How can I defeat the Mysterious Figure?

  1. I'm using Ven on beating this guy.My Ven is level 51, and I need some help.This guy is cheating.I almost defeated him a while ago then he became invisible!I have the thunder surge and fire surge strategy being used right now.But how do I stop him from being invisible?

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    Hinagana - 6 years ago
  2. Clarification Request::
    But who is this Mysterious Figure

    User Info: Raff118

    Raff118 - 6 years ago
  3. Clarification Request::
    But who is this Mysterious Figure

    User Info: Raff118

    Raff118 - 6 years ago

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  1. The strategy i used for both terra and ventus is make a deck with 4 curagas and 4 thunder surges arranged like so:

    1.thunder surge
    3.thunder surge
    5.thunder surge
    7.thunder surge

    set one of the curagas as a shortcut by pressing square on its spot in the command menu.
    use dodge roll not thunder roll because thunder roll lacks the invincibility frame. have all abilities equipped. finally just hope that you get good luck as that is a big part of it for example sometimes he will chain the rope attack three times in a row, killing you without fail.

    hope i helped

    p.s. my terra was lvl 89ish and my ventus was lvl 68

    User Info: enayro

    enayro - 6 years ago 2 0


  1. You cant stop him from being invisible your only hope is to surge around the field and hope you hit him.

    User Info: happypor100pre

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  2. Hahaha the way i beat this guy is simple..
    1.) i cicled around him while using thunder roll..
    2.) when he turned invisible i just basically surged around like happypor100pre said :))

    User Info: pspboy_adik

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  3. Best way is to get on your knees and open your mouth or bend over and spread those cheeks! xD
    but yeah, keep surging!!! maybe try going invisible yourself ??? you get it from the mirage arena. im not sure if it works tho.

    User Info: Erosennin789

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  4. You Should load up your deck w/ all fire surge and one cure (of any type) and only try them after he falls down from the rope type thing or after he uses the X.Use care after his tornado move.

    I highly recommend to get the once more ability.

    User Info: travjune

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  5. If you don't want him to use vanish, three curaga and five t. surge did it for me.
    Basically, don't give him any time to recover and attack relentlessly with surges.

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  6. 1)Keep rolling everywhere until he appears
    2)Roll and frequently use thunder surge randomly

    User Info: awesomeness1128

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  7. Here's the tip
    On ur deck u must have
    1) 5 Thunder Surges
    2) And 4 High Potions Cause Healing Spells are too slow to reload
    And also deactivate all the dlinks except for zack.
    Also Do not use shotlocks cause ur totally dead if u use it.
    BTW He uses teh renewal block which adds him alot of hp.
    Basically I Beat him at level 70 plus.
    Note of advice: Dont use elemental movements like Thunder Roll Bec. it covers only a little distance better use the dodge roll and equip ur renewal block.

    User Info: elkirby

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  8. I have not beaten him yet but i got him down to this much health / / . here is what i used

    Thunder surge
    Thunder surge
    Thunder surge
    Thunder surge
    Thunder surge
    Thunder surge

    you are also going to need the "once more" and "second chance" abilities. for most of this battle you are going to be doge rolling around the area because although most of his attacks can be blocked, they are very hard to block. use a thunder surge when ever you can because if done right you can deal massive amounts of damage. only use the curagas after he has done the jump in the air attack. when he starts going invisible you are going to have an even harder time but just wait till he becomes visible again and then use thunder surges. that is all i can really tell you, like i said i haven't beat him yet but i suggest getting the ultima key blade to fight him with because it gives you better magic so the thunder surges will do more damage (if you don't know how to get ultima key blade you have to get arena lvl 30 and beat the villain's vendetta arena battle).

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  9. Hey anyone know's who is this guy?

    User Info: TerraKHBBS

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  10. In my opinion this guy is Ventus,why?, because he run with the two swords just like ventus,use tornado,use the magic of aqua raging storm,and he melee attacks are upgraded version of Ventus fever pitch

    User Info: TerraKHBBS

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  11. How you defeat this guy,my strategy just go using dodge roll ALL!! the battle, use mine square just to fill your gauge, and then use stratosphere
    Mine Square
    Mine Square
    Thunder Surge
    Thunder Surge
    Thunder Surge

    User Info: TerraKHBBS

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  12. I agree with the MusicM4st3r,and this battle is based in some luck and your abilites do your best and don't give up,in my opinion this is the most tough guy in kingdom hearts series,even replica riku Kingdom Hearts Re-chains of memories 3rd battle(Sora) compared to him isn't too tough

    User Info: TerraKHBBS

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  13. Ok guys i just recently did mysterious figure with terra at lvl 60. What u need is simple but ur gonna do some melding first.

    1. All Three Hp Boost

    2. Once More and Second Chance

    3. Thunder Boost

    4. Thunder Surge

    5. Hi potions an Mega Potions

    6. Item boost

    7. Attack Haste and Magic Haste

    now this about covers what u need but what i found use full is the pixie petal key blade reason be its critical hits an its magic. From what i seen with the cure commands he just copies u with the potions ur safe. When i faced him the first part wasnt so bad till he goes invisble when this happens u cant lock on him. So what i did there was fire off with thunder surge i eventually hit him a few times. Its quick an may take u a few trie but easy... If u havnt got to vanitas same skills id use for him with the potions but mina square at max an keep behind the boulders when u heal or he will mick u. As for for the ultima wepon an cannon im currently working on

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  14. I discovered the secret, his attacks are variable according to your skills,just like hp boost fire ward etc,if you remove all the useless skills his pattern of attacks will change and the battle in my opinion will be more easy,but be careful he still will have the attack of the whip in te air,hope i've helped

    User Info: TerraKHBBS

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  15. Nope you cant stop him from going invisible there are 2 strategies to beating him while invisible if you think you could get lucky keep using thunder surge at him when his 2 glowing blades appear this gives you the oppurtunity to dodge his attacks more effectively but if you wanna play safe keep dodging in a circular motion around the field til he goes visible again (if using terra this could be difficult because of the lack of invincibility in his dodges i suggest you use Ven or Aqua for this battle.

    hope this helps :)

    User Info: soulreaper_709

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  16. I havent beat him but this is wat ive heard is use thunder or fire surge like crazy and heal when needed

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  17. Anwsering Raff "s question the mysterious figure is Xemnasback then his blades were blue

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  18. If you think you're tough enough use this ff commands:

    Thunder Surge x4
    Trinity Limit

    PS. Make sure you have maxed out Attack and Magic Haste for that. Oh and try to have Combo and Last Leave.

    User Info: ventustails730

    ventustails730 - 5 years ago 0 0

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