What is the best command deck for aqua, ven, terra?

  1. I have all skills. Just wondering what suit each character the best. Thx Alot =)

    User Info: TheNemesys

    TheNemesys - 7 years ago
  2. Additional Details:
    jus7321; Can you write down your personal command deck ? =) i will be glad to know

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    TheNemesys - 7 years ago

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  1. No matter who, always have Time Splicer. Its hurts alot and gives your character near-invulnerability. Kicking Story bosses butts in 30 seconds and yes I counted.

    User Info: holine

    holine - 6 years ago 2 0


  1. Well, it all depends on personal preference, but Terra should have something thats ranged, like thundaga. Ven, maybe something powerful, and i can't think of anything for Aqua(maybe Magic Hour? I love that skill ^^). Still, it's all personal preference.

    User Info: jus7321

    jus7321 - 7 years ago 0 0
  2. For munny farming: magnega, stopga, munny magnet, mega flare, firaga burst/quake/cyclone, curaga.
    For Arena bosses: With Terra, get the sweetstack keyblade and go for support magic (like magnega or zero graviga) and bash everything to death, OR get a magnet spiral and a few sonic blades. Curaga is always a must, ofc. With Aqua, I like her sky climber mode, so I equip some milky ways, then mega flare, magnega, burst firaga x2, curaga. Since mega flare's got a long reload time, I can spam burst firaga and her command style attacks until the next mega flare...ain't played Ven yet, so dunno about him.

    User Info: Saterdei

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  3. I always found Treasure raid and Slot Edge to be good for munny and item farming. If you need something with stopping power and capable of hitting large groups, I suggest Freeze Raid and Salvation so you can cover the group at any distance. I use Ven and my current deck is Freeze Raid, Binding Strike, Salvation, Faith, Thundaga, and Curaga. It still need improvments, but it does provide several opertunities to heal and provide for methods to get out of a tight spot. I also think you can build this command deck as everyone.

    User Info: KaiTynMacros

    KaiTynMacros (Expert) - 6 years ago 0 0
  4. For Ventus I used Areoga, Blitz, Tornado, Sonic Blade, Curaga, and Time Splicer.
    For Terra I used Sonic Blade, Meteor, Freeze Raid, Thundaga, Zero Graviga and two Curaga's.
    For Aqua I used Triple Firaga, Triple Blizzaga, Thundaga, Aeroga, Seeker Mine, Magic Hour, and Curaga


    User Info: jacobwinner999

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  5. For Ven - Salvation, Tornado/ Tornado strike( mega flare for bosses), Fission firaga, Curaga, and transedence/deep freeze/or a second curaga and break time. break time, at max level restores a ton of focus and restores hp.
    For Terra- Zantetsuken x3 because of its instant death chance and temporary invincibility, Ars Solum to lay down the punishment and Curaga x 3 for healing
    For Aqua- Triple Firaga, Aeroga, Thundaga x2,seeker mine x2 and curaga x2

    User Info: Sagerz22

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  6. Oh, listen to this! Every character (as far as I can see) has a set of "default skills that help in many situations.
    For Terra: Ars Solum, Meteor, Zero Graviga (or Magnega). The rest is up to you but fill it out with this: Curaga (DUH!), Mine Square (shield), Sonic Blade, Chaos Blade, Brutal Blast, Meteor Crash, Zantetsuken.

    For Aqua: Time Splicer (or Magic Hour), Thundaga Shot, Triple Blizaga, Mega Flare, Seeker Mine, Curaga. A little bit of everything. Aqua is a tough one to fill out she has so many possibilities. There are many skills that also fit in this situation are: Glacier, Magnega, Aeroga, Surge attacks.

    For Ven ... This is a tough one. I havent found a good combination for Ventus. When you look for moves for Ven think: continuous carnage. The moves I like the most are: time Splicer, Aeroga(not too much, short range), Faith (this one rocks!), Mine Square (Shield), Curaga. That is as far as I have gotten with Ventus. Other moves have possibilities but have horrible flaws. Here is a list:

    Wind Raid and Spark Rave - leaves you vulnerable
    Salvation - too slow at start, limited range
    Tornado - too slow and leaves you vulnerable
    Tornado Strike - better but a tad dull

    User Info: Immature_Sage

    Immature_Sage (Expert) - 6 years ago 0 0
  7. Your own preference. There is no "best", only what suits your play style. As Aqua, I use 3 Curagas, Firaga Burst, Seeker Mine, and Mega Flare.

    User Info: Takuyachan

    Takuyachan - 6 years ago 0 0
  8. I agree with Takuyachan. My aqua for example has 2 time splicer, mega flare, and 2 curaga. Honestly though i see no use in using magic hour, its half as powerful as time splicer and i always end up getting hit when im using it as opposed to time splicer.

    User Info: ianwojo

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  9. As Ventus, I used Faith, Salvation, Mega Flare and Time Splicer. No need Curaga, Faith and Salvation heals. And I used Wingblade as Command Style. As Aqua Time Splicers, Curaga and Mega Flare. Terra, I'm just playing now so don't know yet. Ventus felt overpowered. And I didn't mind slowness of Salvation because it heals full health.

    User Info: kadaj--

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  10. Whatever you do, make sure you have 2 curagas and 2 sonic blades. besides that you could probably just throw in mega flare or transcendence. depending on which character you have. But if you have sonic blade, you use one and then when your finished you move to the other sonic blade. i beat iron prisoner IV this way very easily

    User Info: hawk_2k8

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  11. How about you learn to be your own man and make your own deck up! everyone has there own play style, get your own bc what other use may b garbage to you

    User Info: Erosennin789

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  12. For Ven
    Time Splicer, Tornado, Transcendence, Salvation/Faith, Wind Raid, Ars Arcanum, Curaga
    Pick from those

    For Aqua
    Time Splicer, Magic Hour, Raging Storm, Firaga Burst, Triple Firaga, Curaga
    Pick from those

    For Terra
    Chaos Blade, Dark Haze, Dark Firaga, Meteor, Quake, Meteor Crash, Ars Solum, Curaga
    Pick from those

    User Info: souleater721

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  13. HINT:

    Buy the guide book and when it comes to the big-bosses, build your command deck from there. Also, use the "create commands" guide (Synthisize Commands or what ever its called) in the back of the book to create new commands. Sometimes as said in the tutorial in the "game", having the same command in your cammend deck can amek you stronger!

    User Info: Lotus_Curtiss

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  14. For Aqua I use this deck:

    Thundaga>Stopga>Time Splicer>Stopga>Magic Hour>Curaga. This deck also helps change into Ghost Drive quickly.
    Finisher: Teleport Spike
    Shotlock: Photon Charge

    Its an all out teleport deck useful both against hordes or multiplayer.

    Why stopga before time splicer? simple, in VS mode time splicer doesn't have the "stop" effect so you have to force it with a stopga before. In other modes that stopga is not needed and can be replaced with another curaga (not really needed), seeking mine or another thundaga.

    I know Aqua should be using strong magic spells, but this is just a nice variant using a combination of attacks and magic spells that dont fall into the common "nuker build".

    I haven't played enough with Ventus or Terra to build a good deck yet but ill post it once i find out a good one.

    User Info: Jhedan

    Jhedan - 6 years ago 0 0
  15. My Terra uses Chaos blade, transdence, curaga, curaga, Meteor and Meteor crash. I use the chaos blade because it is good for bosses, and I use transdence and meteor because i owns smaller unversed.

    My Aqua uses Time splicer, Seeker mine, Thundaga shot, Glacier, Curaga and Curaga. Obviously, time splicer because it owns, seeker mine for thinning out a crowd and thundaga shot becuase it is great for big and slow bosses.

    My Ventus uses arc acanum, curaga, curaga, Time splicer and Salvation. Arc acanum because it is a good combo of attacks plus it means invunerability. You know why I use Time Splicer, and Salvation is a new move I recently added to my deck it is quite useful.

    User Info: atan31

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  16. well im no good for terra nor aqua but i'm badass with ventus i use:
    Salvation,freeze raid,curagaX2,aeroga,times splicer
    P.S. use aeroga and then salvation since aeroga stun enemies you charge up and boom full health and damage

    User Info: AwesomeMario

    AwesomeMario - 6 years ago 0 0
  17. My deck made up using offense and healing such as salvation, faith,and hi damaging attack such as ars arcnum and 1 group curaga im using ultima keyblade anyway

    User Info: BBSFan01

    BBSFan01 - 6 years ago 0 0
  18. I'll post my Terra deck now:

    Dark Haze>Chaos Blade>Dark Firaga>Magnega> Meteor Crash -- This one charges up Dark
    impulse quickly, goes well vs bosses and hordes, and works on VS too.
    Finisher > Explotion
    Shotlock: > Photon Charge / Sonic Shadow

    Dark Haze casts doom on hit (5 sec countdown death) and works on VS too.
    Chaos Blade simply owns (plus casts blindness on hit)
    Magnega pulls enemies for a big Meteor Crash hit. If enemies remain use dark impulse as enemies are already stuck with magnega.

    I'll post a deck for Ventus once I start playing with him.

    User Info: Jhedan

    Jhedan - 6 years ago 0 0
  19. Only answer for Terra, cuz he's my main man =)

    Meteor Crash
    Mega Flare
    Group Esuna
    Group Curaga

    This is obviously the deck I use in the Mirage Arena, but it's still the best configuration I've found for Terra. Magnega groups most enemies (stupid giant apes...kick ya'lls asses later...) into one spot, which sets them up perfectly for Meteor Crash. Stopga is for enemies that aren't effected by Magnega (bosses and those damned monkeys), but also makes it easier to get off Mega Flare, which has a longer wind-up time than Meteor Crash.

    User Info: KyoIchigaki

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  20. For ven, two salvation, one megaflare, two mine square. You're on the way to trashing bosses.

    User Info: dsleech

    dsleech - 6 years ago 0 0
  21. Ven is the only one I can give any kind of real advice for, as he's the only one I've completely tapped out (all skills, abilities, keyblades except void gear and no name, even completed the reports)

    This might not be his "best" skills but they serve me in almost every situation, and I only anticipate needing to change this up if I have a bit of trouble during the two optional bosses post final episode.

    Ars Arcanum
    Break Time

    I keep my shortcut on curaga (press left to access quickly) so that I can easily switch to break time, curaga or magnega. I also got his final finish command as soon as I got to radiant garden because its freakin awesome. I like using a magnega/aeroga combination doesn't trigger any of his command styles which lets you continue to use stratosphere almost constantly. When bosses come around faith is what I prefer to use, if I'm going to use anything because beyond healing you it still doesn't trigger any command styles. I keep Arcanum around because it does trigger Fever Pitch, and faith and magnega trigger Wingblade, my favorite command style. Still more often then not I just like going at bosses without deck commands except for healing and if I'm having any kind of trouble or its an arena match I want to blast through I use a shotlock (bio barrage, you can get it pretty early in the game, DO SO AND USE IT TIL YOU GET MULTIVORTEX).

    For his keyblade I tended to use something with a decent magic spec until I got to neverland, then I went around and magnega/pulse bomb(very fast very high lockon shotlock) comboed all the prize pods in the worlds and did one round of Risky Riches and Treasure Tussle to get the sweetstack which I used until I eventually got Ultima Weapon.

    User Info: warior916

    warior916 - 6 years ago 0 0
  22. Decks for Ven:
    Timesplicer, Magnega, Sonicblade, Aerial Slam, Ars Arcanum and Curaga
    Finish Commmand: Stratosphere
    D-Link: Mickey

    against Lingering Spirit: Mine Square, 2-3x Sonicblade, Curaga or Faith (when he use his "Shotlock")
    Action Commands: Roll (not Thunder Roll), Superglide (maybe).

    Abillities: Second Chance and Once More

    User Info: ZeroFaker

    ZeroFaker - 6 years ago 0 0
  23. a nice deck for Terra which is all around and spits you into an easy teir 2 command style would be
    thundaga, thundaga, keyblade command,Graviga(or an attack of your choice),magnega, meteor, (right on top of them) curaga
    CS thunderbolt CS2 dark impulse CS2 rock breaker (if you didnt get DI)

    recommend restore guard also

    User Info: SerenadeGS226

    SerenadeGS226 - 6 years ago 0 0
  24. For Ventus:
    Sonic Blade , Tornado Strike , Tornado , Faith , Curaga

    Sonic Blade : this move is effective on some bosses, and it's fast too so you won't get hit easily.
    Tornado Strike : still experimenting on better moves but this for now. good area of effect and number of extra strikes.
    Tornado : it's like a magnega and aeroga rolled into one (which is exactly what it is) but better: you can move it, although rather slowly.
    Faith : this rocks, large AoE and practically wipes out crowds of unversed. it heals, too.
    Curaga : it might be better if you pack an extra heal..... you just might need it.
    i also recommend getting the ability leaf bracer, so when you heal you can't take damage. once more and second chance also increases your chance of survival.
    Shotlock : Multivortex. of course.
    Finisher : Stratosphere.
    both of these are devastating.

    these are also some good commands but there are short comings... :
    Ars Arcanum : it's reach is rather short
    Time Splicer : good, although for small unversed only. useless on bosses.
    Transcendence : well.... i don't think it fits in ven's deck... there's something wrong about this move.
    Salvation : used it for a while, but it's too slow

    Tornado and Tornado Strike, however, leaves you vulnerable.

    User Info: aldreicht

    aldreicht - 6 years ago 0 0
  25. For Terra:

    Ars Solum
    Zero Gravity
    Sonic Blade
    Mine Shield

    Finish: Demolition
    ShotLock: Ultima Cannon

    A little bit of everything for any eventuality. This deck can clear ANY arena challenge like a dream, even in proud mode!

    User Info: Immature_Sage

    Immature_Sage (Expert) - 6 years ago 0 0
  26. i'd say get commands that can activate the advanced command styles
    also, always have one or two CURAGAs in you deck (Unless your the hightest level)

    sorry i dont have a specific cammand deck for each person i switch it around for elemental weaknesses/resistances

    User Info: eylfusion

    eylfusion - 6 years ago 0 0
  27. People need imagination to make their own "good" decks not other players garbage

    User Info: master_steve

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  28. I don't play as Aqua or Ven often, but I do play as Terra a lot, and the Deck Commands that work for me most of the time (Except Arena matches like Keeper's of the Arena, Villains Vendetta, and the fight with the Vanitas Remnant) are: Sonic Blade, Zantetsuken, Slot Edge, Dark Haze, Blitz, Break Time, Dark Firaga, & Curaga.
    As for the others I will almost always use: 2 Curagas, 3 Mega Potions, & 3 Royalberry Icecream.
    Those work for me, but it might not work for everyone, I always go for the hard hitting staight-forward attacks.

    User Info: DragonHart274

    DragonHart274 - 6 years ago 0 0
  29. With aqua all you have to do is get the things that will allow you to get ghost drive quickly and go berzerk.

    User Info: moronninja

    moronninja - 6 years ago 0 0
  30. For Ventus:

    Curaga (duh!)
    Sonic Blade
    Time Splicer
    Mine Square (if you like)
    Aeroga/Tornado/Magnega (test for the one that fits you the best, test in arena for better results)
    Aerial Slam/Blitz (test around, see which fits, test in arena for better results)

    Finish: Stratosphere
    Shotlock: Multivortex ---- did I flip these, don't remember...

    For Aqua:

    Seeker Mine
    Thundaga Shot
    Triple Firaga (stuns the arena prisoners!)
    An Ice Move: The game has lots, pick the one you like most
    Time Splicer/Magic Hour (the battle for supremacy!)
    Magnega (do not leave home without this one!)

    Finish: Teleport Strike
    Shotlock: Lightbloom

    I already posted Terra, but here it is again:

    Ars Solum
    Zero Gravity
    Sonic Blade
    Mine Shield

    Finish: Demolition
    ShotLock: Ultima Cannon

    Play around with the formation and content, there is no deck that can handle both storyline and secret bosses without major fiddling or major cheapness.

    User Info: Immature_Sage

    Immature_Sage (Expert) - 6 years ago 0 0
  31. Eeeh... it really depends on your playstyle.

    User Info: Shadow1100

    Shadow1100 - 6 years ago 1 0
  32. I can't really say the best. It depends on how you play.

    But two good abilities are Salvation and Faith. Both not only deal damage to the enemy, but recover your HP.

    User Info: Hero_Of_Time710

    Hero_Of_Time710 - 6 years ago 0 0
  33. I like to use with terra chaos blade and sonic blade for bosses to quicklly get the command bar full.

    User Info: Rozencraft

    Rozencraft - 6 years ago 0 0
  34. I've just found a good combination for some arena:

    TERRA :
    Mine Square
    Curaga x 3

    Equip Chaos Reaper and use Dark star 2 for your finish and use bio barrage for shootlock
    those combination is really good for Keepers of the arena

    Time splicer
    Mine square
    Curaga x 3

    those really work for almost everything.
    you'll fill up your bar gauge, to make finish command or wingblade mode
    equip : Lost memory, Bio barrage, Stratosphere

    for some arenna mission,
    Mega flare x 3
    curaga x2

    or, you can use another combination of magic.
    aqua is a hard one though.

    bio barrage, stormfall, and teleport spike is the others thing that i've equipped until i got the ultimate one

    of course, if you already have Ultima canon, multivortex and lightbloom, be sure to chage your shotlock.
    those sootlock is really awesome!!
    of course, ultima weapon is another good keyblade, but you need some time to achieve that.
    I found, a deck full of curaga and equip the best shotlock to finish villains vendeta is like an easy win.

    User Info: ss_tipen

    ss_tipen - 6 years ago 1 0
  35. Hm..I found that firaga is good against the iron imprisoner. It stops him completely anytime you hit him with it..that's how i beat him..i swear all i used was curaga and firaga along with my shotlock commands. With aqua i used rainbow salvo until i unlocked light bloom. The only boss i can't beat right now is vanitas lingering spirit...u.u 2 hits and boom i'm dead..so annoying :(

    User Info: edeodifo

    edeodifo - 6 years ago 0 0
  36. For use against regular enemies: I use mine square, mega flare, thunder surge, freeze raid, transcendance and curaga
    When fighting in Villain's Vendetta, I use mine square, fire surge, thunder surge, curaga, curaga, limit storm, freeze raid, and windcutter.

    User Info: Slicer9875

    Slicer9875 - 6 years ago 0 0

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