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Reviewed: 05/27/08 | Updated: 03/18/09

Will Medal Of Honour Heroes 2 be as good as the original?

Medal Of Honour Heroes 2 is the sequel to the award winning Medal Of Honour Heroes, which was voted the Game Of The Year 2007 on
Medal Of Honour Heroes 2 is another WWII First Person based shooter, which was developed and produced by EA Games.

Presentation: Neat looking menus, next to no load times, nearly no bugs except sometimes the enemy is able to shoot through walls, which can be frustrating, but overall, EA presented everything really well.

Graphics: An improvement over the original, with a nice looking environment, fairly detailed and neat buildings and very detailed guns, Medal Of Honour Heroes 2 is one of the finest looking games on the PSP.

Sound: Medal Of Honour Heroes 2 is a incredibly nice sounding game, the guns sound almost real, movement noises are realistic and good voice acting during the campaign videos. Much improved sound over the original, Medal Of Honour Heroes 2 is one of the best sounding PSP games to date.

Gameplay: This is where I was very impressed, Medal Of Honour Heroes 2 has changes quite a lot Gameplay wise, with a Call Of Duty approach for health, in which when you take a few hits, the screen turns red, and you will have to take cover to get your health back to normal, I prefer this over the 'Old Skool' health bar and I think that producers are starting to realise that the days of the health bar are limited. While there are less missions in the campaign then the original, each mission is a lot longer, taking up to 30 minutes to complete, this, making the campaign last around 3 hours, which is quite a bit longer than the original. Each mission is also much more exciting, with a big from the new health system, it requires much more skill during the missions, and you may have to take a lot more cover. The AI is also much smarter, with the enemies now taking cover behind anything that is big enough, and they are also much better shots, which again leads to you taking more cover. Grenades will be very handy, with at times, swarms of Nazis shooting at you, you can choose to either take them out one by one, which leads to a shortage of ammo, or you can just toss a grenade. With all these good things, you may be wondering 'Where are the bugs?' Well as there aren't many bugs in this game, there is one that can be frustrating, which is that enemies can shoot through walls even without knowing where you are, they are able to hit you. Now you may be thinking "When is he going to blab on about Multiplayer being so good?' Well, in the version I have, which is the Australian version, there isn't support for Infrastructure (Online), but it does support Ad-Hoc, which is still entertaining. But without Infrastructure in the Australian version of the game, Medal Of Honour Heroes 2 fails to stand out from the crowd, which is disappointing. Another disappointing thing is that EA took out the 'Skirmish' mode, but Skirmish was never a big thing in the original anyway. To end on a positive note, in Medal Of Honour Heroes 2, there are next to no load times, thus giving it good portability.

Lasting Appeal: While there may be no Infrastructure in the Australian version and no Skirmish mode, Medal Of Honour Heroes 2 will last you a while. Even with campaign only lasting about 3 hours, it is still very entertaining and you will find yourself coming back for more, plus lets not forget that there is still Ad-Hoc, so you can battle it out with your friends.

Overall: All up, Medal Of Honour Heroes 2 is entertaining and that's what games are made for. Even with no Online or Skirmish, Medal Of Honour Heroes 2 is one of the better titles for the PSP and has improved from the original in many ways. I just hope that if there is a Medal Of Honour Heroes 3 that it will improve on both of them and also have the Skirmish mode and Infrastructure support for Australia.

Presentation: 8.0
Graphics: 8.0
Sound: 8.5
Gameplay: 7.0
Lasting Appeal: 5.0
Overall: 6.9

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Product Release: Medal of Honor Heroes 2 (AU, 11/29/07)

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