How do I kill (shen gaoren)?

  1. What strategy should i use to defeat shen gaoren?

    User Info: thesecondpele

    thesecondpele - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Damage Info :

    Single Player :
    -Hit its legs until its red, when its stunned, hit its face.
    -Repeat all time.
    -Try to hit different legs.
    -Use ballistas and cannons when its moving close.
    -When it's close, use dragonator.

    2 Players or more :
    -Blademasters hit the legs until it's red, when its stunned, hit its face.
    -Gunners/Archers targets the skull shell with pierce(weakness part).
    -Hit it with ballistas and cannons, also dragonators.

    Protection Info :
    -Be careful when it's stunned, it'll fall down and smash you if you are close to its body.
    -Be careful when you are in the bridge, especially when it turns around, it'll blast a green-yellow laser.
    -Be careful with its pincer that will crush forward and stuck.
    -Use anti-dragon bomb inside its mouth.
    -It always die in area 5.

    User Info: yukasao

    yukasao (Expert) - 8 years ago 0 0

Other Answers

  1. Easily. Attack the legs it stands on until they are emflamed fully. That means attack until they become red once, then keep attacking until they become bright red. After that, move on to the next limb.
    If/when he falls down, attack his face as much as you can before he stands up again.

    He is weak to dragon. Using a dragon element weapon helps greatly.
    Eternal Strife is a fast Dragon SnS, but I found it easier to kill with Onlsaught hammer or Ceanataur Head Axe. But if you haven't beaten a Gaoren yet you might not be able to make them.

    User Info: TheXythe

    TheXythe - 8 years ago 0 0

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