How do I beat Lao-Shan Lung?

  1. I need to know how can 2 people kill the Lao-Shan Lung i need strategies,best armor and weapond that we could use

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    TedyZ69 - 8 years ago

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  1. if ur talking about the Ash Lao Shan then use lots of bombs and hav one person attack the head while one attacks his stomach. Me and my friend killed him using this strategy at the entrance of area 5, almost missed the three body carves. i used Dual Dragon Ultimus while my friend used Blushing Dame both with dragon power. My armor was Rathalos Soul while his was Guardian Spirit. I recommend using the weapon u like or are used to, but hav dragon power is good for killing him. Hope this helps^_^

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  1. If you are doing you can kill it solo use onslaught hammer garuga set s(put jewels to make it high grade earplug and remove the negative effects and place celebrity jewel to make it recless abandon +1)

    about the strategies always hit his belly triple pound then roll then triple pound again repeat that process
    bring tons of bombs if its your first time destroy the horn and after that uset the bombs in the last area
    use the anti dragon bomb(if you dont know how to place area 1 there is a high place go there and if he see you he will stand then go to the side of that place and he will never attack you after that when he is crossing the bridge and you see his back jump there )

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  2. Yes, u can solo it using onslaught.

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  3. you can kill lao solo... all monster can killed solo....
    try use Onslaught hammer and armor with Reckless Abandon+3 and High Grade Earplug Skill(additional)
    try use Soul Rathalos U... or Rathalos soul with Garuga Mask

    just attacking his belly with triple pound and don't forget to use anti dragon bomb and dragonator...

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  4. use the sword bone katana dragon if u upgrade it der will be a Sword cost 40000 this will be powerful enough to beat it or use a bow gun

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  5. get one person to bring a heavy bowgun or bow, and another to bring any close-up weapon. Ranger keeps climbing ledges and shooting at his back while meeleer goes for the stomach. For weapons, perferiably dragon elemental and armor, anything that gives a nice boost, ratholos armor soul buffed up with reckless abandon and the ranger armor anything that causes no need for reloading.

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  6. I have tried solo to ASH lao by using onslaught hammer and very easy to get armor (which you can get in elder quests)

    The best armor you can get is diablos armor w/1celebrity jewel and 2 expert jewel

    in total you can get expert+20 which means you can have affinity of at least 30% (by the way its very useful)

    Well I used onslaught which I guess not the full upgrade in mhf2u

    also if you cant afford the jewels I said, just use the grinder jewel 5 pcs which gives you swrd shrpening skill (also useful for faster grinding of weapon)

    I brought:
    book of combos 1-4
    10 mega pots
    2 lg bmb+
    3 lg bmb
    3 lg barrel
    3 gunpowder
    3 scatterfish
    4 sm bmb+
    3 bmb material (optional)
    3 exciteshroom (same)
    5 power seeds
    5 power pill (optional)
    1 mega demondrug
    and dont forget 20 whetstones

    Food from the kitchen:
    (same effect) 140 hp + atk up
    demonshroom + bigmeat
    king turkey + king truffle
    (optional) 150 hp + 150 stm
    kirin cheese(or something) + goldenfish brew

    tip from killing it:
    attack the head first (use super pound first) when the belly can be hit yet (starting point of lao in each area)
    GO FOR THE BELLY!! (triple pound again and again)
    BOMB BOMB BOMB!!! (plant 2 lg bmb+ in the middle of each starting point and area the use sm bmb+ to detonate)
    Anti-dragon bomb ?! (not recommended cause it takes too much time)
    Dragonator??? (the spiky thing when you activate the big red button by pressing ( ) was it or [ ] at the top of area 5)
    Ballista (The trick is FARCASTER!) (when lao reaches area 5 first attack the belly and when it reaches at the castle go for the farcaster to teleport you back at the base. Be sure to carry 10 of the ballista)
    Cannon? (not recommended cause of the carrying of the large ball)
    bomb material + exciteshroom?? (optional) (yes, bring em because you might want to use them if lao reaches the ending point of each area to avoid its stupid waggy tail which can kill you)
    power pill?? (well you can use em shortly when the head arrives because every time your attack bounces from lao's head)
    Lao's Annoying Feet?! (PRESS X BOY!!)

    With this method + pro's skills you can kill him in 1min or less

    I killed my first one in 2 seconds left (which was a miracle)

    then the 2nd in 43 second left (which was a relief)

    Not Jokin here

    LoL.. Hope it helps

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  7. and 1 more

    if you kill it, you cant get a full carve(which is 9 carves) when you are using my armor set

    I got at least 7 carves

    go to the board I think I saw a tip there for how to get a full 9 carves from lao

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  8. In my opinion the only fool proof guide for me is mazereon's lao shan lung guide,just the ordinary diablos d armor plus the deep dark hammer for g-rank ceanataur head axe for high rank,check mazereon's guide for more details on this and this is the only way i killed lao shan lung

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  9. Using team work can be a good help. In my experiance using Akantor bows are easier. They are harder to get but it's peirce ability is highly useful. Bombs are also a huge help.
    Combo books 1-3 should be enough to make your large barrel bomb+. To make some in the field You'll need:
    Large Barrels
    Large Barrel Bombs

    That should be enough to get you several Large Barrel Bomb+. Use that on his head, usually just as he enters an area. They are highly volital, so try not to shoot arrows near it..
    Use Anti-Dragon Bombs on his back. There is at least one spot in each area that you can get on his back to use this bomb. The bridges in 2 and 4, and a cliff in area 3. In area 3 there is a turn. if you and your partner wail on him from the ledge in that turn you can stall him for several minutes with enough attack power and well placed shots. The spot where you can stand on his back is a weak point.

    Other items you can bring with you while using the bow are:
    Power/Mega Drinks for stamina
    Lifepowder for your allies
    Mega Demon Drug or other such items for your attack power, prefered for area 3
    Farcaster for emergency or hasty returns to the main camp
    Powercharm/talon for an extra boost in attack power. Bring both if possible, their effect stacks.

    As for armor, if you use the Akantor Bow i'd suggest "Hornet Leggings S"
    They'll provide you with Dragon Resistance, Shell Deviation Down, and your Peirce Shot will gain increased attack power. Plus, with enough slots available you can add your own little boosts as well.

    Stratagy wise, at the very start wail on him with the bow in the opening area, before you even go anywhere. Once he's out of range from you and your friends bow proceed inside. Gather the ballistia instead of collecting it from the box, and gather the anti dragon bombs, perferably one of you should have both bombs. Gather any other items you need. While one of you gathers items from the box the other should run ahead and plant Large Barrel Bomb+ at the opening where his head will appear. Stand at the sides of the corridor and AIM WELL AWAY FROM THE BOMBS toward the Lao Shan's Head or shoulders. When he gets toward the bombs run back and wait for his head to be squarly over the bombs, then shoot them to ignite them. Continue fighting him until he gets near the bridge. Run up top and jump on his back when you get the chance. Carve, plant the bomb, carve, or just plant the bomb and carve if you're in a hurry. When blasted off you'll most likely land ahead of the tail. Continue fighting and time yourself right to get past the tail with minimal injuries. If you're using the Hornet armor i described before you won't take much damage from the tail.

    When he gets to far ahead you can't attack the main body run back to the main camp, making more Barrel Bomb+'s. In the next zone repeat the bomb process from the previous one. Fight the dragon back towards the big turn climb ontop of it. Use the any mega demon drugs you have to give your attack boost a big enhancement and wail on him from the ledge. It is possible to stall him for a good minute or so from the ledge, depending on if he's enraged, weak, and if you're constently breaking his parts and making him flinch. Once he begins getting past the ledge jump off the ledge (I found diving gives me a lil more of a boost and recover time) and make your way for the bridge. Repeat the bombing and continue targeting his head and back.

    Make more bombs if you can and use a farcaster. Gather more items if you need to, then repeat the process in the next zone.

    In the final zone it's your choice whether or not to attack him right off the bat. If you did major damage to him IT IS possible to kill him the second he shows up, but doing so will prevent you from carving the body or tail.
    It might be better to have one archer on the ground while someone arms the ballistia & the Dragonaiter above.. When you have no more ballistia & the dragonaiter has been used join your friend on the ground.

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