How do i get lao-shan ruby easily???

  1. I know that getting lao ruby is very hard and sum1 told me that i've to break all of his breakable parts to increase the chance getting the question is, how to break his shoulder???do i need to trip him and when he falls, keep hitting on his leg??i've wtched some vdeos on youtube but there is no strategy on how to break his shoulder...thx in advance

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    rulezbreaker - 8 years ago

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  1. First of all you can't break the shoulder plates if you are meleeing.

    The easiest way for me (Thanks to maezeron's you tube vid) is to use low rank Diablo Mail (rare-4) and gem it with either Grinder jewels or, my preference, Fencing jewels.

    With this armor set up you won't have to worry about the wind generated from Loa's feet and the Fencing skill prevents weapon bounce backs. It's also strong enough to resist attacks if you improve it to it's maximum.

    The weapon I use is the Exceptional Hornfly Saber (att-1248, def+20, white sharpness, rare=9).
    I would rather use the C.Blanganga Longsword but it has that blasted negative affinity.
    If you're at a lower rank than 8 I suggest either the Smoldering Dragon or the Supremacy Blade.

    Bring 2 Large Barrel bombs + and 2 small barrel bombs +. Destroy the horn and crown w/ these and wail away at his gut. When he reaches the fort use your ballistas on his back to break that.
    Start and finish on his gut to end the quest.
    You should get a ruby w/ a couple runs (it's not 100% guarenteed).

    Oh yeah do the Ash Loa quest for greater chances and try to get a Crazy or Mega Lucky Cat felyne skills to increase your odds also.

    Good Luck.

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  1. Probably the easiest way to break his shoulders is to get a bowgun that can use clust lvl2.

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  2. Use dragon element bow and keep hitting its shoulder after the head breaks. Anyway, the best shot to break parts is rapid shot. you also have to break its back fin to increase the chance. But it is not guaranteed that you will get one after doing all that.

    User Info: docura

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  3. Try to get carving celebrity skill and fast gathering and mega lucky cat felyne skill.

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  4. Sorry, i forgot to include this. Also try to break as many parts as you can. And by the way you can break the shoulder on both sides. I'm not too sure for the back but i did it on the shoulder. A bow is your best weapon against him for me.

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  5. If you're using Melee weapons, I'm not sure if you can break his shoulder, just as you can't break his back. Leg damage may transfer to shoulder plates, but I've seen no conclusive answer. The best way to be sure is to take a ranged weapon and shoot the head, shoulders and back for all the breakable bits. No matter what you read you can't break or slice off his tail, that's a myth.

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  6. Lol, u wont believe this, but the so-called RARE stuff u call a ruby, i got 2 in two lao shan runs lol

    P.S i carved one from belly, other in awards, so try getting good luck skill

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  7. Do the hr 8 ash lao shan lung use anti dragon bombs, and in area 5 use ballista only shoot its back.

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  8. I got mine from doing the HR4 Urgent Quest (Ash Lao) with my friend. He didn't get one, but I did. It'll say in your Hunter's Log 'Obtained Lao-Shan's Ruby' if you do get one. My friend took a normal bow and still broke it's back. Shoot it's Back when you can with the Ballista's and use the Anti-Dragon Bomb's. If you want to make it easier, take 4 people, although I did it with two.

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  9. I just learnt this out after going to every map with a veggie elder in it with a VEGGIE ELDER TICKET GOLD. If you go to the old swamp (from MHF), trade him the ticket and you'll get one in return!! Or you can keep fighting Lao-Shan Lungs until you get one (you have a better chance of getting one off of a HR8 Lao-Shan).

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  10. Sadly u might have to result to going against him many times in a row. i did and it worked. after an 1hour 4 me. but it wasn't easy. lol :D

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  11. G lao... easy if u dont get it the first time u wil get it the second time.
    Oh and all that stuff on braking its parts is good but it still luck i think is easyer if u just kill it multiple times the low rank laos i mean...

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  12. easy peasy grab yourself a set of dualswords (fire or dragon element) bring along some mega juices with all your regular healing items, pop the mega juiceand demonize his face tilhe horn breaks, bring along some LBB+ and more stuff make some mega juice (well-done steak+power extract) any armor with HGE and atk boosts (dmonize takes care of windpress and esp) go to town on his belly. just stay udner his belly, dont worry about the anit-dragon bombs (i dont) with RA+1/3 he'll stumble often so watch yourself it will knock u out of demonize and up in front of him. also sharpening skill inc comes in very hand with dualblades. by time he reaches the tower if hes not dead he's almost there use the dragonator and continure to demonize his stomach. breaking the parts of his increases the chances of getting the rubies but i've got mulitple rubies this way that an heroics+bow and bow him to death from a safe distance gl and have fun. hopeit helps

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