Raw dmg or element dmg ?

  1. I was wondering does element dmg increase when I charge with GS. And does a high element : low raw dmg more then a low element : high raw weapon ?

    User Info: nocturnal2

    nocturnal2 - 9 years ago

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  1. Pretty sure there is already a FAQ on this, anyway...

    No, the attack value you get from the action only applies to raw attack, which means Charge Slash of GS, R slash from LS, Charged attack with hammer, etc.(Bow excluded) Which means, hitting a monster with your ele GS with the circle button horizontal slash and a full charged slash will do the same ele damage. The only thing that affect the ele damage is your sharpness(and armor skill).

    With that said, the general rule is that a weapon that can hit rapidly is best suited for ele > raw, while a weapon with heavy hit(GS, hammer, etc) is best suited for raw > ele. However, that is not the single ultimate truth out there, the hammer spin or GS combo are still fairly fast to make ele attack worthwhile; while a raw DS with high affinity can also deal out serious damage. But in general, most people go for raw > ele for GS/hammer, and ele > raw for SnS/DS and stuffs. LS, Lance and stuffs have a mixed of rapid attacks and high dmg attack, so both raw and ele should work fairly well. At the end, it's up to you what you want to do with your weapons, I mess around and make weapons for the look and they still work fine(for me).

    Also keep in mind that most armor skills only apply to raw dmg, reckless abandon, attack up, <insert skill that increase attack when your HP is low, because I forgot the name>, etc. While only sharpness+1 and ele attack+ can increase your ele dmg.

    For bow, ele attack and raw attack gets a different multiplier on each charge.

    User Info: INubULongTime

    INubULongTime - 9 years ago 12 0


  1. He is completely right at every aspect. ^ Btw INubULongTime. The Ability your looking for is Adrenaline.

    User Info: DarknessLord10

    DarknessLord10 (Expert) - 9 years ago 1 0

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