
    can be reflected) Has some start-up time to it but it's bearable. This move
    is good for situations wherein the opponent is either above or below you as 
    this will cath them off guard.
    5 - Reflects projectiles and makes you technically invunerable to hits.
    40/20 CP
    O.K. will open some sort of rift which shoots a lot of small meteors towads
    your opponent. After a while, O.K. will kick the rift, sending a larger meteor
    towards your opponent.
    This has a long start-up. Also, your opponent can still get out of it even when
    one of the meteors hit. Though it's tricky to dodge at first, someone who's
    used to it will dodge it with no problem.
    2 - Overall not really that great. Using the chains is a more reliable source
    of damage.
    Guiding Swipe *chained from Turbo-Hit*
    40/20 CP
    O.K. will send a lot of swords towards your opponent. After a number of swords,
    O.K. will lunge towards your opponent then perform an upward slash.
    Basically the air version of Swordshower except better. This one doesn't miss!
    5 - Very nice move. Chains from Turbo-Hit which you will be using a lot.
    Flare *chained from Thunder*
    40/20 CP
    O.K. will summon three bolts of lightning to continuously pelt the enemy. After
    a few moments, O.K. flips mid-air which causes the opponent to explode in a
    manner similar to Firaga.
    Another move you will be using a lot. Not only is the animation great but the
    fact that it's chained to Thunder makes it a very nice move.
    5 - Learn it. Respect it. Love it.
    And that concludes O.K.'s attacks. Now, we'll move on to the many ways you can
    use you O.K.
    -EX Mode [IVEX]
    O.K.'s EX mode is called "Job Change". While in EX mode, O.K. can switch
    between ninja and sage according to what kind of move he executes. Using
    physical attacks such as Turbo-Hit will transform O.K. into a ninja. On the
    other hand, using magic attacks such as Flare will transform O.K. into a sage.
    During this time period, all of O.K.'s attacks become more powerful. For
    example, casting Firaga while in EX mode will cause O.K. to shoot three fire
    balls instead of just one.
    Now, for what makes O.K. unique. He has 2 EX bursts. One in sage form and one
    in ninja form. The EX burst mini-game for each of the bursts is the same. A
    menu, much like the classic Final Fantasy ones, will pop up and you must select
    either "Magic"(sage) or "Throw"(ninja) depending on which job you are. If you
    selected "Magic", you will need to find the spell "Holy" then cast it. If you
    selected "Throw", you will need to find the item "Shuriken" then throw it.
    In my honest opinion, the ninja EX burst is waaaay stronger than the sage EX
    burst. Not only that but, as I've said, O.K.'s physical attacks are easier to
    connect with. So, if I were you, you'd use the ninja EX burst.
    -The Many Kinds Of Knight (Playing as Onion Knight) [VKOF]
    What's great about O.K. is that you came make him your own. Choose how he plays
    and attacks. The key word is versatility. Now, there are many ways to customize
    your O.K. but here are the strategies in using the most common ones.
    -Main Strategy(applies for all three kinds of O.K.)
    Contradictory to most characters whose playing style is "earn as much brave as
    possible then hit the opponent hard.", O.K. plays like this: "hit the opponent
    whenever you can, no matter how much brave you have." As I said MANY times
    before, O.K.'s brave game stinks. Hence, trying to build up a huge sum of brave
    using O.K. is very unlikely. 
    Speed. O.K. is all about speed. Whereas most characters would block or dodge,
    O.K. has the third option of just simply running away. Now, you have three
    defensive options. Some are better that others but it depends on the situation.
    Basically, like this(left being the best and right being the worst):
    Close range HP attacks: run then dodge then block
    Long range HP attacks: run then dodge then block
    Close range brave attacks: block then dodge then run
    Long range brave attacks: block then dodge then run
    Learn how to hop. O.K. is at home in the air. Therefore, you must learn to hop
    so that you can use his air attacks without being too situational. Another key 
    element is mind games. Your opponent does not know whether you are using a 
    magic O.K. or a physical O.K. or a hybrid O.K. and that is exactly what we 
    want. Keep him confused for as long as possible. For example, after you use a 
    magic attack, go near the enemy which will make him  think that you have 
    physical attacks as well but in reality you are using a magic based O.K.
    -Magic Based [VMB]
    This build is based on using O.K.'s magic related moves in order to keep
    distance but harass the opponent as well.
    -can keep a good distance from opponent
    -range is fairly large
    -is less predictable than the physical based O.K.
    -will last longer than the physical based O.K.
    -has more CP for the support abilities as compared to the hybrid O.K.
    -has problems connecting with his non-chained HP attacks (Meteor and Firaga)
    -damage output is not very high
    -matches take a long time
    How To Use:
    Okay, the name of the game is distance. You need to keep as far away from the
    opponent as possible but still making sure that your attacks can connect. As 
    this is a magic based build, you will not be blocking or countering that often
    because most of your moves have a sart-up time. This means that you'll need to
    wait for your opponent to block or dodge at the wrong moment. Then use Thunder
    to punish them.(note: always follow up Thunder with Flare) If your opponent is
    too far for Thunder to reach, you can use Blizzard. Though, they might have
    already recovered from their error even before the shard appears on the screen.
    -Physical Based [VPB]
    This O.K. build is based on countering you opponents brave attacks then hitting
    them with either Turbo-Hit or Multi-Hit.
    -makes good use of the increase critical rate abilities
    -has a good defensive and offensive game
    -matches end quicker
    -has more CP for the support abilities as compared to the hybrid O.K.
    -has no problem connecting with all his moves
    -considerably less range
    -always needs to be near opponent to do any damage
    -needs to be masterful at blocking
    -predictable as you'll be near your opponent all the time
    -will easily killed if a block goes wrong
    How To Use:
    The name of this game is punish. Block then punish the opponent as much as
    possible. The physical O.K. has a good offensive and defensive game. Turbo-Hit
    and Multi-Hit will be your main source of damage.(note: always follow up with
    either Swordshower or Guiding Swipe) On the other hand, Wind Shear will 
    provide you with a few moments of safety and let you reflect those pesky 
    projectile attacks.(note: reflects both brave and HP) It is also possible to
    perform your attacks without having to counter the opponent. However, you can
    only do this in the following situations: 1)When the opponent blocks at the
    wrong time or misses with an attack. 2)When the opponent is looking away from
    you.(A.K.A. back attack)
    -Hybrid [VHY]
    This build has the best of both worlds. He has both the quick hitting physical
    and long ranged magic attacks in his arsenal making him very versatile. This
    is the most used build IMO.
    -has the advantages of both magic and physical based
    -less CP to use for other abilities
    -has the disadvantages of both as well(depending on how you play)
    How To Use:
    Please refer to the "How To Use" sections of both the magic and physical based
    O.K. These all apply to the hybrid O.K. depending on how you play. The name of
    the game here is choice. You need to choose which kind of strategy will fit the
    situation best. Sadly, this can not be taught using a guide. You must play for
    some time in order to understand which moves are useful where. The best teacher
    is experience.
    -Defeating The Knight (How to beat Onion Knight) [VIDOK]
    A wise general once said "Keep your friends close and your enemies closer." He
    has the right idea. So maybe you're one of those guys who reads character FAQs
    in order to learn how to DEFEAT that character. Well, wish granted! I'll now
    tell you how to best the Knight!
    -Main Strategy(again applies for all three)
    O.K.'s brave game is not that good. So, he'll be constantly pelting you with
    weak damaging attacks, slowly killing you. An easy way to get past this is
    using the "EXP to HP" ability. This then let's you counter the small amounts of
    damage he does while atttacking his HP as well.
    Avoid punishment. Learn when blocking is needed. Don't press it when O.K. LOOKS
    like he's going to do something. The key word is TIMING.
    -Magic Based [VIMB]
    This guy will die at close range. Thunder will be used often but DO NOT block
    it. Instead, just dash towards O.K. This will let you dodge the orbs AND get
    near O.K. to deal out some damage. The same thing applies for all the other 
    attacks with the exception of Meteor which lasts longer than the others. To
    dodge Meteor, simply run backwards, away from O.K. If he already started the
    move before you were able to notice, just get into the air then dodge like
    hell. This will not give you a 100% chance of dodging it though.
    -Physical Based [VIPB]
    This O.K. is nothing if he can't get near you. If you have a magical based
    character like Terra, keep your distance and pelt him with magic. Wind Shear
    will give you a problem because of its relflective properties. Wait for O.K.
    to block/dodge/Wind Shear at the wrong moment. Then, punish his sorry butt.
    Avoid being directly above or below O.K. It is in this area where he can
    easily hit you with Wind Shear and Turbo-Hit. If you use a physical based
    character like Garland, just be cautious and avoid mistakes.
    -Hybrid [VIHY]
    This guy is a combination of the two above. Once you learn how to best either
    magic or physical based, this guy's arsenal will be cut in half. Further more
    if you learn to best both. Just be careful when he switches strategies.
    -Killing The Other Guys (How to beat the other characters) [VIIKG]
    This section is to be updated when I construct propper strategies to defeat the
    other characters. The format would look something like this:
    Enemy Name
    Which kind of O.K. would be best
    Difficulty - for maigc, physical and hybrid O.K.
    What you should do
    What you should avoid
    Sorry for not putting this section up yet. Will update it as soon as I can!
    -Frequently Asked Questions [VIIIFAQ]
    I'll be answering some questions people ask me.
    Q: Who the hell are you?
    A: My name's Marc. I live a modest life and I love video games. I'm not a big
    fan of fighting games but Dissidia got my attention.
    Q: Why an Onion Knight guide?
    A: I made an O.K. guide because I have not seen one propper guide for him.
    Also, most people just don't see how great O.K. is. All I hear is "He's low
    tier!" or "*insert character name here* is better!" Hopefully this guide shows
    them otherwise.
    Q: Whcih kind of O.K. is better?
    A: There is no definite answer there. Choose which one you're most comfortable
    Q: What equipment for O.K.?
    A: I can not and will not help you there. I only do 6999 fights using O.K. as
    most people abuse their equipment and it becomes a contest of who has the 
    better equips rather than who has more skill. If you want to know which equips
    to put on O.K., please look at another guide.^_^ 
    Q: Um.....you said something wrong.
    A: I admit that I am not perfect. There may be some errors in this guide. If
    you wish to point it out, please e-mail me at mnmkami@yahoo.com.ph. DO NOT
    e-mail me about errors in spelling! Only useful game-play information please.
    Q: Can I post this guide on my site/blog/etc?
    A: Sure. Just ask permission first.^_^
    Q: Hey! I've seen this somewhere before!
    A: I assure you, this guide was made with my current knowledge about the game.
    Q: I have a question! But it's not in the above list.
    A: You can send it to me at mnmkami@yahoo.com.ph and I'll do my best to
    answer it.
    -Credits And Legal Stuff [IXCL]
    Copyright 2009 Marco De Santos
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web
    site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation
    of copyright.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their 
    respective trademark and copyright holders.
    I'd also like to thank the following:
    -you for reading my guide
    -Gamefaqs for having this amazing site
    -Square Enix for making this great game
    -Sony for making my favorite gaming consoles
    -the Final Fantasy Wikipedia page for providing me some info on O.K.'s past.
    That's it! Thanks for reading! Now, get out there and kick butt!

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