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    Weapon Guide by OboeDude

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 02/10/08 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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      0. Table of Contents
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    0. Table of Contents
    1. Introduction
    2. Version History
    3. How to read this guide.
    4. List of Weapons and Costs [44abc]
    5. The Primary Weapons [57abc]
       a) Foreword [5a]
       b) Blaster Rifle [5b]
       c) Arc caster [5c]
       d) Carbonite Freeze Gun [5d]
       e) Incinerator [5e]
       f) Shotgun [5f]
       g) Sniper Rifle [5g]
       h) chaingun [5h]
       i) Bowcaster [5i]
       j) Rocket Launcher [5j]
    6. The Secondary Weapons [67abc]
       a) Foreword [SecWeapons123]
       b) Orbital Strike [6a]
       c) Guided Rocket [6b]
       d) Tri-shot [6c]
       e) Explosive Blaster Pistol [6d]
    7. Conclusion
      1. Introduction 
    Welcome fellow gamers to my first ever guide. This guide will teach you how to
    use different weapons. It will attempt to give strategies of how to use and 
    avoid certain weapons. With no further ado, let us begin!
    ~ OboeDude
      2. Version History
    Version 0.1 (1.27.08): Started the guide. Made the Table of Contents and Intro.
    Added the List of Weapons and Cost.
    Version 0.3 (1.28.08): Started the primary weapon section. 
    Version 0.5 (2.1.08): Almost completed the primary weapon section. Entered 
    a few special guides written. Took away a Special Item/Explosive spot.
    Version 0.6 (2.7.08): Completed primary weapon section. Changed format of 
    each weapon. Added the How to read this guide section.
    Version 0.9 (2.8.08): Finished the Secondary Weapon guide. Gave credit in
    places I forgot to.
    Version 1.0 (2.10.08): Done! Submitted to gamefaqs. Fixed some rough spots and 
    spelling errors.
      3. How to read this guide
    Here is an example of the format of this guide.
    a) The Blaster Rifle
    Control Scheme: (Tells what control scheme (alt/default) is recommended with 
    this gun (note: many weapons can be used on either))
    Description: (A short introduction to the gun/weapon)
    Strategy: (Tells you how to use this gun)
    Combo: (Explains the different types of weapons that can be used in combination
    with this weapon)
    -- The Good Combo --
    (Gives a suggested loadout that can be used with this weapon).
    How to avoid: (Gives help to those that have a problem avoiding this weapon.)
    Overall Rating: (Gives what I think this gun deserves on a basis of 10)
    NOTE: In some sections, I have excerpts from players who use weapons like the
    incinerator, that I have never used. In these cases, I will just quote their
    mini-guide and the above format is neglected.
      4. List of weapons and Cost [44abc]
    Below are the weapons in the game and their credit value.
    Primary weapons - Blaster Rifle (25), Arc Caster (30),
    Carbonite Freeze Gun (15), Incinerator(20), Shotgun (30), Sniper Rifle (25), 
    Chaingun (40), Bowcaster(30), and Rocket Launcher(25).
    Secondary wepons - Blaster Pistol(0), Fusion cutter(0), Tri-shot(15),
    Emp Launcher(25), Explosive Blaster Pistol(20), Grenade Launcher(20), 
    Guided Rocket* (25), and Oribtal Strike* (20).
    Explosives - Thermal detonator(10), Detpacks(10), Cluster Grenades(15),
    and Wrist Rocket(20).
    Power-ups - Rage(15), Stamina(5), Rally(10), and Regeneration(15).
    Special Items - Health & Ammo packs(10), Auto Turrets(5), Recon Droids(10),
    Stealth Suit(20), Jet pack(30), Jump Pack(20), and Personal Shield(25).
    * = Guided Rockets are commonly referred to as GR and Orbital Strike is called 
      4. Primary Weapons [57abc]
    a) Foreword [5a]
    The Primary Weapon is the most important weapon in one's loadout. For the
    majority of your time playing this game, you will be using it to defeat
    opponents. And now, to the actual guide.
    b) The Blaster Rifle [5b]
    Control Scheme: This gun can be used on either alt or default.
    Description: One of the basic weapons of the game. Easy to use. The gun
    rapidly shoots low-damage shots. The gun has ammo and does not overheat.
    Strategy: The blaster rifle may seem very weak but it can be used effectively.
    First, you should not be fighting anyone close range. A shotgun user or
    Incinerator user will easily kill you. Instead, rely on long range to attack
    Combo: The blaster rifle is good with  cluster grenade. When facing
    a bunch of enemies, first throw the cluster grenade to the ground near them. 
    It will take away quite a bit of their health and you should start hammering 
    away with the blaster rifle (watch out - you are in close range to them). 
    Rage is also effective with blaster rifle. It can easily kill a person from -
    like I said, long distance. The only problem is, you have to make sure the shot
    hits - many a times the enemy will roll and attack. In this case, remain calm
    and steadily follow them and fire. 
    The blaster rifle is also good with the Jetpack. Using it to get high into the
    battlefront, you can then launch an assault against enemies. Pretty self-expla
    -- The Good Combo --
    Blaster Rifle (25 credits)
    Fusion Cutter (0 credits)
    Jet Pack (30 credits)
    Rage (15 credits)
    30 health
    0 speed
    0 capture
    Blaster Rifle (25 credits)
    Fusion Cutter (0 credits)
    Cluster Grenade (15 credits)
    30 health
    0 speed
    25 capture rate (or get 30 speed)
    Avoiding it: To avoid the blaster rifle, simply reverse what I
    said above. Try to get close range if you use shotgun, bowcaster, or inci.
    You shouldn't be concerned about them doing a lot of damage unless they have
    rage. If they do, then try to either wait out the rage or use the element of 
    A weapon like the carbonite freeze gun works against enemies like this - just
    stay either medium range or point blank. Once frozen, just use a tri-shot or
    wrist rockets.
    c) The Arc Caster [5c]
    Control Scheme: This gun is best used with the alt scheme because locking on 
    to an enemy, will not allow your charge to hit all the enemies.
    Description: Taken from the dark trooper in Battlefront 2, this weapon is a 
    hard one to master. It also can attack people under stealth.
    Strategy: The arc caster's advantage is that it can hit multiple enemies.
    Obviously, the more it is charged, the more damage done. This weapon neither
    overheats nor has ammo - after each shot, it waits 3 secs to be able to shoot
    The arc Caster is close range and has no effect on vehicles. The main idea
    of the arc caster is to chain up to multiple enemies. 
    Say we have 3 people fighting you.
    They are A, B, and C. We are I
    A  C 
    If we were to release the shot here, person A and C are most likely to be hit.
    However, person B might be missed.
    As you can see from this, you have to be very close to them to be effective. 
    A good way to do effectively use this is to capture command posts with them.
    When the enemies spawn in, you should be ready to unleash a fully charged shot.
    It should hit all of them and you and your teammates can finish them off.
    As you tell, the arc caster is kinda like a support weapon - it is hard to
    kill even AI with it, but it can deal a fair amount of damage.
    However, there is one way to get a good amount of damage. Stand by a confined
    area like those in Mustafar. Release it when a bunch of enemies appear through
    it. Choke points like these help greatly in effectiveness.
    Combo: The arc caster is good with a secondary weapon like a tri-shot or
    grenade launcher. Both of which are effective against low health enemies.
    The jet pack is vital to this too. You must be able to get near an opponent
    quickly to do enough damage.
    -- The Good Combo --
    Arc Caster (30 credits)
    Grenade Launcher (20 credits) (Can be replaced by tri-shot or OS - you may be
    wondering why OS. Its because sometimes, when the OS misses - it instead does 
    like 3 bars of damage. This can kill weakened enemies)
    Jet Pack (30 credits)(This can be replaced by jump pack if you feel more
    comfortable using that)
    20 health
    0 speed
    0 capture
    Arc Caster (30 credits)
    Proxmity Mines (10 credits)
    30 health
    0 speed
    25 capture 
    How to avoid: So what are you going to do if a person uses it
    ,you ask? First of all, if you use stealth and they uncover you, don't try to
    go back into stealth. This is because the arc caster can uncover you
    (it zaps you automatically sorta). 
    The strategy is to attempt to run off long distance. Use a jet or jump pack 
    and then use a long range weapon to kill them - even a blaster rifle will work.
    (neither their tri-shot nor their arc caster work long range).
    Overall Rating: 4/10 (its hard to master and even then, doesnt work all too 
    c) Carbonite Freeze Gun [5d]
    Description: The freeze gun allows users to...as the name implies, freeze 
    enemies. The time they are frozen depends on how long the charge has been held.
    Used properly, it can freeze an enemy for 10 seconds (a full charged shot).
    A regular shot without charging freezes them for a few seconds.
    Strategy: The freeze gun is not for impatient people. Many players online
    who use it randomly attempt to freeze enemies. This is not a good idea. A good
    idea is maybe to wait until they finish rolling (if using alt. controls). 
    If you use default, just keep your cool and freeze the person.
    You should also not be fighting multiple enemies. It makes it very hard to 
    Combo: This carbonite freeze gun will not be enough to kill an enemy. You will
    need a secondary weapon like a tri-shot to kill. 
    Some people also use explosives to kill after being frozen. The most common is
    the wrist rocket. If you choose to use this, then remember that you have to 
    get more ammo often. 
    Another good way to combo it is to use a grenade launcher. Doing about 2 bars
    of damage each shot, it is a easy way to kill even high health enemies.
    A great way to sneak on enemies is to use stealth. Basically, you pick the
    enemy off one at a time. Just follow them and when you get a chance, freeze
    them. Then, use your secondary weapon or explosive to finish.
    -- The Good Combo --
    Carbonite Freeze Gun (15 credits)
    Tri-shot (15 credits)
    30 heatlh
    0 speed
    35 capture
    Carbonite Freeze Gun (15 credits)
    Orbital Strike (20 credits)
    30 health
    30 speed
    0 capture
    Carbonite Freeze Gun (15 credits)
    Wrist Rockets (20 credits)(You can subsitute this with Cluster Grenade)
    30 health
    0 speed
    35 capture
    Carbonite Freeze Gun (15 credits)
    Wrist Rockets (20 credits)
    30 health
    0 speed
    15 capture
    How to avoid: The carbonite freeze gun is hard to avoid seeing as if you get 
    frozen, you are almost guarenteed to die. The trick is to know who these ppl 
    are, and either avoid them using jump/jet pack, or to snipe them. If neither
    of these suits you, feel free to try your hand at a blaster rifle. Just go 
    long range - it should work.
    Overall Rating: 7/10
    d) Incinerator [5e]
    NOTE: It is strongly reccomended that the Incinerator be used ONLY with 
    default controls, due to the extreme difficulty of defeating an enemy 
    utilizing Alt. controls... 
    Description: The incinerator is a flame-thrower type gun, capable of shooting 
    flames at the enemy and essentially burning them to a crisp. This gun 
    DOES NOT have ammo and overheats after approximately 4.5 seconds of continual 
    use. This gun has medium/short range, but is more effective in close quarters 
    Strategy: Due to the fact that the Incinerator overheats after about 4 seconds, 
    utilizing the roll feature plays a big part in an effective Incin. strategy. 
    I strongly recommend that new users of the Incin. practice shooting for a 
    second or two (depending on enemy's movement) then rolling so your gun can 
    cool down a few bars and break free of any lock the opposition might have 
    on you. Shoot, roll, shoot, roll. If timed right and the enemy is not 
    especially jumping and/or rolling, you can kill an enemy after about your 3rd 
    or 4th roll. 
    Combo: As with most weapons, Rage greatly increases the damage of your 
    incinerator. Although the incinerator overheats fairly quickly, when 
    equipped with rage you can take out an enemy using Lvl 3 health before 
    the Incinerator overheats, thus makin Incinerator+Rage a very good CQC combo. 
    For those that have troubles keeping their Incin. from overheating, 
    I reccommend using Tri-shot as your secondary, as long as you still use rage. 
    When your Incin. overheats, quickly switch to your trishot to finish off the 
    enemy effectively and w/o waiting those crucial seconds for your gun to cool 
    back down. 
    Another combo that works well with the incinerator is stealth (as many players
    you see online use). Basically you just sneak up on a player and lock-on, then
    start attacking. Its a very popular version but for experienced players, it 
    is not necessary and is better used in capture rate or speed (more so in 
    capture rate because when you run toward an opponent, you need the stamina to 
    get there (under stealth)). 
    -- The Good Combo -- 
    Incinerator(20 credits) 
    Fusion Cutter(0 credits) 
    Rage(15 credits) 
    20 Health 
    20 Speed 
    25 Capture 
    ^^ Great for skilled Incin. users. High speed+High stamina makes for great 
    dodge maneuvers and capturing crucial command posts quickly. 
    Note: I mainly use FusionCutter as a secondary due to the fact that the 
    Incin. does no damage to vehicles. So instead of running from them, you can 
    slice them and use them yourself. 
    Incinerator(20 credits) 
    Tri-Shot(15 credits) 
    Rage(15 credits) 
    20 Health 
    10 Speed 
    15 Capture 
    ^^ For those with overheating problems, use this loadout. It is also effective
     when chasing someone and they are out of range of your Incin., pull our your 
    Trishot, turn on Rage, and blast away. Trishot can also be used for medium 
    range combat, then switch to Incin. when it becomes more of CQC. 
    Avoiding It: FIGHT FROM A DISTANCE!! Incinerators are very effective in CQC 
    so the only way to combat an Incin user is to shoot from medium range or long 
    distance. If you find you have a Incinerator user on your tail, then run, 
    run, run. Also try jumping sporadically and randomly to throw off an 
    Incinerator user.
    |ALL CREDIT GOES TO YO_Daddy6     |
    e) Shotgun [5f]
    Control Scheme: Default works quite well. As explained below, its easier to get
    a OHK with default.
    Description: This classic gun still maintains its normal state - short ammo
    clips and the effectiveness in close range.
    The shotgun is a very powerful weapon in most games, and is no different in 
    renegade squadron. The shotgun is most effective in close quarters shotgun 
    because of its powerful blasts and its spread of ammo. The shotgun is 
    especially effective when used with rage and high health. The key to being 
    effectinve with the shotgun is to get close to your target and shoot a well 
    aimed shot making sure to hit your target with as much of the shot as 
    possible, the closer the better. 
    Here are a few tips to using the shot gun 
    • The shotgun is not a long range weapon. Do not treat it as one. Unless the 
    person has really low health, do not trying to hit them long range. You will 
    only alert them to your prescense and allow them to retaliate. Get as close 
    as you can will losing as little health as possible and then take your shot. 
    You should at the most need only 2 or 3 shots to dispatch an enemy. 
    • Using rage with your shotgun will almost always ensure a one hit kill. 
    • Combining the shot gun with a jump/jetpack will allow you to cover ground 
    quickly and will allow you to effectively evade you enamys shots. 
    • Using health 3 with your shotgun is especially effective. In any close 
    quarters fight, the shotgun will beat every other gun. If you encounter some 
    on the battlefield having health 3 will give you enough time to kill them, 
    even if you take damage. 
    • If you encounter someone who uses a long range weapon roll and dodge until 
    you get close enough to take shots 
    • Beware of the reload. You may be on a roll with your shotgun, but if you 
    have to stop to reload your done. 
    Here are some tactics when using the shotgun. 
    1. If using a jump pack run up to your target and start shooting, when they 
    lock on, jump over them with the jump pack, roll, and shoot. Repeat until dead.
     (results may vary depending on how hard you pwn) 
    2. If using stealth suit sneak up on someone. Lock on. Wait for lock on 
    reticule to shrink for critical hit. Start shooting. 1 or 2 shot should be 
    enough if you’ve done it right. 
    3. If using shield do not deploy shield immediately, wait for health to get 
    lower then deploy it. It will buy you more time. 
    4. If using capture rate 3 or 2 keep count of spawn count. If some spawns and 
    you kill them, count to ten and get ready to fight someone else who spawns. 
    |ALL CREDIT GOES TO BENLAGGIN (a.k.a Mcwayne125)|
    How to avoid: The shotgun can be countered by using long range. If this is not 
    possible (or a confined map), then roll a lot. They have a harder time killing
    you when this happens.
    Also, don't assume that if you have 5 bars of health out of 6, therefore you 
    should be fine. A normal shot alone from an alt control shotgun user can hit
    3 bars of health. And with rage, 5 or 6 bars.
    f) Sniper Rifle [5g]
    Control Scheme: A very controversial debate. Some players (like me) prefer
    alt scheme as it allows free movement (at least a tad bit easier). Some players
    like shadow sniper (the person who wrote the guide), use default and claim that
    because they can move diagonally - they have the advantage. 
    Description: This long-range gun does not let down sniper's hopes.
    "Hey everyone, I've written a little guide due to the poor state of the sniping
    population. I hope to correct the problems that many new snipers have with the
    basics. I was once ranked 3 on an older account, but I have made a new one 
    because i wish to snipe a lot more. 
    Now sniping has many strengths and a few weaknesses. The main strengths are 
    obviously the ability to kill at a distance, being able to find and reveal 
    people under stealth, and the surprising success I've had while facing hackers. 
    So to begin, you obviously need a few things, first off, if you are hoping to 
    permanently snipe, crank the aiming sensitivity way down in the Advance Control
    s setting. Believe me you're going to need precise aim if you hope to be a 
    proficient sniper like me. 
    Second, you need a load out, this is mine, and i recommend something similar... 
    Sniper Rifle 
    Tri - Shot 
    Stealth Suit 
    Health Level 2 
    Ok, now for a general introduction. Sniping is generally underestimated in RS
    due to the one feature that may seem cool at the beginning, but then seems 
    noobish. Yes, the AIM ASSIST! Now I'm going to tell you the one flaw that has
    plagued nearly every sniper i've seen, they use it. As far as i know there is
    no option to remove it so live with it. 
    The secret to sniping is the same as nearly every game, HEADSHOTS!!! These 
    are a guaranteed one shot kills, but they are much more difficult to get in 
    this game. Now look at the middle of your sniper scope, and you see a very 
    faint CROSS, now with experience you'll learn where this is, but if you line 
    this up on the enemies head and shoot, the AIM ASSIST is disabled, and you 
    get a head shot killing in one blow. 
    Now generally if you want to be good at sniping, use stealth. Move to a well 
    sheltered location, where you can easily dive to cover if spotted, such as 
    a bunker, next to a tree etc, NOT out in the open. Turn on your stealth and 
    rage, and when you see an enemy DON"T SHOOT HIM. Wait till you see the 
    pattern to their movement (such as if they are just running forward) or wait 
    until they stop. It is essential that your first shot hit their head, 
    otherwise, if they are a half decent player, they will see and kill you. 
    So remember, be patient, and wait for the head shot, there is nothing more 
    satisfying then taking out someone with a level 3 health upgrade in one shot  
    Ok, so that's how you deal with REGULARS, now if you see someone go stealth, 
    shoot at where they were straight away, generally those sneaky buggers don't 
    expect to be revealed and will continue in the same direction, giving you 
    another clear shot. So the only time you SHOULD be using the AIM ASSIST is on
     Computer Players and Stealthed people. 
    If someone DOES see you, try to take another shot at them, if they are too 
    close, try to duck out of view, and quickly put your stealth on, the sucker 
    should come running around the corner, hoping for an easy kill, and you can 
    just pound on him with your tri shot up close (you should still have rage 
    Now once you get the hang of sniping you will become a very valuable part of 
    your team, i now average about 25-30 kills per match with very few deaths, 
    obviously WAY more kills if there are a high number of Computer Players. 
    Ok so now you know how to snipe, keep practicing and good luck."
    Combo: Note: Some of these combos are explained above.
    The sniper rifle works well with many weapons and items. At the top of 
    the list is rage. Basically, you can kill a lot of enemies really quickly with 
    a sniper rifle and rage. Just make sure they dont get near you. 
    Another weapon is the tri-shot like shadowsniper said. You snipe until they get
    near you. Then you change weapons and finish them. This way you wont only be
    long range.
    One item that is considered vital - the stealth suit. Any good player could
    pick you off if you weren't covered. They way to use this is to go under
    stealth, take a shot or two, then move under stealth. This way people cannot 
    tell where you are. 
    -- The Good Combo -- 
    Sniper Rifle
    20 health
    15 capture
    Sniper Rifle 
    20 hp
    35 capture rate (that way you can stay under stealth longer. Also, if necessary
    you can capture a CP)
    How to avoid: A sniper is very hard to avoid especially if they use stealth.
    However, weapons like the OS can combat them. Also, stealth allows you to 
    follow them and kill them with a weapon like the shotgun (most snipers stay
    in so called sniping spots - if you see them up really high, take a sniper rifle
    yourself and take them down).
    Overall Rating: 10/10 (when used properly that is)
    g) Chaingun [5h]
    Control Scheme: Again, this weapon is hard to say. Though it seems as if the 
    default control scheme is best for this one. 
    Description: The chaingun is still the high-powered gun that it always have...
    with a few setbacks. 
    Strategy: One reason people don't use the chaingun very often is the quick 
    overheating and the high amount of credits.
    For a whooping 40 credits, this gun can shoot 3.6 seconds of pure terror. 
    Despite this, the shots must hit him the whole time. The main setback of this
    weapon is that it overheats and you are then an easy target.
    One way to use chaingun effectively is to use it at mid-range. That way, people
    who use shotgun or incinerator cannot get close to you. Meanwhile, snipers will
    have a harder time picking you off.
    Combo: The chaingun works with rage. Locking on, a chaingunner with rage makes
    for a formidable challenge. Only problem - chaingunners tend to get
    overconfident and charge ahead, not remembering to stay at mid-range. This 
    leads to many deaths by the hands of incinerator and bowcaster/shotgun users.
    -- The Good Combo --
    30 health
    0 speed
    15 capture
    How to avoid: The way to avoid chaingunners is simple. First, you may use
    stealth to sneak behind and/or destroy them. Second, you may use close range
    weapons to take out cocky chaingunners. Lastly, you can use sniper rifle to 
    pick them off before they get close.
    OVERALL RATING: 6/10 (if used in a proper manner that is - I still dislike 
    it because it takes up a lot of credits)
    h) Bowcaster [5i]
    Control Scheme: The bowcaster works well in both schemes. Many players use 
    default so that they can lock on and roll. Some players (including me) use
    alt controls so that they can turn around and respond to attacks quicker.
    Description: The bowcaster is the classic standard Wookie equipment.
    Strategy: First of all, the bowcaster is a spread fire gun and it good in kill-
    ing running enemies. Obviously, it can be charged and does more damage close
    Combo: Take rage and bowcaster and you get a mean combo. Total ownage in some
    maps (like Mustafar). Just charge it and move. Then fire full shot. Spread shot.
    They dead. The end. 
    On other maps, using stealth with rage works too. Many people do not believe
    this is a good idea because the bowcaster is a charge weapon and the moment
    you start to hold the button, you appear out of stealth. The way out of this
    is to wait until someone has passed you. Then, turn around and activate rage.
    Charge the bowcaster 
    One interesting idea is to use a health & ammo pack to heal. What you do is
    to shoot a person close range then throw the health pack when you get low on
    -- The Good Combo --
    30 health 
    0 speed
    25 capture
    30 hp
    0 speed
    0 capture
    Overall Rating: 9/10 (It has its disadvantages against weapons like the inci.)
    i) Rocket Launcher [5j]
    Control Scheme: Alt scheme. Why? You will need to move around the screen freely
    if you want to kill infantry (otherwise, if its a vehicle, by all means - use
    Description: The rocket launcher is a powerful weapon that was made to counter
    AT-ST and tanks. Works against infantry too :-)
    Strategy: When using the rocket launcher, it is important not to hastily shoot.
    You must wait for the enemy to be in a favorable position. 
    A favorable position is one in which the distance between you and your enemy
    is mid range. If shooting long range, you take the risk of missing and having
    to wait all the time to reload. If shooting too close, it is also easy to miss 
    seeing that they might be rolling or running around.
    In some cases, where there are a bunch of people crowding around you (like
    inci + stealth users) then feel free to move the screen down and commit suicide.
    Not only do you have a chance to kill the enemies directly near you, you can
    also take the kills away from some players.
    Note: I have fun using rocket launcher against AI.
    Combo: It is important to have a secondary weapon. One like the tri-shot or
    the Orbital Strike. This is due to the fact that it is hard to kill enemies 
    effectively ONLY using the rocket launcher (seeing as enemies may be using
    One idea that has not been tested yet is to use a jetpack or jump-pack, and to
    fly upwards then take a shot from there. 
    -- The Good Combo --
    Rocket Launcher
    Orbital Strike
    Jump Pack
    20 health 
    0 speed
    0 capture
    How to avoid: This one is simple. Unless you are in a vehicle, stealth works 
    good. Just sneak up on them and kill them. Almost all weapons except turrets
    and tanks. Sniping is effective though make sure they don't spot you first.
    Or you are a dead sniper (if they are a decent rocket launcher).
    Overall Rating: 4/10 (Hard to use, but it has its uses - and great fun).
       6. Secondary Weapons
    a) Foreword [SecWeapons123]
    The Secondary Weapons are the back-up weapons used in great times of need.
    Seeing as how I explained combinations in the beginning part of this guide,
    I will only teach you how to use this weapon and ONLY it (only adding a powerup
    or special item every now and then).
    NOTE: I WILL NOT INCLUDE ALL THE WEAPONS. For example, the Blaster Pistol,
    Fusion Cutter, Grenade Launcher are all excluded.
    b) Orbital Strike [6a]
    Control Scheme: This is 100% better on alt. controls. This is because you will
    want to be able to move freely and aim instead of having to zoom in.
    Description: This weapon fires a green burst that kills all around it.
    Strategy: First of all, this weapon can be used long range (most people online)
    or close range (like me).
    When used long range, you should know that you do not need to shoot directly 
    onto the enemy. A little margin of error is allowed. Once you shoot, move a bit
    as to not let enemies discover you.
    When using close range, set your sensitivity up a few levels. That way you can
    easily aim. Anyway, the basic theme of close range shooting is that you basica-
    lly wait for someone to attack you. Then, you jump and fire toward the ground.
    You move away quickly (staying there too long will result in you committing 
    suicide). Then, if you think your shot is good, wait. The ammo in this gun is
    very little and is hard to cope with. If you think your shot missed, then fire
    another shot. More often than naught, enemies will be confused by the green
    oblivion in the screen. Even if that one misses or only does partial damage,
    the second one will finish him off.
    One more tactic that can be used with the OS is to spawn kill. Basically stand
    by an enemy CP. Before capturing it, stand a bit off and fire. Hopefully, they
    will be spawning in right when your shot releases the deadly impulses. There.
    Dead enemies laying on the CP. You can then proceed to capture the CP.
    Combo: The Orbital Strike is well used with Stealth. This allows for you to
    be able to make an accurate shot.
    The Orbital Strike also can be used with the Health & Ammo Pack. The idea is
    to fix the lack of ammo with this. Only problem is that enemies can spot you
    and you will be ambushed more often than not.
    -- The Good Combo --
    Orbital Strike
    30 health
    0 speed
    25 capture
    Orbital strike
    Health & Ammo Pack
    30 health
    10 speed
    25 capture (or have 0 speed and 35 capture)
    How to avoid: The Orbital Strike is hard to avoid. Especially if they use 
    stealth and hide. If they dont, just sneak on them with stealth and kill them.
    Most players online will not use close combat OSing. This is because the 
    majority of players online use default and it is impossible to achieve that 
    on that.
    (Most players also will not be using stealth).
    You have to watch them though. They might suddenly pull an inci when you get 
    too close. I recommend a quick shotgun to take them out.
    Overall Rating: 9/10 (Has its flaws - ammo, but overall, great weapon)
    c) Guided Rocket (6b)
    Control Scheme: There isn't much difference. But for the sake of using the GR
    for close combat, use alt scheme.
    Description: The name says it all - the infamous GR! Basically its a player
    controlled OHK rocket launcher.
    Strategy: Okay this one is a tough one. Many players rely on just sitting at
    a CP and shooting. While this may get some kills, it makes for an easy target.
    The way to effectively use the GR is to not rely on ammo droids (instead refer
    to the Combo section of this). You will be more effective closer range.
    Another brilliant way to use it is to hide behind a structure, sorta like in 
    Tatoonie. Two of the houses for an angle like this:
    (a = empty space put in so that they wouldn't ruin the drawing when uploaded)
    (There are openings on both sides.)
    The x is where you stand. You just shoot out and then curve your GR to hit
    all the enemies on the other side of the wall. Its brilliant - only until
    players hunt you. Before that, you will have fun laughing at the enemy GR
    players trying to hit you.
    OK so someone is hunting you. First things first, if they use stealth - use it
    too. Just stand nearby and wait for them to appear. Then just fire the GR and
    slay. Easy going (you will have to rely on the ammo droid for this.)`
    Ahhh! You say? Someone has gotten into close combat with you? Well the way to
    fend for yourself using the GR is to first clear your shot. Make sure that
    you don't hastily shoot. Also, know that when reloading, you can run faster
    (dont believe me? Try it). Therefore, just dump a GR then run for the heck 
    once a good distance between you and him, just jump and turn around at same 
    time (this is where the alt. scheme helps). Then just fire and kill.
    One thing to know when using the GR in confined places like Mustafar is that
    you must be aware of the way the game is made. Even if you don't directly hit
    the top of anything, the game may still explode your GR. Don't get mad and 
    learn how to shoot through corridors without inducing these negative effects.
    Combo: The GR is well used with many items.
    1) The Health & Ammo Pack. Basically you make it so that people have a harder
    time finding you. Just ignore the ammo droid and use this. That way, you can be
    closer to the enemies (and also have some reserve hp).
    2) The Stealth Suit. DO NOT BE HASTY. This combo is deadly. All you do is wait
    for a really good shot to kill lots of people (ideally near a CP). Then you 
    take the shot then move on out and reload at an ammo droid. 
    Note: First person to introduce me to this is Bobsicle. I saw a player online
    by the name of StormRimmaShot. Sweet player - he uses this combo effectively.
    Credit goes to him though I probably will never talk to him.
    3) The Jet Pack (Believe it or not). The idea is to give your GR some air time.
    Just use the jet pack then fire the GR. It will be already high in the air and
    enemies will have a hard time seeing it. Just crash and burn it.
    Note: This idea was found by Sin_Shenron and other players. Not me.
    How to avoid: So there's the really annoying player on the other team using a
    GR. Well, first things first is to identify their style.
    They could be a stealth + GR, in which I recommend staying farrrrrrr away. 
    They are dangerous and weapons like the sniper rifle may work. 
    They could be a camper (most of them). Just take a lot of capture rate and 
    stealth. Then, sneak up on them. Wait for them to shoot. Kill them. Disappear
    again and kill any of the remaining GR users (if any).
    They could be a wanderer (with the Health & ammo pack). In this case, you have
    to rely on luck to find their temporary camp. Then, just slay them like normal.
    Overall Rating: 6/10 (Easy to use, and its OHK, but easy to get killed and
    Note: It's 10/10 if you are a pro using it. One word: Deadly. 
    d) Tri-shot [6c]
    Note: The tri-shot is VERY hard to master. Do not attempt it as the first-time
    Control Scheme: Alt. Scheme works perfect here too. 
    Description: This overlooked 15-credit weapon is the perfect way to CP steal.
    Strategy: Okay listen up scoundrels. We are here to grab CP's. The tri-shot is
    really good with this. The overloading will defeat you in battle if you attempt
    to fight with more than one enemy.
    The trishot is a close ranged weapon. Using it long range = death. Even mid-
    range is not acceptable. 
    Also, watch for inci. users.
    However, against the one enemy, it wins. Not even including rage, you can just
    barely kill (either putting them at 1 shot away from death or dead) a person.
    So the way to capture CPs is this. First, get there using stealth. Then, 
    identify what enemy uses what (ie. this guy uses GR, this guy is sniping, 
    there is a guy with stealth and inci. nearby). 
    Then, wait for the stealth ppl to move a reasonable distance off, then kill the
    snipers and OSers first. Then, kill the GR users. Then, WAIT.
    The next wave of enemies should spawn in. Pretend like you are not there (just 
    linger to the side). Then, wait for most ppl to clear out. If no one is near 
    the CP, then take it to neutral. Kill the snipers and GR ppl again and take 
    the base.
    OKAY you say, that sounds all great. But how am I supposed to achieve this all
    in one life? 
    The answer is that we rely on a method called hit and run.
    You just hide in stealth for the perfect time to start. Once you killed someone
    , go under stealth. Wait for your gun to not overheat then get another victim.
    Eventually, allies will come and help cause chaos. 
    Note: If you die on the first try, don't be discouraged. Go back and have 
    revenge on the person who killed you. Then, feeling good, take the CP.
    Combo: The tri-shot MUST go with stealth. Hands down. Just sneak up and kill
    like the above paragraphs mentioned.
    The tri-shot also works with rage (you can kill an enemy really quickly). 
    However, the credit limit makes it a problem. You most likely will have to 
    sacrifice your speed and capture rate to make this possible.
    Note: The tri-shot is VERY hard to master. Do not attempt it as a first-time
    -- The Good Combo --
    30 health
    0 speed
    15 capture (or 20 speed and 0 capture)
    0 health 
    30 speed
    35 capture
    30 heatlh
    0 speed
    35 capture
    ^^ Not as involved as the previous loadout. It happens to be the second loadout
    I ever used. It is safe but you are slow with 0 speed. You can get really far
    with the 35 capture rate though.
    How to avoid: To avoid the tri-shot takes a lot. First of all, you can try
    using a jetpack or jumppack to get away. Long range basically works here.
    Not much more to say seeing as if they use the above combos, they will be under
    stealth for a long time. But you can try to uncover them with inci.
    e) Explosive Blaster Pistol [6d]
    Control Scheme: Default. You need to lock on.
    Description: This weapon is a high damage weapon that does approx. 2 bars
    of damage when used without rage.
    Strategy: This gun is pretty simple. It can be used preferrablly mid-range.
    It has little ammo so the usage of ammo droid may become necessary. 
    Combo: This gun can be used with rage. Just turn it on, and shoot away. Watch
    the reloading time though - it may take too long. Once you run out of ammo, 
    go reload at an ammo droid. Rinse and repeat and you get some solid kills.
    (Note: This was not found by myself and was suggested by someone on gamefaqs)
    -- The Good Combo -- 
    Explosive Blaster Pistol 
    30 health
    0 speed
    35 capture rate
    How to avoid: Just make the person miss. Roll and then shoot when they reload.
    Repeat and you get an easy kill. Or just use a Jumppack to get really close to
    Overall Rating: 3/10 (I don't find its uses)
       7. Conclusion and Special Thanks
    I hope that after you read this guide you will become more adept at certain
    weapons. It is in my interest to see better online players with more varieties
    of loadouts. 
    This great guide could not have been made with the help of:
    Gamefaqs: For their wonderful forum
    ShadowSniper, yo_daddy6, Benlaggin: For their contributions
    LucasArt: For make a wonderful game

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