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"The multiplayer we have been waiting for"

When 358/2 Days came out on the DS, Many were very excited, not only did we get to play as Roxas and discover his story, but we got to have multiplayer, needless to say, many of us enjoyed beating the crap out of each other or helping each other get mission crowns, but that multiplayer got old, the graphics were good for the DS, but still kinda cheesy, also, You could not really create your own character, and the mission crowns were not really a big incentive to play multiplayer.

Now fast forward to BBS.... OMG!!!!

Lets Break it Down:

1. Create your own character

FINALLY!!! ever since 358 came out people have been wondering why you could only play as story characters instead of creating your own, don't get me wrong it is fun to play as story characters, but in 358, some characters **cough, cough (Sora) cough cough** were blantantly overpowered. In this game, you can create your own character,even though you can't see their face, you can customize their armor, a nice touch.

2. The Arena Mode

Wow, a tag team game where you slaughter waves of enemies and then a boss. SWEET!!! This is the type of Tag team experience many were looking for in Days, but did not get.

3. Racing

While it may look like a cheesy version of Mario Kart, I find the racing to be quite fun and zany, tired of just beating the crap out of stuff? Have fun smashing into other peoples gliders and trying not to hit tornadoes. 358 just had fighting. This is a great game with friends.

4. Command Board

Wow, a Board game like monopoly. Its fun, and it levels your commands!! Sweet! This is a very fun game to play if you and your friends are looking to grind some ability leveling, or just want to test your mind and mettle, very enjoyable and some of the better abilities in the game are found here

5. Friend Abilities

OH HECK YEAH!! in 358/2 characters could use limit breaks, while very powerful and cool, there were no tag team ones, the only thing that was close was when you both used your limit together (Zexion and Dual Wield Roxas anyone?) In this game, you can buy awesome tag team abilities like Trinity Limit, trust me, it can make all the difference in tag team matches

Cons: No wifi, if you don't have friends who have this, you can still play offline and it is still fun, but its more fun with friends, if it had wifi then you could team with friends everywhere

Overall this is a fantastic multiplayer, next step is a console version with Wifi that can do something like this, Square really outdid themselves this time with the multiplayer. Buy this game if you are a kingdom hearts fan, buy it if you are not, Buy it if you have friends who have it. Just buy it. It is a well spent $40

Overall score: 9.75 out of 10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 09/24/10

Game Release: Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep (US, 09/07/10)

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