Easy Lavasioth kill/capture?

  1. I need help killing/capturing Lavasioth to make his armor. I captured him once, but only with luck. I was using full high rank narga armor with Constitution +2, evade dist up, tranq guru, and trap master with the aqua guardian longsword. is there better equipment to use against him? or is there a strategy someone can recommend?

    User Info: festari

    festari - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Try using full Basarios S Armor with Sadalmek water lance.

    Wait until his gloss coat is gone (signal he's ready to be captured) and he does his fireball attack. Run up beside him (his left) and plant the trap. You should have enough time to plant the trap before he can counter.

    User Info: dmanlius10

    dmanlius10 - 8 years ago 0 4

Other Answers

  1. Use a bow. That way, even if it's still in the lava, you can damage it. Use the same tactic as on Plesioth.

    User Info: danteallege

    danteallege - 8 years ago 3 7
  2. I used my full akantor set with earplugs, sharp +1, RA +3, and distracted using my juggernaut hammer. Took me about 20 minutes to kill and i haven't killed him once since

    User Info: bbdbbdd

    bbdbbdd (Expert) - 8 years ago 6 6
  3. You might wanna try this glitch
    not sure if it works on single lavasioth

    User Info: kylelck

    kylelck - 8 years ago 2 4
  4. if you reched lava, yo sure have a Glvl armor i hope... if not, keep the narga armor.... my tactic is to hammer hjis leg and bring 1PFtrap and 3Straps and just hammer him. when he's in rage mode always draw your weapon(to dive in case que makes a "U" turn while swimming in water). with blacksmith or jaggernaut you should own it in about 25 yo 40 min... a tip to capture it is see the scales, if the dont glow, hes week enough to be captured. hope you like the strategy.... try it ^^

    User Info: Reiimontss

    Reiimontss - 8 years ago 0 6
  5. well I have a theory on how to capture one that Ive made from observations. I noticed that when its near dead its skin stops having that flow that looks like lava is flowing over it. and when I killed mine I used atlantica

    User Info: Kingyodel

    Kingyodel - 8 years ago 0 5
  6. Go ranged. Use the glitch kylelck posted. If you're going solo, stay at the right side of the "safe" area. if Lavasioth is about to spit a fireball, X to the left, and walk right back to the right. I did that with the hidden bow, lots of times. :)

    User Info: GN001_Exia

    GN001_Exia - 7 years ago 1 4
  7. Holy s*it beat him with 35 sec left

    User Info: mlamunion

    mlamunion - 7 years ago 0 5
  8. I suggest using a lance, fight it like you would a ples. just watch out for when he is in rage and can turn when he swims on land.

    User Info: mlamunion

    mlamunion - 7 years ago 1 5
  9. Ok i fought him again and i found a weapon that does well against him i used a weapon called gravedigger, its a raw power lance with 644 damage. its upgraded from prototype auger lance(10 etherite, 10 carbonite,8 thunder sacs, 5 monster essence.) then its 10 melange ore 20 etherite ore 5 lightening sacs and 2 strong basarios wings. i beat him within 35 min solo. just make sure you block when he does his swim on land and backstep wen he flips in the air, gem your aromor with either fencing skill(esp) or recklace abandon(affinity up), HAPPY HUNTING

    User Info: mlamunion

    mlamunion - 7 years ago 1 5
  10. use Bone Blade on Him and cheat. it deals 9999 damage

    User Info: bagul626

    bagul626 - 7 years ago 0 14
  11. best way to beat and capture is to get G rank Tigrex armor because it has the state right away to know when a monster is about to die but first paint ball him and then beat the crap out of him until you see on the map the monster is not pink anymore and it's yellow then capture him then. (need anything just ask)

    User Info: Lord_Hunter

    Lord_Hunter - 7 years ago 0 5
  12. I sugguset u do what bbdbbdd told u

    User Info: rathlos23

    rathlos23 - 7 years ago 0 3
  13. Use the Ultimate Lao Cannon and shoot water shot and normal Lvl 2 until he dies, and get better armor, like G rank Narga armor

    User Info: question54

    question54 - 7 years ago 2 1
  14. I suggest using armor set with quake res so that when he do his jumping attack you can still hit him.
    If you are used with killing narga, i suggest you make the shadow of the moon, if you upgrade it from the hidden sword you dont need the hvly scale, just the basic G rank part. Because it has already has purple sharpness without sharpness +1
    Concentrate on his leg to make him stumble, but not too greedy and take caution to his jumping attack.
    Stay in between his leg when he do the tail swing and infront of him with the tail sweep.
    The hipcheck is easy to dodge compare with plessy.
    When he do the land swiming, seath and prepare to dive jump if he in rage mode.
    Stay far away when he is in the lava.
    When he is weak, the lava coat around him will lost.
    That's all with lavasioth i think, hope this will help

    User Info: L2linhdt

    L2linhdt - 7 years ago 0 1
  15. attack on its left side. it's REALLY safe there unless he uses a tail whip and turns.

    User Info: kgbrua

    kgbrua - 7 years ago 0 1
  16. A good strategy against the Lavasioth is using a hammer.preferably the juggernaut or any hammer with high raw damage (above 980)
    for an easy win i would recommend Hermitaur Z armor obtained from plum D. Hermitaur, this armor is easily made and provides the guts skill which will come in handy with his jump attack , as well as providing lots of open gem slots, i gemmed the armor with feirce and attach jewel to get attack up large as well as a sprinter jewel to to negate the flat footed anti skill.
    the best way to fight lava is to circle him counter clock wise whilst placing your shots on his left leg (your right) this way u will avoid his hipcheck as well as making the fight awkward for him by constantly making him rotate.
    Also be aware of his jump attack, it does extreme damage but its relatively easy to avoid if not the guts skill will come in extra handy :P
    when he goes into rage mode, he will stand still for about 6 seconds, use this time to triple pound his left leg
    when hes in rage mode be aware of his U-turn swim attack (put away your weapon)
    bring a few traps and keep pounding i wuldnt really worry about capturing him its quicker to use the traps to just tripple pound him senseless :)
    when you become more comfortable with his style you can easily knock him out a few times by a few well placed shots to the head (when he shoots fireball, or when shock trapped, and also after he hipchecks)
    hope this helps :) good luck

    User Info: AJ_leveler

    AJ_leveler - 7 years ago 0 1
  17. Use a water lance and get an armor with guard up. In the area, stay in the cave entrances like thingy that leads you to the area it goes next. Go as far as you can WITHOUT GOING TO THE NEXT AREA. Just stay there and block while stabbing him after he does attacks.

    User Info: awesomeness1128

    awesomeness1128 - 6 years ago 0 1
  18. If you have troubles with him - don't be ashamed and use a glitch (you'll need a decent pierce HBG or bow)

    User Info: sobaka33

    sobaka33 - 6 years ago 0 1
  19. Well First of All.. Narga Armor SUCKS!!! Dude how are you gonna use an armor whose Extreme Weakness is Fire against a FIRE Monster =\
    That is the Only Error you are making!
    For the wapon that is an Excellent Choice i beat him with that same weapon.
    For Armor I HIGHLY suggest the Armor from the floating dragon (i forgot his name) it has nice fire resistance and you can gem it for more resistance. Plus it gives you the skill to not bounce (forgot its name too) naturally.
    and aside from that, just be patient (but fast, you DO have a time limit you know)

    User Info: MelvinX93

    MelvinX93 - 6 years ago 0 1
  20. If your a longsword user, I suggest the highly effective atlantica. You can find the weapon tree on the minegarde website

    User Info: callmeinstead

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  21. Whatch the video kylelck sugested, it works with dual lavasioth and single lavasioth quest.

    User Info: rathlos23

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  22. As a general guide, I suggest a weapon with high mobility if you want to evade the "slam" attack. If you choose longsword then as many have said, use Altantica. Go for the leg, no matter what you do try to end with the escape slice. As usual enter from your right (his left) to avoid the hip check, the only bad thing about this is after the "slam" attack when he is struggling on the floor his back is facing you thus your sword may not slice through. For that I suggest amors with ESP abilities. If you find the swimming part dangerous, one tip is that ever time you see he is about to swim, keep your sword, so that if you find him swimming towards you, do the superman dive towards the side at the last moment, you should be safe most of the time. Note he only does the "U-turn" swimming in rage mode, so other times you are pretty safe from that attack. Try to keep your spirit bar up, and unleash the full combo when he turns rage, when he will stand there and stone for awhile. When he shoots larva ball on land, you may do a 4-5 hit combo depending on your confidence

    User Info: garcialohcc

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  23. Obituary X and Juggernaut Hammer. 15 minutes is my fastest time, with 2 pitfalls and 2 shocks, use them right after the other and triple pound him 2 or 3 times. He is easy to evade with the armor, so just go crazy. Just make sure to get rid of the small ceanataur and ioprey and also the damn Apceros. They are just annoying. Oh and I gemmed the armor for Tranq Guru, so if you wanna capture, just paintball and wait until the purple dot is yellow, then you can capture if you just use 3 traps to take out his health. Good Hunting

    User Info: WightZombie

    WightZombie (Expert) - 6 years ago 0 1
  24. Guild night sabers with diablos u armor set always worked for me.Even akantor armor was good.

    User Info: akshat_316

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  25. I think a good idea to use is the sound gernade things flashbang then use a ls to damage it then it will die quick idk how long for sure but a wepon could be a tigerex or naraga sword will do fine id rather use my ukamalbis sword

    User Info: tigerexer

    tigerexer - 5 years ago 0 2
  26. use a bow bring sonic bombs combines power para sleep coatings 10 mega potions potions adr+2 mega nutrients LBB+ x2 toadstools cool drinks and whatever else you want, as long as you have these items and a good water element bow / dragon element bow. rapid or pierce will do.AND DON'T USE LOW RANK ARMOR. use the puppet master if you do though. its better to use mono devil U and lv4 charges. if you want to cap, gem in cap guru.
    hey,hey don't be a noob when you are one you get plesiothed. big time.

    User Info: loneman19

    loneman19 - 5 years ago 0 0
  27. Long Sword is good. The fade slash will help with the body slam. Evade Dist Up should also keep you safe. Narga S isn't the best damage set, but it does allow for good trap spamming, which makes fights considerably easier. Ceanataur S would be a better offensive set though, or even various armor mixes involving Ceanataur Z.

    My preferred weapon against Lavasioth is the Lance. Backhopping keeps you safe from the body slam and hip check. Keep hitting its legs and poke its back when it falls over. Just stay on its side and you should be fine.

    HH is also good, since the side swings go up slightly, so you can hit its head even if it's really tall. Just stay mobile wit this weapon and you should be fine.

    User Info: Mx4_1204

    Mx4_1204 (Expert) - 5 years ago 0 0
  28. Lavasioth isn't the easiest to read, but after a while I 'cracked' his movements and learned how to beat him easily (thank god, since I want Lava X for both blademaster and gunner).

    I learned to do it with a hammer, in my case the Juggernaut. Remember to always use the charged pounds on him and to stay to his side when you can. Also make sure to roll away when possible. Evade + 2 is an excellent skill to have, as you can just roll through some of his attacks (namely his jumping attack).

    User Info: Kwingster

    Kwingster (Expert) - 4 years ago 0 0
  29. One easy way to kill Lavasioth (Volganos) is using lance... stay near of the entrance of the area (above) ... he cant reach you when slides, or tackle... only by fireball (that you can block) in this way you can easly hit his mouth (and break it) until he die...

    User Info: Mewshiny

    Mewshiny - 4 years ago 0 0

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