How do I beat Mysterious Figure?

  1. I got a level 99 Terra and using the thunder surge strategy, but still not enough. He even uses the orbs first thing then spams that doom attack....It's really sucking the fun out of this game...

    User Info: Takiashu

    Takiashu - 7 years ago

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  1. now I get it, the guy before , takara, was talking about Vanitas sentiment, (VS).
    Unfortunately, misteryous figure is another guy to beat, and he's stronger definetly than VS.

    User Info: mamt12ds

    mamt12ds - 7 years ago 2 0


  1. By mysterious figure, I assume you're talking about VS? I don't know how effective this thunder surge strategy is but an easy way to do it imo, is to use mega elixers and detonate chasers. Curaga is a no no because it has about 2 seconds casting time, long enough for VS to kill you while mega elixers have only about a 0.5 to 1 second casting time all of these are just rough estimates of course.

    To prevent him from using the orb attack, attack him quickly at the start, it will cause him to stagger and take about
    2-3 hits from you before teleporting away. His shoot lock will leave him open to attacks so attack him with everything you've got when he's firing his shoot lock, assuming that you've dodged it of course. The skill where he burrows into the ground can be dodged the same way with Vanitas, only that he might use the thunder skill or something similar so you gotta watch out for that. There will be an occasion where the original VS will teleport above you and try to strike you, that hit can be blocked, it will cause him to stagger and allow you to get some hits in before he teleports away. A good timing to use the detonate chasers would be when he is running towards you. He will blindly charge towards you until he gets to you so you can set the chasers in his path and watch them hit him.

    Fighting VS requires some time, luck, patience, experience and experimenting because you need to get used to his attack patterns and timing. It took me about 15 over tries before I managed to defeat him. So, good luck.

    User Info: takara123

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  2. what is VS?

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  3. anyway with terra is very difficult, because his dodging sistem is so bad against misteryous figure, I'm in the same situation you are, I guess we gotta memorize every attack that misteryous figure does against us and to learn how to avoid them.

    User Info: mamt12ds

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  4. I had a lot of trouble with this boss as well with Terra but I had to beat him and I figured something out about him. The more abilities you have equipped the stronger/more likely he is to use doom moves more especially the orb attack that is almost impossible to dodge as Terra. So just remove unnecessary abilities like the Prizes abilities and some of the others like Fire/Blizzard Boost and all of the Screens since all his attacks bring you down to one hp anyways. I beat him on critical so just keep taking away abilities you think won't help you in the battle and he should get a lot easier. Good luck though cause he is still really hard!

    User Info: ULTIMAT3K3Y

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  5. I have try and was able to finish him off with a strange build. I was lvl 56 Terra. I Used Ventus D-link for the haste. Do not cancel the link let it drain, because haste gives you a little bit move movement too. I use a Single Shotlock to dodge and move in closer to MF with Lightning Ray if done right u should hit him once and just stop right next to MF, he is usually stuned for a breif sec giving u a chance to assault him untill he sheild's himself. Most of his attacks can be countered like this. Use mega-Elixir when u completely drained of dlink AND focus. My deck has 1 skill Mega-Flare and full of Mega-Elixirs. Mega-Flare Only if he makes clones make sure u dont have Chaos-Ripper on other wise the Mega-Flare might not kill the clones. There is different ways of killing him this was mine, strange but worked out. Good luck on the Fight.

    User Info: ICED1CE

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  6. This really isn't that hard bro, I beat it with a lvl 54 ventus on critical mode. Stick with the thunder/fire surge strategy (i personally used fire surge.) For terra, like stated by someone else, use ven's d-link because terra is so slow. Now, KEEP DODGING, the only time you should stop dodging is when you surge, surge right after he fires his x attack, right after he launches his tornado, after you dodged his grab thing where he jumps into the air right as he is landing, and if he summons his clones. Don't try to attack him if he turns invisible, just keep dodging and attempting to lock on every few rolls. I beat him in 6 tries. The first try I didn't know about the fire/thunder surge strategy, so my first try with that strategy, granted ven is the fastest and has the best dodge. You should be able to beat him before your d-link drains tbh, the fight lasted me about a minute.

    User Info: Mr4mazing

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  7. Ok for my opinion, i just unlocked the battle so i dont kno much about the fight, but i tried it 5 time and got beat terribly. I use ventus, but im not a fan of that fire surge and thunder surge stuff. So i dodge and attack when i can. Now for people who are stuck, use some commands that defend yourself and that confuses him at the same time, for example, vanish, it makes you completely invisable and he just randomly attacks. Then another thing is unison rush, although its not as powerful by yourself, but its affective. Now for you terra users, unless you use ventus's d link, dont even try the fight, because you will get beat. I have a level 69 ventus on proud mode and i get beat, but im working on new strategies.

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  8. well in the MF fight i've beaten him with a simple strategy dodge roll curaga and get ready for this: renewal block and counter rush, reversal and reversal slash at the time i had low health i for instance blocked or curaga with magic haste ability X5 on cause you gonnah need it even though it took me a 100 times i beated him with Ventus... Of course

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