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    Walkthrough by RyanHennessey

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    Secret Agent Clank
    July 6th 2008
    __________Table of Contents__________________________________________________
    -----1. Introduction-------------------------------------------<INTRO>-------
    -----2. Version History----------------------------------------<VERHI>-------
    -----3. Copyright Notice---------------------------------------<CPYRT>-------
    -----4. Controls-----------------------------------------------<CONTR>-------
    -----5. Walkthrough--------------------------------------------<WALKT>-------
    ---------5.1 Boltaire------------------------------------------<WTBOL>-------
    ---------5.2 Asyanica------------------------------------------<WTASY>-------
    ---------5.3 Glaciara------------------------------------------<WTRIO>-------
    ---------5.4 Rionosis------------------------------------------<
    ---------5.5 High Roller Casino--------------------------------
    ---------5.6 Venantonio----------------------------------------
    ---------5.7 Fort Sprocket-------------------------------------
    ---------5.8 Spaceship Graveyard-------------------------------
    ---------5.9 Hydrano-------------------------------------------
    -----6. Titanium Bolt Locations--------------------------------
    -----7. Skill Point Locations----------------------------------
    ---------7.1 Boltaire------------------------------------------
    ---------7.2 Galattica-----------------------------------------
    ---------7.2 Asyanica------------------------------------------
    -----8. Alien Codes--------------------------------------------<ALICO>-------
    ---------8.1 Boltaire------------------------------------------
    ---------8.2 Asyanica------------------------------------------
    ---------8.3 Azcotal Alley-------------------------------------
    ---------8.4 Mountainside Ascent-------------------------------
    Secret Agent Clank, a new twist on an excellent game. Those who have played 
    and are a fan of the Ratchet and Clank series will immediately be used to the
    controls, and dynamics of this game. The only real difference is that now 
    Clank is the hero. You will also be able to use Ratchet, Gagebots, and even
    Quark. In addition to the normal gameplay, many mini games are available, 
    some of which are required to advance the story, some of which just earn 
    items and bolts. This is an excellent game, and certainly one of the most fun
    for the PSP.           
    _________Version History_______________________________________<VERHI>_______
    Version 0.6 - Most of the guide is up, just doing some finishing touches.
    Version 1.01 - Full guide done from start to finish. Skill points, titanium
    bolts, and other extras will be uploaded soon.
    Version 1.15 - All of Clanks titanium bolt locations are finished, still 
    working on the guide though.
    Version 1.4 - Started work on adding challenge mode stuff. Alien codes are 
    done to the end of the mountainside ascent. Also, skill points list has been 
    _________Copyright Notice______________________________________<CPYRT>_______
    Secret Agent Clank, it's logo, characters and features are trademarks of 
    their respective companies. This guide is in no way associated with any of 
    these trademarks or companies. Any copyrights or trademarks found in this 
    guide  belong to their respective trademark and copyright holders.          
    This guide is property of RyanHennessey and no section, or the guide as    
    a whole, should be used without my consent. If you see my guide on any     
    site besides those listed here, please inform me immediately. Those sites   
    include: GameFAQs.com   GameSpot.com  IGN.com                          
    Left/Right/Up/Down on D-Pad -> Strafe in that direction, maintaining a 
    consistent facing. Useful in combat in order to keep your aim on an enemy.
    Analog Stick -> Move in the corresponding direction but your facing changes.
    Useful for motion in normal gameplay. 
    Cross(X) Button -> Jump. After you get the jet boots, press X again after 
    jumping to flip in order to make it further. Also, after jumping, holding X 
    will cause you to glide.
    Square([]) Button -> Melee attack. Press multiple times to create a combo.
    Circle(O) Button -> Fire the currently selected weapon, not much else, but 
    who needs more?
    Triangle(/\) Button -> Hold to access quick select, which is a list of some 
    of your weapons so you can quickly switch. 
    L and R Buttons -> Rotates the camera angle. This changes your facing when 
    Left/Right/Up/Down on D-Pad -> Strafe in that direction, maintaining a 
    consistent facing. Useful in combat in order to keep your aim on an enemy.
    Analog Stick -> Move in the corresponding direction but your facing changes.
    Better for dodging as opposed to attacking.
    Cross(X) Button -> Jump. Press again to double jump.
    Square([]) Button -> Melee attack. Press multiple times to create a combo.
    Circle(O) Button -> Fire the currently selected weapon. 
    Triangle(/\) Button -> Hold to access quick select, which is a list of some 
    of your weapons so you can quickly switch.
    L and R Buttons -> Rotates the camera angle. This changes your facing when 
    ======Mission 1 - Boltaire=====================================<WTBOL>=======
    Starting off there are two sets of lights, you can either avoid these or walk
    into them to fight the dogs in order to earn some bolts. Exit through the 
    door. In the next area there are more lights which you have the option to 
    avoid or go through again. When you exit this door there are already some 
    dogs around, fight them and them move up the hill on your right. At the top
    of the hill there are three more lights after which you reach a continue 
    point. In the next area there are some more dogs and two sets of lights, 
    again just choose which you'd rather. If you make it past the guards in the
    next area without being see, you will receive a stealth bonus and possibly 
    more nanotech. Use the empty pedestals as cover by pressing triangle. Once 
    you make it to the end, climb the ledge and shimmy across. Jump to the 
    walkway to receive an agency drop box containing the tie-a-rang. Climb up to
    the roof and use the new found tie-a-rang to kill the guards. Then enter the
    open window. Once inside a new delivery will arrive, this time it's the 
    blackout pen. Use this gadget to disable the lasers and exit the door. In
    here, sneak up on the guard and stealth kill him by pressing square before
    he notices you, and then entering a button combination quickly. Enter the 
    next area and use the pen to turn off the lasers while avoiding the guards. 
    Pen the floating guards and stealth kill the other two guards then use your 
    pen to turn off the lasers to enter the door. Stealth kill as many guards as 
    you can to make this area easier, making sure to pick up the weapon located 
    at the bottom of the ramps right behind two lasers. After the area is cleared
    of enemies, use your tie-a-rang to cut the two wires and then climb the 
    statue. Stealth kill the enemies if possible, and pen the lasers then exit 
    the door. Next, just avoid the lasers as there are no enemies and make your 
    way to the door. Avoid more lasers, pen the flying bot, and stealth kill the 
    guards. Grab the jet boots and jump the tape. 
    In the next area you just need to press the right buttons as they line up on 
    the right side of your screen.
    Make sure to pick up the walloper and the shard gun at the start of the 
    fight. After surviving the 9 rounds the fire bomb wrench mod is earned and 
    you can either continue the story or fight more rounds.
    ======Mission 2 - Asyanica=====================================<WTASY>=======
    - Rescue Clank! -
    Kill enemies and smash the console to turn on the bridge and walk across. 
    Enter the circle and run to move the platform upwards, making sure all 
    Gagebots are actually on the platform. Kill the enemies and touch the 
    electricity. Stand on the button while electrified to create a new pathway.
    Press circle to stand on each others heads and then circle again by the 
    raised platform to access the button. Another wheel platform, use the same as
    before. Kill the enemies again, and use circle to access raised platform, 
    gain a charge and then stand on each other again and then stand on the button
    to again open a new path. Yet another wheel. Kill more enemies. Charge 
    yourself and stand on each other to avoid water. Then press the button to 
    open a path to the center. Destroy the laser generators while your other 
    members kill the enemies.
    You can try more Gagebot missions or just move on
    Use tie-a-rang to cut the lines and make the bridge fall down so you can 
    walk over it. Once across, you will be ambushed. Just kill the enemies 
    however, and then jump across the gaps by double jumping and then gliding.
    Either avoid the lasers or pen them out then jump the gap. Kill the enemies
    and then cut the strings to drop another bridge. Pick up the omnikey and use
    it to pick the lock. Next, step on the launch pad. Avoid the lasers and jump 
    the gap, stealth kill the enemy and avoid more lasers. Then use the omnikey 
    to pick the lock. Step on the launch pad and pick up the cufflink bomb.
    Kill the enemies and take down the bridge. Kill the next enemies as stealthy 
    as possible. Take down the next bridge and grab the gun for Ratchet. Cut 
    the wires to get the next bridge down. Use the omnikey again and step on the
    next launch pad. Kill the enemies and you're done this part.
    So, Quark decides that he fought a 50 foot tall winged monster and tells his
    tale. Start by shooting and hitting him down until you are pushed down a 
    level. Here he charges his beam, so punch the ninjas into the red power 
    stations. Whenever one breaks he flies down to shoot his beam at you just 
    stand behind on of the buildings that look like golden globes and it will 
    reflect on him. Do this with the other two power stations after this. 
    Continue shooting and hitting him until his health reaches zero.
    ======Mission 3 - Glaciara=====================================<WTGLA>=======
    Same as the museum, push the buttons in the right order at the right time.
    ->Villa Escape
    Snowboard down the hill while avoiding mines and snowballs. Make sure to go 
    over bridges and jumps. Basically, just make it down in one piece.
    -Ratchet - 
    Nails for Breakfast
    Beat the six waves of enemies. Its rather easy using your new mine launcher, 
    just run away while shooting mines. This avoids hits and also manages to hit 
    the enemies. Just be sure to reload constantly. Your prize is Slim Cognito's
    Bolt Extractor, which allows you to earn bolts as Ratchet.
    ======Mission 4 - Rionosis=====================================<WTRIO>=======
    Follow the Kingpin, but don't be seen by him. Try keeping your distance meter
    between 10 and 20. Whenever possible use the stands to disguise yourself by
    pressing Triangle. When the henchmen go off alone to check things out, it's
    your chance to sneak up behind them and stealth kill them. Be sure to grab
    the titanium bolt hidden in an alleyway across the street from the second 
    booth you can disguise yourself at. Keep following the Kingpin after the
    goons are defeated, and once he stops, a scene will play. After the scene you
    receive the Tanglevine Carnation. Follow behind them, taking alleyways 
    whenever a pillar blocks the main road. Then you must dodge barrels as they
    roll down the hill at you. At the end when the door closes behind them, there
    is a titanium bolt to the left. After collecting that move to the door and
    fight through the enemies as they come at you. Once they are all beaten, a 
    helicopter with air-to-air missiles arrives. Jump from gondola to gondola 
    until the missiles stop, and then fight even more enemies. After beating them,
    the gondolas are crashing into a mountain stop, so jump onto the cliff when 
    you get close enough. Climb the ledge and then jump over the moving poles.
    Next, shoot a Tanglevine to stop the next machine from moving. In the next 
    room, jump from gondola to gondola, on the left ledge there is a titanium 
    bolt and on the right is the exit. Run up the sides, jumping back and forth 
    to avoid being crushed. In the next area, jump the gondolas, and then pick 
    the lock and head down.
    -Quark -
    Just run back and forth blasting him until your blaster jams, then just suck 
    up his bombs and cards and shoot back at him until he dies. No real strategy
    here, just shoot and survive basically.
    ======Mission 5 - Le Paradis Des Tricheurs Casino==============<WTCAS>=======
    Go right to pick up the Holo-monocle and use it to hide as a guard and make 
    it to the elevator. Maneuver through the fields to avoid detection. Once in 
    the casino itself, hide, and then switch to a kitchen worker for your 
    disguise. Enter the kitchen and go to the back room and once there, wait for 
    the new type of guard to make his way back to the kitchen, and change to him. 
    Then, make your way back to the back room again to get in the door. In here, 
    you must go and place cufflink bombs on the pillars and destroy them, then 
    quickly make it through the door that the package went through. Stealth 
    takedown the guard and avoid the lasers, enter the door. Turn into the guard 
    who moves on the far wall, and go past the next two guards like this. Then, 
    pen the laser, and re-disguise yourself as the same guard. Here, stealth 
    takedown the first guard, then the second. Pen a path, and go re-disguise 
    yourself as the same guard a third time, then make your way to the door.
    -Ratchet - Last One Picked for Dodge Ball-
    Just last the 8 rounds to win 10000 bolts and the code you need to continue.
    The turrets on the side are going to be shooting at you. Also, if you stand 
    in the square in the center, two more cannons will shoot dodge balls at you.
    -Clank - Poker Time!-
    Same as before, just hit the notes in the correct order and timing. Twice 
    throughout you switch to Gagebots and have to fight off henchmen, be sure
    to defeat them quickly as they can hurt Clank by triggering traps.
    ======Mission 6 - Venantonio===================================<WTVEN>=======
    Walk to the door and a scene will play, then just make your way through the 
    maze of tunnels and destroy the drone spawners with cufflink bombs. Then look
    for the door that opens with the Omnikey and open it. Make your way through 
    the room and get the Blowtorch Briefcase. There are two doors in this room 
    that require the blowtorch to open, in one of them destroy the conveyer belt
    to get a titanium bolt. Back to where you blew up the first conveyers and 
    then used the omnikey there should be another flame door nearby, open this.
    Kill all the enemies and destroy the conveyor belts first, then kill the 
    hanging enemies. Finally, blow up the experiment, and kill the enemies 
    released. Go through the door on the right and punch the platform blocking 
    your path. Climb the platforms AFTER the are floating, and place the smaller 
    ones in a better position to use BEFORE they rise. Enter the room, kill the 
    enemies, and melt the locks. Climb the stairs and use the omnikey to enter 
    the door. Jump the platforms again. The smaller ledge to the left contains 
    a titanium bolt, and the larger one progresses the level.
    -Great escape
    Avoid mines, kill enemies, you know the drill. Make it to the end alive to
    advance the story, or do the other missions as well.
    -Quark - 
    Fight everyone and win, easy as pie. Jump on the butterfly dogs, and be sure 
    to kiss the sea gods!
    ======Mission 7 - Fort Sprocket================================<WTFSP>=======
    Move forward, cufflink the minerals, tie-a-rang the chord, more minerals, and
    even more minerals. Continue along the path, using tie to create platforms. 
    Use the vine to stop platforms spinning, and a bomb to make new ones appear.
    Vine these too to stop them from spinning. Climb the platforms, kill the 
    enemies and pick the lock then step on the launch pad. Kill the enemies and 
    enter next room. More killing and then step on the square in the center.
    Kill the enemies that spawn on the way up. Continue through the vault until 
    you reach the omnikey door, enter here. Disguise yourself and avoid the beams
    and the original guard. When no ones around jump up on to the ledge in the 
    far right corner. Make your way around the tops. On the Highest ledge there 
    is a block missing, drop down it to get a titanium bolt. Jump across to the 
    other tops until you make it to the far door. Disguise yourself as the robot 
    that is patrolling the door and then drop down. Be sure to avoid the guard you
    used for the disguise and enter the door. Make your way past the lasers, 
    using your pen when available. Kill the enemies and make your way through the
    -Gagebots - 
    Go through the opening and press the green switch. Use the wheel by having 
    one press a green switch, then the next, causing the wheel to be able to move
    by the third one. Press square to swing across then kill the guard. Press 
    square to use his face to open the door. Stand on each other to reach the 
    switch, press it. Switch bots so the other two go on the bridge and then 
    switch back to the first to press the switch again. Switch to the other two
    again and follow the path and swing again. Charge yourself and press square 
    to overcharge the lock. Break the box and swing again. Switch to the lone bot
    to get him back to the platform. Repeat the earlier procedure with the wheel
    to move forward. Kill enemies and use the face to open the door. Press the
    switch and have two go, one stay. Have the one press the switch again, then
    the two move and press the switch. The lone one moves across the bridge then
    the two press the switch again. Finally they all meet across bridge. Charge 
    yourself and stand on each other to reach the platform. Overcharge both 
    switches then use the same procedure on platform as before with wheel. Break
    the box on the pole then swing across. Press switch then swing the left and
    break the box. Swing back then to the right and break the box and press the
    switch right next to it. Swing across, and then have all three swing forward.
    All three must press switches to activate the bridge. Run across and kill the
    enemies. Press the switch and swing across, break the box, and swing back.
    Press the switch again and then swing across twice. Press the switch and 
    swing across. Charge yourself and overcharge both switches within seconds of 
    each other. Break the box and swing across. Use the same procedure as before
    for the wheel. Move ahead and kill the enemies. Swing across and then kill 
    the next enemies. Cross the bridge as it spins and then kill more enemies.
    Cross the platforms the same as the bridge then kill the enemies. Use the 
    face to open the door. Charge yourself and overcharge the switches to 
    complete this section.
    ======Mission 8 - Spaceship Graveyard==========================<WTSSG>=======
    Survive 6 rounds and for the sixth round you must face the Ameboid King.
    Enter, and avoid the lasers making your way forwards. Here you must fight off
    a vast number of midges, which is still pretty easy. After beating them all, 
    a new path will open and you will come to a continue point. Kill the floating
    enemies, but watch out as they explode when hit. Move forward by jumping and 
    gliding to the next platform. Kill the turret and jump and glide again. 
    Another turret and another jump. Two more turrets and then a platform. Kill 
    the enemies, and activate the omnikey lock. This activates the elevator. 
    Avoid or pen the lasers, and then move forward by tie-a-rang-ing the ropes 
    to kill some enemies and also reveal a titanium bolt. Pick the lock on the 
    far left of the room turning on the fans. Use the vines to stop the fans 
    spinning so you can jump on them. Avoid the steam and make your way across to
    the next group of fans. Jump these after vining them, then go up the elevator 
    for a continue point.  Clear out the enemies on the right to access another 
    titanium bolt. Then move left, avoiding the shots. Destroy the turrets to 
    open another path and follow it. Avoid or pen the lasers to reach another 
    continue point. Kill the exploding enemies as you go, though these ones grow 
    back, so avoid them as much as possible. Kill the turret first, then the 
    enemies the go with it. Climb up to your right and kill the enemies, the 
    enter the hangar that opened up.
    Move forwards then jump around the ships. Jump on the round pad to be 
    launched over the spikes.  Keep moving forwards and shoot the satellite to 
    free some nuns. Take the new path and kill the enemies as you go, at the 
    end jump on the nose cone a few times to save more nuns. Another new path 
    opens, follow this and again jump on the nose cone. Follow the new path 
    and use cannon to break the wall. Use the next cannon to free even more 
    nuns. Boss time, just keep jumping on the giant lemons to kill him. 
    Punches work as well, but your blaster doesn't.
    -Giant Clank-
    Make your way through the level by killing enemies and avoiding obstacles. 
    Just dodge and shoot in the boss fight.
    Make sure the prisoners don't escape while surviving 4 rounds. You are 
    rewarded with the triple wave wrench mod.
    ======Mission 9 - Hydrano======================================<WTHYD>=======
    Same as always: kill enemies, jump, two wheels, etc.
    Survive 20 rounds
    Move forwards and surround the pole in the middle, causing electricity to go 
    through and open the door. Move forward again, killing enemies as you go. In 
    the next area have the bots line up by making them wait and switching out as 
    you go. When the electricity is going through both poles at once the keyhole 
    on the left becomes available. Press the switch, have another cross the 
    bridge and run in the wheel to open the door. Same thing here, line up to get
    the electricity to run through the poles, then go in the keyhole. Press the 
    left switch and have ONE run across. Have the third press the middle switch, 
    and then the first bot press the left. Release the middle one and move onto 
    the platform, then press the middle again. Finally, run in the wheel. Swing 
    across and destroy all the boxes. Swing across again and then form a triangle
    to activate all three and enter the keyhole. Press switch and have two bots
    run across. Have one press the switch and have the other one run across. 
    Release that switch and have the other bot run in the wheel. Repeat to get 
    the other two wheels. Move forwards, and using the spinning gold thing-y, 
    position yourselves to hit all 5 at once. This is accomplished by forming a 
    straight line through the two furthest away from the gold thing. 
    Key hole time! Run all the way forward to press the two switches, then have 
    the last one run back, charge himself and run to the end to overcharge, this
    is not easy to do, but keep at it.
    Avoid the fish lights and stealth kill guards. Jump from platform to 
    platform. Jump quickly off the fish, as they drop, and make your way across. 
    Avoid lights again and stealth kill the enemies. Keep going forwards and use 
    the omnikey at the elevator. Stealth kill the two guards and the press the 
    buttons to bring boats forwards. Cut them both down, then kill remaining 
    guards to move on. Kill all enemies here as well to move on. Avoid the lights
    and move forward. Jump across and in the next room use tie-a-rang to turn off
    electric floors. Use the omnikey and go down the elevator. Kill all the
    enemies to move on. Avoid the lasers and stealth kill the enemies. Move ahead
    and avoid the lights. Make your way across platforms and tie-a-rang to turn 
    off the electric floor. Avoid the lasers and use the omnikey. Kill all the 
    enemies top move ahead. Avoid the lasers again and use the omnikey on the far
    door for a titanium bolt. Then, move through the other door. use the 
    holomonocle to get through the room.
    Boss fight! This fight is going to really drive you for the most part. It is
    incredibly hard. The only real strategy I can give you is to have lots of 
    bolts and your PDA. This way you can use your cufflink bombs to help greatly
    and then just buy more ammo for them when you run out. Keep at it and you 
    will eventually wear him down. Congratulations you beat the story mode of 
    Secret Agent Clank. Now, that doesn't mean your game is over cause there are
    many secrets to be found, titanium bolts, weapons to upgrade, and a challenge
    mode as well.
    -=-=-=-=-=special missions=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
    -working down - 5000 bolts
    kill enemies, then have all three members stand on a button to activate 
    bridge charge yourselves, then activate the two pads, breaking the walls..
    then stand on each other and break the generator on the pole to turn on the 
    next bridge. wheel down
    destroy the two red towers to complete the mission
    -Great divide - 5000 bolts
    use circle to go over the divide, move down and step on the button to 
    bring the wheel to you, move down and switch to other members
    make it to the charger and stand on each other to activate the switch, 
    this breaks down the wall, switch back to the other member
    charge yourself and avoid the water, activate the switch to turn on 
    the bridge, then destroy the red tower to complete
    ->Black Diamond
    You have to kill 72 enemies within the time limit, not too easy.
    ->Go for the Gold
    collect at least 55 gold rings before the bottom of the hill, only about 70 
    total on the hill so try to get them all.
    kill 40 enemies in 3 minutes
    -threading the needle
    collect 50 rings before the bottom
    -dark helmet
    swing back, then other direction
    pick up face, swing back twice, then in original direction to use face
    stand to reach, charge, over charge
    vault breakers
    switch, swing, release switch, press next one
    press original, swing back
    swing other way
    head down to press switch, move on bridge, release switch
    press again and swing
    charge, then run swing and run, get back to over charge
    _____Titanium Bolts____________________________________________<TIBOL>_______
    1. Just before you reach the area where you have to sneak past the 
    guards there is a high path to the left and up. To Reach it, go to the 
    platform where the guards are, and jump then glide to the ledge. The
    Bolt is here.
    2. In the room with the statue that you have to climb, there is a ledge that 
    can be reached when the double jump is obtained. It is on the same side 
    of the room as where the statue leads you, only closer to the entrance 
    of the statue room.
    1. In the area where the ninjas come out of the glass(the area right after 
    the first laser obstacles) just hit the vent in the far left corner. The 
    titanium bolt should appear. Thanks to skater360 for helping me with this 
    one, as it caused me far too much grief trying to locate it due to a bug with
    my game.
    =Rionosis, Azcotal Alley=
    1. Along the path while you are following the kingpin, there is one in an 
    alley way. You can backtrack to get this one after the meter goes later on to
    make it easier to get.
    2. In another alleyway along the path. Again, it may be easier to backtrack 
    later in order to get it.
    3. After the kingpin and his friend jump into the tunnel, instead of going to
    the door, go to your far left for a titanium bolt.
    =Rionosis, Gondola Ascent=
    1. In one of the rooms where you have to jump from gondola to gondola, 
    instead of taking the right ledge to move forwards, the left ledge contains a
    titanium bolt.
    =High-Rollers Casino=
    1. When entering the back room from the kitchen, instead of leaving the 
    kitchen straight, take a right and you'll come across a omnikey door. It's in
    =Venantonio Labs=
    1. In the room where you got the Blowtorch Briefcase there are two doors 
    which require it's use to open. In one of them there is a conveyer belt
    that can be destroyed with a Cufflink Bomb. When you do, a titanium bolt 
    2. In the last area before you move on when you can move all the platforms 
    around, if you go to the shorter platform on the left as opposed to the one
    that advances the story you will find another titanium bolt.
    =Fort Sprocket=
    1. In the first area, once you make it to the top, there is another rock like
    the ones you had to blow up to make it up there. Even though there is no 
    target on this one it will still blow up. Make your way along the platforms 
    by this wall, and then blow up another of those rocks. Jump across to the 
    nook to get the bolt. 
    2. In the room with the elevator that you ride up and fight two groups of 
    enemies on the way. Ride the elevator to the top, then jump and glide back 
    down to the level below. Now that the elevator is out of the way, you will 
    see another platform underneath where it used to be, on it is another 
    titanium bolt. Thanks to newdarkcloud for the location of this bolt.
    3. In the vault where you must jump over the tops of the crates to avoid 
    detection at the highest point you'll notice a crate missing, drop down here 
    for another bolt.
    =Spaceship Graveyard=
    1. Just after the area with the platforms with turrets and the exploding 
    organic enemies there is an area with a big glass case in it. Go to the right
    of the glass and kill the turret. Then use the turret to easily jump on to 
    the platform next to it, while avoiding the steam. After that, jump to the 
    taller platform across from it to find another bolt.
    2. In the room with all the fans, tie-a-rang the ropes and cut down the boxes
    to reveal a titanium bolt.
    3. After coming up the large elevator, move to your right to see a hole 
    surrounded by the organic mines. Kill the mines and drop down to get another 
    4. In the corridor with the fast re-growing mines jump to the last platform 
    on the right. Instead of moving to the next platform, jump and glide down the
    tunnel heading for the hole in the wall. Once in here you will quickly see 
    the bolt.
    =Underwater Bunker=
    1. Use the omnikey on the door in the final hallway to find Clanks final 
    titanium bolt.
    ______Skill Points_____________________________________________<SKPOI>_______
    This list of skill points is only my description of how to get them, and 
    therefore there may be other easier ways to go about getting them. If you do 
    not understand what I am saying, please visit n0m4ds0ul's Skill Point FAQ as 
    his descriptions may differ from mine, and also it's a great guide, so you 
    may rather use his anyway.
    Furthermore, I'd like to thank n0m4ds0ul for the info taken from his guide. 
    While I did not ask to take any of his personal information out of the guide,
    I did use it to get the names and in-game descriptions of some skill points. 
    This does not usually warrant an acknowledgement, but I feel as though he 
    deserves a thank you due to it helped me get my guide done faster, as I 
    didn't have access to my copy for a few days, and without using those skill 
    point names from him, this would still not be done.
    ->Furious Fists Of Fury - Use only your melee attacks to complete the level.
    As the discription says, only use melee attacks. This doesn't mean that you 
    have to kill all the enemies, just that when fighting them don't use any 
    weapons. Also, if while cutting the statue you hit one of the flying bots due
    to having your tie-a-rang leveled up, it still allows you to get the skill 
    point. I recommend clearing out all other enemies first though, as I'm not 
    sure if the other enemies getting hit in the process will count or not.
    ->Silent Night - Take down every guard in the museum using stealth takedowns.
    Not every guard can be taken down this way, but you must take down all of 
    those who can be. If you are seen, let them kill you and start from the 
    continue point. The first one that can be is in the hallway with four guards 
    one of which is moving back and forth, that's the one that can be. All three
    can be in the hallway where you become a living statue. Both on the roof can
    be. And every non-flying guard can be after that I believe.
    ->Pyrrhic Victory - Get damaged in only the very last segment.
    During the laser section, make your way through while hitting enough notes to
    not get damaged all the way through, then don't press any buttons during the 
    last section to get hit on the last laser and get this skill point. This 
    doesn't mean you must get a perfect run until the last section. You CAN miss
    just so long as it's not enough to take damage.
    ->Triple Platinum Record - Get through the whole segment without missing any 
    button presses.
    Pretty straightforward, but not as easy as it sounds. This skill point will
    likely take much practice, and cause you equally as much frustration.
    =========Planet Galattica======================================<SPGAL>=======
    ->Stainless Steel - Don't take any damage during the Mega Challenge.
    This one can be accomplished whenever you'd like, but will be much easier if 
    you wait until later in the game when you have better weapons.
    ->Playing With Fire - Kill 5 enemies by running them into Lizard Thug 
    Molotov cocktails.
    There are enemies that carry a gun that shoots green blasts in one hand and a
    knife in the other. Occasionally they also throw something at you which 
    catches a small area on fire. If you manage to hit five enemies with one of 
    these or run them through the fire it creates and they die, you'll have this 
    skill point. A cheap way to do this is go into a challenge where those outer 
    poles spin, and have the pieces on them that break off and give bolts when 
    hit. Stand next to one of these while it spins, and let them throw it at you.
    As the thing spins and is destroyed by the fire, it counts as the five kills.
    ->Speed Demon - Complete the Rescue Clank! Challenge in 1 minute and 25 
    Just run like the wind, that's all you can do. Keep trying if you don't 
    manage the first time, eventually you'll find shortcuts that save precious 
    seconds. Also, at the end, when you need to blow up the boxes to free Clank, 
    just do that as fast as possible and don't bother with the enemies.
    ->Robot Finds Ninja - Get all possible stealth kills in the level.
    There aren't many enemies in this level to sneak up on, so it's not to 
    difficult. There is one sleeping ninja early on, and more which are all 
    grouped together for the most part.
    ->Perfect Chrome Finish - Complete the Rescue Clank! Challenge without any 
    Gagebot taking damage.
    Watch out at the end especially, because if you take too long, more enemies 
    will spawn and the more likely you are to get hit.
    ->Black Tie Affair - Get through the level defeating all enemies with the
    I'm still not sure if this means that you have to kill ALL the enemies in 
    the level, or if you can just only use the tie-a-rang to battle the ones 
    you do fight. 
    ->Like The Wind - Make it through the level without getting hit by anything.
    Not much to say here, the description pretty much says it all.
    ->Inverse Ninja Law - Kill 99 ninjas during the fight.
    When you are pushed to the second part of the Quark level, instead of 
    punching the ninjas INTO the power generators, punch them away. Eventually 
    you'll make it to 99.
    ->Blaster Overload - Beat the boss without using the regular blaster.
    During the Quark level don't use the regular blaster. Only use your punches, 
    or the mega blaster. Which you choose is up to you.
    ______Alien Codes______________________________________________<ALICO>_______
    Immediately after getting the sunglasses, look at the wall ahead of you. 
    Just to the right of the first guard in the corner you should find the code.
    In the room with the statue in it, look on the large wall at the top of the 
    stairs. It should be right above the telephone vendor.
    In the last room, go to where you got the Jet Boots on the first playthrough,
    and then look back by the door. It should be on the crate behind where the 
    floating guard was.
    Just after the building where the ninjas pop out of the roof in three groups 
    of four. Cross that bridge, turn left and then immediately turn back to that 
    building. It's on a window just below the height of the bridge but slightly 
    to the right.
    The next two you can get from the same spot on the map if you like. On the 
    second platform just after the last set of police cars, stand in the corner 
    closest to those police cars. For one of them look at the first platform 
    after the cars, as low as possible, it should be there. The other one is
    more tricky. Look back at the first car, and then a little below it should 
    be the code.
    ---------Azcotl Alley, Rionosis--------------------------------<ACAZA>-------
    When you get to the second disguise stand and kill the henchman, look at the 
    wall opposite of the stand. Just up and to your left of the female robot 
    should be the code.
    Just before the area where the Kingpin stops and where you originally got the
    Tanglevine bulb there should be a path to the left with a bunch of boxes. On
    the archway entering this path is the next code.
    At the end of the level, just before going into the door, go to the right 
    instead. After going as far right as possible, turn around and face the left.
    Then look up and you should see the third one.
    ---------Mountainside Ascent, Rionosis-------------------------<ACMSA>-------
    Immediately after jumping from the gondolas to the ledge at the start, turn 
    around and look across the gap, you should see the first one. 
    The second one can be found very shortly after the first. Right after the 
    first room of gondola jumping, turn around and look under the doorway you 
    just entered.
    The third one is close as well. In the area where you must go up the sides of
    the room and jump back and forth to avoid being crushed, instead of moving 
    up, go down. It will be on the wall at the end of this path.
    ______Thank You's______________________________________________<THANK>_______
    GameFAQs - For hosting the guide.
    Newdarkcloud - For helping me with a titanium bolt location and also 
    answering some of my questions I had while writing the guide.
    Skater360 - For a titanium bolt location that I wouldn't have found otherwise
    due to a glitch in my game.
    n0m4ds0ul - For making such an excellent skill point FAQ. And though while I 
    found all of these before ever visiting the boards of FAQs for it, I still 
    had to use his guide for the names of skill points when I didn't have access 
    to my copy of the game.

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