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"Who says videogames aren't works of art?"

To clarify as an Art Buff myself, this game isn't so much about Escher as it is about the concept of "Impossibility". Escher touched on Impossibility, but he also did works relating to Infinity and Perceptions of Gravity. Though this game does do him that service.

This game is indeed a gentle mind-bender, but nothing that can't be solved if given time and a few tries.

The objective is to reach your "Echoes" located in several areas throughout each stage, and while this may seem difficult at first, following the rules of hiding obstructions, utilizing strategically placed holes, and bridging "impossible" gaps by simply shifting your perspective.

The game's difficulty ranges from deceptively simple to deceptively hard. I say this because the "harder" stages may actually be somewhat easier to manage than the simpler's all about perspective! (I know, bad pun!)

While that seems simple enough, you're bound to make mistakes here and there as you play, and if you move perspectives while your mannequin is crossing your precious "bridge" he may fall between a gap if you're not careful.

Getting used to dealing with physical obstacles is easy enough, but dealing with holes and springboards can get pretty tricky in levels where one bad fall can send you anywhere.

Luckily, this game is about perspective, so even if your dummy accidentally falls a bit, if you swing the stage around fast enough, you can catch mannequin. (It's hard to describe, so best to try it.)

Controls are rather simplified, but it wouldn't hurt to review them for your own purposes. The Snap button is useful for helping you find bridged gaps where you might not see any at first, so put it to use.

The downside to this game, is that if you take too much time on a particular puzzle, or take a fall one too many times, its game over...unfortunately, the game never explicitly tells you how many "lives" you may have left, or how much time is left in a particular fact, I believe "thinking" too much can cost you time as well.

While that is certainly part of the challenge, those of you who don't like thinking under a time limit might find this game stressful. Just a warning.

Otherwise, this game is definitely a fun and peaceful mind-romp to tinker with, not bad considering the price for both it and the expansion. The music is most definitely something worth listening to if you like classical.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 01/15/09

Game Release: echochrome (US, 05/01/08)

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