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    Walkthrough by Mr. V

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    Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron (PSP); Rebellion Developments/
    This guide copyright 2008, Levi van Tine - levi(dot)vantine(at)cmich(dot)edu
    Single-Player Guide version 1.05 (Walkthrough, originally submitted on
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    - Introduction..........................................................{intro}
    - Setup.................................................................{setup}
    - Battlefront Basics....................................................{basic}
    - Walkthrough
    	Mission 1: Yavin IV.............................................{yavin}
    	Mission 2: Alderaan...............................................{ald}
    		Boss: Boba Fett..........................................{boba}
    	Mission 3: Ord Mantell............................................{ord}
    		Boss: IG-88...............................................{ig1}
    	Mission 4: Kessel..............................................{kessel}
    	Mission 5: Tatooine...............................................{tat}
    	Mission 6: Boz Pity...............................................{boz}
    	Mission 7: Hoth	(Ground)........................................{hothg}
    		Boss: Darth Vader..........................................{d1}
    	Mission 8: Hoth (Space).........................................{hoths}
    		Boss: Darth Vader..........................................{d2}
    	Mission 9: Korriban..............................................{korr}
    	Mission 10: Sullust...............................................{sul}
    		Boss: IG-88...............................................{ig2}
    	Mission 11: Endor.................................................{end}
    - Weapons & Equipment..................................................{weapon}
    - Power-ups and Bonuses.................................................{power}
    - Instant Action...........................................................{ia}
    - Galactic Conquest........................................................{gc}
    - Version History.....................................................{version}
    - Bibliography.........................................................{biblio}
    - Legal Notices.........................................................{legal}
    |INTRODUCTION|								{intro}
    This guide is a general walkthrough for Renegade Squadron (hereafter referred
    to as RS), a PSP-exclusive incarnation of Star Wars Battlefront.  It will take
    you step-by-step through all the missions in the single-player campaign.  There
    are also short write-ups on the other two single-player opportunities, Instant
    Action and Galactic Conquest (stay tuned for an in-depth guide on Galactic
    Conquest).  This guide does not contain any information on any multiplayer
    components of the game.
    I've gone to moderate lengths to avoid spoilers, but I wouldn't classify this
    guide as strictly spoiler-free.  Spoilerphobes continue at your own risk.
    Please e-mail me at levi(dot)vantine(at)cmich(dot)edu if you have any comments
    or would like to request a correction.
    |SETUP|									{setup}
    When you fire up RS, it will ask if you'd like to create a profile.  This will
    allow you to track all of your stats and progress in a single location, so I'd
    recommend it.  Here's the main menu breakdown:
    - Single Player
    	-->Instant Action
    	-->Galactic Conquest
    - Multiplayer
    	-->Ad Hoc
    - Customization
    	-->Personalize Rebel Alliance
    	-->Personalize Empire
    	-->Personalize Republic
    	-->Personalize CIS
    	-->Customize Load-out
    - Options
    	-->Audio Options
    	-->View Medals
    	-->Profile Management
    - Learn To Play
    	-->Battlefront Basics
    	-->Space Combat
    	-->Game Modes
    	-->Galactic Conquest
    First things first.  Go into Options and select the controls you like.  There
    are two settings - Default and Alternate.  Default is a pretty standard video
    game configuration - X = attack, thumbstick moves, etc.  Alternate seems a
    little more basic and uses the shape buttons for some movement, foregoing the
    ability to roll (for infantry).  Remember that any control scheme you select
    will apply to all three control types: infantry, vehicle, and starfighter.
    After you pick a scheme, you can invert the axis for any of the types by going
    into their individual menus.  Then go into Advanced Controls and modify your
    infantry sensitivities if you like, and you can also choose to have your
    strafighters auto-level (I'd recommend this setting, it will alleviate some of
    the disorientation associated with fighting in a 3-D environment).  This guide
    assumes you're using default controls.
    After your controls, select your difficulty level - Normal or Elite.  This
    guide was written while playing through on Elite, but it can be used for Normal
    with no problem.   You can change your audio options as well.  In addition, you
    can personalize and customize your default fighters for all of the factions.
    In RS, "personalization" refers to the skin, head and uniform settings for a
    character, and "customization" refers to the weapon and equipment load-out.
    In the main menu you can change the defaults to whatever you like - you can
    also modify them at the beginning of a mission and during respawn (you can also
    modify your load-out at any time in-game at Command Posts, more on that later).
    When you're finished with your setup, I'd highly recommend going to "Learn to
    Play" at the main menu and watching all of the tutorials (although for the
    single-player campaign, "Game Modes" and "Galactic Conquest" aren't really
    |BATTLEFRONT BASICS|							{basic}
    Note: This section is just what it says - basic.  The in-game tutorials are
    excellent and I'd highly recommend them, especially for first-time players of
    the Battlefront series or RS specifically.
    The Battlefront series consists of action games focused on third-person,
    large-scale combat.  In RS, every ground fight has a relatively large map on
    which there are several "command posts" - strategically placed icons that an
    army can control for several benefits.  Each command post can be owned by an
    army or be neutral.  You have a set number of reinforcement "tickets" at the
    beginning of the battle - any time a soldier dies (including you), you lose one
    ticket when that soldier respawns.  During the single-player campaign, you
    generally start a mission with 5 or 10 tickets and earn more whenever you
    complete an objective.
    If you control all of the command posts on a map, your enemy has one minute to
    either capture a single command post or kill the rest of your reinforcements.
    To capture a command post, simply stand near an enemy-controlled or neutral
    post for a certain amount of time.  The length of time depends on several
    factors: your Capture skill (you can modify it in the customization menu), the
    number of your troops in the vicinity of the post, and if it's enemy-controlled
    or neutral (enemy posts take longer because you have to convert it to neutral
    before you can convert it to your own).  If there is an enemy soldier in the
    vicinity of the command post, the capture process will pause and won't start up
    again until the enemy leaves the area or you kil him.  Your troops can capture
    command posts independently as well - you don't need to be present.  Once you
    capture a command post, you can change your equipment and respawn at it.
    In addition to small-arms infantry fighting, you can get in land vehicles and
    fight.  These include small vehicles like Imperial scout speederbikes, and
    larger ones like AT-STs.  In the larger vehicles you can "switch seats" and
    control larger, anti-armor weapons instead of driving the vehicle.  You cannot
    capture a command post while in a vehicle.
    The other battles of RS are fought in space.  There are always two command
    posts - one for you, one for your enemies, and they're both within capital
    ships on opposite ends of the 3-D "map."  You spawn inside your capital ship
    and can select the starfighter of your choice.  Once inside your ship, you
    disembark the capital ship and enter the dogfight going on outside.  
    There are two ways to win most ground battles: killing every last enemy
    reinforcement, or capturing all of the map's command posts and holding them for
    one minute.  In space missions, you win by reducing your enemy's reinforcement
    count to zero or by destroying all of the exterior "critical systems" on their
    capital ship.  In the single-player campaign, however, there may be different
    objectives for victory, depending on the needs of the story.
    When you're ready, go to Single Player-->Campaign-->New to start
    your adventure.
    Each mission writeup will include the type of theater (ground or space) and a
    recommended load-out (equipment arrangement) based on the type and number of
    enemies you'll be fighting and the specific items you need to accomplish story-
    based objectives.
    MISSION 1: YAVIN IV							{yavin}
    Ground Battle - Command Posts: 4
    Recommended Starter Load-out:
    Weapon 1: Blaster Rifle
    Weapon 2: Fusion Cutter
    Explosive: Any; not required
    Special Item: Jet Pack
    Power Up: Not recommended (you'll be mostly fighting alone)
    Health: Any
    Speed: Any
    Capture Rate: Any
    The game starts with the classic Star Wars theme and opening crawl.  Afterwards
    is a short movie and then you're in the action.  Personalize and customize your
    fighter if you haven't already done so.  When you're ready, you'll find
    yourself in a Rebel base.  An Imperial recon droid will enter the base and your
    first objective is to eliminate it.  It won't pose a threat; just follow the
    on-screen tips to lock on and destroy it.  When you're finished, Commander
    Serra will radio and instruct you to take the command post - simply stand near
    the floating gray icon and watch as it fills up with blue.  When you've taken
    it, Serra will inform you that the base door is busted and you'll have to fly
    out of the temple with a jet pack.  If you don't have one equipped, press Up
    near the command post and you'll be taken to the load-out screen.  Equip a Jet
    Pack in the Special Item slot (a Jump Pack will also work, although the Jet
    Pack is easier to control, in my opinion), exit the menu and press L twice to
    activate the pack.  Fly out of the base using the hole in the southern wall
    (the same hole that the recon droid flew in by).  Once outside, land and move
    right into the yellow circle to open the base doors.  Serra will instruct you
    to repair the gun turret just outside the doors.  If you don't have a fusion
    cutter, get one from the Pyramid command post next to you (Weapon 2 slot) and
    head to the busted turret.  Target and fire the cutter like a weapon at close
    range and you'll repair the turret.  When it's ready, hop into it with Up and
    open fire on the four stormtroopers moving towards the base.
    You'll see a cutscene and Serra will order you to take out the Imperial armor
    in the clearing ahead.  Get a rocket launcher from the command post and head
    south to the clearing.  Two rockets will destroy the armor, remember to strafe
    to avoid its guns.  After you blow it up, you'll be transported automatically
    to the Pyramid command post and witness another cut scene, and you'll be
    ordered to dispatch an Imperial scout trooper and return the documents he
    stole.  Get a better antipersonnel weapon from the command post, like a
    blaster rifle or pistol, and head west up the ramp into the ruins to find the
    scout.  Kill him and take the records by walking over his body.  Now head back
    to the Rebel base.
    Once inside, Serra will instruct you to destroy three databases inside the
    base.  Target them with any weapon and blow them up, and you've completed your
    first mission.
    MISSION 2: ALDERAAN				        		  {ald}
    Space Battle - Command Posts: 2
    Recommended Starfighter: X-Wing
    You start out in the hangar of a Mon Calamari cruiser.  Equip the Vehicle Auto-
    Repair power-up at the command post and hop into the X-Wing in front of you and
    press R to auto-pilot out of the hangar (if you're playing on the Elite
    difficulty setting, this and docking are the only two actions you can take in
    auto-pilot mode).  Always be sure to equip the Auto-Repair power-up when you
    start a space battle.
    When you leave the hangar you'll have Serra and Solo shouting at you and all
    kinds of ships and lasers flying by, but take a minute to familiarize yourself
    with the controls of the ship.  The X-Wing is a good ship for beginners as it's
    relatively fast and durable and has excellent weapons.  When you've got the
    hang of it, head to the right and target (Down) the TIE that Serra is yelling
    at you about.  It takes a few seconds for your targeting computer to achieve a
    lock so don't fire any bombs until the reticles stop moving, or they'll be
    fired "dumb" (travel in a straight line instead of following your target).
    Blow the TIE up with your lasers (X) and proton bombs (Square; and remember
    that you have unlimited bombs - if you get to 0, your bomb bay will
    automatically reload after a few seconds).  You can press Triangle to camera
    lock your active target (this means that the camera will move depending on your
    target - not your ship).  Personally I'm not a fan of the camera lock but it's
    up to you.
    After you waste the TIE, you'll be instructed to blow up an additional 5 to
    pave the road for the Falcon. When the Falcon arrives, be careful not to touch
    it or it'll instantly vaporize your ship (Solo apparently doesn't care about
    this as he makes no effort to avoid you), but doing so won't harm the Falcon
    and you'll just respawn inside the Mon Cal cruiser.  Also, if you do get blown
    up at any point, you can select a different starfighter when you respawn - a
    Y-Wing or A-Wing (details in the Starfighter section below, type in {star} in
    quickfind).  Your next objective is to destroy 3 TIE Interceptors harassing the
    Falcon.  They're painted on your viewscreen and radar with yellow so simply
    point your ship in the direction of one, lock on, and pursue it.
    After the Interceptors, you'll be instructed to head to the middle of the
    battlefield and retrieve a holocron floating in space (it's made of frick!).
    Fly into the circle to pick it up and then haul it back to the Mon Cal cruiser
    (you can press and hold R to turn on your afterburners).  Once you've returned
    it, you'll see a cutscene - Boba Fett has entered the system.  
    			---BOSS - BOBA FETT---			{boba}
    Engage his Slave I - he's a better pilot than the TIEs (and I would certainly
    hope so) but no match for you at this early stage of the game.  Use the same
    tactics you did on the TIEs - follow as best you can, fire missiles constantly,
    and pull a stunt (Circle + stick) if he gets a bead on you.  It won't take more
    than a half dozen missiles and some lasering and the fight's over.
    After you pound the Slave enough, Fett will bail.  Since you got what you came
    here for, it's time to leave.  Unfortunately, the Empire has an interdictor
    (which looks suspiciously like a standard Star Destroyer) and its gravity well
    generators are preventing the Republic ships from entering hyperspace
    (although, curiously, Fett seemed unaffected).  Pilot your starfighter towards
    the Imperial ship and blow up the four generators.  Make sure to give yourself
    plenty of room - although ramming them also does a little bit of damage.  You
    can press and hold L to hit the brakes and give yourself time to fire.  You can
    also fly over the ship, go into space for a bit, and do an upside-down stunt
    (Circle + down on the stick) to fly back around for another pass.  When you've
    destroyed all four generators, the mission's over.
    MISSION 3: ORD MANTELL							  {ord}
    Ground Battle - Command Posts: 5
    Recommended Starter Load-out:
    Weapon 1: Shotgun
    Weapon 2: Any
    Explosive: Cluster Bombs
    Special Item: Any
    Power Up: Any
    Health: Any
    Speed: +30
    Capture Rate: Any
    You start in the south of the map, at the Main Hangar command post.  Your first
    objective is to secure the Junkyard command post.  Head north with your squad
    to the command post and kill the stormtroopers guarding it, should only be 2 or
    3.  When you take the command post, you'll see a cutscene and an old friend
    will come barreling in.  Protect Chewbacca while he searches for parts in the
    trash heaps near the Junkyard command post; it will take him 1:35 minutes.
    Watch your radar to make sure that no red dots - Imperials - get near him, as
    some of them are carrying flamethrowers and will roast Chewie at close range.
    Chewie's health is represented by a bar in the lower left portion of your
    screen so keep an eye on it.  If the stormtroopers are engaging Chewie heavily,
    don't be afraid to step in between them and Chewie - they will then turn their
    fire on you, and you really have nothing to lose because if Chewie goes down,
    the mission ends in failure.
    Once Chewie finds the parts, head northwest towards the anti-aircraft battery
    that's preventing your departure.  When you get close enough, you'll notice
    that it's shielded and you'll be instructed to find and destroy its shield
    generator.  Head east until you get to the Silt Swamp command post (press
    Select for the map), take it and change your equipment if necessary.  I'd
    recommend taking a sniper rifle - there are several stormtroopers guarding the
    generator, but they won't leave its vicinity and you can snipe them out from
    just north of the Silt Swamp command post.  When you're finished, you can snipe
    out the generator, or switch to a close-range weapon to destroy it.  When
    you're finished with that, head to the battery that you were at previously.
    The Imperials have armor guarding it - it's up to you if you want to fight it
    or just run in and blow up the battery and get out, but either way I'd
    recommend a rocket launcher.  Let your troops move to the battery and distract
    the enemies there before you head in.
    Once you've destroyed the battery, you'll be ordered to  find an energy cell
    for the Falcon.  It's just south of the northernmost command post, on the north
    side of a junk pile.  There's an AT-ST (scout walker) guarding the area so
    bring a rocket launcher to waste him.  Grab the power cell and run south
    towards the main hangar, where you started the mission.  Solo will start
    repairing the Falcon and you have to defend the hangar for 1:35.  Your troops
    will rally at the hangar entrance so you don't really even need to fight at
    this point if you don't want.  After 1:35, IG-88 shows up.
    			   ---BOSS - IG-88---				  {ig1}
    Head to the nearest command post to change equipment if necessary.  I'd
    recommend a good medium-range weapon (blaster rifle or tri-shot), health and
    speed bonuses, and cluster bombs.  Keep your distance from IG-88, it likes to
    use a flamethrower which is only effective at close range but can melt your
    health quickly.  Strafe around it at a medium range, keep the firepower on it,
    and throw all your grenades.   
    MISSION 4: KESSEL						       {kessel}
    Space Battle - Command Posts: 2
    Recommended Starfighter: A-Wing
    Your first objective is to destroy the communications array on the Imperial
    capital ship; you have 1:30 to do so.  Fly towards it and blow it up, it's
    straightforward but you'll notice that there are now bombs flying at you every
    10 seconds.  Wait until the bomb distance counter gets to 100, and then pull a
    stunt (to the side is best) to dodge it.  After you blow up the comm array,
    you'll be instructed to destroy a turret on each of the enemy frigates on the
    map.  As you approach a frigate, try to figure which side of the ship the
    turret is on so you can swing around and hit it from that side - otherwise
    you may find yourself firing at an indestructible hull because apparently your
    targeting computer isn't advanced enough to tell you that your target's on the
    other side.  After that, your next objective is to clear a path for the LAAT
    by blowing up 6 TIEs (fighters only - don't waste your time on the bombers;
    blowing them up won't count towards your total).  Vary your speed contantly and
    pull stunts occasionally to make it difficult for enemy starfighters to keep a
    bead on you.  Don't forget that you can only fire smart missiles when your
    targeting computer has achieved a full lock.
    When you've destroyed 6, head back to the Mon Cal cruiser to switch to the
    transport ship.  If you want to make the next part easier you can get a stealth
    suit at the command post (make sure you have a decent weapon and grenades too).
    Get in the LAAT and fly towards the enemy hangar; you don't need to worry about
    enemy fire as long as you don't dawdle.  When you get near the hangar, you can
    either land it yourself or press Up to auto-dock.  When you disembark, you'll
    immediately find yourself under heavy fire from enemy infantry.  Don't bother
    with them because their respawn point is right there and they'll just keep
    coming.  Dash behind them and into the next room.  Watch out for the auto-
    turrets on the ceiling here (these you can blast if you want) and run into the
    next room, where you'll find Ackbar patiently waiting, with a blaster pistol in
    hand, despite his status as a prisoner of war.  He'll immediately race willy-
    nilly through the previous two rooms towards your transport ship.  Ackbar
    clearly doesn't waste time and neither should you; only blast enemy infantry if
    you really need to.  Get back to the hangar and you'll discover a force field
    blocking the way out; the generator is in the upper-left corner (if the exit is
    to your back).  Open fire on it with your weapon and grenades, and head back to
    the LAAT when it's destroyed.  If you die here, it's not the end of the galaxy
    because you'll respawn inside the enemy hangar.
    Get in the LAAT and make sure Ackbar is in and then haul it out of the hangar.
    Once you return to the Mon Cal cruiser, the mission's over.
    MISSION 5: TATOOINE							  {tat}
    Ground Battle - Command Posts: 4
    Recommended Starter Load-out:
    Weapon 1: Shotgun or Flamethrower
    Weapon 2: Any
    Explosive: Cluster Bombs
    Special Item: Stealth
    Power Up: Any
    Health: +10 or higher
    Speed: Any
    Capture Rate: +25 or higher (especially if using stealth)
    This will probably be the most difficult mission you've faced yet.  You start
    at the Trader Outpost command post in the southwest of the map; head northeast
    to find the South Slums command post which you can take if you'd like.  Follow
    your troops to your first objective, taking the Cantina command post.  This is
    a tough fight - the cantina is filled with stormtroopers and there's not much
    room to maneuver.  There are two entrances to the cantina, but I wouldn't
    recommend going to the northwest one and trying to flank - you'll just get
    flanked yourself from Imperial reinforcements moving to the cantina from their
    northern command post.  Let your troops go in first and then move in with a
    close-range weapon.  Alternatively you can activate a stealth suit and take the
    command post quickly.
    Once you've taken it, talk to the shady Rodian cowering nearby, and he will
    immediately attempt to run to his death outside under the pretext of leading
    you to where your comrades are being imprisoned.  Try to run alongside him,
    using your close-range weapon along the way to distract the Imperials.  You
    just have to make sure he makes it to the force field alive - once he gets
    there you can let him die.
    The shipyard force field is powered by 3 generators that you'll have to
    destroy.  One is just next to the South Slums command post (which you'll now
    find in enemy hands and guarded by a couple of stormtroopers).  Another is near
    the southern entrance of the cantina in the open area; it's also lightly
    guarded.  The third is near the Imperials' northernmost command post - it's
    walled and heavily guarded by infantry.  I'd recommend a sniper rifle, which
    you can also use on the generator itself.
    The force field will go down and you'll notice a new command post inside the
    shipyards, which you're ordered to take.  Put your stealth on if you have it
    and get inside - this will make taking it much easier, as your troops are
    assaulting the front entrance and you can flank the stormtroopers when you drop
    the stealth field.  You're now ordered to defend the command post.  Repair the
    ammo and health droids nearby if they're destroyed and dig in for a fight.  An
    auto-turret (Special Item slot) is a good idea for cheap additional firepower.
    Two AT-STs will also attack, when they arrive switch to rockets and focus on
    them; your troops will take care of the infantry.  Stay near your health and
    ammo droids but not too near, you don't want them to get destroyed by
    collateral damage.
    When the AT-STs are down, grab an antipersonnel weapon from the command post
    and hightail it to the Falcon in the south of the map (just leave the
    shipyard and turn right and head down the street).  When you get there the
    mission's over.
    MISSION 6: BOZ PITY							  {boz}
    Ground Battle - Command Posts: 5
    Recommended Starter Load-out:
    Weapon 1: Medium-range
    Weapon 2: Any
    Explosive: Cluster Bombs
    Special Item: Shield
    Power Up: Any
    Health: +20 or higher
    Speed: +10 or higher
    Capture Rate: Any
    You start this fight with 3 command posts.  Spawn at the easternmost one, the
    Monuments, and head northeast towards the Gatehouse command post.  There'll be
    a big firefight when you get there as the stormtroopers try to hold you off.
    Go in at the same time as or just behind your troops so they can take the
    lion's share of the damage.  Use your grenades liberally and don't get too
    close to stormtroopers - some of them have flamethrowers (unless you're
    wielding a flamethrower of your own).  Once you've taken the command post, a
    second squad of Imperials will try to retake it, with an AT-ST in tow.  Hold
    the command post for 1:30, make the AT-ST your first priority.  The health and
    ammo robots are near the western wall so stand next to them for buffs.  After
    1:30, you're ordered to place a detpack on an explosive charge near the command
    post.  You don't need to return to the command post to equip a detpack - simply
    move into the yellow circle in front of the charge and press Up.
    After you place the charge, move south of the command post, just west of the
    cliff wall.  Smoke any stormtroopers that move around the wall while you wait
    for the AT-AT to get close to the booby trap.  It will detonate automatically
    and destroy the AT-AT.
    Despite the loss of their AT-AT, the Imperials will rally and take the
    Gatehouse command post and you won't be able to retake it.  Retreat back to the
    Monuments command post and commandeer the Rebel tank there or one of the anti-
    armor turrets, and open fire on the advancing Imperials.  There are numerous
    stormtroopers and two AT-STs.  When you get the word that Ackbar is wounded,
    head all the way back to the southern command center and grab a bacta tank
    (apparently there are portable models).  Run northwest back to Ackbar who is
    lying prone next to a large rock (you can't ride the taun-taun like creatures
    scattered around the map while you're carrying a story item, unfortunately).
    Now head south to the Sacrifical Chamber command post and defend it for 1:30
    while the ships are being prepped for departure.  There'll be constant waves
    of infantry and at least one AT-ST, but your forces are dug in and holding off
    the Imperials should be no problem (especially if you still have that tank).
    Once the ships are ready, go slightly west and the mission's over when the
    LAAT arrives.  I'm not quite sure how the evacuation of an entire planetary
    base could be called "victory," however...
    MISSION 7: HOTH (GROUND)						{hothg}
    Ground Battle - Command Posts: 4
    Recommended Starter Load-out:
    Weapon 1: Medium-range
    Weapon 2: Any
    Explosive: Cluster Bombs
    Special Item: Shield or Stealth
    Power Up: Any
    Health: +10 or higher
    Speed: +20 or higher
    Capture Rate: +15 or higher
    This is a tougher mission because Echo Base has lots of narrow tunnels that
    make it difficult to navigate, and you'll be running around a lot.  You start
    at the Echo Base command post, head straight (west) to the hangar command post.
    There'll be a fierce firefight here as stormtroopers attempt to take the
    hangar.  Go in with your troops and soften up the enemy with the sniper rifle
    or missiles first before you move in.  Alternately, use your stealth and take
    the command post before the enemy knows your there, then open fire on them from
    behind and they'll go down quickly.
    Now you have to head through the tunnels to the command center and destroy the
    Rebellion's databases.  Move south and east through the halls towards the
    command center.  Go slowly and take out any infantry along the way, take some
    of your troops with you as meat shields, if possible (friendly AI isn't the
    best).  Flood the command center with grenades or other explosives and then mop
    Now it gets a little tricky.  Serra orders you to place timers on three bombs
    he has planted around the base.  The first one is easy, it's behind a pillar
    near the Hangar command post (press Up to place a timer).  Head back to the
    command center and enter the southern hallway to find the next bomb.  Turn left
    and exit the base proper into a large field.  There's wreckage at the far end
    you can't cross, turn right at the wreckage and then left into the Look-out
    Bunker command post - the third and final bomb is next to the command post.
    You'll be harassed this entire time by enemy infantry and your own troops will,
    unfortunately, be next to worthless.  Use your stealth or shield to make things
    Your next objective is at the Echo Base command post.  You can take a
    "shortcut" by dying and respawning (you can use the "Respawn" selection in the
    Pause Menu to this effect as well).  Once there, head out the rear entrance to
    the downed LAAT and grab the power cell.  Now you have to take it back to the
    Bunker command post which your forces now conveniently control.  Sadly, you
    can't use your respawn shortcut as this will cause you to drop your power cell.
    So, make your way back there through the tunnels, resistance will be moderate
    until you get to the clearing just before the bunker, where it will be rather
    heavy.  Once you've made it inside the bunker and repaired the particle cannon,
    hop in it with Up and blow up the AT-AT.  Once you've got the crosshairs on the
    walker just hold the fire button - it will go down before the cannon overheats.
    Your success in holding off the Empire hasn't gone unnoticed by their field
    commander - Lord Vader.  Get off the particle cannon quickly, change equipment
    at the command post if you need to, and get to the clearing outside the bunker.
    			---BOSS - DARTH VADER---			   {d1}
    Toughest boss fight yet - of course, he's only the third boss.  I'd recommend
    taking a flamethrower and a shield.  Stay at the maximum range of the
    flamethrower to avoid most of Vader's lightsaber swings, and activate your
    shield if he gets too close.  If you go with a different weapon, stay at range
    and throw grenades at him as well.  Don't, under any circumstances, leave the
    open field - you stand little chance against Vader in the narrow hallways of
    Echo Base.  When you deplete his life bar, he'll kneel and you're free to
    continue your mission.
    Get back to the Echo Base command post, either on foot or using your respawn
    shortcut.  When you arrive a 45-second timer will start; defend the command
    post.  Place an auto-turret at the top of the ramp and toss some proximity
    mines around it and settle in with a mid-range weapon, just fire it from the
    top of the ridge at the hapless stormtroopers below (this fight is infantry
    only).  After :45, you're cruelly forced to return yet again to the clearing in
    front of the bunker - this time, the mission will end when the LAAT lands to
    pick you up.
    MISSION 8: HOTH (SPACE)							{hoths}
    Space Battle - Command Posts: 2
    Recommended Starfighter: A-Wing
    You start by being ordered to blow up frigate turrets (again), 4 of them.  Use
    the same tactics you did at Kessel.  After they're taken care of, you'll have
    to protect the Rebellion transport as it gets into hyperspace range.  Move to
    the Mon Cal cruiser, the transport will be its own left.  Make sure not to
    touch the transport or you'll blow up.  Stay near the transport as it heads
    toward the opposite edge of the map, and keep TIEs off it.  As long as you're
    making even a moderate effort to protect it it should be fine (just don't get
    too far away or the TIEs will focus on the transport instead of you).
    When the transport's away, there'll be a cutscene and you'll be introduced to a
    new model of TIE, the Defender.  Destroy 6 of them.  They're not that much
    tougher than the garden-variety TIEs, but they do have a significantly stronger
    hull.  After you destroy 6, you'll be ordered to procure one for the Rebellion.
    Head to the Star Destroyer's hangar and land or auto-dock near the Defender
    (make sure you don't block the Defender's route out with your Rebellion
    starfighter).  Hop into the Defender and fly out, you should have little or no
    harassment in the enemy hangar (is stealing starships really this easy?).  Fly
    the TIE straight back to the Mon Cal's hangar, and you'll see another cutscene
    before your next boss fight.
    			---BOSS - DARTH VADER---			   {d2}
    Take an X-Wing or A-Wing for this fight, you'll want the speed.  Vader's TIE
    Advanced is pretty fast; if you wait too long to fire your missiles, he'll just
    fly by you and the missile won't be able to change direction in time.  Keep on
    him with missiles, he may be too fast for you to track effectively with lasers.
    Fortunately he seems more interested in avoiding destruction than he does in
    destroying you, in fact you may be more worried about the other TIEs in the
    fight who take this opportunity to throw potshots at you.  Vader has quite a
    bit of health but if you keep on him with the missiles it shouldn't take too
    long to bring him down.
    After you beat Vader, the mission's over.
    MISSION 9: KORRIBAN							 {korr}
    Ground Battle - Command Posts: 5
    Recommended Starter Load-out:
    Weapon 1: Medium-range
    Weapon 2: Any
    Explosive: Cluster Bombs
    Special Item: Shield or Stealth
    Power Up: Any
    Health: +10 or higher
    Speed: +20 or higher
    Capture Rate: Any
    You start at the Valley of the Dark Lords command post.  Head left towards the
    Academy command post to capture it.  It's lightly defended so you should have
    no problem.  Your next order is to hold it for :55, you can take a breather if
    you like because your trigger-happy comrades should have no problem defending
    it on their own.
    Your next objective is to capture the Sith Tomb Atrium command post.  Head
    northwest through the tunnel, then left through a clearing and up the ramp.
    Imperial troops have dug in at the top of the ramp and may give pose a
    challenge, especially if you're going army of one.  Use your grenades and
    other explosives to thin their numbers.  You can also stay in the clearing and
    use a sniper rifle to blast the stormtroopers at the top of the ramp.  This
    will have the added effect of bringing their comrades into the open field
    where it's more of an even ground.  Alternatively, you can simply barrel inside
    the tomb guns blazing and stand just behind the command post, where the robots
    will work on you while you fight and you can flank the stormtroopers (with your
    own troops, which will be coming up the ramp behind you).
    After you take the command post, you'll be instructed to place timers on the
    three bombs that Serra has placed in the tombs.  Two are near the Atrium
    command post.  The other is north and will require a fight - head north to the
    Inner Sith Tomb command post, then fight your way east towards the Landing Pad
    command post.  The third and final bomb is about halfway between the two
    command posts.
    Now you're ordered to start trashing the Sith artifacts in the tomb.  Most of
    them are in the vicinity of the Inner Sith Tomb command post, and your troops
    can harry enemy infantry while you waste the relics.  The last relic will
    require a detpack (from a command post) to destroy, just walk into the circle
    and press Square to toss the detpack, then move anyway and hit Square again to
    detonate it.  This will piss off Emperor Palpatine, who will move into the
    tomb.  Get out of the tomb immediately (you can also respawn, I'd recommend the
    Valley of the Dark Lords command post).
    Now you need to get to the Emperor's shuttle and swipe his datapad.  Head east
    and then north through the tunnel until you get near the hangar.  It's
    moderately defended, so you can either fight it and grab it, stealth in, or
    simply dash in, grab it, and scurry right behind the Emperor's shuttle and then
    scoot back out the way you came in.  Get back to the Valley of the Dark Lords
    command post; your transport will be waiting nearby.
    MISSION 10: SULLUST							  {sul}
    Ground Battle - Command Posts: 5
    Recommended Starter Load-out:
    Weapon 1: Medium-range
    Weapon 2: Any
    Explosive: Cluster Bombs
    Special Item: Shield
    Power Up: Any
    Health: +10 or higher
    Speed: +10 or higher
    Capture Rate: +15 or higher
    Spawn at the Ravine command post (eastern one) and head north with your men to
    the Garrison command post.  When you get inside, move right to benefit from the
    robots while you fight (but stay away from the window on the far side, there's
    an AT-ST lurking around there and he can take potshots at you).  The command
    post is only moderately defended; you and your troops should have little
    problem taking it.
    Now you're ordered to defend the Garrison for 1:00.  Stay near the robots and
    blindside the stormtroopers when they come in through the southeastern door.
    Your next objective is to destroy the target in the south of the map near the
    Falls command post (you'll need a detpack from a command post).  Your troops
    will manage to lose all of your command posts except the Ravine during this
    time.  Also, IG-88 will show up again to harass you.
    			   ---BOSS - IG-88---				  {ig2}
    IG-88's tactics have changed little since the last time you fought it, with
    the exception that this time t will use its blasters more if you're out of the
    range of its flamethrower.  Use your grenades or wrist rockets and keep the
    pressure on it with a close- to mid-range weapon like the shotgun.  Stay out
    of the range of its flame and you'll be fine.
    Once IG-88's dealt with head northeast of the clearing to the Imperial officer.
    You'll need to kill him and take his computer codes.  He's heavily guarded so
    just use bombs to wipe out some of his troops and then dash in to grab the
    codes.  Run northwest to the power core, shouldn't be many troops along the
    Your next objective is to destroy four gravity well generators on the ground.
    The first is right outside the power station.  The next is south and a little
    bit west, near some ammo/health robots.  Now head east through the clearing,
    watch out for the AT-ST here.  Go through the door at the eastern end of the
    clearing and head through the tunnels.  At the end of the tunnels turn right
    for the third generator.  Turn around and head straight up to find the last
    one - this one is heavily guarded by enemy infantry and an AT-ST.  Once you
    destroy this one you're victorious, so just hit the Imperials with a one-man
    blitzkrieg and take out the generator.
    MISSION 11: ENDOR							  {end}
    Ground Battle - Command Posts: 4
    Recommended Starter Load-out:
    Weapon 1: Close-range
    Weapon 2: Any
    Explosive: Cluster Bombs
    Special Item: Shield
    Power Up: Rage
    Health: +10 or higher
    Speed: Any
    Capture Rate: +35
    You start out at the Downed AT-AT command post.  Your first objective is to
    take the Ewok Village command post.  You can head straight  and up the ramp to
    go in from the hut, or go to the left and up another ramp for a head-on
    assault (don't bother with the speeder bike right now - it can't go up ramps or
    even shoot upwards).  Any way you go you'll be facing a tough fight - there are
    lots of stormtroopers and they have a tactical advantage (they're above you).
    Bring lots of bombs or simply stealth in through the hut and take the command
    post.  After you capture it, grab a fusion cutter and repair the anti-armor
    turret immediately in front of the command post (use it on the robots nearby if
    they need it).  Use it to waste the two AT-STs moving in on your position - one
    will come from the front, another from behind (in the direction of the downed
    AT-AT).  Don't forget that you can use the turret very effectively on enemy
    infantry when they start coming up the ramp - just don't let it overheat.
    After you blow up the AT-STs, you'll receive word that the Imperials are
    attempting to repair the downed AT-AT.  Rush back their and thwart their
    efforts; they'll only be a few stormtroopers there.  When you're done with
    that, head east towards the Shield Bunker command post (stop at the Ewok
    Village command post along the way - equip for a firefight).  When you get to
    the command post, you'll see a cutscene and Solo will show up.  Help him take
    the command post.  Stay near the robots but keep moving - your first priority
    should be the stormtrooper carrying the rocket launcher.  When you've taken the
    command post, Chewie will show up in a commandeered AT-ST.  Hop into the AT-ST
    and defend the command post for 1:00.  Enemy infantry will approach from the
    direction of the Ewok Village, as well as from inside the bunker itself.  This
    fight should be no problem with all the troops you have as well as Solo and the
    After one minute, you'll be ordered to take all the command posts on the map.
    Solo will help.  You can ditch the walker if you like, it's powerful but slow.
    First take the northernmost command post and then the westernmost one - both
    will be lightly defended, if at all.  When you're ready, head towards the Ewok
    Village.  This is the last fight of the campaign and it won't be an easy fight.
    Let your troops go in first and distract the stormtroopers.  You can also use
    a jet pack or jump pack and fly up to the catwalks from the ground to blindside
    your enemies.  Alternatively, you can equip stealth and take the command post
    sneakily - you win when the command post is yours.
    Congratulations!  You've beat the single-player campaign of RS and the Renegade
    Leader medal is yours.
    |WEAPONS & EQUIPMENT|						       {weapon}
    The following sections list all of the equipment and vehicles available to
    players of the single-player campaign, as well as a rating on a 10-point scale
    and justification for each rating.  I'd recommend that you try a wide variety
    of load-outs to find the one that works best for you.  Also, there is a great
    in-depth guide on weapons at GameFAQs written by OboeDude, you can find it at
    Primary Weapons:
    - Blaster Rifle (9/10)
    	Excellent weapon.  Doesn't overheat and carries lots of ammo, as well
    	as a high rate of accuracy, decent damage, and good range.  I rely on
    	this weapon quite often.
    - Arc Caster (4/10)
    	Great idea, poor execution (no pun intended - I didn't do a lot of
    	executing with it anyways).  Even the primary blast doesn't do much
    	damage, and it's a close-range weapon.  It's also useless against
    	vehicles.  The upside is that it doesn't use ammunition - it simply
    	recharges after each shot.
    - Carbonite Freeze Gun (3/10)
    	Not sure when you'd ever want to use this guy.  It doesn't use ammo,
    	but you need to score a direct hit for it to work.  Can be charged to
    	freeze enemies longer, but even a fully charged freeze doesn't last
    	particularly long.  Worthless against vehicles.
    - Incinerator (7/10)
    	The incinerator is a decent close-range weapon,especially against large
    	groups of enemies or enemies that are already low on health (ones that
    	have been hit with a grenade, for instance).  It has a limited range so
    	if you want to use it I'd recommend a longer-range secondary weapon.
    - Shotgun (8/10)
    	The best close-range weapon, in my opinion.  Decent rate of fire and
    	high damage at point blank range.  Doesn't carry much ammo but if you
    	use it properly you won't need much.  Less useful at longer ranges.
    - Sniper Rifle (7/10)
    	The sniper rifle is actually a good weapon, but the situations where
    	you'll find yourself using it are sparse (at least in the single-player
    	campaign).  It has, as you might expect, a long range, high damage
    	output, and slow rate of fire, although it does carry 5 shots per clip.
    - Chaingun (6/10)
    	The in-game description of this weapon is right on the money.  Great
    	damage, but it's bulky and less useful at range.  It also overheats too
    	quickly to justify selecting it over other, more reliable weapons.
    - Bowcaster (7/10)
    	The bowcaster is chargeable; the longer the charge, the more focused
    	the fired beam will be.  An uncharged shot will send out several
    	smaller shots in a spread, similar to the shotgun (but less lethal).
    	The fully charged bolt will only hit a single enemy.  The rate of fire
    	is decent and the charge time isn't too bad.
    - Rocket Launcher (7/10)
    	My weapon of choice against vehicles.  High damage, although it needs
    	to reload after each shot which is kind of tedious.  It also can only
    	be locked on to vehicles, and you might find yourself running out of
    	ammo if you go up against more than one vehicle at a time.
    Secondary Weapons:
    - Blaster Pistol (8/10)
    	Good general-purpose sidearm if you have a more demanding weapon in
    	your primary slot, like the rocket launcher.  Decent rate of fire, low
    	overheat rate and unlimited ammo.
    - Fusion Cutter (8/10)
    	I generally carry this with me at all times to repair command post
    	droids and slice into enemy vehicles, and I rely on my primary weapon
    	and grenades for combat.  It is not technically a weapon.
    - Tri-shot (9/10)
    	Great close-range weapon.  It has high damage at point blank range,
    	unlimited ammo, and a high rate of fire (although this may lead to
    	frequent overheating).
    - EMP Launcher (6/10)
    	The EMP launcher is most useful against vehicles - but if you're going
    	after vehicles, you're probably better off taking a rocket launcher.
    	Slow rate of fire, low clip count, and less damage against infantry
    	(although there is a small blast radius).
    - Explosive Blaster Pistol (7/10)
    	Good range and high damage.  Unfortunately, it's bolt-action (must be
    	reloaded after each shot) which can be very sad when you miss (like the
    	freeze gun, you need direct hits for this guy).  There is a small blast
    	radius though.
    - Grenade Launcher (6/10)
    	Decent all-around weapon, but you're better off spending your credits
    	on grenades probably.
    - Guided Rocket (8/10)
    	Great weapon if you're in an isolated position on the battlefield.
    	A direct hit will generally kill an infantryman and will damage
    	surrounding enemies, and it does great damage against vehicles.
    	Unfortunately it probably has the longest reload time of all the
    	weapons, and using it leaves you vulnerable.
    - Orbital Strike (6/10)
    	This weapon would be perfect if it could target...maybe that's why it
    	can't target.  High damage, huge blast radius, but low rate of fire and
    	ammo count.
    - Thermal Detonator (8/10)
    	Perfectly adequate bomb.  However, cluster bombs are superior (except
    	for the price - if you're going into combat but can't afford the
    	clusters, take the thermal dets).
    - Detpacks (3/10)
    	Maybe you can find use for these guys as booby traps - too bad you can
    	only lay one of them at a time, however.
    - Proximity Mines (8/10)
    	Vastly superior to the detpacks as a booby trap.  In combat, not as
    	good as clusters - but what is?
    - Cluster Grenades (10/10)
    	Excellent grenade.  Wide blast radius and high damage.  Always take
    	these if possible.
    - Wrist Rockets (6/10)
    	Unlike the rocket launchers, the wrist rockets can lock on, and they
    	fire at the feet of your opponent so they rarely miss.  This makes them
    	similar to thermal detonators - at twice the price.
    Special Items:
    - Health and Ammo (6/10)
    	Using these will drop blue and green canisters around you, like the
    	ones that enemies drop when they die.  You're probably better off just
    	fighting near command post robots.
    - Auto-Turret (8/10)
    	Very useful if you're in a stationary fight, especially if you're near
    	a command post - you can just lay the turret and then switch to
    	something else at the post.  You can only lay one turret at a time
    - Recon Droid (7/10)
    	The only downside to this little guy is that you control it exclusively
    	and are vulnerable when using it.  It's very fast, has good damage, a
    	high rate of fire, and low overheat rate - but then again, if it's a
    	weapon you want, stick to weapons.
    - Stealth Suit (8/10)
    	Great in the single-player campaign for discreetly capturing command
    	posts or other storyline objectives.  Not good for combat - any time
    	you make a hostile action, the stealth drops.
    - Jet Pack (7/10)
    	The jet pack allows you to fly behind enemy lines to blindside and
    	flank your opponents, or sneak into elevated areas around conventional
    	ways.  I don't use it much in combat.
    - Jump Pack (7/10)
    	Similar to the jet pack, but cheaper.  You can't change your flight
    	path in mid-air though.
    - Personal Shield (10/10)
    	I'd always recommend the shield if you expect a firefight.  You know
    	how annoying it is when you've got an opponent whittled down to his
    	last sliver of health and then he activates a shield?  Well, you can be
    	that guy too!
    |POWER-UPS AND BONUSES|							{power}
    - Power-Ups
    I'd highly recommend the Rally, Regenerate, and especially Rage power-ups when
    you're in a big fight, but remember that they're most useful when surrounded by
    lots of friendly troops.  Only use Stamina if you need to run a long distance
    or you want more ammo for your stealth field.  The vehicle auto-repair power-up
    is excellent for space combat, but not so much on the ground - vehicle use
    isn't particularly common during the single-player campaign, at least.
    - Bonuses
    It never hurts to have some extra health or speed during a fight.  The capture
    rate bonus is also great because capturing, especially by yourself (as you'll
    be doing often during the campaign), can be kind of tedious.  It also gives you
    a stamina bonus which is good when you're using the stealth field.
    |INSTANT ACTION|							   {ia}
    This game mode, chosen at the main menu, allows you to get right into combat,
    as its name would suggest.  You can choose from a wide range of maps (both
    ground and space) and, depending on the map, one of four factions (Rebellion,
    Imperial, Republic, Confederacy).  There are three battle types: Conquest,
    which is basic Battlefront play where you're trying to completely destroy an
    opposing army; Neutral Flag, where you're trying to capture a flag in the
    middle of the map and return it to your base; and Team Flag, where each team
    has a flag in their base and you have to get the enemy's flag and return it to
    yours (classic capture-the-flag).  You can also play with Heroes in Instant
    Action - special warriors from the Star Wars mythos that are allied with a
    particular faction (Jango Fett, Yoda, etc.).  The hero that you have available
    depends on which map you're on and which faction you're representing.
    |GALACTIC CONQUEST|							   {gc}
    Galactic Conquest is a game mode that presents Battlefront as a sort of board
    game.  There are 16 planets, arranged in 4 sectors on a 2D map.  You and the AI
    each control a faction (only the Rebellion and Empire are available in RS), and
    your objective is to control all 16 planets on the map and thereby "liberate"
    or "conquer" the galaxy.  Stay tuned to GameFAQs for an in-depth guide on RS'
    Galactic Conquest mode.
    |VERSION HISTORY|						      {version}
    09-04-08: Version 1.0 submitted to GameFAQs.  The guide is complete.
    10-02-08: Version 1.05 submitted to GameFAQs.  Cleaned up the format.
    |BIBLIOGRAPHY|							       {biblio}
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    - Format developed using FAQ writer EntropicLobo's format as a basis
      (http://www.gamefaqs.com/features/recognition/47899.html); used with
    - Written using Metapad (http://www.liquidninja.com/metapad/); created by
      Alexander Davidson.
    |LEGAL NOTICES|								{legal}
    This work is the intellectual property of Levi van Tine.  It is authorized for 
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