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A War without Consequences.01/04/11Darksun45230
Not particularly deep or thrilling, Dissidia: Final Fantasy is only for show.01/21/09buttcake333333
Dissidia: Final Fantasy -- showing that fan-service need not be facile.01/28/09CharanJ
Squaresoft's version of MUGEN in 3D, only with a developmental budget.03/12/12UltimaterializerX
Basically an interactive FF7: Advent Children game.01/05/09_DS31
The definitive mashup? I think so!01/05/09Achturn
SE's fighter/RPG hybrid somewhat misses its mark09/02/09Angelo Heartilly
A fighting game with RPG elements (minus the epic story that FF is famous for)06/01/15Chocobahn
Dissidia is both fan service and a great game at the same time.09/01/09daveyman23
One-on-one fights involving a cast of Final Fantasy heroes and villains, mixed with RPG mechanics that make it very fun05/21/12Demigod_Tyek
The Joker from The Dark Knight would be Proud of Kefka. Everyone else, meh.01/13/10EJRICH
Is this the Final Fantasy we Envisioned?01/05/09Jahkeemyork
Kick some Butz!02/16/10Kashell Triumph
Jam-Packed with Hours of MEDIOCRE Gameplay08/03/10Kwing
Final Fantasy: Wasted Potential Edition03/29/10LordShibas
A fantasy that will never end...09/08/09Neophoton
A great addition to the series, but not without its flaws06/08/10redblackhamlett
Unique, Stylish, and Innovative!07/06/10SMuffinMan
God Bless the Ring08/31/09SuperPhillip
Dissidia: Final Fantasy, the battle between Chaos and Cosmos09/08/09Vidohunir
A small cake with a lot of icing12/23/09Wisbechistan

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