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    Xehanort Report Guide by risachantag

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    Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep
    Xehanort Reports Guide with English translation. Version 1.2
    Translated by Lisa Rye (risachantag)
    This guide is for people playing the Japanese version of Birth by Sleep. 
    Please note the following guide contains MAJOR PLOT SPOILERS. Please 
    only read these reports if you have already obtained them in the game.
    Also note that this is a rough translation, there may still be minor 
    1.0 – Report locations
    1.1 - Reason for collecting reports
    2.0 - Xehanort’s Letter
    2.1 – Xehanort Report 1
    2.2 – Xehanort Report 2
    2.3 – Xehanort Report 3
    2.4 – Xehanort Report 4
    2.5 – Xehanort Report 5
    2.6 – Xehanort Report 6
    2.7 – Xehanort Report 7
    2.8 – Xehanort Report 8
    2.9 – Xehanort Report 9
    2.10 – Xehanort Report 10
    2.11 – Xehanort Report 11
    2.12 – Xehanort Report 12
    3.0 - FAQ
    3.1 – Acknowledgements
    3.2 - Contact Details
    Version 1.1 - Fixed layout issues
    Version 1.2 - Added report 7 translation
    	    - Added 'reason for collecting reports' section
    Version 1.3 - Fixed mistake (Disney Island > Destiny Island), added 
    	      further details on obtaining report 5 in the US version.
    1.0 Report Locations
    Xehanort’s Letter	Ventus		Clear the World of Departure
    Report 1		Ventus		Deep Space, Sortie Deck
    Report 2		Terra		Clear Radiant Garden
    Report 3	 	Aqua	 	Chest in Merlin’s house, 
           					Radiant Garden.
    Report 4		Aqua		Clear the Mysterious Tower
    Report 5		Terra		Defeat the Sinister Sentinel 
    					(unchained prison guard),
    					Match 5 in the Mirage Arena.
    					Your Arena Level must be 3 
    					or higher.					
    Report 6		Aqua		Clear Enchanted Dominion.
    Report 7		Aqua		Defeat the final boss.
    Report 8:		Terra		Clear 2nd event at 
    					World of Departure
    					(near the end of the game)
    Report 9		Ventus		After an event at Destiny Island.
    Report 10:		Ventus		Defeat the final boss.
    Report 11:		Terra		Defeat the final boss.
    Report 12:		Ven		Chest at the Keyblade Graveyard.
    1.1 - Reason for collecting reports
    These reports contain a great deal of back story and information 
    about the Kingdom Hearts universe, and provide insight into various
    plot elements that were not well explained in the game.
    Once all 12 reports have been collected and you have finished all three
    character's stories, you will be able to access the final story chapter
    of the game.
    If you finished a character's story and did not collect one or more 
    of the reports available in their story, you can go back and get them in
    your game (finished games are marked with a star on the save file). 
    Once you have the reports, you will need to complete the character's 
    final boss battle again for it to register in the Trinity Report, so I 
    strongly recommend getting each report before finishing the game.
    2.0 Xehanort’s Letter (to Eraxus)
    I am very grateful for the letter regarding the upcoming recognition 
    of masters. After you received the succession from the previous master, 
    under that heavy responsibility, you must have gone through many 
    hardships to train the next generation.
    In the past, I went as far as to injure you over a difference of opinion,
    forcing you to listen to my overbearing requests. Please forgive this 
    foolish fellow student, who was never able to give you an honest apology,
     and allow me to come to the recognition ceremony without condemning past 
    actions, as I would like to give my direct blessings.
    After all, it seems it was not wrong as to you being chosen as the 
    successor by our master. As guardians of the light I may have made light 
    of my position, but as to the kindness of your heart and your loyalty 
    towards the light I have nothing but admiration.
    In my journeys around the world, I have seen much darkness lurking in 
    worlds of light, but lately I believe the darkness has become more vicious.
     You may have already heard from Yen Sid, but Unverse… they are creatures 
    of negative emotions, with no life force. These monsters are starting to 
    have a presence in every world.
    And with recognition of this dark presence I have one concern.
    When I visited many years ago, I noticed something in one of your 
    students, Terra.
    Terra has a great power inside himself, but I felt darkness sleeping 
    in his heart. It may be unnecessary concern, but if Terra were to become
     a master then my anxiety would remain.
    How about holding a recognition examination? I would like you to have 
    the final say in the judgment.
    Well then, I look forward to seeing you again, after such a long time.
    2.1 Report 1
    After leaving my hometown, much time has passed, but I have been to 
    many worlds and learned many things. Here I will document one part of it, 
    so I can remember my travels.
    Thinking back, the point at which my destiny changed was when I found 
    the people I would come to call my master and brother. That was when I 
    gained a new hometown.
    And the keyblade.
    Originally, I wonder who made them, and for what purpose?
    While training to become a keyblade wielder, I was taught that it was so 
    to become a guardian of the light and protect the worlds from darkness.
    But is that really all there is to it?
    Aside from for missions, it was forbidden to venture into the other 
    worlds, but sometimes I did, looking for new knowledge.
    2.2 Report 2
    On the occasion of leaving this world, my master instructed me to wear 
    a suit of armor that protected me from the darkness. However, while 
    crossing the corridors of space, I noticed the flow of power into 
    myself, and removed the armor.
    Instead of my body being consumed by the darkness, I found that as 
    long as you have the power to control the darkness, there is no need 
    to fear it.
    The other worlds are vast and exist in large quantities in the sea of 
    empty space,in this extraordinary vacuum.
    The world are dotted everywhere, with no influence on each other.
    In each of these worlds there are many forms of wisdom, and just like 
    us, they do not now know the full extent of the universe.
    Therefore, we must let the other worlds know of the others’ existence.
    2.3 Report 3
    In ancient times, when the worlds were not estranged, the worlds were 
    not concealed with walls of light, like they are now, and were not 
    protected from physical interference.
    In this time, the worlds were overflowing with light, and it seems 
    there were many keyblade wielders. But in worlds that were not separated,
    here started a struggle over light.
    They found out the true nature of the keyblade’s use. The keyblade 
    weilders started a war to obtain the great heart of light that they
     called “Kingdom Hearts”.
    Kingdom Hearts, to put it simply, is an assembly of hearts. Like 
    people, worlds also have hearts.  Where these hearts are cannot be seen 
    and is concealed in each world behind a door. If the hearts of each of 
    these worlds is collected in one place, Kingdom Hearts will be complete.
    2.4 Report 4
    Opening the door to the completed Kingdom Hearts is connected to the 
    creation of a new world. This will pass over the domain of mankind. In 
    other words, the people who open the door will be reborn as “un-human” 
    Light and darkness are two sides of the came coin, there is no light 
    without darkness. The war to obtain Kingdom Hearts that the keyblade 
    wielders started, involving those who protected the light and those who
    supported the darkness, those who wanted harmony between light and 
    darkness, those who just simply wanted power to feed their greed. 
    There was much speculation, but even those worlds not involved in the
    battle ended up shrouded in darkness.
    But as the curtain closed on the ancient keyblade war, to this day, no
    one exists who has opened Kingdom Hearts.
    After that, from the small amount of light left, our worlds were born,
    and so that such a war would never occur again, the worlds were 
    concealed with walls.
    2.5 Report 5
    These days, amongst keyblade wielders only those who have let themselves 
    degenerate into darkness can use the corridors (of space) to move 
    between the thresholds of worlds.
    The mission given to keyblader wielders is to cross over the gap between
    worlds and protect those worlds from the interference of dark beings so 
    that worlds will not disappear again.
    Those keyblade wielders have become few in numbers, there are a number 
    aside from us, but in this wide universe, we do not know where they 
    might be scattered.
    Aside from this world of light in which we live, there is a world of 
    darkness and also a world of interval that is connected to light and 
    Above all, the world of darkness is forbidden to enter. As yet, we know
    of no-one who has entered who has ever returned.
    2.6 Report 6
    There are three kinds of keyblade. There are the keyblades of light, 
    that we use, as well as keyblades of darkness and the keyblades of 
    peoples’ hearts.
    Dark keyblades exist in the world of darkness and are in opposition to
    the keyblades of light that we use, the only difference is from which 
    side of the world they come from.
    Then, the third kind of keyblade, the keyblade of peoples’ hearts is 
    what is born as a result of the keyblade war, when the world is 
    reorganized. If you do not have this key, it is said you cannot approach
    Kingdom Hearts.
    A heart cannot take the darkness, so by collecting seven hearts of pure 
    light, the keyblade of peoples’ hearts will be completed and you will 
    be able to open Kingdom Hearts.
    Then, if you can open the door to Kingdom Hearts, you will have all the
    worlds and all their people in your grasp.
    2.7 Report 7
    The giant mystery hidden within the keyblade.
    Keyblade... another type, different to those three related types.
    We call it by the same name, but the correct way of writing it is 
    "Xblade". It is falsely similar to the keyblade.
    The keyblade in opposition to Kingdom Hearts and is created by humans. 
    But the Xblade is a part of Kingdom Hearts' existence.
    The Xblade is born when two hearts with equal powers of light and 
    darkness intersect.
    Then at the same time, Kingdom Hearts will appear; not an artificially 
    collected Kingdom Hearts, but one created from the collected hearts 
    of all the worlds.
    In other words, I believe the ancient keyblade battle began over this.
    If this is the case, even in the present day, where there are walls 
    protecting the worlds, with the Xblade it would be possible to complete 
    a Kingdom Hearts made from the hearts of the worlds and the keyblade war
    would be revived.
    2.8 Report 8
    Eraxus, my fellow student, is training himself with light as the only 
    objective. Light is only light because of darkness’ existence.
    I believe that in intersection of light and darkness lies the balance of
    the world.
    But in the current day, darkness has been removed too much and the 
    balance is off.
    Currently, the order of light must be destroyed, the world must be 
    reorganized to allow darkness to rise.
    After confronting Eraxus with my opinion I wandered through the worlds.
    After a few years had passed, I left my hometown. I may have finally 
    found myself. I had already become a keyblade master, and so had no 
    special purpose to strive towards. There was no purpose left for one
    like myself, who was not the legitimate successor. I had only to to 
    look after the next generation.
    Normally those who become keyblade masters take in students, teaching
    them to use keyblades and completing the connection to the next 
    But would it be right to go ahead, throwing away my hometown, 
    following the path here to its end?
    No, there are still many things I wish to see for myself, how could 
    I just go quietly to my last like that?
    Before I knew it, my body had grown old.
    2.9 Report 9
    We keyblade wielders have special abilities.
    We are able to extract hearts from ourselves, or others.
    If I were to repeat this process, it would be possible to exist in 
    this world for eternity.
    When I was a boy, at the edge of a world I saw in a dream, I arrived 
    at a world that no one else had ever seen. I opened the door to Kingdom 
    Hearts, creating a new world, with light and darkness in balance.
    With this new knowledge, a new objective for me was born, but what I 
    was left with was this old body.
    The next thing to do was to look for a new vessel (body/container).
    Then I met Ventus, and made him my pupil. Meeting him was destiny. 
    I sensed his nature,  but he was too kind hearted.
    I decided that Ventus’ fragilty made him unusable as a vessel, so I 
    will use him for my other plan instead.
    I will remove the darkness from Ventus’s heart, splitting him in two. 
    This will result in a heart of pure light and a heart of pure darkness.
    2.10 Report 10
    Ventus’ body could not withstand having its heart removed, after all. 
    I was successful in bringing to life Vanitas, with a heart of pure 
    darkness, but since then Ventus has fallen into a deep sleep.
    The heart of pure light, Ventus.
    The heart of pure darkness, Vanitas.
    If these two grow, one day they will intersect to complete the Xblade.
    But Vanitas’ dark heart is too strong.
    Ventus’ heart broke, and his heart of light was on the verge of 
    At the very least, I decided to give him a quiet place to rest, and the 
    place that came to mind was my hometown.
    Naturally, without realizing it, my feet led me to the place where I 
    originally decided to set out from, the seashore. After I’d left I had
    not once returned, but nothing had changed.
    The place is quiet, as if time had stopped. I thought that here, Ventus 
    would be able to sleep peacefully, but the sleeping Ventus held up 
    his keyblade.
    His heart of light had not yet vanished.
    2.11 Report 11
    Ventus and Vanitas, right now the balance between light and darkness 
    doesn’t meet and I cannot raise them in the same place.
    Vanitas’ darkness eats away at Ventus.
    There is only one place to raise Ventus on the side of light, and that 
    is under the care of Eraxus, who thinks only light is the way.
    Eraxus thought no more of our previous confrontation and rejoiced at 
    our reunion. He cheerfully took in Ventus for me. Now all I need do 
    is wait for Eraxus to raise Ventus with a strong heart.
    It was a long time since I’d visited my ‘second home’, and Eraxus had 
    already raised two students. I sensed what was within one of them, 
    With Terra’s kindness, he also seeks power. His attachment to power 
    will eventually lead his heart towards darkness.
    My vessel is chosen.
    2.12 Report 12
    The time has come.
    A message from Eraxus arrived, telling of the master examination to 
    be held.
    Terra and Aqua.
    Inviting them into the outside world will be an easy thing.
    But the essential thing is how to get Ventus to…
    Vanitas can sense Ventus’ heart.
    According to Vanitas, the one who holds the key to Ventus is Terra.
    When Ventus had just started training, after proudly being presented 
    with Terra’s old wooden sword, he began to see Terra like a real 
    older brother.
    In other words, the one who could jolt Ventus’s heart into action 
    is Terra.
    First, there is a need to isolate Terra. Then the feeling of uneasiness 
    must be passed onto Ventus. If that occurs, the weak light must face 
    the darkness and follow after the older brother.
    Strong darkness makes light stronger, strong light makes darkness 
    stronger. With this, everything connects, and the legend shall return.
    Q: I missed getting Report 5 when playing as Terra, what should I do?
    A: In order to get it, you must load from the save file you made when 
    you finished Terra's story (it should have a star). From there, go to 
    the Mirage Arena and fight the Sinister Sentinel, Arena Match 5.
    In the US version, you will need to become Arena Level 3 in order to 
    unlock the Sinister Sentinel match.
    After this you must FINISH THE GAME AGAIN as Terra for it to have 
    Q: How long have you studied Japanese?
    A: I've studied Japanese for 8 years, through school and university 
    combined. I have also lived in Japan for one year on a student exchange
    Q: May I use this guide on my website?
    A: Yes, but only if the guide is not altered in any way.
    3.1 Acknowledgements
    For the translation, I used transcripts of the Japanese text, made 
    available at http://kh_bbs.wikiwiki.jp, 
    the Japanese Kingdom Heart Birth by Sleep Wiki.
    3.2 Contact Details
    If you have read the Japanese text and have found errors in my 
    translation, or you have other comments, please feel free to email 
    me at risachantag@gmail.com

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