What is the fastest way in killing G-rank Diablos/Black Diablos?

  1. I'm currently farming them to create King Atillart and Chaotic Order so I wanna know how to kill them really fast while still able to break the horns.
    I'm only attacking the tail after I break the horns but it still takes me 35 mins just to kill one. Can anyone give me tips on how to kill them real fast?

    I'm currently using these 2 Sets:

    Decider (1296 raw, white sharpness)
    Full Rathalos X
    Skills: Attack Up Large, Art of Unsheathing, Sharpness +1

    Juggernaut (1404 Raw, White Sharpness)
    Khezu Z Helm
    Akantor Mail
    Rathalos Soul Z Vambraces
    Akantor Tasset
    Rathalos Soul Z Greaves
    Skills: HGE, RA+2 and Sharpness +1

    User Info: akromachan

    akromachan - 7 years ago


  1. Switch your hammer into Daora's Hyperborea, use complete Rathalos soul Z Armour set. If you want it to do real quick, then take a buddy with you who can put Diablos in sleep easily. And you must take another of great Daora's Tughrill Beg(GS) and use lvl 3 charge attack in his tail. It should take less then 10 mins.

    User Info: doha_fu

    doha_fu (Expert) - 7 years ago 0 0

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