How do I solo kill Yamatsukami (Hr8 to Hr9 urgent)?

  1. I've tried several times but I run out of time or get killed by its vortex attack.

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    mich012 - 7 years ago

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  1. learn its moves first and know how to counter them, and dont go to its face when it does the...when it looks like as if it bites the ground because theres a possibility it will do the vortex, but you can go to its face when it does the double tentacle slam where you could see its four tentacles, (or two tentacles and its two Mustaches.)...when it does the vortex, just run to the sides, if needed to jump below then do so...WHEN TO ATTACK-when it bites the ground, attack its sides. When it does the tentacle slam, you can attack any of its part (look for the damega faqs). when it releases thunderbugs, try throwing tranq bombs in its mouth or just attack its mouth. When it do the double tentacle slap, dodge it and attack its tentacles after the second slap. When it does the one tentacle big slam, dodge it and attack no time youlle be able to kill him, and dont forget about the antidragon bomb...ive kill him using LS (the brown blangonga LS) with full cenataur armor (the red one). dont forget lots of pots, you can finish this without taking damage, excepet with those exploding bugs...

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  1. i suggest the calmine blade aka terra shogun ceanataur GS with full lavasioth armor. the armor has guts skill which will keep you from 1 hit KO but you have to have around 66 % HP and it will lower your HP to 1 instead of death so bring many potions and other HP stuff. you attack after it attacks which is when it swings a tentacle then as it moves back to its original postion hit the tentacle. and continue to attack it, when its attached to the tower thing keep on hitting where you can reach it.. and lastly when it spins sheath your weapon and walk to the wall away from it and kneel down ( press x while standing). if you plan on using bombs then when it falls down then you try to land on its face near the eye area but try not to fall into the holes in its skin then you would just fall through its body. and heres a tip on carving when it falls you can carve things from it by moveing toward center of head.

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  2. Try teaming up with people, if you got ps3 download adhoc for onlie play and lots of people will help you. But if you don't have or want online you can use dragon longsword (as high as you can get at that point) and hack away. If he does his vortex jump off the building to the underground to escape and then come back up. Armor with guts can help also take the vortex attack.

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  3. Armor - Full Plum Daimyo Hermitaur
    Weapon - Juggernaut (Raw Damage - 1404, Attribute - None, Bonus - Defense+10)
    Yama Tsukami's attribute weakness - Dragon or ice
    Tactics - Keep walking around with weapon drawn (make sure get to the side whenever it faces you), whenever it slam it's two small whiskers or two front tentacle, that's your opening cue to hit. The Great thunderbugs that Yama Tsukami summons can be made to disappear by jumping from the top of the area, exiting, and re-entering. Yama Tsukami's stomach shrinks in relation to its health. It will collapse twice (both times falling to the bottom of the area) and the third time the stomach is completely withdrawn, Yama Tsukami will die.

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  4. These recommendations are for soloing yama in MHFU. If you are not soloing, pick and choose from the recommendations. I used lava X armor except for rathalos vambraces X and axion hammer (raw 1352, 280 ice) with deco, yields guts and attack up high.
    Since you've gotten this far,I won't state obvious things but things you may not have thought of. First assemble a 5 member kitchen staff to yield bonus skills and defense high (very time consuming) and then keep going back to the kitchen ( alternating with abandon quest) until you get both by requesting meat and veggies. Of course only do this once you've accumulated all your desired items. I know this is tedious but you need every advantage possible to solo yama.
    Hold obvious things in you pack but be sure to hold demon flute,5 medium minster bones and 5 mega demon drugs to replace broken flutes. Do NOT carry tranq bombs as they are a total waste of time and space.(more on that later). Carry 5 mega juices so you can reduce time running to the tower and give you more speed at the tower. Leave just one space in your pack for dragon bombs at the campsite.
    Finally during combat, be sure to blow flute every few minutes and if possible sharpen weapon before loss of power. Keep pounding away, not just tentacles but mouth and side, and body.
    Don't believe 3 drops is automatic win, it isn't. I dropped Yama 3 times on many occasions without defeating it. I believe trance bombs only contribute to falling, no hit points are associated.
    What defeats Yama is damage: blowing demon flute, sharp axion, and attack up high combined with constant pounding does it.
    If defeated, hit home button to exit game to preserve the felyne bonus skills and defense up high.
    I failed the yama quest for months before I began using the demon flute and then I defeated it on my second attempt.
    Good luck.

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  5. In my previous writeup, when I stated that"if defeated, hit home button to exit game to preserve bonus skills and defense up high" , I meant if YOU are defeated. Obviously if you defeat yama you don't do that.

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  6. One more clarification, the chefs which you hire should have meat and/or vegetables as their specialty thereby yielding health and attack strength increase, the more stars the better associated with those food items. Also if you can hire 2 chefs which can yield bonus skills and 2 chefs which can provide defense up high, you will reduce the number of attempts required to get them to provide the bonus skills and defense up high. The 5th chef should be selected to yield heroics or something else of value, of couse with meat and/or vegetable specialty. I know this takes a great deal of time, but such a kitchen staff will be helpful even after you defeat yama.

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