Review by xavier8994

Reviewed: 10/05/10

Near flawless KH game

I have never seen anything like it honestly. In my experience with playing KH games this is by far the best of them all. The only problem I have: The storyline complexity. This game is no doubt, the best, but it holds a hard to follow storyline. For those that want to play, I give this advice: Take EVERYTHING you see with a grain of salt until you complete ALL 3 stories. Almost everything I thought on Ventus's storyline was contradicted on Terra's and Aqua's. After finishing I had to use wikis and online discussions to actually UNDERSTAND everything. But all in all, the combat, characters, graphics, and worlds were completely in sequence with one another, and the game itself brings hours of enjoyment for players. The unversed are completely original, but in a way gives us a better understanding of the heartless, and how they came to be. The way that Sora, Riku, and Kairi are integrated into the game answered many questions I had about how KH1 and 2 came to be, and Terra, Ventus, and Aqua are original by themselves, but remind us of the original trio we all love.

In the game there are many surprises, and many different questions will arise until they are finally put to rest at the end. Bosses and worlds increase in difficulty at a manageable rate. Be wary of Critical Mode if you don't have much experience in KH, there are alot of setbacks for your character, and alot of boosts for enemies, including half heath for you from the start of the game. Each difficulty mode brings something different. Easy mode for new or casual players, Normal for people who have played before, Hard for experienced players, and Critical Mode for only the most hardened KH veterans. The Trinity Archives are a great addition to the game, and help to understand the storyline as it features a timeline for all 3 characters, telling you when in the story they are "supposed" to arrive at what worlds, and in what sequence the story unfolds. It also allows you to replay your favorite cutscenes without having to go back to the battles.

With 4 difficulties and a "secret" ending for those who are willing to put in the legwork, you will spend many hours on each storyline, and even more time after you beat the game to finish minigames, finding treasures, and defeating optional bosses. I HIGHLY suggest the game, so long as you don't mind the slight mental challenge of remembering everything in order to FULLY experience and understand the story

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep (US, 09/07/10)

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