Unlocking Secret Ending Confusion...Report/Trinity Report?

  1. In order to unlock the secret ending in Birth by Sleep you must play each character and get 100% in the reports, correct? Does this mean each indivudual characters reports in the characters main menu? Get stickers, items, mini games and everything.. or does it mean the Trinity Reports in the Main Game Menu?

    Ive played Terra and Ven's story both on standard. Have not gotten everything on each character yet but will once i beat Aquas. Please explain to me IN DEPTH how to unlock the secret ending in Standard mode.
    I understand in Proud and Critical you just need to beat it with each character, finish the final episode and its unlocked. But the Standard one is the one thats confusing me.

    User Info: Mik4MaY

    Mik4MaY - 6 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. In order to unlock the secret ending for the standard stories, you must complete the reports (Story, Commands, Ice Cream, etc.). You can tell if you completed the report if you have the Mickey Mouse Icon next to it. Then, you have to beat the final boss again to have it noted in the Trinity Reports. This has to be done only with the characters in Standard mode. By then, you also must have finished Final Story.

    In order to finish the reports, you have to do almost everything possible in the game. You need to buy every command in the Mirage Arena (not the items and the ones you get free), get to level 30 in the Mirage Arena (no need to finish Villain's Vendetta), have a hitcount for every Shotlock and D-link (Both basic and final forms), get all commands and stickers, play in every command board and in every mini-game in Disney Town (all levels), and finally, finish the Ice Cream Sidequest. No need to fight Vanitas' Lingering Spirit or Mysterious Figure.

    I know it is very tedious to do so for all three characters, but that's the only way you can get the secret ending for standard.

    User Info: dcuajunco

    dcuajunco - 6 years ago 0 0

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