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"One of the most creative action rpgs ever."

Tales of Rebirth is a very unique entry into namco's tales series. This game was very experimental and changed a lot of tales series staples; and in my opinion, it worked out very, very well.

Veigue Lungberg is a quiet, cold young man from the town of Sulz. One day, while out with his friend Claire, Veigue's "force" goes berserk and encases Claire in a frigid case of Ice. Unable to free her from the Ice, Veigue goes into despair and spends a year sitting in front of Claire's icy prison, unable to forgive himself for what he did, until Mao and Eugene, fellow force users, find Veigue to help him understand his powers and assist him in freeing Claire. This happiness is cut short when a mysterious military force, seeking beautiful girls, kidnap Claire, with Veigue in pursuit.

Put simply, despite being interesting, Rebirth's plot is not its strongest point. However, what is strong about Rebirth is it's incredible character development. Every character in Rebirth changes as a result of their adventures, has their past and future explored, and comes to accept themselves in a world which is very discriminatory to those that are different. I very much enjoyed Rebirth's cast, and the general plotline, while not particularly unique, gave the proper setting to develop these characters.

Rebirth's battle system does away with TP and instead introduces a system known as the "Force Cube". Artes can be set to each of the four directions of the dpad, and after a move is used, it takes time to recharge back to it's original power. Using a move over and over is thus ineffective; while powerful the first time, the damage will be laughably low afterwards. Thus, one must balance their artes with physical attacks in order to be effective. There is also the "Rush Gauge", which fills as you attack. The higher your rush gauge, the more damage you will do, but you will not heal yourself. The lower it is, the more HP you will regenerate during battle. Thus one must always pay attention to it and manipulate the gauge as needed. This battle system is very unique for tales and very, very fun.

The game's 2D graphics are very detailed and beautiful as well. The game looks crisp, colorful, and is very easy on the eyes.

With amazing 2d graphics, a very strong cast and great battle system, I recommend Rebirth to any fan of the series. A shame it didn't get localized...why namco, why?

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 10/25/11

Game Release: Tales of Rebirth (JP, 03/19/08)

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