How do I beat the Akantor by myself?

  1. Im trying to improve my equipment. I could really use your advice on how to kill , and also the things i might need to bring on this quest other than the obvious lolz please help thank you also the wepeaonry and armor that i will need again thank you

    User Info: kingramon12

    kingramon12 - 8 years ago
  2. Clarification Request::
    Wat wepon type do u use

    User Info: karuga345

    karuga345 - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. If you're struggling, it's best to bring something that can block, especially because aside from skills there's no other way to cope with his roars. If you stay under him, especially by his back legs, you can avoid most of his attacks while still being close enough to deal damage. My personal favorite weapon against him is the Kirin Thundersword, though if you don't have a GR weapon you might want to bring bombs in your inventory for that edge.

    User Info: Kwingster

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Other Answers

  1. You need to learn the akantor's moves on when to attack. The best "new hunter" friendly way to do it would be to make a gunlance called the "Gun Chariot" which requires silver ratholas items. I would reccomend watching youtube videos on it's moves and how to use a gun lance against it. It is quite easy when you know how. All it requires you to do is gaurd when he is attacking, and poke his head when he is not. :)

    User Info: jello6451

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  2. If you're good with hammers, go with onslaught hammer. Or even better Diablos chaos broker. Then just hit his head when you have openings. If you hit his head enough, he will fall over because you KO'd him and just smash his head and about the third or fourth time he gets KO'd he will die.

    User Info: Gsullwold

    Gsullwold - 8 years ago 1 4
  3. The way that works best for me is to use my smolder dragonsword and attack only at his legs. MAKE SURE you bring 10 potions and mega potions and 10 honeys to combine for more. Use your best armor set. (when i first did this i used gold rathian armor) when his body turns red, he will start to do a tigrex style roar which will knock you back if hit. (i get hit by this a lot) if you dodge it, it is likely that your character will have to cover his/her ears and you might get hit by a mini lava volcano. Another thing is if you keep hitting his legs by his tail you may be able to sever his tail for 2 extra carves. the time it took me was about 15-20 minutes and i died once. i have beaten this guy 8 times solo like this. my friend also killed it with full silver los. good luck hope it helps.

    User Info: cobslayerz0356

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  4. As ''Gsullwold'' said before, you should use hammers. i killed acantor in 12:50 with the ''Juggernaught'' hammer. The items you should bring are: Potions, power seeds, flash bombs, cool drinks, power pill (optional). I would reccommend (if you can get it) black fatalis armour. It has ESP and sharp sword. You can probably gem out the Demonic Protection, or you can live with it, and get the sharpener skill instead.
    Most of the time when you get into the area he will start charging towards you. You will have enough time to drink a cool drink, and eat a power pill before he gets close enough to flash. As soon as he gets past the last little bit of lava, chuck a flash bomb and start attcking. you should go for the back legs, because you will be able to dodge most of his attacks from there.
    When he does the tail whip move, roll underneith his belly and hammer there untill he stops, then go back for the legs.
    Be on the look out for the roar move. You will have a few seconds warning for this attack. You can eaither try to roll out of the way, or chuck a flash bomb.
    His face is a bit difficult to hit, but if you do manage to get him to fall over on his side, you should do the really powerfull hammer attack, thaat i will outline below.
    If you manage to get him on his side, chagre up your hammer and run at his head, doing the roll atack. Now dont just keep on going with this attack, as this wont do very much damage, on the fourth revolution, press triangle a couple of times, and you will do a sorta golf hit. its extremely powerfull if you manage to get it on his face. You may want to practice this move as it requires a bit of skill to do.
    Good luck, and happy hunting XD.

    User Info: aidzzz

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  5. Use a ls like smolder dagon sword and go for the bacl legs and he will kep tripping up, when his health is benath 25% hit tail will come off because you have be going for the back leg

    User Info: Shou_Nine

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  6. Pulverize teh head with a hammer

    User Info: kylelck

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  7. I beaten him with full narga and narga bow. Skills i added was "Evade +1" with 1 dodge jewel and rest evade jewels. Akantor is a monster that takes lesser damage when enraged. My strategy was to 1st get the bow so i used the rapid charge to break the fangs. After that you just keep doing the pierce charge to finish him off. This is obvious: head to tail or leg to head. if you need the back parts - hip to back. I usualy take the cold meat, cool drings and mega juices. And sonics arent necessary. The wind tunnel is actualy the best opportunity to shoot min in the head.

    User Info: manticora5450

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  8. Liked using the Eternal Schism/Sacrifice and Kirin set or any armor that has high Fire-res and Ele.Att+

    User Info: FelixKristanelo

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  9. This is what I used:
    Smolder Dragon Sword (Long Sword)
    Obituary Testa S (Helmet)
    Obituary Petto S (Plate)
    Obituary Mano S (Gauntlets)
    Obituary Anca S (Waist)
    Obituary Gamba S (Leggings)
    I gave the armor Attack Jewels, the armors skills are: Evade+2, Abnormal Status Attack Up, and Cold Increase [Lo]
    I brought these items:
    Potion x 10
    Mega Potion x 10
    Cool Drink x 5
    Max Potion x 2
    Ancient Potion x 1
    Lifepowder x 3
    Well-Done Steak x 5
    Cold Meat x 5
    Herb x 10
    Blue Mushroom x 10
    Honey x 10
    Bomb Material x 10
    Exciteshroom x 10
    Whetstone x 20

    Herb + Blue Mushroom = Potion
    Potion + Honey = Mega Potion
    Bomb Material + Exciteshroom = Farcaster

    You will need the Farcaster every time you are weak and need to heal. It is very important to bring a lot of healing items. The Akantor's weakest spot is its head. It is weakest against Dragon Element. Both Akantor's fangs can be broken for extra rewards, its tail can be cut off, but it takes high sharpness.Akantor's front claws can also be broken and so can the spikes on it's back, but those are hard to get to. When you first start off, I suggest using the Farcaster if it charges at you. It is very hard to dodge. When you see the Akantor about to charge, look at its mouth. If its mouth is half open, it is a fake charge and won't hurt you if he comes up to you, it will only push you a little bit. But if it's mouth is wide open, watch out. When he does the tail whip, stay away, he will usually do it twice. The Akantor has the same basic movements as the Tigrex. The sign of the Akantor's health being low is it will limp. The only way i have seen to dodge the charge is move to the left of it. Akantor will lift up it's left arm first, giving more time to dodge. When the Akantor lifts up to roar, stay away, that roar can screw you up and can end up in you failing. After the roar, stay to the left of the Akantor, the fire pops up in the middle and moves around it, but be careful attacking it because a lava burst will always pop up by its head. When Akantor goes underground, count the fire bursts. Their are 9 of them, the 8th one and the 9th one will be very close together, that is where he will come up. The worst thing that the Akantor does is its wind blast, attack and kill you easily, Its easy to dodge if your close to the Akantor. Stay away from its front legs when it does the attack though, because it can still hit you.
    If you are by yourself, I recommend these skills for your comrade:
    2.True Health Flute
    3.Elemental Attack Dragon

    Also If you have good Chefs in your kitchen, order one of these:
    Kirin Cheese + Goldenfish Brew = Max Health and Stamina
    Demonshroom + Dragon Head (Or Dragon Tail) = Health Up and Attack Increase.

    User Info: rymanblu

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  10. 1st u need Dragon Demolisher (1 Lao-Shan Ruby,3 Nova Crystals and 5 Ash Lao-Shan Shell) U Can easily get the Lao-Shan Ruby by killing (not repelling) Ash Lao-Shan Lung (u can get the quest in HR5 High Rank Quest in Guild) u need atleast Smolder Dragonsword and some Large Barrel Bombs+ to can kill it (be sure u hit its belly with the Smolder Dragonsword to deal more damage) once u create the Dragon Demolisher,u can kill Akantor with it (i created it and i fighted Akantor and i killed it at 10:56 time) get high defense Armor and one without Negative Dragon Resistance, (maybe Neutral (0 Dragn Resist) or Possitive (5+ Dragn Resist) also Power and Armor Seeds for high damage and defense boost,good luck.

    User Info: MHFU_Hunter121

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  11. Unless you are Great in using GS
    Then you can use Diablos Blade (forgot the name)
    If not you should use True Devil Slicer LS
    you have to count how many times you made him rage
    Using this LS would make him go rage maximum of 4 times before he dies
    However using Smolder Dragon Sword will make him go rage a lot of times (Believe me I know since i killed it so many times for its armor)

    Armor wise i rather get a very high resistance to fire and high def like Silver Sol armor or something else
    Unless you can dodge well you should get Narga Armor

    Gem your armor with 5 Bombadier Jewels = Bomber skill
    Gem it with some earplug jewels (forgot the name) = Earplug skill

    Things to take:
    Combo Book 1-4
    Large Barrel X 7
    Gun powder X 7
    Scatter fish X 10
    Large Barrel Bomb X 3
    Large Barrel Bomb+ X 2
    Potions X 10
    Mega Potions X 10
    Cool Drinks X 5
    Well Cooked Meat X 5
    Whetstone X 20
    Small Barrel Bomb X 6

    Max Potions X 3 (in case you died)
    Herbs (For potions)
    Blue Mushroom(For potions)
    Honey (For Mega potions)
    Mega Demon Drug (for extra boost for power)
    Mega Armor Skin (for Higher Def)
    Paint Ball X 5 (easier to dodge his underground moves )

    So there Happy Hunting Oh BTW try to get as far as you can when he Roars(LS)
    If not just block it you dont want to get caught in his lava pool coming out from the ground ESPECIALLY if you're using Narga Armor(GS)

    User Info: DarkhunterZero

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  12. i have defeated Acantor 40 times within 10:00 by this equipment:

    Silver Sol S Set for Blademaster
    Skill Effects:
    Attack Up [L]
    Defense -20[ You should gem this out]

    User Info: Iwashiro

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  13. I usually solo him with a gunlance. Gear-wise, you'll want the ability to guard any attack (guard up), preferably with 15 dragon resistance, and as much fire resistance, as well as sword sharpener if you can manage it.

    Bring the standard infinity potions (10 of the first two kinds, 2 max, 1 ancient, 4 combo books, and the ability to make 10 more tier-2 potions), as well as armor seeds to remove the armor debuff he gives you if you're ever caught by him when he pops out from the earth, and paintballs to prevent this from happening to begin with (a good tip here would be to zoom in the minimap so that you can see where he is when he's burrowing). While you should be guarding nearly everything he can throw at you, several of his attacks can damage you through a solid guard, and these blows will eventually begin to take a toll.

    You'll need to learn the tells for most of his attacks, and when you can charge up wyvern's fire safely (youtube is an excellent resource most of the time, but it seems lance and gunlance users are a rare breed in this world, possibly due to our penchant for facing charging wyverns head-on without even the faintest thought of backing down or moving to the side). If you can get a weapon with shelling of 4+ you should be set, but at the very least use a 3 (it's your call whether you'd prefer the standard, long, or spread shelling style, but I prefer only needing to unload 2 shots per clip myself) Almost every point of damage you bring to bear will come from the explosive end of your lance, since shells don't bounce =P

    On a side note, my group is a gunlance/greatsword/dual blades combination in most cases, though sometimes I swap my gunlance out for a hunting horn in this fight. If you do bring a horn, it needs to be capable of a combination of two of the following three abilities: healing, giving immunity to heat, or immunity to wyvern screeches (HIGH-GRADE EARPLUGS). The extra (free) healing, plus how you invariably pull aggro when playing the horn, helps keep the pressure off your teammates, making the fight much easier overall as long as you remember to keep your buffs up (the HORN ability makes this much easier, adding an entire minute to the duration of all your songs). Also, when going as a group, it's a good idea to bring all 5 books of combo and the ability to make 20 life powder, as well as 3 in your inventory, because I can guarantee that those silly party members without a solid guard will just keep getting hit, and you'll need to pull their butts out of the fire fairly often!

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  14. Bring along your felyne comrade, 10x flash bombs, any armor gives high defense & any weapons which gives high output damage

    User Info: parasiteeve2

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  15. Akantor is devilishly hard. His attacks are devastating to those who are unexperianced.
    The easiest way to kill the Akantor is to use a Bow with high Pierce.
    He has a terrible weakness to dragon, but his weakness switches to thunder in rage mode, which is almost always on.
    The Equipment that I used was as follows:
    Dragon Bow Solar
    Monodevil U Set (Gunner)
    Adrenaline +1
    Reckless Abandon +2(Gemmed with three Celebrity Jewels, an Expert Jewel, and a Protection Jewel)
    Capacity Up
    The items you take are:
    Book of Combos 1-4
    Potion x 10
    Mega Potion x 10
    Immunizer x 10
    Power Juice x 5
    Mega Demondrug x 3
    Cold Drink x 5
    Max Potion x 2 (for each time you get K.O.'d)
    Armor and Power Talons and Charms
    Sonic Bombs x 10
    Gunpowder x 20
    Screamers x 20
    Empty Bottles x 20
    Nitroshrooms x 20
    Power Coating x 50
    Paintballs x (As much as you want)

    5 Felyne Chef Combo: Fish, Grain. +40 Health Defense(L)

    Felyne Comrade: Preferably attack only, dragon element, Earplugs, Hyperdrive.

    Starting off, use the Mega Demondrug and Cold Drink. He will either charge or burrow. After evading (or taking the hit when he charges) take the Immunizer and the Power Juice. With a never ending stamina, run around and learn his attacks. When you see an opening, attack with a Charge Shot Lvl 4. Always aim for the head. His wind tunnel, while predictable, is very fast . Don't try to use the sonic bomb unless you are positively safe or the wind tunnel will either kill you or leave you with barely any health. As the Pierce hits him, he will take massive damage and continually go into rage mode. While in his rage mode, he takes more damage from thunder but he is unflinchable. Sonic bombs won't work. If you are K.O'd, use a Max Potion before you return to the area. Just keep him at a distance and exploit his thunder weakness and he will eventually fall.

    User Info: ZeRoSyStEm23

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  16. What equipment i used:
    Juggernaught(Hammer) Gemmed with Fierce Jewel
    Lavasioth set gemmed with Attack jewels

    Items u need:
    Mega Potion
    Max Potion
    Ancient potion

    What to do:
    Focus on the head, fight it in north or south part of arena, watch out for his roar bcoz after it theres lava spitting on its left side of the head.
    Goodluck ^^

    User Info: X-Narga179-X

    X-Narga179-X - 3 years ago 0 0
  17. I have found that the easiest way to solo is with a good dragon or thunder attribute lance (kirin and lao shan work best) and weighting until he charges to attack, after his charge use charge attack for massive damage, don't get greedy

    User Info: sandmaker4

    sandmaker4 - 3 years ago 0 0

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