How do I beat (Nekoht 9* Diablos,the Demon King)?

  1. Ok.. I'm using the gunlance for this one..I read the quest details so he starts with a broken horn. So I break the other one AND the tail. I used Wyvern's Fire 5 times against this guy trapping him with sonic bombs and he didn't even limp.. I thought he was supposed to have low health or something ( curious because of the missing horn lol ) but anyways.. I would appreciate the help!!

    User Info: HailSirAuron

    HailSirAuron - 7 years ago
  2. Additional Details:
    @ Groundd .. what does Expert do ? I have MH in ISO so I don't have the manual to tell me what it does lol..

    User Info: HailSirAuron

    HailSirAuron - 7 years ago

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  1. Quite the opposite: he has more health. He's actually about as strong as the G-rank Blos. Some tips are to wait until you get G-ranked equipment (no reason to fight him except to unlock Monster Hunter, which is also G-rank). Alternitavly, don't break his horn, and abuse any rock walls. Go after hit tail/rear if you can reach it, or the legs if you can't. Don't stop hitting him, his health is huge. Timing out is common. Be sure to use the strongest weapon available, too (depends on your skills, check Reign of the Ratahlos' weapon calculator). Bring Materials for Sonic Bombs, and consider trapping him; it is a bit faster.

    User Info: Rokuougan

    Rokuougan (Expert) - 7 years ago 1 0


  1. uhm how bout change weapon? GS or GS or GS( lol im a GS user =D)... I think its hard to fight with a gunlance in diablos because of its skill that hides in ground/dig i think... But if you really like diablos dead with the use of gunlance, first it is much easier if ur GL is ice, second try hitting the wings, neck and tail because when u hit it, it feels like it pierce the mons deeply(like kut ku when hit at head). Also try adding new to ur combo like trapping him with the use of 2x largebomb+ + wyvern's fire, stucking his horn at the big rock, or capturing him instead of killikng him =D. And also try to use mega juice and mega armorskin and also eat try to eat to ur kitchen that boost atk and hp(king truffle and king squid). I think it base also on ur armor try to use rathalos set for atk and put jewel on it like expert jewel or swrd sharperner and lastly don't forget ur best friend always with u, ur partner cat =D make sure he/she has atleast 200 atk and def and has a valuable skills. If u done this, then i all you lack i think is patience and timing.

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  2. Yeah, second answer is correct. His stats are similar to a G-Rank Blos, in fact he has more health, but does a little less damage.

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  3. well, its BULL.... <.< he doesent have low health, the hunter that said " I kinda hurt him a lot my @$$ :@ " One Horned Diablos is like Rathalos from Monster Hunter Freedom or worst... hes more like the leader of the diablos family and hes x3 harder than any normal diablos D= just dont get close to him try using an Ice Bow and bring flash bombs and some tramps and this time the sonic bombs will help for sure but bow is the answer to almost most hard quest...

    (Easy way to kill Fatalis in by bow too ^_^ )

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  4. 3 things:
    1- one-horned diablos is 2 or 3 times stronger.

    2- get a skill called Percieve. It tells you EXACTLY when to capture a monster.

    3- Expert raises affinity (chance to crit for double damage)

    User Info: manticora5450

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