How do i get a Dragon Artribute weapon without killing elder dragons??

  1. Sorry for being a noob...but seriously i need the answer..


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    gwapito10 - 8 years ago

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  1. AFAIK, aside Titernia and Obelion GSs, there's also Dragon-elemental Hunting Horn that doesn't require dragon parts (Sakura Recorder), and a Lance (Growling Wyvern). Weapons from Lao-Shan would be the best answer here, but you won't be able to handle one without much preparations.

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  1. I suppose you're at the Low-Rank/Village Chief's?

    Sadly to say, good Dragon-attribute weapons without Elder Dragon materials requires you to be at High-Rank.

    If you're really dying for one, all you can make are the "Black..." weapons. However, they aren't strong enough for combat and needs further upgrades before using them.

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  2. Actually the best and easiest to get dragon weapon for noob is eternal strife, but unfortunately you need 1 elder dragon blood for it. I suggest you kill kushala daora, to get it. First, break his head, wings, and tails, after that attack until you think it is already weak. and then let it run away. In the next stage where it is already weak, kill it, and if you dont get the elder dragon blood, immediately quit and redo the stage until you get one. more or less cheating but it is the easiest way.

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  3. Yup, try making Greatswords, Titernia or Obelion it is made out of los or ian materials, but it only has a low dragon attribute still u didn't kill any elder dragons. if u don't like greatsword, just make a hunting horn, Sakura Recorder, it has Dragon attribute as well,and it is made out of pink rathian's material. if u hated that try making a lance the growling wyvern, made out of black gravios materials.. thats all the dragon attribute weapon created w/out killing elder dragons just wyverns.. PLUS u can't make "Black Weapons" cause getting parts would require "Elder Dragon Bone". u can also check out the skies of croda website for informations about the weapons u would like to create: check it in here

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  4. In the Jungle or the Forest and Hills (I forget which) you can trade Dragonwood and Dragonmoss with the Veggie Elder for Elder Dragon Bones but the Rarity is low to get it so I would try to activate Felyne Negotiations to boost the probability up a lot and to pet your pig which I don't know why and how but it also boosts your chances of getting rare items.

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  5. Correct me if i'm wrong but i've read from a guide in MHF2 that you can also get eternal strife from small ruststones.
    These randomly gives you an SnS when you use it in creating SnS weapons including eternal strife.
    Ruststone are rare stones from mining spots 4,5,6 and 8 in volcano area

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  6. Killing Kushala Daora always nets me an elder dragon blood in the rewards.

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  7. You can make a paladin lance and uprag it to a growling wyvren or look at the info of alot of weapons and some should have dragon atribute... find the class that fits u ( grt sword long sword, and ect)

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  8. you can. all you need to do is get elder dragon bones so you can mine from the big sword at pokke farm. all you need to do is sent that cat with the boat off to the jugle or forest and hills (I think). when you get something called dragonwood OR dragonmoss. then when you have alot of these go to jungle or the forest and hills. Talk to the little red guy who gives you things and you MAY get a elder dragon bone for you Dragonwood/moss. when you have 2 bones go to the cat in the cave in pokke farm and talk to it a film clip will happen and you will get some dark piece and if youve been a good little person a dark stone. Go to the wepons guy and you should find a SnS called back sword. You Need 4 dark piece, 1 dark stone and 1 pokke ticket. NOTE: you need to have done the tigrex urgent elder

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  9. Get the black weapons (the ones that use dark stone and dark piece)

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  10. One of the earliest would be the Silver Rook (as well as respective "improve" series) Gunlance, they don't require you to kill Dragons, but they have Dragon element on them.
    Another would be Akantor bow, but you'll have to slay (obviously) Akantor for the mats. Obelion, a greatsword. Fire Dragonsword, only if you have commendations (you'll make one instead of improving). Growling Wyvern, a lance. Sakura recorder, a Hunting horn, is also dragon element.
    For more information on how to make them, go to the Weaponsmith in (though it seems that their material and weapon list is obtained from the Japanese version, but you can probably get the gist out of it i.e: SlvrRthlosHvyCpc = HvySilvrRthlsShl, Devout end = World's End, etc.)

    The Black weapons are also only made from Dark Stones and Dark Pieces as well as Pokke tickets, but you'll still have to mine them using Elder Dragon bones

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  11. Okay to give you the truth, you don't even need them. Of course you can always get the Black weapons from the sword at the pokke farm. Although, I'm HR 6 and I've beaten all of the elder, and a lot of the chief felyne quests and I've done fine, and it's just now that I've started to get dragon element weapons. Every monster except for like kirin and basarios has another weakness other than dragon. For both basarios, and kirin all you need to use is either raw, or fire. So don't worry about it. Even the elder dragons, ALL of them have another weakness that isn't dragon. So stop worrying about it. But if you insist on still wanting one, then buy a dark weapon, or get better and beat an elder dragon, and that'll be the end of that.

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  12. Oh and for the record... The upgrade into Titernia requires elder dragon bones. 2 I think. I would recommend just getting sieglinde and then killing Kushala for the bones u need.

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  13. the earliest one i can think of, is the black series of weapons, or if you complete all 3* guild hall quests, you can unlock a lao shan lung, and if you can get the LS fire dragonsword, DS flaming pair, Hammer; dragon destroyer, and lance, vermillion rim, but for the lance, you need shen gaoren shell as well

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  14. U can get the titernia the improvment of valkrie blade

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