How do I beat Terra's final boss?

  1. Terra's final boss fight has three parts that I know of:
    1) Against Vanitas and Xehanort
    2) Against Xehanort
    3) Against Terra (player is Terra's armor)

    My problem - I can't even land more than 3 hits on Terra without him killing me. His hits take out half my HP and causes me to stagger with no time to guard. Are there any strategies?

    User Info: KayteeLern

    KayteeLern - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Block more.

    Vanitas/Xehanort just land a couple of hits and try not to die. It seems to advance after you deal a certain amount of damage, not time.

    Xehanort, just keep your distance and block his dark shots. If he closes in, block, then use the counter move and he takes good damage. I've also found that the "Blitz" attacks (Fire Blitz and Thunder Blitz) work well.

    For Terranort, the same deal, really. Just block/reflect his dark shots and block/counter his close attacks. When he does the meteors I've been able to block entirely before, but I think you can also do a Shoot Lock right before, thus going invincible during the attack. And the same deal with the Blitz attacks being useful. Then, just stock 2+ Curagas.

    Lastly, you can just level up more. I beat Terra's story with him at around level 30 or so. When I re-beat it at 40 I found it was tremendously easier (and at 50+ he barely even touches Terra XD). That, and you can do Command Charge to get some abilities. HP Up, Last Chance, etc. But it mostly just revolves around Block/Counter for the whole battle.

    User Info: daenym2164

    daenym2164 (Expert) - 8 years ago 1 0

Other Answers

  1. for number 1 fight is just like what daenym2164 said... hit a few times and remain alive

    for number 2 and 3, I use my lock on shoot whenever I can and heal as much as possible after getting hit

    User Info: ikaiwave

    ikaiwave - 8 years ago 0 0

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