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"Beat that drum!"

Patapon- You won't put it down... Literally

Story: In this game, you play as the patapons, who want to gaze at IT at earthend. That's about it, other than a few plot twists here and there.

Controls: This game turns your psp into a drum. You have a little army of patapons at your command. To do just about everything (During missions) you use X, Triangle, Circle, And square. To move, you press Square, Square, Square, Circle. That would be "pata pata pata pon" There are other commands, such as attack. As you go along, you get different songs to play so your patapons can do more.

Gameplay: The main base of operations is at your camp. You use just about all the buttons here. You can also play mini-games that you unlock as you go on. In missions, you do just about everything that I've already told you in controls. However, one bad thing about missions is you can't pause, so if you have to get out of the car, it will mess you up. Also, you want to play this game in a quiet enviornment, so distractions won't mess up your rhythm. If you succesfully pull off some moves without messing up, you go into fever mode, which makes you much more powerful.

Sounds: Excellent for a psp game.

Graphics: Something different is going on here. The game is 2-d, and most of your patapons are black and white. However, the Missions are much more colorful than this.

The mini-games: As you go on, you get different caps to make special patapons that allow you to play mini-games at your camp. For example, the first one you get is a tree mini-game, where you press circle with the right timing to get stuff out of it. The last one you get is the most useful, for it gets you 8 special items.

Equiping items: As you go and kill enemies, you get weapons to give to your patapons. These can make them stronger, make them invulnerable to whatever, etc.

Making patapons: When you lose a patapon, and didn't get it's cap back, you can go to Mater, the tree of life, to make new ones. When you do this, you use different level materials you get while playing missions. These levels go up to 4. For example, A tree branch is a level 1 item, while a super cedar is a level 4 item. Using these while making patapons will make rare patapons, which have increased strength, movement, etc.

So in the end, patapon is a brilliant game, and should be enjoyed by everyone.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 02/23/09

Game Release: Patapon (US, 02/26/08)

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