Review by Yurinius

Reviewed: 08/04/08


In the time I have been playing patapon I have found many good points and a few bad.

The Game: While playing patapon I found it hard to get going as the instructions are not clear but when you get past them, I flew through the beginning. When I came on to the next set of level, I thought "Nice and Easy" until I came to the first boss, I found this a challenge as then I didnt know how to reach fever and only had the lowest of patapons.

Once I got past the boss, I flew through the next set of levels, until I reached one really annoying level, 'Crossing the Desert' I took days trying to build up my forces to get across but no dice then while in training after I killed the second boss, I discovered on what to do and still couldn't do Crossing the Desert, this has to be my most hated level of all time until I came to the firstcastle, which I still havnt got past, even with the destructive catapult, as like all things can be destroyed...

I know I havn't completed the game yet but I have noticed alot of things.

Extras: Other than the actual storyline, there are other various things to do to help you along the way, one of the main points in this game, other than the missions is the mini-games. Sooner or later these will become important to your success as they may take one of your materials aay, but also reward you with higher standard materials and some mini-games like the Tree drop multiple items making it worth the time.

Also there is hunting another key to success, I have found that various hunting grounds are better used for different things. I always used the first hunting grounds for money then started using later hunting grounds for materials and recently found my first alloy. These are straight forward and hardly a challenge, but theres always the thrill of the hunt and later hunting areas brings more dangerous threats.

There is also the bosses, these are used to collect weapons that will overpower the enemy, game and bosses and can come with insane side effects to the victim, these bosses drop nuerous loot from weapons and armour, to materials and ka-ching so these are also very important for a mission but also get stronger after every death.

I have found some flaws and some great points in the game:

- Multiple hunting areas for extra ka-ching/materials
- Mini-games mostly always reward you depending on how you play them
- Many missions, and a collection of weapons, armour and materials
- Many classes of patapons and patapon upgrades
- Rythmn based game in 2D and bright colours appeal to everyone

- No weapon store so all wooden items stack up
- Bosses eventually becoe impossible to kill
- Missions can not be replayed
- Some levels can be extremly hard

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Patapon (EU, 02/22/08)

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