I need help beating the blangonga.Hr.1. Any Tips?

  1. I have full hunter armor and my weapon is the Eyvern Blade "Fall"

    User Info: Z0MBI3PANDA

    Z0MBI3PANDA - 5 years ago


  1. The best advice i can give is try to stay to one of his sides this way he will miss you with his moves and will put you in a good place to hit him as he performs them (countering).

    when he does the ice breath (he will have a "tell" when hes about to perform this move as he will go on his hind legs for a second) attack if legs front or back.
    try and counter him whenever you can (DON'T BE GREEDY only hit him once or twice then back off or he WILL get you) you can use flash bombs against him and traps.
    after fighting him for a while he will enter rage mode, be careful here as if your behind him he can now kick backwards, so again try and stay to his side.

    Remember to bring many potions, mega potions, honey (to make more mega potions), thaw agent and whet stones to sharpen.

    I also suggest that you fight him from the elder quest (old lady in the town) as this quest will be easier and you can learn all of his moves here.

    armor wise you should be ok, and your weapon the Wyvern blade fall should be perfect as he is weak to fire, and before the fight go the kitchen and order kirin cheese and goldenfish brew as this will give you max HP and stamina bar upon starting the quest.

    GL and HF out there hunter!

    User Info: DrunkBunny94

    DrunkBunny94 - 5 years ago 0 1
  2. Blablabla hehe hi just download the cheat in your computer and put it n your psp and walla its done you will be the strongest of them all

    User Info: kingdom999

    kingdom999 - 5 years ago 0 0

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