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"M.C. Escher 3D"

M. C. Escher's work haven't gone unnoticed thanks to the new PSP game, Echochrome. What you would experience in a work done by Escher, is going right into on some model sculptures capturing the essence of the brilliant artist. The object of the game is to get your walking mannequin to a point of the model of which would appear impossible to get to. In this game, by using your analog stick, you are able to connect pieces of the model to create a path for mannequin to walk on. There are also platforms which can send your mannequin to send him flying to higher platform or fall to the one below him. Using the analog stick, again, to rotate your view and perception, can alter where your character can land while being suspended in the air, enabling you to reach your mark. At first a bit confusing, it soon becomes 2nd nature to the player, which helps the user understand perception and expands their mind.

Full 3-D architecture gives a nice display. There's no color though, but not really a problem in terms of play.

Not much to be heard from, it does have a nice violin playing throughout the entire game and in menu. You hear the steps your character takes, and when he falls, "Oops!" Nothing notable.

I don't think this game has a story or point for that matter. Unnecessary anyways.

Highly addictive! So many levels to play, all of them different from the last, and you can create your own level! With oddly placed objects and enemies that prevent you from continuing your path give you a challenge for reaching all points in record time.

Since this game is only a downloadable file, you must buy. For the $10 that it is, I feel in opinion this is indeed worth the price for the masterpiece of it's gameplay.

This game sure has made it's mark in gaming for it's sheer innovation surrounding the confusing artworks of M. C. Escher. One way to study up on the game or under the many perceptions that Escher uses, look up some of his artwork and see how they connect to each other. One set of stairs could connect all around say a castle wall appearing to go up, but because it's all attached, the illusion is that the person will continually go up, but never reach an end. The same rules will apply to the mannequin and enemy mannequins will react to area it walks on. Anyways, play on! You have many levels ahead of you to test your perception!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 05/22/08

Game Release: Mugen Kairou (JP, 03/19/08)

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