How do I beat elder Four Horns?

  1. I have full cenetaur and full kushala armor. i use sword and shield and have been using my frost edge+. Am i using the wrong weapon(i hate using anything other than SnS) or have the wrong armor or am i just having bad luck. Tips and/or strategies would be great.

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    Angeal31 - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. General strategy in fighting Diablos is to get them stuck in walls wherever possible. Ideally you want to slash their tails off while they're stuck as that's where they take most damage. Frost Edge+ is the weapon of choice given their weakness for Ice, so you're doing the right thing there. When the tail comes off, you can still go for it, or if you can reach it, the neck and wings are the other vulnerable spots, though not as good as the tail. Using Sonic Bombs just after Diablos has gone underground can give you a good opening for some solid hits or even Large Barrel Bombs, which you can set off with a Small Barrel Bomb or a paintball if you're carrying too much. There are walls they can be run into matador style in Area 3, the central pillar in Area 7 (my favourite) and I think the ledges in Areas 9 and 10, though they don't go there very often. Trapped wyverns give you free hits, so go nuts for about 10 seconds until they free themselves.

    Try and keep the Diablos separated where possible by making one of them angry or only letting one of them see you and waiting for the other to move on. Separation tactics are important with many of the two wyvern hunts.

    As a SnS user, much of your damage comes from Elemental Damage, so try Kut Ku D armor for the Element Attack up. As long as you can evade the Diablos well enough, the boosts on that gear will really help you with raw and elemental attack. Anything you can do to enhance or maintain sharpness will also help as the easiest place to hit with a low reach weapon like SnS is the legs, but it's easy to bounce off those. Artisan is the biggest help for Sharpness+1, but that may still be out of your reach without going to the Guild Hall. Sharp Sword will help you have to sharpen less often and SharpeningSklInc will make the sharpening quicker.

    Don't be afraid to look in the Guild Hall, there are some monsters which only appear in there and they often have things you can really use. I've usually found when I hit a roadblock in the Elder Quests, trying Guild Hall quests can give me alternative materials to really help.

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