Review by vader1231231

Reviewed: 01/08/08

A Horrible Movie Port that Doesn't Even Have Any Atmosphere of the Movie

Here we have a rushed movie-based game called Aliens Vs. Predator Requiem. When you hear the title, you think of it's PC predescessors (which BTW rocked). But, your idea of the Aliens Vs. Predator game will drastically be changed once you try out this abomination. In the game, you dont even get to play as a marine, alien, or anything else (although you can see them in the game). Instead play through a storyline that is loosly based on the film as the main Predator, Wolf, who is sent to eliminate any evidance of aliens in Gunninson, Colorado.

At your disposal is a somewhat small array of weapons, ranging from a plasma caster, to a boomerang-type sherikan, several vision modes, ranging from infrared to xenomorph modes, and an invisibility cloak. These items, equipment, and weapons can be upgraded through points that you gain for kills (*Note, you lose points for killing an unarmed civilian), although, the upgrades won't hold your interest for long. Despite this, killing aliens just isn't as fun as you would think it would be.

The enemy AI is so incredibly weak and stupid, that you could stand and let an enemy attack you, and you wouldn't die in any reasonable time. If damage is done to you, it will immediatly heal back to 100% within minutes. Destroying enemies isn't fun either. It is very repetitive. The cycle is shoot/throw shurken, repeat. And you can easily run from enemies if you suck that bad and are about to die.

The graphics and sound aren't that bad, although some of the environments are a little pixilated up close (as with most modern handheld games), but other than that, I have no complaints here. Oh yeah, there is one other thing. The environments are similar and bland, with no play through value whatsoever. The aliens and predator sound like they should, and are exactly what they sound like in the movie.

The controls will take a while to get used to. You use the analog stick to move, but you use the left and right shoulder buttons to move the camera, but you can change the controls so that the triangle, square, X, and O buttons can be used to control the camera instead.

Even though the controls suck, navigating through platforming parts, while fun at first, get old and repetetive after a while.

After playing through this abomination (if you can make it through) you might realize that this game has another trick up it's sleeve: Online PLAY!!!! Yipeee! Now you can play this abomination with your friends! THe multiplayer is nothing special at all. You and your friends play as Predators in a style of hunting together, or deathmatch... You cant even play as an alien, marine or anything else. Just a Predator. *Fun* (sarcasm).

Sound: 9/10
Graphics: 8/10
Controls: 4/10
Gameplay: 1/10
Story: 2/10
Difficulty: 3/10
Multiplayer: 4/10
Single Player Campaign: 1/10
Replay Value: 2/10
Overall: 4/10

Bottom line, DO NOT get this game if you are expecting an Aliens Vs. Predator PC game port to the PSP. Despite the similar name, it'll only dissapoint you. There are almost no similarities. Get this game if you are expecting a rushed movie based game, or are just a super hardcore Predator, or Aliens Vs. Predator fan.

Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Product Release: Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem (US, 11/13/07)

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