How do I break G rank diablos/black diablos horns easily???

  1. Using hammer won't do any good for diablos even though it has pink keeps bouncing..really for gs,i found it a lot easier to break them but to win, much harder than using, is there any other right weapon or strategy to break them??pliz help me,really need their damn horns....

    User Info: rulezbreaker

    rulezbreaker - 8 years ago
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    Ok,consider his horn has,to finish the quest, normally what strategy will u use??always use the charge or what???when is the right time to start the charge and where is the right spot to hit???

    User Info: rulezbreaker

    rulezbreaker - 8 years ago

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  1. Try to use a long sword in the desert try to hid behind the rock on the middle ( i don't really know the number of that places but i think its where you first see the diablos) when it did it charge attack his head will be stuck that the chance to attack its head keep doing that method again and again and also bring lots of shock trap and sonic bombs(pitfall trap does not work on diablos)

    User Info: chrn0_

    chrn0_ (Expert) - 8 years ago 1 0


  1. Use GS Charge , of course you will use GS , to break the horns easily , make him run towards the rock in the middle (area 7) and go to area 3 and 9 when hes there , jump on the rock there and hit the horns

    User Info: Zack_Fair03

    Zack_Fair03 (Expert) - 8 years ago 0 0
  2. Just always hit the tail , if you break the tail , just hit it , tail is his weakness
    Beware on Tail Whip Attack

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  3. You can choose whether to charge or not. I don't.

    Just hide under its legs, attack there (sometimes you hit the tail) and guard when it does Hip Check. When you see you can attack the head, unsheathe attack it. When horns are broken, start cutting off the tail. I take these attacks as opportunities to attack the tail:

    When it comes out of the ground.
    Horn Thrust/Horn Uppercut

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  4. To get rid of your bouncing problem gem your armor to have esp(fencing) your attacks wont bounce off any more.

    User Info: mlamunion

    mlamunion - 8 years ago 0 0

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