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    Warrior of Light by Sky_DragonBoy

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    Dissidia: Final Fantasy 
    Warrior of Light Character Guide
    by Sky_DragonBoy
    Last updated:
    - Added WoL's VS Battle Quotes
    - Editted some little parts of
      the guide
    - Added some WoL videos
    - Some minor changes
    - Added a WoL build
    - Major fix after reading
      GF users' feedbacks
    - Changed some of WoL's attack
    - Added a WoL build
    - Done a lot of cleaning
    - Finished typing
    - First typed this Character Guide
    Table of Contents
    If you want to skip to a part of the FAQ, just hit Ctrl+F and paste
    in the code below (with their brackets).
    I.	 Introduction ......................... [INTRO]
    II.	 Who is Warrior of Light? ............. [KNOWOL]
    III.	 Why Warrior of Light? ................ [WHYWOL]
    IV.	 Learning Warrior of Light ............ [LEARN]
       A.	 Stats ................................ [STATS]
       B.	 Equipables ........................... [EQUIP]
       C.	 EX Mode .............................. [EXMODE]
       D.	 EX Burst ............................. [EXBRST]
    V.	 Warrior of Light's Moveset ........... [MOVES]
       A.	 Ground Bravery Attacks ............... [BRVGRO]
       B.	 Aerial Bravery Attacks ............... [BRVAER]
       C.	 Ground HP Attacks .................... [HPGRO]
       D.	 Aerial HP Attacks .................... [HPAER]
       E.	 Brv-->HP Chain Attacks ............... [CHAIN]
    VI.	 WoL's Arsenal ........................ [ARSNAL]
       A.	 Obtainable Battlegens ................ [BTLGEN]
       B.	 Exclusive Weapons .................... [EXCWPN]
       C.	 Possible Builds ...................... [BUILD]
    VII.	 Using Warrior of Light ............... [USEWOL]
       A. 	 How to Play .......................... [HOWTP]
       B.	 Tips & Tricks ........................ [TIPS]
       C.	 Combos ............................... [COMBOS]
       D.	 Videos ............................... [VIDEOS]
    VIII.	 Defeating other Characters ........... [VS]
       A.	 Warrior of Light ..................... [VSWOL]
       B.	 Garland .............................. [VSGAR]
       C.	 Firion ............................... [VSFIR]
       D.	 The Emperor .......................... [VSEMP]
       E.	 Onion Knight ......................... [VSOKN]
       F.	 Cloud of Darkness .................... [VSCOD]
       G.	 Cecil ................................ [VSCEC]
       H.	 Golbez ............................... [VSGOL]
       I.	 Bartz ................................ [VSBAR]
       J.	 Exdeath .............................. [VSEXD]
       K.	 Terra ................................ [VSTER]
       L.	 Kefka ................................ [VSKEF]
       M.	 Cloud ................................ [VSCLO]
       N.	 Sephiroth ............................ [VSSEP]
       O.	 Squall ............................... [VSSQU]
       P.	 Ultimecia ............................ [VSULT]
       Q.	 Zidane ............................... [VSZID]
       R.	 Kuja ................................. [VSKUJ]
       S.	 Tidus ................................ [VSTID]
       T.	 Jecht ................................ [VSJEC]
       U.	 Shantotto ............................ [VSSHA]
       V.	 Gabranth ............................. [VSGAB]
       W.	 Chaos ................................ [VSCHA]
    IX.	 Quotes ............................... [QUOTES]
       A.	 Short Battle Quotes .................. [SHTQUO]
       B.	 Winning Quotes ....................... [WINQUO]
       C.	 Losing Quotes ........................ [LOSQUO]
    X. 	 Frequently Asked Questions ........... [FAQ]
    XI.	 Contact Me ........................... [CONTCT]
    XII.	 Credits/Legals ....................... [CRDLGL]
    I. Introduction			[INTRO]
    Let's start, shall we?
    First off, maybe I should tell you a bit about myself.
    My name's Calvin and I live in Indonesia. I'm not very
    good at writing but I decided to make this guide as currently
    there is no guide for Warrior of Light (which is bad >.<).
    I've been playing Dissidia since December '09 and you can say
    that I am a regular in Dissidia Board. My friends play Dissidia
    too and we have battled a lot. Sometimes I use Warrior of Light
    so I have some experience regarding his gameplay. One of my
    friend's main is Warrior of Light and I watched closely while
    he is battling to get the required information for this FAQ.
    So, you can assume that this FAQ is mainly based on my
    own experiences.
    I wanted to make his FAQ as he is one of my secondaries
    (my mains are Onion Knight and Jecht) and I find him quite
    amusing. He is one of the coolest good guy in Cosmos Side
    and he is quite the leader type too. I assume it's
    enough, eh? Let's move on to the next section!
    II. Who is Warrior of Light?   [KNOWOL]
    Warrior of Light comes from the very popular game that saves
    SquareSoft's life, that is, Final Fantasy. WoL (as I will
    be refering to Warrior of Light from now on), was brought back
    to Dissidia Final Fantasy, a fan-service game released by
    SquareEnix to celebrate their 20-years anniversary. He
    is a protagonist in both Final Fantasy and Dissidia Final
    The Warrior of Light's original outfit is based on Yoshitaka
    Amano's artwork from the original Final Fantasy, and thus
    appears as a knight in blue armor with khaki and white linings.
    His EX Mode is based on the artwork of the Final Fantasy
    warrior in a different set of armor. His alternate outfit is
    a red and white palette swap based on an alternate Amano
    piece, which also makes him more similar to the in-game
    Warrior sprites. His Crystal is a large blue shard, and
    is a direct reference to the elemental Crystals from Final
    Fantasy that each of the Warriors of Light held in the storyline.
    The Warrior's Manequin version, False Hero, is blue in hue. 
    -- taken from Final Fantasy wikia --
    Final Fantasy takes place in an unnamed fantasy world with
    three large continents. The elemental powers of this world
    are determined by the state of four glowing crystals ("orbs"
    in the original North American localization), each governing
    one of the four classical elements: earth, fire, water, and wind.
    In the two centuries prior to the start of the game, violent
    storms sunk a massive shrine that served as the center of an
    ocean-based civilization, and the water crystal went dark.
    Two centuries before then, a group of people known as the
    Lufenian, who used the power of the wind crystal to craft
    giant aerial stations ("Flying Fortresses") and airships,
    watched their country decline as the wind crystal went dark.
    Eventually, the earth and fire crystals also went dark,
    plaguing the earth with raging wildfires and devastating
    the agricultural town of Melmond as the plains and vegetation
    decayed. Some time later, a sage called Lukahn tells of a
    prophecy that four Warriors of Light will come to save the
    world in a time of darkness.
    The game begins with the appearance of the four youthful
    Warriors of Light, the protagonists of the story. The Warriors
    of Light each carry a darkened Crystal, one of each element.
    They arrive at Cornelia, a powerful kingdom that has just
    witnessed the kidnapping of its princess, Sarah, by a rogue
    knight named Garland who wants to acquire the kingdom. The
    Warriors of Light travel to the ruined Chaos Shrine in the
    corner of Cornelia, defeat Garland, and return Princess Sarah
    III. Why Warrior of Light?     [WHYWOL]
    This question is simple, yet difficult to answer. WoL is an
    all-rounded character as his title suggests. He is well balanced
    in both offense and defense. His attacks are quick, strong,
    and some has blocking properties and stagger guards. He can
    also inflict major wall-rush damage. Not only that, he also
    has Bravery to HP chain attacks, that is, linking HP attack
    after using Bravery attack. This point may be irrelevant, but
    I'm sure everybody thinks he is a cool guy for the first time
    he is seen. He has a long bluish-white hair and carries a
    sword and a shield that is held to a rope (or something, I
    dunno, but the point is, it's detachable). He also wears a full
    armor with horns on his helmet. And he is kinda obsessed
    with LIGHT and SHINE.
    To every good points, there must be the bad sides too. One
    of them is his attacks are easily blockable and quite
    predictable if they are spammed or performed when his opponent
    is not staggering. His sole HP attacks aren't too reliable
    also as most of WoL players will inflict damage via Bravery
    to HP attacks. His attacks also have a quite big lag time
    so be sure not to use it if it won't hit. Be cautious. His
    attacks' start-up time also add a point in his cons.
    So, to summarise everything up, here it is:
    + Well-balanced
    + Quick, strong attacks
    + Has Brv to HP attacks
    + Various attack properties
    + Wall-Rush
    + Variable attacks
    + Good with mind games
    + Cool?
    + Obsessed with LIGHT and SHINE
    + Horny
    - Easily blockable attacks
    - His attacks can also be easily dodged
    - Not too reliable stand-alone HP attacks
    - Quite big lag time after attacks
    - A little long start-up attack time
    - Can be quite difficult to master
    IV. Learning Warrior of Light  [LEARN]
    Let's see his stats first, ok?
    Warrior of Light
    [Paragon] - Crushes enemies with deft, balanced sword techniques.
    A legendary warrior blessed by the light. Bearing sword
    and shield, he is skilled in all aspects of combat.
    In the original game, the Warrior set out to rescue Princess
    Sarah of Cornelia, and ended up saving the world.
    His origins, his destination, his goals and motivations are
    unknown-even to him.
    IVA. Stats                      [STATS]
    -- taken from Absolute Steve's guide --
                     Stat Growth:                                                
    |Level:| HP: | CP:|Bravery:|Attack:|Defense:|Luck:|                          
    |   1  | 1000| 330|    95  |   11  |    14  |  10 |                          
    |   5  | 1242| 335|   118  |   15  |    18  |  12 |         
    |  10  | 1545| 341|   147  |   20  |    23  |  15 |  
    |  20  | 2151| 353|   205  |   30  |    33  |  20 | 
    |  30  | 2757| 365|   263  |   40  |    43  |  25 |  
    |  40  | 3363| 377|   320  |   50  |    53  |  30 |  
    |  50  | 3969| 389|   378  |   60  |    63  |  35 |  
    |  60  | 4575| 401|   436  |   70  |    73  |  40 |  
    |  70  | 5181| 413|   493  |   80  |    83  |  45 |  
    |  80  | 5787| 425|   551  |   90  |    93  |  50 |  
    |  90  | 6393| 437|   609  |  100  |   103  |  55 |                          
    | 100  | 6999| 450|   667  |  110  |   113  |  60 |                          
                     Movement Stats:  
                |Speed (ground)   |100%|
                |Air Dash Speed   |100%|
                |Quickmove Speed  |100%|
                |Jump Amount      |  1 |
                |Jump Height      | 75%|
                |Jump Rising Speed|100%|
    IVB. Equipables                 [EQUIP]
    -- taken from Absolute Steve's guide --
    |Type:  |Can Equip:               |
    |Weapons|Greatswords, Swords, Axes|
    |Head   |Helms                    |
    |Hands  |Gauntlets, Shields       |
    |Armor  |Light Armor, Body Armor  |
    IVC. EX Mode		       [EXMODE]
    Class Change - Warrior of Light changes class from Fighter to Knight
    WoL's EX Mode is pretty sweet and it is an important asset of him.
    He gains the following effect while in EX Mode:
    > Regen - Vigor and stamina recover little by little, restoring HP.
    Note: Just the same ol' regen. Every characters get this effect,
          so no need for further explanations.
    > Mirror Attack - A wall of light appears while attacking,
                      repelling weak magical attacks.
    Note: Weak magic projectiles will be deflected automatically
          (such as Firion's fire and such) This effect is great as you
          don't need to block those pesky magic projectiles. At the end of
          the blocking frame, there will be some frames where you can't
          do anything, thus, you may get hit during these frames, but
          with this effect, little, harmless projectiles will be repelled,
          so it's much safer for you.
    > Protect - An aura of light covers the body, raising defense.
    Note: ujhbn stated that it increases WoL's defense by 10. Thanks ujhbn!
    > Light's Blessing - A sword of light appears, dealing additional
    Note: This is what makes WoL's EX Mode shine. Hurts a lot. Thousands
          (I'm emphasizing it actually) of swords made of light appear
          as you hit your opponent with Bravery damage. It won't come out
          if you are hitting with HP attacks, i.e., only Bravery attacks
          will trigger this effect. Although this ability is pretty good,
          the swords of light will prevent some of WoL's combos from
          working (such as Shield Strike and Rising Buckler combo)
    Quote(when he enters EX Mode):
    "To shine brighter!"
    IVD. EX Burst                  [EXBRST]
    Oversoul - A sharp, repeated strike like a flash of light. Each
               directional button corresponds to one attack.
    Press the directional button as it appears on a box on the center
    of your screen. Easy. You should be doing it perfectly all the time.
    Quite a strong EX Burst IMO and it's very easy to get perfect. No
    need Auto EX Command. You just have to react fast and press the
    directional button correctly. One directional button means one
    attack, so if you miss one, you'll skip to the last slash automatically.
    Funfact: The last directional button is always Left.
    "I give my all - to this sword! Prepare!
    You're finished!"
    V. Warrior of Light's Moveset   [MOVES]
    Finally! I'm going to break his moves down. Get ready!
    Note: Oh, and for his Action, Support, and Extra abilities, you may
    look at Absolute Steve's guide. They're pretty accurate.
    Ability Name		: (Name of the ability)
    Description		: (In-game description of the ability)
    How to learn		: (Learn at lvl ? or master ? ability)
    AP needed to master	: (How many AP needed to master the ability)
    CP			: (CP before mastering/CP after mastering)
    Additional Effects	: (Other effect that the attack gives)
    Phases			: (Each phase requires one button press)
    Rating			: (My personal rating of the ability)
    Personal Opinion	: (My opinion with some additional notes)
    Quote			: (What does WoL say when he uses the move)
    VA. Ground Bravery Attacks     [BRVGRO]
    Ability Name		: Ascension
    Description		: [Close] Throw shield to hurl opponent upward.
    How to learn		: Level 30
    AP needed to master	: 90
    CP			: 30/15
    Additional Effects	: Chase, Wall Rush, chains to Rune Saber
    Phases			: 3
    Rating			: 4.5/5
    Personal Opinion	:
    Your best ground move. It is quick and is very difficult to predict.
    Even though it has a short range (well.. Everything needs to be
    balanced). Ascension deals awesome damage in EX Mode, especially if
    all of your hits are critical. Its third phase, where WoL hits his
    enemy upward, hurts a lot. After that hit, you will given an option
    to whether chase or chain to Rune Saber. I'd recommend you go with
    Rune Saber, but if you are confident in chasing, you may do so.
    Quote			: "Prepare."
    Ability Name		: Sword Thrust
    Description		: [Mid] Hurl shield, charge. Instantly close in
                              on opponent.
    How to learn		: Level 3
    AP needed to master	: 180
    CP			: 30/15
    Additional Effects	: Wall Rush, Guard Stagger
    Phases			: 2
    Rating			: 2.5/5
    Personal Opinion	:
    Use this against those pesky block-on-reaction type enemies. Its first
    hit where WoL throws his shield will stagger (not breaking guard) his
    opponent. Do not use this unless you are sure your opponent will be hit,
    as this move is easily punishable if you miss. Pretty good damage and
    is an optional way of chipping your opponent's bravery slowly. In EX
    Mode, the swords of light will only appear at the second phase, also,
    according to ujhbn, Sword Thrust can be blocked normally while WoL is
    in EX Mode.
    Quote			: "Get ready!"
    Ability Name		: Red Fang
    Description		: [Long] Shoot high-speed fireball towards
    How to learn		: Initial
    AP needed to master	: 120
    CP			: 20/10
    Additional Effects	: -
    Phases			: 1
    Rating			: 1/5
    Personal Opinion	:
    Horrible move if I could say. You are left with no defense when
    casting this, and it almost can't be comboed into anything. Though
    it flinches your opponent, but if he is good enough, he'll reflect
    it back at you and you are going to be the one who gets hit. What I
    want to say is avoid this. Except you can use it well. So far, I
    haven't found any benefit from this move except its average damage.
    Quote			: "Give me strength."
    Ability Name		: Blue Fang
    Description		: [Long] Chunks of ice slowly descend on
    How to learn		: Level 19
    AP needed to master	: 120
    CP			: 20/10
    Additional Effects	: -
    Phases			: 1
    Rating			: 4/5
    Personal Opinion	:
    This is the move that you will use to start your combo. It can be
    rarely deflected back at you as the Blizzard's projectiles appear above
    your opponent and most of the time they can't see it clearly because of
    camera issues. They'll be forced to dodge and when they dodge, that's
    your time to strike! And yes, it flinches your opponent. Good for
    Quote			: "Give me strength."
    Ability Name		: White Fang
    Description		: [Long] Call down lightning bolts that slowly
                              close in on foe.
    How to learn		: Level 24
    AP needed to master	: 120
    CP			: 20/10
    Additional Effects	: -
    Phases			: 1
    Rating			: 4.5/5
    Personal Opinion	:
    Regular thunder. A pillar of thunder appears in front of you and
    travels in a straight line. It can also homes vertically, i.e., it can
    go up. It flinches your opponent for a while and you can hit him
    while he is eating your thunder. Pretty good move. And this move is
    used to start your combos too. Good for pressuring.
    Quote			: "Give me strength."
    Ability Name		: Dayflash
    Description		: [Close] Quick horizontal slice. Low power,
                              quick strike.
    How to learn		: Initial
    AP needed to master	: 90
    CP			: 30/15
    Additional Effects	: Wall Rush
    Phases			: 3
    Rating			: 4/5
    Personal Opinion	:
    Very very very quick. But has horrible range. Much more shorter
    than Ascension, and it hits horizontally, so if your opponent if
    a little airborne, you'll end up slashing the wind. This move is
    used for chipping purpose, as it has little damage. Although
    you can do more damage in EX Mode with this move. 
    EDIT: Pokefan362 reminded me that Dayflash has a faster cooldown
    time than. It allows you to follow up with a guard, dodge, or
    another attack immediately. The tiny cooldown also makes it
    the best option to cancel Snooze and Lose.
    Basically, Dayflash is an SnL canceller, mindgame tool, and a
    poking tool.
    Quote			: -
    VB. Aerial Bravery Attacks     [BRVAER]
    Ability Name		: Crossover
    Description		: [Close] Spinning approach, thrust opponent
    How to learn		: Initial
    AP needed to master	: 120
    CP			: 30/15
    Additional Effects	: Chase, Wall Rush, chains to Rune Saber
    Phases			: 2
    Rating			: 3.5/5
    Personal Opinion	:
    Your midair Ascension. Why does it have lower rating than the ground
    version? Well, it's because Crossover has longer animation time before
    it hits. WoL dances around with his shield before he does the hit,
    so it is highly predictable. Never use this unless your opponent is
    staggering. If Ascension has 3 phases, it only has 2 because it
    automatically brings your opponent upward.
    Quote			: -
    Ability Name		: Rising Buckler
    Description		: Upward swing, snagging foe with shield.
                              Useful from below.
    How to learn		: Level 9
    AP needed to master	: 120
    CP			: 30/15
    Additional Effects	: Chase, Wall Rush, chains to Bitter End A
    Phases			: 2
    Rating			: 4/5
    Personal Opinion	:
    This will be your most used move in the air along with Shield
    Strike. When you are below your opponent in midair, use this!
    It's quick and it is unlikely your opponent will be able to block
    it unless he already knew your pattern. After the first phase of
    this attack, you can press square to chain to Bitter End A. If you
    press circle again, you'll continue to second phase in which WoL
    slashes his opponent flying very far and does Wall Rush. And what's
    good with this is, it tracks your opponent a bit, so even though
    you are a bit far away (only a bit though), WoL will slide and
    then attack (the sliding animation is almost negligible).
    Quote			: "You're mine."
    Ability Name		: Shield Strike
    Description		: Downward attack, scooping foe with shield.
                              Useful from above.
    How to learn		: Level 13
    AP needed to master	: 120
    CP			: 30/15
    Additional Effects	: Chase, Wall Rush, chains to Bitter End B
    Phases			: 2
    Rating			: 4/5
    Personal Opinion	:
    This will be your most used move in the air along with Rising
    Buckler. When you are above your opponent in midair, use this!
    It's quick and it is unlikely your opponent will be able to block
    it unless he already knew your pattern. After the first phase of
    this attack, you can press square to chain to Bitter End B. If you
    press circle again, you'll continue to second phase in which WoL
    slashes his opponent flying very far and does Wall Rush. And what's
    good with this is, it tracks your opponent a bit, so even though
    you are a bit far away (only a bit though), WoL will slide and
    then attack (the sliding animation is almost negligible).
    Quote			: "You're mine."
    VC. Ground HP Attacks           [HPGRO]
    Ability Name		: Shield of Light (ground)
    Description		: [Close] Force blast from shield. Hurls
                              foe while blocking.
    How to learn		: Initial
    AP needed to master	: 180
    CP			: 40/20
    Additional Effects	: Block, Wall Rush
    Phases			: 1
    Rating			: 3/5
    Personal Opinion	:
    It only blocks moves that can be normally blocked and dashing
    opponents. Good for surprising your enemy when he is dashing
    straight to you after you have just used a HP Attack. Deals no
    Bravery damage and only your front side is protected. Your rear
    side is left defenseless. WoL will also track the opponent and
    turns to face his opponent when you use this. It causes small
    Wall Rush, i.e. opponent doesn't fly pretty far.
    Do not spam this twice or thrice in a row! You're just asking
    yourself to get killed!
    Overall, a pretty good move.
    Quote			: "Shine!"              
    Ability Name		: Shining Wave
    Description		: Shoot pillars of light. Homes in on opponent.
    How to learn		: Initial
    AP needed to master	: 180
    CP			: 40/20
    Additional Effects	: -
    Phases			: 1
    Rating			: 2.5/5
    Personal Opinion	:
    Chips the ground, producing a wall of light that homes in on
    opponent. It has a pretty slow start-up animation, but has a
    good vertical range and average homing. Although it cannot
    home backward like Cecil's Dark Flame does, it's still usable.
    Quote			: "Bathe in the light!"
    VD. Aerial HP Attacks           [HPAER]
    Ability Name		: Shield of Light (aerial)
    Description		: [Close] Force blast from shield. Hurls
                              foe while blocking.
    How to learn		: Initial
    AP needed to master	: 180
    CP			: 40/20
    Additional Effects	: Block, Wall Rush
    Phases			: 1
    Rating			: 4/5
    Personal Opinion	:
    Aerial version and is better, because mostly you'll block attacks
    with this move in the air. Everything else is the same with the
    ground version.
    Quote			: "Shine!"         
    Ability Name		: Radiant Sword
    Description		: Seal fires blades of light. Blades
                              weakly track foe.
    How to learn		: Level 38
    AP needed to master	: 180
    CP			: 40/20
    Additional Effects	: Wall Rush
    Phases			: 1
    Rating			: 2.5/5
    Personal Opinion	:
    WoL creates 6 blades of light in front of him at different
    angles, after a while, those blades will home in on opponent.
    Pretty tricky to dodge. It's useless if your opponent is
    near to you. The farther the blades travel, the faster they
    become and they'll be more difficult to dodge. Personally I
    have difficulties in dodging these attacks if I'm too far
    away. So, the point is, stay as far as possible from your
    opponent when using this.
    Quote			: "Lightning!"
    VE. Brv-->HP Chain Attacks      [CHAIN]
    Ability Name		: Rune Saber (ground)
    Description		: [Combo] Light beam pierces foe.
    How to learn		: Master Ascension
    AP needed to master	: 300
    CP			: 40/20
    Additional Effects	: Wall Rush, branching from Ascension
    Phases			: 1
    Rating			: 4.5/5
    Personal Opinion	:
    Deals minor Bravery damages before hitting with a HP attack.
    Do not use it if it looks like your opponent will hit the
    ceiling when the crystal appears, as he will have time to
    recover, dodge and then attack you.
    Edit : Raexius also found that you can actually wait a bit
    before using Rune Saber when you see the opponent hitting
    the ceiling.
    Quote			: "Blade of light!"
    Ability Name		: Rune Saber (aerial)
    Description		: [Combo] Light beam pierces foe.
    How to learn		: Master Crossover
    AP needed to master	: 300
    CP			: 40/20
    Additional Effects	: Wall Rush, branching from Crossover
    Phases			: 1
    Rating			: 4/5
    Personal Opinion	:
    It's the same as its ground version.
    Quote			: "Blade of light!"
    Ability Name		: Bitter End A
    Description		: [Combo] Deft bladework.
    How to learn		: Master Rising Buckler
    AP needed to master	: 300
    CP			: 40/20
    Additional Effects	: Wall Rush, branching from Rising Buckler
    Phases			: 1
    Rating			: 4.5/5
    Personal Opinion	:
    Cool animation, pretty good damage before a HP attack. Who
    would miss this? And what's good is, this attack will activate
    Sneak Attack.
    EDIT: Pokefan362 also said that only one Bitter End should be
    equipped, because you can chain to another Shield Strike to
    use Bitter End.
    Quote			: "Take this!"  
    Ability Name		: Bitter End B
    Description		: [Combo] Deft bladework.
    How to learn		: Master Shield Strike
    AP needed to master	: 300
    CP			: 40/20
    Additional Effects	: Wall Rush, branching from Shield Strike
    Phases			: 1
    Rating			: 4.5/5
    Personal Opinion	:
    Cool animation, pretty good damage before a HP attack. Who
    would miss this? And what's good is, this attack will activate
    Sneak Attack.
    EDIT: Pokefan362 also said that only one Bitter End should be
    equipped, because you can chain to another Rising Buckler to
    use Bitter End.
    Quote			: "Take this!"  
    VI. WoL's Arsenal              [ARSNAL]
    Some builds and his exclusive equipments for him are listed here.
    VIA. Obtainable Battlegens     [BTLGEN]
    If you want to know more on how to farm battlegen, visit:
    Protect Powder	- Defense +1 (Rarity D)
    		- Battlegen by inflicting break
    		- Recommended Level 2 WoL
    Protect Shard	- Defense +1 (Rarity C)
    		- Battlegen by a successful HP attack
    		- Recommended Level 23 WoL
    Protect Crystal	- Defense +1 (Rarity B)
    		- Battlegen by a successful HP attack
    		- Recommended Level 44 WoL
    Protect Orb	- Defense +1 (Rarity S)
    		- Battlegen by inflicting Break
    		- Recommended Level 100 WoL
    VIB. Exclusive Weapons         [EXCWPN]
    1st stage
    Name		: Rapier
    Effect		: Atk+27
    Equip Level	: 36+
    Type		: Sword
    How to obtain	: You can buy it in the shop for 10750
    2nd stage
    Name		: Flame Sword
    Effect		: Atk+36, Defense+5%
    Equip Level	: 50+
    Type		: Exclusive
    How to obtain	: Rapier x1, Spirit Stone x3, Protect Shard x2
    3rd stage
    Name		: Braveheart
    Effect		: Atk+63, Defense+10%
    Equip Level	: 92+
    Type		: Exclusive
    How to obtain	: Flame Sword x1, Goddess's Magicite x5, Protect Crystal x3
    Final stage
    Name		: Barbarian's Sword
    Effect		: Atk+68, Defense+15%, Minor Counterattack Effect
    Equip Level	: 100+
    Type		: Exclusive
    How to obtain	: Braveheart x1, Guiding Light x5, Protect Orb x5
    VIC. Possible Builds            [BUILD]
    Builds are not static! Feel free to customize it the way you like,
    according to your playstyle.
    This is my current build:
    O	Ascension --> Rune Saber (ground)
    ^O	Sword Thrust
    vO	Blue Fang
    O	Crossover --> Rune Saber (midair)
    ^O	Rising Buckler --> Bitter End A
    vO	Shield Strike --> Bitter End B
    []	Shield of Light (ground)
    ^[]	None
    v[]	Shining Wave
    []	Shield of Light (midair)
    ^[]	None
    v[]	None
    Ground Evasion
    Midair Evasion
    Ground Block
    Midair Block
    Aerial Recovery
    Recovery Attack
    Air Dash
    Free Air Dash
    Multi-Air Slide+
    Speed Boost+
    Jump Boost+
    Controlled Recovery
    Always Target Indicator
    EX Core Lock On
    Precision Jump
    Sneak Attack
    EX Critical Boost
    Disable Counterattack
    EXP to EX Force
    Barbarian's Sword
    Lufenian Gauntlets
    Lufenian Helm
    Lufenian Armor
    Pearl Necklace
    Despair Shock
    HP = 100%
    After Summon
    Summon Unused (Opp)
    Pre-HP Damage (Opp)
    Red Gem
    Close To You
    Strength Orb
    Yes, I know my build sucks. But it gives me powerful damage, quick
    EX Mode, sustained EX Mode and it is very balanced.
    Anybody who is willing to submit his WoL build to me is most
    welcomed. You'll be credited for your own build of course.
    Seth Sandwhisper's better build:
    Barbarian's Sword
    A shield with +73 defense
    A helmet
    Guardian Bangle
    Champion Belt
    Gold Hourglass
    HP = 100%
    Large Gap in BRV
    Summon Unused
    Red Gem
    Orange Gem
    Center of the World
    Miracle Shoes
    Notable Abilities:
    Shield Adept
    Helm Adept
    Physical Shield (optional, but recommended)
    EX Critical Boost
    Here's what he says about his build:
    The build is made for safe players.
    Stays in Ex-mode for a good amount of time, hits hard, has
    many many critical hits and takes just a small amount of damage,
    especially physical damage. Awesome damage reduction, especially
    when you are in the verge of death.
    Zegar14's EXP-->Brv build:
    Excalibur II
    Chocobracelet (requires Equip Bangles)
    Super Ribbon (requires Equip Ribbons)
    Cyan/White Gem
    First to Victory
    Close to You
    Center of the World
    Strength Begets Courage
    Chocobo Feather
    Chocobo Wing
    Chocobo Down
    Growth Egg
    Growth Egg
    Notable Abilities:
    Exp to Bravery
    Equip Ribbons
    NO Bravery Regen
    Here's what he says about his build:
    For one, I'm going to say that EXP -> Brv builds are best on
    bonus days, and/or when using the Grind Lover play-plan,
    and/or when you've built up a lucky percentage of at least 50%.
    So, if you have all your calender bonuses, the black chocobo
    course and play a lot, this will be a very effective build for
    you. Every time you deal HP damage, you gain experience, and
    this build more than quadruples it. Then, using some complex
    formula, the game figures out a value to set your bravery to.
    This value is often higher than the bravery you had before,
    if you have enough experience boosters going your way.
    Super Ribbon is a mandatory for using the chocobo items
    with its -30% breakability. If you want a bit more boost 
    to your EX mode, you can drop the two Growth eggs (it'll
    cost you 40% Exp gain), Center of the World, Strength Begets
    Courage, and the Gem to make room for Gravitorb, Pearl
    Necklace, and a few boosters (HP=100%, Summon used/unused,
    etc). I've tested both versions, and I feel that less-frequent
    EX modes is bearable for the extra EXP you gain, and in the
    Duel Coliseum you'll rarely notice, since your EX bar carries
    over between fights. But I'm not trying to tell you how to
    play, and my build is far from perfect anyway, so go ahead
    and play around with it.
    VII. Using Warrior of Light    [USEWOL]
    This section is about the basics of playing a decent WoL (not best).
    Once you have gotten the hang of WoL, you should develop your own
    playstyle that suits your best.
    VIIA. How to Play               [HOWTP]
    So, the fundamentals are:
    - Set your abilities carefully. Your abilities will determine
      whether you'll win the game or not.
    - Always equip your best equipments and give your characters the
      best upgrades, i.e., Extra Slot, Equip Weapon, etc.
    - Learn everyone's moves, and I mean every single of them. Once
      you knew everybody's moves, then you will be able to dodge or
      block their attacks, thus preventing yourself from being hit.
    - Learn dodging and blocking. They will be your best asset for
      winning a match.
    - Practice your moves. Find the perfect time to launch an attack
      so that your attack won't hit nothing.
    - Dodge Cancel after every attacks. Dodge Cancel is the art of
      dodging after you have launched your attack to remove your
      after-attack lag time. With Dodge Cancel, you can unleash
      long, powerful combos.
    VIIB. Tips & Tricks              [TIPS]
    There are various ways to play a single character, these are
    just my recommendations, so don't just stick to it. They are
    derived from my playstyle.
    - Use your Brv-->HP chain whenever you want to end a combo.
      Just don't waste your valuable CP by equipping a move but
      you never use it.
    - Be careful. WoL can be punished severely if your attack
      misses or is blocked by your opponent.
    - Shield of Light can be used to punish your opponent who
      keep dashing straight at your face. Also, you can "cheat"
      the game by dashing toward your opponent and when you are
      about to clash with him, press square. Your opponent will eat
      your light.
    - Shining Wave has a good vertical range.
    - Only use Radiant Sword when you are far away from your
      EDIT: Rayley stated that Radiant Sword can be used to quickly
      drain EX Gauge when coupled with EX Gauge Depletion since
      whenever a sword hits it will take a % of the opponent's bar
      and Radiant Swords can hit multiple times.
    - When hitting your opponent, ensure that you are facing a
      wall, as most of your attacks do Wall-Rush. Wall-Rush can
      be very fatal if you give WoL a proper Wall-Rush build.
    - Crossover shouldn't be used as an initiator. It can be easily
      be blocked.
    - Shield Strike is somewhat difficult to predict if launched
      above your opponent as he can't look straight above his head.
      But if he manages to see you using that, then prepare to be
    - Rising Buckler hits from below and is situational to use.
    - Ascension is your best ground move and it chains to a HP attack.
      Use it whenever you can.
    - Sword Thrust is useful if you are against someone that blocks
      on reaction.
    - WoL's Fangs are good combo initiator. Especially his White
      and Blue Fang. Use them to start your long combos and to
      pressure your opponent!
    - Dayflash is very quick that it seldom gets blocked, but it
      requires you to be very close to your opponent.
    - Be cautious when using Rune Saber. If your opponent hits a
      wall when the crystal is hitting him, he will have time to
      dodge away. This can be prevented by pausing a little bit
      before pressing square though.
    - Bitter End looks awesome, deals some damage before a HP
      attack, and sends opponent towards a wall. But you should
      only equip one, as you can chain to another attack in order
      to use the Bitter End and 20 CP is very valuable.
    - Choose Free Air Dash or Omni Air Dash. If you are better at
      Omni Air Dashing, then equip it, and vice versa.
    - Multi Air Dash is good if you don't equip any Jump Times Boost
      and you want to rush at EX Cores or simply running away
      from your opponent. (Do not equip Multi Air Dash if you
      have equipped Omni Air Dash!)
    - Speed Boost is optional.
    - Jump Boost and Precision Jump are also optional.
    - Jump Times Boost is awesome if you don't use Multi Air Dash.
    - I don't recommend Midair Evasion Boost and Evasion Time Boost
      because they'll make Dodge Cancelling difficult.
    - Auto EX Command, Auto EX Burst, and Auto EX Defense are not
      required. They'll just wasting your CP. Besides, the minigames
      are fun to play.
    - You may use Snooze And Lose. It's pretty good.
    - EX Critical Boost is useful for me, but remember
      that you can't do his Rising Buckler and Shield Strike combo
      in EX Mode.
    - Riposte is very good. Because mostly you'll start your combo
      with a block.
    - First Strike should be avoided. Firstly, it requires a large
      amount of CP. Secondly, it only activates once per battle.
      And thirdly, it doesn't guarantee 100% criticals. Only 50%
      if I'm not mistaken.
    - Choose only one of these, Sneak Attack or Counter Attack.
      Equipping both means you'll have to provide 90 CP. But if
      you do not equip EX Critical Boost, then equipping both
      is not a bad idea.
    - Concentration is a waste. You'll have to stand still and
      you have to wait for a long time before it activates.
    - If your build is low HP build, then Achy, Back to the
      Wall, Magic Shield and Physical Shield will help you much.
    - If you love Bravery Regen, then you may equip it.
    - I do not recommend Cat Nip and Gambler's Spirit.
    - Disable [Insert Ability Name here] is your call. You may
      equip anything.
    - EXP to [Insert HP, Brv, or EX Force here] depends on yourself.
    VIIC. Combos                   [COMBOS]
    Here are some sample combos that will help you.
    You should invent your own combos though, that will make your
    WoL original.
    Oh, and the Rising Buckler and Shield Strike combos won't work in
    EX Mode.
    You also only need to do the first phase of those attacks.
    Before starting the combos, you can block to ensure a 100% hit and
    some of the combos require blocking.
    For Dodge Cancelling, try to finish your dodging frame behind your
    opponent, that way, your next combo will be unblockable.
    For balance, there is no infinite listed and the combos aren't
    too long.
    These combos can also be lengthened to your own will...
    -- all credits go to the owner of WoL's combos videos --
    Combos starting with Blue Fang
    1. Blue Fang > walk towards opponent > Dayflash
    2. Blue Fang > Sword Thrust
    3. Blue Fang > Ascension > Rune Saber
    4. Blue Fang > Forward Dodge Cancel > Shield Strike >
       Dodge Cancel > Rising Buckler > Bitter End
    5. Blue Fang > Forward Dodge Cancel > Shield Strike >
       Dodge Cancel > Crossover > Rune Saber
    6. Blue Fang > Shield of Light
    7. Blue Fang > Shining Wave
    8. Blue Fang > White Fang > Red Fang
    Combos starting with White Fang
    1. White Fang > walk towards opponent > Dayflash
    2. White Fang > Sword Thrust
    3. White Fang > Ascension > Rune Saber
    4. White Fang > Forward Dodge Cancel > Shield Strike >
       Dodge Cancel > Rising Buckler > Bitter End
    5. White Fang > Forward Dodge Cancel > Shield Strike >
       Dodge Cancel > Crossover > Rune Saber
    6. White Fang > Shield of Light
    7. White Fang > Shining Wave
    8. White Fang > Red Fang
    Air Combos
    1. Shield Strike > Dodge Cancel > Rising Buckler >
       Bitter End
    2. Rising Buckler > Dodge Cancel > Shield Strike >
       Bitter End
    3. Rising Buckler > Dodge Cancel > Shield Strike >
       Dodge Cancel > Crossover > Rune Saber
    Having trouble doing your combos? Then you may need
    some practice and work on the timings. Most of the combos
    have been tested. If you feel like there is a combo that
    is listed here that doesn't work, you may contact me.
    VIID. Videos                   [VIDEOS]
    What? You do not know how those combos work?
    Worry no more!
    Here are some videos to show you how to unleash the combos!
    And here is some videos of WoL played by my friend:
    VIII. Defeating other Characters  [VS]
    I'll give some tips on how to fight other characters here.
    People have different playstyles and everything that you are
    going to read are based on my experience fighting them.
    VIIIA. Warrior of Light         [VSWOL]
    Ah, a mirror match. If you are a WoL mainer, then you should know
    his strategy, combos, and what to do and don't. Stick to your
    main strategy. Don't initiate the attack first. If you miss and
    he somehow landed an attack on you, then prepare to be hit severely
    in a long combo.
    You should not worry anything though, it should be pretty easy as
    long as you don't screw up, and watch out for his fangs! Once you
    are hit, you are bound to be broken.
    Quote: "I must conquer myself."
    VIIIB. Garland                  [VSGAR]
    The big guy with transformable weapon. His attacks hit hard, very
    hard. He can land a break with only one attack, but the downside
    is, he is slow. You can run away from his attacks easily. Do not
    stay too near to him in the air, he may Bardiche you and BAM!
    You are broken.
    A Garland player usually try to score a break and kill you with
    his HP attack when he has 9999 Bravery. Earthquake has bad range,
    Tsunami doesn't travel too far, Cyclone is not dangerous as long
    as you stay away from it, and sadly, Blaze doesn't travel long
    enough and it leaves him open while casting.
    The key is to stay far from him, hit him when you've got the
    chance and you'll be alright.
    Quote: "We shall see the end to this."
    VIIIC. Firion                   [VSFIR]
    He will turtle and play defensively the whole match, so watch out!
    Shield Bash can block all your bravery attacks, and his Bravery
    attacks are ferocious, they do a lot of damage and yet ends with
    a HP attack. What's more dangerous is, they pierces guards!
    When battling against a Firion, you should not attack recklessly,
    or you will end up eating his punches. Wait for an opening and
    then strike him.
    An alternative is to stay in the air the whole
    time and forces him to be offensive and chase you to the air.
    He's useless in the air and that should be your advantage.
    Quote: "Emotions will not help you win."
    VIIID. The Emperor              [VSEMP]
    All he does is setting traps, waiting for you to come at you
    by casting Starfall, hoping for you to hit his traps. If you
    don't attack him, then you'll end up eating his Starfall.
    His traps suck in the air and the one that is dangerous in the
    ground is his Thunder Crest. It paralyzes you and if you are
    hit, it means a Flare or some mines are bound to hit you.
    Actually you can just dash through his mines and light crest,
    making him much less dangerous.
    So, you should not be hit by his traps, or you are doomed.
    Quote: "Your ambitions are nothing. "
    VIIIE. Onion Knight             [VSOKN]
    The agile kid. He chains everything to HP attack so be careful!
    He will chip away your HP bit by bit and when he enters EX Mode,
    he will be a Bravery-raping beast. His magics are tricky to
    block/dodge and it can be chained too!
    Just block his physical attacks. You can either block or dodge
    Blizzard, but if you block, do not move immediately, instead,
    wait a while for the projectile to go through you. Thunder
    is very tricky to dodge. The projectiles do not travel once
    they are spawned. To avoid getting hit, just dash at O.K. and
    you'be OK.
    His attacks are easy to dodge/block, but his speed is something
    you must take precautions of.
    Quote: "You should learn when to quit."
    VIIIF. Cloud of Darkness        [VSCOD]
    Cloud of Darkness loves to spam her HP attacks. O-Form has bad
    range and can be evaded easily. When she uses Fusillade, dash
    towards her and attack! Feint Particle Beam is not so good.
    Wide-Angle only needs to be dodged to the front. Long Range
    took too much time to cast.
    Only Wrath and Anti-Air are difficult to predict. Wrath is
    a block type attack and it's spammable. Anti-Air is very
    spammable and it has a very very very good vertical range.
    Just be careful. Just block her tentacles attacks and you
    won't be hit by any Bravery attacks.
    Watch out for her wide variety of HP attacks!
    Quote: "My light, shall pierce through your darkness!"
    VIIIG. Cecil                    [VSCEC]
    He has the ability to change forms. So what? Dark Knight
    is awesome in ground and has slow, but damaging attacks.
    Paladin is swift and he usually sticks in the air.
    Dodge his searchlight! It can be chained to long-range
    Paladin Force. Also dodge his Dark Cannon, he can chain
    it to Dark Flame, Valiant Blow, or Soul Eater.
    He should be a fairly easy opponent as long as you be
    cautious. Just remember not to let him get the upper hand.
    Quote: "Is this battle your true desire?"
    VIIIH. Golbez                   [VSGOL]
    Good pressuring on ground makes this character a beast.
    Glare Hand can come out of nowhere and Rise Wave is pretty
    good on pressuring. His air game isn't as supreme as his
    ground one but anyway, he is still a difficult opponent
    to face.
    Not to mention his Black Fang that can bait opponent to
    come closer just to be hit by his Brave attacks. He can
    also chain his Bravery attacks to HP attacks.
    Be careful when you are on the ground as his attacks
    can come anywhere anytime.
    Quote: "I sense that you seek the light."
    VIIII. Bartz                    [VSBAR]
    Mr. Mime is here! His attacks are the combination of his
    comrades and looks cool. Block/dodge his attacks and
    punish him to victory.
    His Paladin Force has a shorter range than Cecil's one,
    but it still hurts. Wind Shear is his best shield as
    it blocks almost all ordinary physical attacks and
    reflects projectiles.
    Oh, and a tip for you, when his blade shines, be sure to
    dodge/block. It means he is going to attack.
    Quote: "You must learn that courage is not recklessness."
    VIIIJ. Exdeath                  [VSEXD]
    This guy will block everything and anything that comes
    at him. If you are facing a good Exdeath player, prepare
    to have the tightes thirty minutes in your whole life.
    You won't have any hole to attack unless your opponent
    messes up.
    Omni Block and High Block are his most used blocks and
    they are frustrating to deal with. Reverse Polarity can
    make you chase him all around the stage. Seriously, you'll
    be bored when fighting him. He is slow but it doesn't
    matter for him as what he does is sit like a duck and
    Find a hole to attack and then unleash your whole combos.
    Quote: "The Void shall be your alone."
    VIIIK. Terra                    [VSTER]
    You have to fight an esper now. Terra is cute yet deadly.
    Her Holy Combo is awesome and can chain to a HP attack.
    Blizzard travels very fast and Blizzard Combo is awesome
    for punishing people who dodged at the wrong time.
    Tornado is spammable and Meltdown requires a bit of
    mindgame. Level 1 Meltdown will be very fast and travel
    at a short distance. Level 2 Meltdown will slow down a
    bit before homing at you. Level 3 Meltdown will be both
    fast and will be reflected when it hits wall.
    Her magics are awesome, but you shouldn't have any
    trouble against her if you can predict her attacks.
    Quote: "Forgive me, but I must halt you here."
    VIIIL. Kefka                    [VSKEF]
    The mad mage! His spells are very hard to predict and
    are deadly. WWF (Waggle Wobbly Firaga) makes you
    vulnerable to attacks and it hurts. SSB (Scatter
    Spray Blizzaga) is a kill in criticals. Havoc Wing
    can be used anytime when you are trapped in WWF.
    Forsaken is a bit tricky to dodge at first, and
    Trine can be used in mindgaming. Meteor can be
    devastating if not dodged properly.
    Just dodge his attacks and kill him with all your
    Quote: "I'm done with pranksters."
    VIIIM. Cloud                    [VSCLO]
    Predictable attacks, but hurt a lot if they connect.
    Cloud is almost useless outside of EX Mode. He will
    wait for you to attack him, block, and then finish you.
    But in EX Mode, things will turn. Cloud becomes
    really offensive with his Guard Breaking sword
    and damage plus. You can do nothing except just
    keep dodging his attacks and hope his EX Mode will
    end soon.
    Fighting Cloud, you'll have to make the most out
    of your opportunities.
    Quote: "Hesitation will dull your blade."
    VIIIN. Sephiroth                [VSSEP]
    Chainable Bravery attacks that multi-hit you and
    his speed while attacking makes him a feared foe.
    Shadow Flare can chain into everything, let it be
    Godspeed, Oblivion, or Fervent Blow.
    Hell's Gate M-Cancel is his trump card in entering
    EX Mode and deals an instant HP damage to you.
    Heartless Angel can be a pain if he is not interrupted.
    Overall, a pretty difficult opponent, stick to
    your strategy.
    Quote: "Mere words can no longer save you."
    VIIIO. Squall                   [VSSQU]
    A single Beat Fang in EX Mode with a good Squall build
    will make your cry for sure. Two or three Beat Fangs
    in EX Mode is enough for him to gain 9999 Bravery.
    Yes, it hurts that much, besides, it is fast and
    can be dodge cancelled early.
    His HP attacks aren't too awesome but some good
    Squall players can hit others after unleashing Squall's
    relentless slashes. Aerial Circle and Fated Circle just
    need to be dodged. Rough Divide must be dodged at the
    right time. While Blasting Zone has bad range. And last,
    Revolver Drive takes a long time to start and does not
    home well.
    Shield of Light is your best friend. It blocks Squall's
    Beat Fang when he is going to slash you.
    Quote: "Are you ready to know true strength?"
    VIIIP. Ultimecia                [VSULT]
    You will be pressured greatly while fighting her. She
    has good bravery attacks. Though her HP attacks are slow
    and is not so good.
    She is like Squall excpet she plays ranged and keeping a
    safe distance between herself and her opponent is a must.
    So, how do you fight her? Easy, just stay close to her and
    apply pressure to her. Let her feel frustrated as she can't
    stay away from you.
    Stay close to her and do not let her pressure you.
    Quote: "You cannot stop my time."
    VIIIQ. Zidane                   [VSZID]
    Little monkey. He has fast Bravery attacks that can be
    chained into HP attakcs and his attacks have phases,
    so he can dodge early and avoid getting hit.
    He is a difficult enemy and you should be careful.
    Block his attacks and counter-attack him. That
    way he won't land any attack at you. Beware of his
    Free Energy though, it is amazingly fast.
    Be careful. Block his attacks and guide your way
    to victory.
    Quote: "You cannot steal victory."
    VIIIR. Kuja                     [VSKUJ]
    His Bravery attacks are tricky to block/dodge
    as those projectiles are wicked to look at. His EX
    Mode is awesome as his Flares can help him a lot.
    Do not let him enter EX Mode!
    Ultima can be spammed a lot and he can move around
    while continue casting it. Flare Star has bad range
    and Seraphic Star means death to him.
    Kuja is a beast if you screw up.
    Quote: "Your pride will lead to your ruin. "
    VIIIJ. Tidus                  [VSEXD]
    Dodging attacks are pain. He counter-attacks you
    and deals a whole lot damage than you can ever
    imagine. He can also follow up with a HP attack.
    Hop Step is ridiculously imbalanced in EX Mode.
    Fast, and powerful.
    Other than that, his HP attacks are slow and do
    not hit immediately after it is used. Wait a second
    before dodging Jecht Shot and Slice & Dice. Spiral
    Cut is way too easy to be dodged. Energy Rain has
    bad range.
    Play safe and you'll be fine. Remember to counter-attack
    Quote: "You should be aware of your naivete."
    VIIIJ. Jecht                  [VSEXD]
    Full combos make Jecht a devastating foe. His combos
    ensure 100% break and a HP attack will follow up
    in the end. Not to mention the ridiculous Wall-Rush
    that will make your HP drops to 1.
    But beside that, his attacks have terrific range
    and can be blocked normally (unless he charges
    it up). When fighting Jecht, do not act recklessly
    as that might be your end.
    Do not get hit by his Bravery attacks at all costs.
    Quote: "I shall sever, the chains of dusk!"
    VIIIJ. Shantotto                  [VSEXD]
    Her magics are dangerous if she gets higher Bravery.
    Flare becomes a disaster to you. If she gets into
    EX Mode when she has 6000++ bravery, prepare to
    be pawned.
    Her magics get trickier and trickier to dodge at
    higher levels, i.e., higher Bravery. Bind is easy
    to avoid while Bio makes you unable to use HP attack,
    because after that a Break will sure to follow.
    To win against Shantotto, kill her before she does
    it to you.
    Quote: "This woman is out for blood..."
    VIIIJ. Gabranth                  [VSEXD]
    Hatred is what drives him. Gabranth is useless
    outside of EX Mode but will pretty much kill you
    when he enters EX Mode. His attacks get much
    stronger and he can now use HP attacks, though
    they are not so good.
    Dual Rend and Rapture are overkills. Enrage's
    slashings are so long that I might fell asleep
    when he is doing that, but it hurts.
    Do not let him enter EX Mode or you'll end up
    losing the match. But if he does, try not to
    get hit by any of his attacks.
    Quote: "Will you not seek the light of the sun?"
    VIIIJ. Chaos                    [VSCHA]
    Mad_Cartoonist guide says it all.
    And by the way, Shield of Light is your most important
    asset in fighting Chaos (it blocks Chaos' fast bravery attacks).
    Quote: "Brave spirit, come to me!"
    IX. Quotes                     [QUOTES]
    Here are a list of what Warrior of Light says in Dissidia.
    If you wanna be like WoL, then remember his quotes and
    (His long battle quotes are in the Defeating Other
    Characters section.)
    -- taken from teffy's list of quotes --
    IXA. Short Battle Quotes       [SHTQUO]
    "Come, I shall give my all."
    "So, I have no choice."
    "Give me strength."
    "We'll fight with all our strength!"
    "Light, give me strength..."
    "Destiny ends here."
    "We shall see the end to this."
    "I shall not run from my fate."
    "I won't surrender."
    "I must endure this trial."
    "All I must do is fight!"
    "I can take you on if you wish."
    "We know how this will end."
    IXB. Winning Quotes            [WINQUO]
    "This victory will be remembered."
    "The light is always with me."
    "I mustn't let my guard down."
    "The light has saved me..."
    "Brute force does not equal strength."
    "The light shall never fade."
    "I am always ready."
    "This is the way it must be."
    IXC. Losing Quotes             [LOSQUO]
    "I have a mission to fulfill..."
    "I cannot... die now..."
    "Light... never fades..."
    "Grr... Is this the end?"
    "I shall not surrender!"
    "Where is the light...?"
    "You have fought well..."
    "How could I have..."
    X. Frequently Asked Questions     [FAQ]
    (I'll update this section as soon as I get questions..)
    XI. Contact Me  	       [CONTCT]
    This is my first guide on GameFAQS, so if there are
    anything that is wrong or out of place, I apologize. I just
    hope that it could be useful. And I'm very sorry if my
    grammar/vocabulary is wrong. English is not my first language.
    You may contact me if you find any typos, mistaken info,
    grammar/vocabulary mistakes, what should I add more, any
    difference in opinion b/w you and me, or anything else. You
    can also post on the Dissidia message board if you have any
    questions or comments, and you're very lazy to write an e-mail
    to me. I promise I'll reply it as soon as I read it.
    You can also tell me some WoL's builds. You're going to be
    credited of course.
    Feedbacks, comments, opinions, etc are highly appreciated!
    E-mail: sky_dragonboy@hotmail.com
    I know. My e-mail may sound silly, but I made it when
    I was still a little kid and at that time I fancied dragons
    (I still do now).
    Feel free to contact me anytime :D
    XII. Credits/Legals            [CRDLGL]
    Finally, the last part.
    I'll first list the credits to:
    > You 			- Who read this guide. Thanks!
    > Myself, Sky_DragonBoy - For writing this guide of course
    > My PSP		- Without it, I can't play Dissidia
    > Square Enix		- For making this fabulous game
    > GameFAQS, Neoseeker   - For providing the place to put 
      and Supercheats         this guide in
    > FinalFantasy.Wikia	- For FFI main story and WoL's
                              attack quotes
    > Absolute Steve 	- For WoL's stats and equippables
    > teffy 		- For WoL's quotes
    > Deathblade2009	- For WoL's battlegen farming
    > Alice_Lockhart and
      Kavarine              - For giving me link of WoL's attack
    > (Videomakers)         - Thank you for uploading WoL's videos
    > Raexius  		- For confirming WoL's combos
    > Rayley		- For telling me about some unusable combos
    > Pokefan362		- For his *spicy* review and he pointed
                              out most of the guide's flaws, he also
                              gave me some tips in playing WoL
    > ujhbn			- Giving me useful infos
    > Seth Sandwhisper and  - For WoL's alternative builds
    > sabrekin		- He's my friend who's a WoL mainer
    > not_an_otaku 		- I'll prove to him that I can write
                              a good guide :P
    > Nice GameFAQS friends who have been very kind towards me:
      - Mad_Cartoonist
      - ArchLord_00
      - pokechampion
      - BlueSionX
      - darkdragonflame
      - Hail_Flandre
    This guide may be not be reproduced under any circumstances
    except for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any
    web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advanced written
    permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part
    of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of
    copyright. If anyone is willing to use any information from this
    guide, he/she is allowed to as long as I'm credited or this guide
    is mentioned as its source.
    Only GameFAQS, Neoseeker, and SuperCheats are allowed to post
    this guide on their respective websites. If you see this guide
    is posted in other website, then it is a piracy. I hope you
    may inform me about that.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned
    by their  respective trademark and copyright holders.
    Copyrighted by Calvin

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